Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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AWWW! its a premie. You need to give her a cute name. I love the burn jeans fart joke that was funny. I was laughing so hard at Delko hubby thought I had lost my mind. by the wat Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Great update.
Aww... *hugs Lori* You can do this, sweetie. And I'm glad to see Uncle Josh back and helping out his favorite (messed up) niece. Also nice to see that Cait's still a brat... lol. How old is she now?

The box factory and road trip had me laughing my a** off. Hysterical! Just, amazing. :D

Is Lori gonna tell Speed and/or Katie? Or Josh, maybe?

Can't wait for more! :D
Okay...WOW...that was alot to handle...Eric, lists of things that he couldn't touch- which is just about everything. Anni doing the hypnotic thing and implanting a dream ( which was hilarious, by the way). Speed instigating just about everything... that was all the best!

And then Lori gives birth prematurely. I for one, think she needs to bond with the baby, give it a name and call Scott. But of course, she won't because you know why...She's a SPEEDLE! For some reason, those folks just don't know how to relate and inform people on how they feel. It's very obvious that she's being a hard ass, but she loves Scott. To Death. I'd say, get them back together! lol

love the drama, love the comedy, love the insanity. Love it.

Excellent update!
Lora: I'll tell ya what I'd like to roll around in-
Heather: Please don't tell us.
Lora: I WASN'T GONNA SAY HORATIO! Geez. *storms off*
I dunno, I could go for a little Jeramy Irons right now... I just watched a movie of him 22 years ago. *pause* Wow. I prefer him now. He looks so weirdly young!



I know I post every like 10 pages now. Yikes I'm sorry, but I just have no time. Geni, where's that page where you posted links to download each RT thread so far? I need steal your life's work. ..I mean catch up on the good old times. Hrm.

(btw spn fans, I'm been listening to Heat Of The Moment on repeat for an hour now. :lol:)

I love you all, I'll try to get to posting an actual post. By which I mean my type of post. Which just quotes my favourite parts and me replying in a sentance or 2 to each of them. *laughs* :lol:
racefh said:
How old is she now?

I believe she's about 12 or 13.

LOL. Thanks so much for the reviews everyone. :) *hugs*

^ Lora, I'll have to go back and find the page, I'm not sure which one I posted it on. I'm sure it was in my favourites too but the links probably expired so I'll have to re-load them.


Inside Hummerhome, 9am

Delko: *pours coffee*

Calleigh: *smiles* Hey, coffee.

Delko: I made it myself.

Calleigh: *smile fades* Oh. Well then. Enjoy.

Delko: Come on, I know how to make coffee. *hands over cup*

Calleigh: *looks down at cup*

Delko: It's good.

Calleigh: What's the chunks?

Delko: It's supposed to be there.

Calleigh: Coffee isn't a solid, Eric.

Delko: Trust me, it tastes amazing.

Calleigh: And you're sure it isn't sewer backup.

Delko: I'm positive. I put that in the other blend.

Calleigh: *laughs*

Ryan: *walks over* Everyone's still asleep?

Delko: H is letting them sleep in. The last time he got them up early, he almost didn't make it.

Ryan: What happened to getting the show on the road?

Calleigh: The girls want a later show.

Ryan: That's ridiculous. I'm getting them out of bed.

Delko: I wouldn't do that, man.

Ryan: *pulls out whistle*

10 minutes later

Anni: *glaring*

Heather: *crossing arms*

Lilly: *taps foot*

Lora: *places hands on hips*

Jess: *glaring*

Jenna: *holding Ryan up against wall*

Carly: *places knife against Ryan's throat*

Ryan: Um...apparently we had a small misunderstanding.

Anni: Yes. And now you have to die.

Colton: Ladies, ladies, why don't we take the knives away and put the poor guy down. He was only trying to make sure we got back on the road on time.

Anni: We're on vacation.

Colton: Yeah but you still need a schedule otherwise we're all going to run rampant like wild chickens.

Anni: I wasn't running wild. I was sleeping. Ryan interrupted that sleep and now he has to die.

