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Also, did anyone notice how the scene is colored just like the beginning of season one? Maybe it's just me. :lol:
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It did look dark like Season 1 cause it was 2004 when CSI:NY started and 2001 when it was 9/11 so it would make sense :)...i think :confused:
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Well, NY has always been a 'dark' show, so I can't really tell the difference in how it was shot from now and back in 2004. There are no words for that clip. Wow.
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Jeez. Sry for a long one here, a lot to catch up on. Coming and going and coming again, finally get to go clicky :p.

8.08 - "Crossroads."

~ A NYPD SUV is dropping off a plethora of members involved with a court trial. 14 jurors, uniformed cops, a court officer, a prosecutor and a defense attorney. They're near a bakery when they come into contact with high ranking Supreme Court Judge Vincent Corsica. They're at the location of a crime scene taking notes and photographs. The jurors make their way back to the van when a person on a bicycle pedals on by and shoots at the judge, who is surrounded by protection from a few detectives. Bullets hit the judge and he falls to the ground. Bleeding. Dead. this actually sounds like something a little different. Having this aspect of a trial depicted, with jurors visiting locations et al. A Bleeding Dead judge might not be as innovative, but this sounds interesting. And a Bleeding Dead Supreme Court Judge certainly ups the ante.

Not certain about a peddle-by shooting :lol:. Helluvaway to make a getaway, unless you've had some past life as a courier :p.

Mind you, I've been headed off and pulled over on a bicycle before as somehow reminiscent of a possible fleeing robbery suspect (seriously). Was just a tad unexpected, and baffling (who robs a place and squeaks off into the sunset??). Truth can indeed be stranger than fiction :lol:. I'm all for going Green on occasion, but have come to conclude that sometimes it's just better to drive a car than be vigorously introduced to the hood of one :p.

~ There's not much case-wise that is available right now. Flack and Danny are partnered quite a bit in this episode. Same with Jo and Adam.
Also sounds good, especially Jo/Adam. Not that I don't like Danny/Flack, but I hafta admit I guess I do sorta take them for granted :lol:. They're just always good. Also, I love Jo, and if this also implies that Adam will get a significant amount to do in an ep, I'm happier still.

More on 8.08...

~ Lindsay is called as a witness in a trial. Her testimony is not exactly a slum-dunk for the prosecution, and her statement frees a suspect on bail. The charges are not dropped, but it's definitely an uncomfortable position for Lindsay.
Lindsay in the hot seat. I do think it's very good that the show is using her in a different way than would seem typical, but I can't say I'm excited to watch, nonetheless. She'll get fair shot though.

~ They'll be shooting some of this episode on location in New York. Looks like Sela Ward will definitely be shooting some scenes in the Big Apple.
This is also good news. Glad they're able to do some true New York filming for a few eps.

~ It does appear there's a rape case involved, and that's the one Lindsay is involved with. A senator, who is somehow connected with the case, doesn't want Jo working on it. The senator and Mac kind of get into it a bit.
Suppose it's a way to revisit backstories for both Lindsay and Jo, especially as they've talked about related issues before. Interested more in how the Senator will figure in. Not surprising Mac would kick it up with a guy playing politics, but I'm also looking forward to seeing Jo with this, given her past cases, and the fact she used to work in Washington, presumably surrounded by such folk. Seeing the contrast between how Jo and Mac deal with things should also be good.

CSI: NY Episode 8.08 "Crossroads"
Our team has their hands full with, "a dead judge and a serial rapist on the front page of every paper in the city" while, in the meantime, they're dealing with a "U.S. Senator, a Mayor and a Police Commissioner breathing down (their) necks looking for answers."
Politics. Three tiers no less. All bodes well. Looking forward to seeing Mac & Jo pressured from above, challenged not just by solving a case but by the system they work within. Much preferred to glitzy clubs etc.

In all honesty, has CSI:NY become an unpleasant cross between CSI:Miami-on-the-Atlantic, with the crimes involving rich folks committing bizarre crimes, and the Danny/Lindsay show now? Seriously!
"Has become?" :lol:. Dude, Since the make-over of S2, teh glitz & shiny (things and people) has been pretty prevalent :p. Since S3, so has DL. Not like there's been a sudden shift within NY - other than larger show casting, and some behind the scenes stuff, that is ;)


I'm just glad to sift thru the info we've got to put my own suppositions together that suggest: that Messer might get something interesting and different to do as a sergeant, despite the DL attachment; that even if I'm not keen on Lindsay as a character, it sounds like she might get something interesting and different to do beyond DL & last minute episodic resolution, with her involvement in the trial and rape case.

Very happy to hear that while there are the more typical burlesque and shiny things forthcoming in NY, that there will be a series of eps with politics, departmental & judicial system related pressures, instead of having that sort of detail simply glossed over for the sake of a typical forensic chase. I'm liking various characters on the back heel at times, what with such as IAB, with being second guessed even within the team itself, in having to deal with the agendas of rookies looking to establish careers, and with those of people in higher planes of authority.

