Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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o_O That... That... That BITCH!! >.< I wish Lori HAD kicked her ass... Poor Lori, and poor Scott, for being manipulated so easily. Great job!
Exactly what I was gonna say!!!

Actually... WTF! :wtf: ...and then That... That BITCH!! How in the hell did Scott, a very naturally intelligent person get involved in the scam artist Tricia??? I only see one out for them in this...Tricia's going to kick the bucket. I sure hope not, bc Lori would be prime suspect number one. I hope there's a way out for them, and that Scott and Lori stay together...although that happening is about nil now....

Excellent...EXCELLENT update!
Screw The Bitch & The money Scott, Take Lori & the baby. Scott and lori belong together and I look for somebody to kick some ass. Great updat hurry and update soon!
This is the most times I've ever heard the word 'bitch' said in a set of reviews in 10 threads. :lol:

Thanks so much for the reviews everyone. :)


New York, Empire State Building, 1 week later

Pat: *walks up to desk* Hi, I'm the social worker?

Woman: *lifts head* You're here to see Mister Finch?

Pat: That's the idea.

Woman: Um...this isn't really a good time.

Pat: Doesn't matter. I don't need an appointment. Besides, I just came here from Miami and I need to be back tomorrow. This is the only day I have to get an impression for Mister Finch.

Woman: Then this might really not be a good time.

Pat: Why?

Scott: *stumbles out of elevator*

Pat: *turns around*

Scott: *holds onto wall* Jesus when they say 'express elevator', they mean it.

Pat: Are you in charge here?

Scott: *looks at Pat* That depends who you talk to. For all intents and purposes, I'm in charge but you know how CEOs are. *runs hand through hair* What can I do for you?

Pat: You're Scott Finch?

Scott: *tucks shirt in* Yeah.

Girl: *walks out of elevator*

Pat: *looks at Girl*

Girl: *pops gum into mouth, walks away*

Scott: *scratches head*

Pat: How old is she?

Scott: She says 21. I'm going to ballpark it and say 19.

Pat: *frowns*

Scott: So what can I do for you?

Pat: I'm the social worker.

Scott: THE social worker? There's only one of you?

Pat: I'm the one assigned to your case, Mister Finch.

Scott: *smiles* Please, call me Scott.

Pat: *stares at Scott*

Scott: *winks*

Pat: Let's go to your office.

Scott: About damn time. *walks away*

Pat: *frowning*


Scott: Sorry, it's a bit of a mess.

Pat: *looks around, steps over garbage* Uh...yeah.

Scott: I'd invite you to my home but it's in about the same condition.

Pat: I can imagine.

Scott: *flops into chair* OH! Wait, hold on, don't step any further.

Pat: *lifts brow*

Scott: A rat got in here this morning and I haven't seen him all day. Bigass rat too, almost the size of a cat.

Pat: ...*grabs chair, sits*

Scott: *opens drawer, grabs razor* You don't mind if I shave do you? I want to look presentable.

Pat: Um...go ahead.

Scott: Love these rusted blades, they work the best for that 'patchy bloody' look.

Pat: What's that smell?

Scott: I don't know, I've been asking myself that question all day.

Pat: *looks around*

Scott: So you wanted to ask me some questions about child rearing or something?

Pat: Um yes. *opens folder* Do you believe in spanking?

Scott: Oh hell yes. The stronger the beating, the better.

Pat: ...

Scott: I find a studded belt does wonders to a small ass.

Pat: you have any savings or funds stored away for school, clothes, furniture, that kind of thing?

Scott: *laughs* What the hell are you talking about? A kid has to earn their possessions. I already paid my own university tuition, I'm not about to hand over some child a bunch of money if they're just going to piss it all away their first year.

Pat: So you have no investments for their future.

Scott: The only future I care about is my own.

Pat: I see. *flips page* How do you plan on juggling a career and a child?

Scott: Isn't that why God invented nannies?

Pat: *writing*

Scott: I'm a very important person, I don't have time to haul around a kid to meetings.