Ryan: *points to Calleigh* She got up early!

Calleigh: I had to go to the bathroom and smelled coffee.

Ryan: Okay why don't we work out a compromise.

Anni: Sure. We'll go back to bed and you'll shut up.

Ryan: That's not really a comprom-

Anni: *frowning*

Ryan: Sounds good.

Miami, hospital

Lori: *reading magazine*

Tom: *walks in*

Lori: *lifts eyes* ...

Tom: Hi.

Lori: *frowns* Out.

Tom: I heard about the uh...*points to incubator* that thing.

Lori: Good for you. Out.

Tom: It's a free country.

Lori: Outside it is.

Tom: Come on, Lori. I just came here to congratulate you.

Lori: Since when do you care enough to congratulate anyone?

Tom: *shrugs*

Lori: *looks down at magazine* You're wearing a badge.

Tom: That's right.

Lori: Thought you were fired.

Tom: Not exactly.

Lori: What, they didn't find out about your extra-curricular activities?

Tom: They did. I was able to keep my job with a few stipulations. Suspended for 2 months without pay, had to go to rehab and now I'm working a desk.

Lori: And here I thought they would have either arrested you or let you go with a kick in the ass.

Tom: *grabs chair, sits* I wanted to apologize.

Lori: *lifts head*

Tom: For everything.

Lori: ...You are apologizing to me.

Tom: I'm not a bad guy, I was messed up with the wrong shit. But you know how that goes, right?

Lori: I don't know, I'm still an ass.

Tom: *looks down at floor*

Lori: So what made you get 'messed up with the wrong shit' in the first place? Being a cop wasn't good enough? Right, nevermind, it's none of my business if I remember correctly. I wouldn't want you to shove me against a wall again.

Tom: It's complicated.

Lori: Trust me, nothing you can say is too complicated for me to understand. Wait, wait, let me get into position so you can knock me around for prying.

Tom: Look, I don't have to take this. I came here to apologize but apparently that means nothing to you so I'll be on my way. *stands*

Lori: Fine, run off in a snit. That's mature.

Tom: *turns around*

Lori: Are all cowards like this or are you just of the rare variety?

Shots start to ring out, people scream

Tom: *ducks*

Glass breaks

Baby starts to cry

Lori: What the hell? *walks over* What's going on?

People start running down the halls, shots pierce them, they fall

Lori: *flinches*

Tom: *runs against side of wall*

Lori: Do you have a gun?

Tom: Yeah right like they'd let me carry a weapon.

Lori: Great, you're about as useful as those dead doctors out there.

Tom: Better them than me.

Lori: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *sits on floor, grabs magazine*

Lori: What the hell are you doing?

Tom: Waiting for the SWAT team to do their job.

Lori: Ugh. Asshole.

Tom: *looks at Lori*

Lori: *walks over to incubators, rolls them against wall*

Tom: What are you doing?

Lori: Getting them out of the way.

Tom: Uh right, they have guns but feel free to move them 10 inches to the left. I'm sure that'll help.

Lori: Do your job.

Tom: Not my problem.

Lori: What happened to being sorry for everything?

Tom: I was sorry for killing your engagement and roughing you up.

Lori: That's not everything.

Tom: Close enough.

Lori: *rolls eyes* Leopards and spots, I swear.

Man: *walks in, lifts gun*

Lori: *looks at Man*

Man: In here.

Man2: *drags people inside*

People fall to floor

Lori: *runs over, kneels*

Man: HEY.

Lori: *lifts head*

Man: Get back.

Lori: You shot this one, she needs medical attention.

Tom: She's in a hospital if that makes you feel better.

Lori: *frowns*

Man: Find Diaz. He should be somewhere attached to a bed with a bunch of cops.

Man2: *nods, walks away*

Lori: And you're in the neonatal unit?

Man: Shut up. *shoves Lori to the floor*

Lori: Ugh.

Man3: *walks in* No sign of him so far.

Man: He has to be here! This is where the cops took him!

Man3: *points to Tom* He's a cop.