I'm liking the multiple arcs, that NY this season sounds like it is attempting a greater integration of serial elements along with the weekly procedural stuff, across several different characters no less. I also like the hint that we may get a few multi-case eps. I'm liking the 9/11 tribute. I'm liking the return of Sam and Tyler. I'm liking some of the solid names guesting on the show. I'm liking the fact that Sid sounds like he'll get a brief spotlight in at least one ep with his Unique Invention, and that NY is looking at the whole roster. I'm liking that they're filming back east periodically.

Why? It's all ambitious, and I like what that indicates in how the show is approaching a season many of us weren't sure it would return for. It feels like it remains charged up, simultaneously braced & buzzed to get on with things.

I don't even mind that NY is suggesting that they'll delve a bit further into the personal lives of the characters outside of work. They've done so in an interesting fashion before, mostly without overly upsetting the balance of the show; if they continue to manage that manner of distribution, I'm fine with it.

The cases have never been their strongest suit, but some do sound rather interesting. The team dynamics are really what have helped keep the show from being rendered rather anonymous, and it sounds like NY is mixing up the pairings too, and gone even further in shaking things up by having Messer promoted, Mac on leave (presumably), and Jo running the show. I think it's a great way to keep things fresh.

We'll see what the reality is once the show gets going, of course :lol:.

It's not CSI:yyyyeeeeeEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHhHurgleackdang just yet :p.

No it's not unusual for married couples not to work together. But Danny and Lindsay met at work, and have worked together throughout their whole relationship. They are used to seeing each other every day. Now suddenly they are not. It's not that hard to believe they are having a hard time adjusting. Or that it's putting a strain on their relationship.
The ridiculous plethora of DL related spoilers did hit an early absurd saturation for me :lol:, but as said, it's an easy thing to hype and tease at that doesn't give much away. I suppose a question answered has been how much material would be specifically devoted to them - which is, a significant amount, as far as character related issues go.

I wouldn't mind quite so much if the time spent felt like it was actually of benefit to the characters somehow. NY has often tended to make rather a meal out of function, of frequently shovelling small increments of DL, complete to using other characters, and even equipment (hello EDNA), to comment on them being a couple. This season does sound as though there could be greater potential for each of them beyond DL cutsie insertions, but we'll see.

I'm not currently inspired though. I'm seriously supposed to get geared up over the wrenching gravitas of them not being able to have lunch together in ep 2, when NY had them essentially glide over Messer going from 10% to chasing perps within four eps?? One of these things is not like teh other... :lol:

Hm. Look, ...mebbe it's precisely because of 'where they met' and 'how they've been working together' that adds to the exasperation ;). D & L knew his exam for advancement had been undertaken, would have had to wait a slot to open up for him to be assigned to. They're a couple experienced and intimately familiar with life in law enforcement, and who would have long been anticipating what their future could hold if such a promotion panned out. Doesn't mean they'd be fully prepared for all the reality of it, but ya can't tell me they're suddenly surprised that they're not seeing each other as much as they used to, when it all finally comes to fruition. That the big crux is "it's hard." Really? :p.

Not everything has to be super-pithy, but part of the issue here is hype versus content, and also which elements have been subsequently focused on. DL dealing with a promotion is fair game, but no, it is not really drastically dramaztic matter relative to past tribulations, to Messer now being involved in a shooting and having his gun missing (again :p) and being investigated, and no, not relative to the sheer volume of what we've been barraged with of repetive zomg yet near-identical wee S8 spoilers given, most of which primarily allude to ...separation anxiety. (Even in understanding that yes, there may not have been much else on tap to release, and that yes, finite screentime will tend to magnify any character material offered at all in a procedural).

Where I think the most interesting potential lies, for the DL components of Danny's promotion, is with regards the toll the IAB investigation may take, because that series of events is not something that either would have been able to foresee. It would put an atypical strain on them, above and beyond "it's hard," for differing personal reasons as well as the relationship/family ones they'd share.

There are a few distinctions to be made all therein; call me picky, but there it is :p.

I wonder if this "This season there are relationships for everyone." includes Mac. I find it rather hard to believe he would start a relationship, serious relationship without knowing The Woma quite well and getting attached to her. Don't get me wrong: I totally want him to be happy and I think he was alone for too long, but I don't think the wirters can bring convincing, well-based, not OOC love story in 18 episodes. But maybe I'm wrong.

(And I won't say anything about this short moment in which I thought: "Jo and Mac!" :lol:)
I rather expect it will include something for Mac, being one of the single folk on the roster, and one for whom PV has indicated there will be Closure, and a new evolution.

Who says it has to be uber serious, anyways? Mebbe Mac will go on another Roller Derby date :p. Plenty of brunettes for him to have coffee with :lol:. Not everything has to be profound immediately, especially if NY want to coax such a thing out over a season. I don't think they'll have him be overly cavalier, but they don't have to toss him into the deep end straight away. At the moment I do hafta say I'm more curious about the closure that's been indicated, than where they'll take him next.