Pat: So why did you want custody?

Scott: Because my ex-girlfriend's a whore who lives in a slum. Do you realize how uncivilized Miami is? I want my child to be better than those damn middle-class peons. She already is anyway, she has my blood in her.

Pat: *nods* Let's go through some of your history.

Scott: Fine by me.

Pat: You've never been arrested.

Scott: Never been caught yet.

Pat: ...You worked at a garage to pay for your first year of university and took an internship in Manhattan in the field of Data Analysis in world trade.

Scott: Sounds about right.

Pat: At which time you survived 9/11.

Scott: Well if you push enough people out of the way, you can get down the stairs a whole hell of a lot faster. Only a bunch of losers would be pathetic enough to get themselves killed. It's for the best anyway, it's called thinning of the herd.

Pat: *blinks*

Scott: Must have been a good show from the ground though. Thank God those ugly-ass white elephants are history.

Pat: ...Doesn't your company fund a memorial charity?

Scott: Yep. Gets me a lot of ass in the process.

Pat: Your former employers sent you to a therapy facility in Miami for PTSD. Can you talk to me a little bit about that?

Scott: Free vacation.

Pat: *nods slowly* Okay, returning to the present for a moment. I'm going to give you a couple of scenarios and you're going to tell me your thoughts on that and how you would deal with it.

Scott: Sure.

Pat: Let's say your baby starts to run a high fever in the middle of the night. What would you do?

Scott: I'm not getting up in the middle of the night, lady.

Pat: ...Alright, next question. Your child's in the backyard playing in the pool during a barbeque. Someone rings the doorbell, what do you do?

Scott: Depends how much beer they have under their arm. Why are you asking me about a barbeque?

Pat: The focus is on the child in the pool.

Scott: *lifts brow* What about her?

Pat: *angry sigh* Last one. You see your child walking home from school but a stranger drives by and stops her. He tries to force her into the car. What do you do?

Scott: *stares at Pat*

Pat: *taps pen on paper*

Scott: It's her fault she stopped. She needs to learn the consequences.

Pat: *nods* I've heard enough. Thank you for your time. *stands*

Scott: No problem. Hey, you want a free pen or something?

Pat: No. Thank you. *walks away*

Scott: *stares at door*

Woman: *walks in* Did it work?

Scott: I think so. *stands* Do me a favour, get someone to clean up this mess, please.

Woman: Yes sir. What did you say to her?

Scott: Let's just say my parents taught me well. *grabs keys from desk* If you see Tricia around, tell her I'm in a meeting. I need to go change my clothes, shave properly and suppress my inner asshole until next time.

Woman: *nods*

Scott: Oh, and find that Drama student from the elevator and thank her for me. Her cheque should be at the front and if she needs a ride back to her university, send a car.

Woman: Yes sir.

Scott: Thank you. *walks away*

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Oh my God! LoL! What an actor! That had to be the funniest thing I have read yet. The 911 thing was so bad of him! LoL! Pushing the loosers out of the way! that was bad Ginni so bad! LoL! And the spanking with the studded belt was good to! I also like the Bigass Rat. What will think of next! Great update can't wait for the next one!
Okay...I have to admit, I was taken for a ride. I thought for sure ( even though every fiber of my being knew that Scott isn't like that in any sense of the matter) that this was real. To see that it was all an act...Inspired! So very inspired...and so very damn clever too. Judging by those answers however, there's no way in hell he's going to get custody- which I'm sure is gonna piss of that bi-atch Tricia. Wonder what kinda ruse he has set up for her, cause she really needs to get it bad.

I have to admit though, the a**hole Scott is a** I guess that's what he would've been like had he not had a heart...and well, loved Lori like it was going out of style.

Awesome and funny update! Can't wait for more!
O.O hahaha. that was the funniest thing I've ever read.

Honestly Geni, I was having such a bad day but that put a smile to my face.

Awesome and very funny update, great job, can't wait for more!
Oh, Scott. You would do your best with the social worker to make sure Lori gets the kid... but is that against the contract signed with Tricia?