Man: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *lifts head, laughs* Hey, look guys, I'm barely on duty here. I don't know where your friend is.

Man: Will Diaz. Where is he.

Tom: I'm about as clueless as you.

Man: *grabs Tom* YOU PEOPLE TOOK HIM HERE! *pushes gun against Tom's head*

Tom: Alright kill me, that'll get you your answer.

Man: *pushes Tom, grabs Lori*

Lori: Let go of me you bastard!

Man: Let's try this again. Where is he?

Tom: You think threatening her is going to help any either? I already told you I don't know where this guy is so go ahead and kill everyone in here if it'll make you feel better.

Man: You people talk.

Tom: No one talks to me. I'm a fuckup.

Man: *walks over to incubators*

Lori: *stands, runs*

Man3: *grabs Lori*

Lori: *slams elbow into Man3's gut*

Man3: *grabs Lori's hair, shoves gun against her head* One more move and it's lights out.

Man: *opens incubator* What have we here? *looks down at baby*

Baby is crying

Man: Sorry, Mommy can't come to the phone right now.

Lori: I know who he is. I know who Will Diaz is.

Man: *looks over* Do you.

Lori: Yes.

Man: Great. Where is he?

Lori: Third floor.

Man: There's nothing on the third floor. We already checked. You know, I don't much prefer liars.

Lori: So you're going to shoot a baby?

Man: No. Kidnapped hostages under the age of 2 are way better bargaining chips. *grabs baby*

Baby starts to scream

Lori: *frowns*

Man: Let's go.

Man3: *punches Lori in the face*

Lori: AGH! *falls against bed*

Man3: *walks away*

Man: *walks away*

Lori: *holding head, stands, staggers back*

Woman: *grabs Lori* You should stay here.

Lori: Can't. Have to go kill them.

Woman: They'll kill you first. You should just let them take what they want.

Guy: Yeah don't make it any worse.

Lori: *walks toward door*

Guy: *grabs Lori* You're going to get us all killed!

Lori: *pushes Guy* I DON'T CARE!

Guy: I DO!


Tom: What do you want me to do? Walk out there and get shot? The best decision is to sit back and wait for the cops to do their jobs, not blow us all to hell because your child is their new bargaining chip.

Lori: *grabs Tom by the collar* God damnit Tom if you were ever going to do your job, do it now!

Tom: *stares at Lori*

Lori: Please.

Tom: I could lose my job.

Lori: Oh my God. *slides down wall, starts to cry*

Tom: *looks at door*

Guy: *walks over, grabs Tom*

Tom: *lifts brow*

Guy: She's going to screw everything up, man. We should lock her somewhere until the cops get here.

Tom: She just lost her child and you want to lock her up?

Guy: I thought you wanted to keep everything quiet here.

Tom: I do but strapping her to a bed or locking her in a closet isn't going to help.

Guy: She's a loose canon. We almost all got killed in here because of her, she hit one of the gang guys!

Tom: Yeah well you're not dead, are you.

Guy: Do something about her.

Tom: Since when am I in charge?

Guy: You're wearing the badge, aren't ya?

Tom: *sighs* Evidently. *bends over, pulls up pant leg, grabs gun*

Guy: You had a gun this whole time?

Lori: *lifts head*

Tom: Mhm, imagine that. Now if only I could remember how to shoot it or y'know...stop criminals in general. I'm a little bit out of practice. I don't have to yell 'freeze' or anything, right?

Guy: What the hell kind of cop are you?

Tom: Not a very good one, I have to confess. *walks away*

Guy: He's going to get shot.

Woman: *nods*


Tom: *looks around corner*

Man: Make it stop crying!

Man3: I don't know how!

Man: Slap it or something!

Man3: *swings fist*

Tom: *steps out, lifts gun* HEY!

Man3: *looks over*

Man: *looks at Tom*

Tom: You might be wondering why I'm out here and I swear there's a perfectly good explanation.