If they do wanna do something more along the extended lines of his S3 involvement with Peyton, that'd be alright; I wasn't enamored of everything about it, but liked them together and thought it was integrated into eps rather well. It certainly changed things up and challenged his character in ways he hadn't been previously. If a S8 relationship can do as much, and not just be a romance for the sake of Everyone Being Alloted A Romance, I'll probably be fine with it.

I'm also fine with Mac/Jo flirting and banter :p. I quite like the dynamic between them, and GS & SW are a lotta fun to watch. (And no, I don't expect NY would develop anything more substantial between Mac & Jo than that ;)). Would be entertaining too if Jo starts to tease Mac about any new relationship he's trying to navigate; it could also be a lot of fun to see him actually confiding in her and talking about it.

Oh, and I'm curious if it means Flack will find someone too. It would be nice and most welcomed (at least when it comes to me), though I wonder if it's not too many. Relationship for everyone? The fangirl side of my soul might have some OTPs here but... Overdose is not what I'm looking for.
Curious too, but am happy just in hearing that Sam will be making a return. I thought she was great. Glad he'll get more to deal with than just being snarky to suspects.

Given the hint from PV that Flack is taking stock of the Job, I'm not yet thinking a relationship of some sort plays a part in what's upcoming for him this season, despite PV also saying most will embark on some sort of personal adventure. I think EC will certainly do great work with whatever they give him, and for the moment I'm just glad to mull that he could get something good to dig into at some point this year.

Like many have expressed, I'm wary of NY dealing out relationships like a deck of cards, but for the most part they've worked them in thru or beside cases pretty well in the past. Where NY seems to have suffered for relationship over-saturation has been DL - and I suspect that relates to having two main characters involved in an inter-roster romance, whereas those with recurring or arc-specific appearances have seemed to play more successfully (just IMO of course).

I am liking the suggestion from PV that there may be a few eps that feature more than one case. It could help to balance eps that otherwise devote time to character related issues and relationships. If NY manages to balance things out thru the season, it could help prevent being overloaded with personal stuff.

I shudder to think of all the potential sugary feel-good bollocks that the writers will manage to cook up.... :vulcan:

I kinda differ on Kendall, despite the classic "Must Fight Crime" moment, and a few of the others, that she was part of. She and Camille could mebbe get together and go bowling or something :p.

As for sugary concoctions. I guess it depends on where they place it. Put some in a gas tank, for example, and it could make things rather interesting :p.

Here's hoping there's enough grit in the bollocks, is about all I can add :lol:

Re: The Season 7 DVD

I got my copy early (the site I use usually ships early,) One of the deleted scenes is the scene with Jo and the cab... it's hilarious!

"Where are you headin'?"
"NYPD Crime Lab"
"Well, if you need somebody to put cuffs on and get rough with, I'm your guy"


Thanks for the clips, pics, & bits, yas all :).
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I know I probably shouldn't criticize a 9/11 episode, but I think it's kind of lame to have Claire be safe and then go back into the towers to help people. I'm sure people who weren't first responders did that on 9/11, but it just smacks of "Super!Mac's dead wife has to be a Big Damn Hero." I guess I'm too cynical for my own good.
Re: Season 8 Spoiler Discussion - There's Nothing You Can't Do In New

I know I probably shouldn't criticize a 9/11 episode, but I think it's kind of lame to have Claire be safe and then go back into the towers to help people. I'm sure people who weren't first responders did that on 9/11, but it just smacks of "Super!Mac's dead wife has to be a Big Damn Hero." I guess I'm too cynical for my own good.

I thought I was the only one thinking this.

And it's not even criticizing the episode. I'm still sure I'll be very emotional over this, for many different reasons and, well, it's not like it's made ONLY of flashbacks, but... I had the same idea in my mind. I've always had this not necessarily pleasent feeling that Claire is supposed to be this idealized Angel and I can't help myself from disliking this image. And here we have it again.

But the actress proved to be believable, at least in this short clip. Suits her part.
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Nothing Earth shattering, but at least it's not DL related. :p :shifty:


What can you tell me about the CSI: NY premiere? — Justin
ADAM: Remember how Mac was mulling leaving the crime lab behind in last year's finale? Well, he did! And even though the emotional 9/11 tribute season premiere reunites Mac with his old colleagues, his desk at the crime lab will still be empty when the episode ends.
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'CSI: NY' stages a 'Once and Again' reunion -- EXCLUSIVE
by Lynette Rice
Categories: Casting Scoops, CSI: NY, EW Exclusive
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Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Once and Again fans, this news is for you: EW has learned exclusively that Jeffrey Nordling will reunite with Sela Ward for a two-episode arc airing in November.
Nordling will play a U.S. senator who is still miffed at the way Jo (Ward) handled a rape case involving his daughter, Serena (played by newcomer Jenn Proske). The senator comes to New York City when his daughter’s rapist is arrested on a new case and applies pressure to make sure things aren’t screwed up the second time around.
Nordling played Ward’s ex-husband Jake on Once and Again, which ran on ABC from 1999 to 2002. Other more recent credits for Nordling include Body of Proof and Desperate Housewives.

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