Let's hope not. But, if it is, I say just shoot the bitch. :D

Great update! :)
o_O DAMN, he's a good actor!! xD I loved the line about suppressing his "inner asshole" until next time! :guffaw: Too awesome, Geni!
speedfanatic05 said:
I have to admit though, the a**hole Scott is a** I guess that's what he would've been like had he not had a heart...and well, loved Lori like it was going out of style.

Most likely, lol.

You guys crack me up. :lol: Thanks so much for the reviews! :D


Miami, courtroom, 2 weeks later

Katie: Wow, I can't believe they want to do this hearing so fast.

Lori: *frowns* Probably means it's clear-cut. Scott's going to win. He has like 18 lawyers over there.

Katie: I count 19.

Lori: *looks at Katie*

Katie: Well if you're going to get it right, get it right.

Cop: Everyone stand.

Lori: *stands*

Katie: *stands*

Scott: *stands*

Judge: *walks over, sits*

Cop: Everyone else can sit.

Judge: *grabs folder, opens it* Okay, we're dealing with a suit for custody of 3 week old Stephanie...Speedle? Is that right?

Scott: Yes sir.

Judge: I'm going to review the evidence brought forth by the social worker who evaluated both parties. Miss Speedle.

Lori: What.

Judge: *lifts head*

Lori: ...Your Honor.

Judge: Says here that you've been sober for a year and that drug tests confirm it. You're also on medication and that's going well.

Lori: Yes sir.

Judge: You've held the same job for 8 months, recently received a promotion and you've been making all the payments on your home without incident. She has observed that your home is in excellent condition, no weapons or dangers are present and you live in a fairly good neighborhood. You also have a family support system. Everything here suggests to me that you're living in a stable environment and that the child's welfare would be positive. The only thing that does concern me despite this, is your past.

Lori: *nods*

Judge: Even though you're on medication, I'm not sure if that's enough to convince me that you're not just going to run off leaving your baby in the back seat for a few hours or take off for days at a time. I believe you were arrested some time ago for possession and solicitation while you were supposed to be watching your little sister. Also, you still have ties to Colombian drug and weapons runners whether you like it or not. They're still aware of you and you're probably not very popular with them. Lastly, you were a victim of child abuse yourself and in some cases, it influences how some people who'd undergone similar trauma raise their children. Now I'm not saying any of this will be a problem, but I have to recognize it when deciding what's best for the child.

Lori: I understand.

Judge: Do you have anything to say before I move on to Mister Finch?

Lori: Um...I'm not going to be a perfect parent by any means. And frankly, I haven't the slightest idea what I'm doing. But I do want what's best for her and I don't want her to have to live the life I've lived. That's unacceptable. I might not have the best instincts but I know that much.

Judge: *nods* Mister Finch.

Scott: Yes sir.

Judge: Young man, do you realize that your conversation with the social worker was recorded on an audio device?

Scott: ...No sir, I didn't know that.

Judge: Well I heard it. And I didn't like it.

Scott: *looks down at podium*

Judge: First of all, you made a pass at the woman. And this was after you exited the elevator at your place of employment with a suspected 19 year old girl.

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Judge: Your office was a disaster zone and you admitted yourself that your home was in the same condition. Your answers to the scenarios given were not satisfactory to this court. At one point, you forgot she was talking about the child.

Scott: *scratches head*

Judge: I have a sneaking suspicion that attitude would translate to the real thing as well. The last scenario, the worker asked you what you would do if you saw a stranger trying to coax your daughter into his car at which point you responded that it would be her fault and she should accept the consequences. Son, that doesn't encourage me very much. We're talking about a little girl who is going to depend on her parents for safety, security and love. What you've displayed here is immaturity, a lack of seriousness for the process and in my opinion, a potentially dangerous environment for a young child.

Scott: Yes sir.

Judge: However, taking into account your company's community service to the City of New York and your various commendations as a civilian, I have to believe you're not as irresponsible as you've been represented here. Your actions speak a little louder to me than what you've said. Therefore, I'm granting you unsupervised visitation at the mother's convenience and I'm awarding Miss Speedle full custody of the girl.

