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Ok I know what your thinking, Your thinking Selah has lost her marbles. :lol:

However I have not and I'm surprised this pairing hasn't been mentioned before.

So if people support Grissom/Ecklie than Sofia/Sara can be a ship too. :D
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You that someone's put the two names down together...hmmm...*thinks*


Selah, you haven't lost your marbles!

They hate each other...and that sounds like a good bases for a passionate relationship.
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*forensicsgirl jumps around screaming excitedly* Yes Yes Yes! Another girl-slash pairing!!! :D

Ever since reading Macha by Cincoflex, I've been pairing Sofia with Catherine in my head. But after that little flirty thing Sara did in BiM - the whole 'Go Detect' line and that huge, flirty grin on her face as she walked away - I can totally see something between these two.

I don't get the whole Sara hates Sofia thing. I think Sara was like Catherine was when Sara first came to the unit - guarded, wary. Plus, the fact that Sofia had been involved in the investigation that led to the team split didn't make the trust issues any easier at first. But I've never seen any actually hostility between the pair and I disagree with people who thought the 'Go Detect' line was Sara snarking at Sofia. I think it was more teasing in its delivery. And we all know, as a species we tend to tease people mercilessly when we *like* them...

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<b>Selah</b>, you haven't lost your marbles!

Well that's good. I wouldn't want to lose them. :lol:

forensicsgirl: Ya there's hardly girl-slash in csi, then again girl-slash is hardly popular in any fandom unless their main characters.^^;;

I totally agree with the whole thing being teasing rather than Sara being snarky. I mean who knew a walk down the hallway could eb so slashy?
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Ahem, here's something interesting! I could not go into Grissom/Sofia thread, yet here I am! :D

Hmmm... It might be that I'm not really keen on her and Grissom, but Sofia and Sara has potential... :devil:

What name are going to have for those two?
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