Lori: *lifts brows*

Judge: Which means I'm dismissing this restraining order against Miss Speedle. It's nonsense. Judgement for the defendant. *slams gavel against block, leaves*

Tricia: *stands* WHAT! Are you INSANE? This is the wrong decision! GET BACK HERE! SCOTT TELL HIM TO GET BACK HERE!

Scott: Looks like I just lost, Tricia.

Tricia: NO! I demand a redo!

Lori: I need to sit. *sits*


Tricia: Oh don't you talk to me you-

Scott: *grabs Tricia* On this side of the fence, please.

Tricia: HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN! We signed a contract!

Scott: We signed a contract stating I wouldn't drop the lawsuit, you didn't say anything about botching it. By the way, you're fired.

Tricia: WHAT? You can't do that!

Scott: I own the company, I can do whatever I want.

Tricia: *frowns* You signed a contract.

Scott: Did I? The only thing I remember doing is shredding a bunch of void files in your office. You really should keep copies, I may have accidentally shredded the wrong thing here and there. You've got 10 days to get your shit out.

Tricia: You just watch. Your company's going to fall flat on its face and you'll have no one to blame but yourself. You'll be responsible for all those people's fates, how are you going to sleep at night knowing you ruined their lives?

Scott: The only people I care about at the moment are Lori and my daughter.

Tricia: Then I hope you spend as much time with them as possible because you never know what life can throw at you.

Scott: *smiles, looks down at floor, laughs* Your life expectancy just became very limited.

Tricia: What are you gonna do, throw your cronies at me?

Scott: No. *leans closer*

Tricia: ...

Scott: If you go near either of them, if something happens to them, if something almost happens to them, I'm going to come after you. And believe me, there won't be enough of you left for the cops to find.

Tricia: You're not a violent man.

Scott: That's because no one had pressed the right buttons. You just have.

Tricia: *stares at Scott*

Scott: So. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Tricia: *walks away*

Katie: Um...I'll go pick up the baby. *walks away*

Lori: *staring at Scott*

Scott: *places hands on hips* Congratulations.

Lori: You didn't have to do that.

Scott: Yes I did. I made a mistake. You probably hate me for it but I guess it worked out in your favor anyhow.

Lori: I don't hate you. I don't. I...forgive you?

Scott: *lifts brow* You don't seem too sure of that.

Lori: *sigh* No. I'm sure. All is forgiven.

Scott: *nods*

Lori: Anyway, I should get going. *turns around*

Scott: *touches Lori's shoulder*

Lori: *looks back*

Scott: I'm sorry I couldn't make you happy.

Lori: ...You're the only one that's ever made me happy.

Scott: *stares at Lori*

Lori: I don't think I'm ever going to understand why you love me like you do.

Scott: Stop trying to understand it. Stop being afraid of it.

Lori: I don't deserve someone like you.

Scott: You deserve everything. Don't think you have to keep punishing yourself. You have just as much right as anyone else to be happy and safe and loved.

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: I want you to have that. And I want me to be the one to give you that.

Lori: ...I do.

Scott: *smiles*

Lori: *laughs* Hopefully uh, you'll ignore the irony of the courthouse.

Scott: *smiling* I will if you will.

Aaawwwww! Sweet! Where can I get a man like that? Oh wait I have one of those already! never mind! Anywho "Stnads and wave bye to the know it all bitch as she leaves the court room"! I had hoped that Katie would catch her in the ladiesroom and clock her upside her head, Or maybe flush her head down the toilet. LoL! That would be funny,! Great update!
YES! I'm so glad they found away around it! Now...let's have Lori and Scott get together and stay. And about Tricia...I'd be scared very scared, because even though Scott isn't violent, his words should give her pause. I don't know which Scott I like best; the calm sweet natured Scott, or the eviliy caluclating manipulative I just adore him! He and Lori are so made for each other!

Awesome work! Can't wait for more!
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