Man: *lifts gun*

Tom: *steps back* Uh, *laughs* see all of this isn't really any of my business. I'd rather be at home right now sitting in my underwear eating Lucky Charms but life's a bitch, right? Look, you guys are obviously very busy looking for this Will Diaz guy who I'm sure is gettin' what's comin' to him.

Man: Very astute.

Tom: *laughs* I know, I'm a sharp tack. Listen guys, you should just get back to your search and give me the baby. She's just going to get in the way and really, who wants to injure a poor helpless sick evil spawn of some random bitch?

Man: *elbows Man3* Look at this guy, he thinks he's a hero.

Tom: As much as I'd like to be Bruce Willis or Horatio Caine, it turns out I'm just an idiot with a gun persuaded out here by a crying woman.

Man: So you'll have no problem eating a bullet then. *pulls trigger*

Tom: *ducks sideways*

Glass breaks

Tom: *sitting behind cart, holds arm* Ugh, okay I think we got off on the wrong foot here! I'm not tryin' to stop you from killing this Diaz guy, hell, go for it. I'm sure he deserves it. Think of me being here as a boyfriend being sent out to buy tampons. He doesn't really want to do it but he feels obligated for reasons which have remained unknown for centuries.

Man: Let's get out of here.

Man3: What a weiner. Let's just cover the baby's face.

Man: Yep.

Tom: *wipes blood onto pants* This is a stupid idea. Stupid. You better not miss. *stands* Hi!

Man: *turns around*

Tom: *pulls trigger*


Man & Man3 fall over, dead

Tom: *runs over*

Baby lying on ground, crying

Tom: Damnit. *picks up baby*

Cops bust through door

Tom: Hi boys. You're late.

Cop: Where's the rest of them?

Tom: As far as I know, upstairs.

Cop: *runs*

Cops run

Hospital room, 15 minutes later

Tom: *walks in* How is she?

Lori: Not a scratch.

Tom: *nods* Well she did fall on the fat one.

Lori: *turns around, hugs Tom*

Tom: *blinks*

Lori: *squeezes tighter*

Tom: *winces* Ow.

Lori: *lets go* Oh God, you were shot.

Tom: Only a little bit.

Lori: Thank you. That was very...selfless of you.

Tom: Tears on you are very unbecoming. I would have done anything to stop you from embarrassing yourself further.

Lori: *sniffs, laughs*

Tom: Oh no no, don't start crying again. Come on, cut it out.

Lori: *hugs Tom*

Tom: Ugh, do you have to hug?

Josh: *runs in* Lori?

Lori: *lets go* Uncle Josh. *steps back*

Josh: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *looks at Josh*

Josh: *frowns* What the hell are you doing here?

Lori: It's okay, he's fine.

Josh: Get out of here.

Tom: Right, that's my cue to exit then. *walks away*

Lori: That was rude.

Josh: He's a jackass.

Lori: He saved my child.

Josh: *lifts brow* What?

Lori: Why don't you take a seat or something. I'll be back. *walks away*

Josh: ...Okay.


Tom: *opens car door*

Lori: *runs over* Hold up.

Tom: I should get to work. Those papers don't push themselves.

Lori: Why did you do it?

Tom: I already told you.

Lori: Why'd you really do it?

Tom: I'm not completely heartless. I'm pretty sure there's a guy deep down in here that became a cop for reasons other than getting the chicks.

Lori: *smirks*

Tom: Don't. I did what I had to do and now I'm finished. We're probably never going to see each other again so it was nice knowing you. Have a great life and take care of that kid.

Lori: I intend to.

Tom: Good.

Lori: *nods*

Tom: I'm going to go now.

Lori: Then go.

Tom: I am.

Lori: Sure looks like it.

Tom: *frowns*

Lori: *crosses arms*

Tom: Bye. *gets into car, shuts door*

Lori: *smiles*

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Oh lord here we go with the love triangle! Shes got the I gotta have the no good, lazy ass, good for nothin, cop who I can identifie with only because I was in the buisness, and I know how he tics type guy!

I'm sure Scott will be very happy to have him raising the baby. By the way does she have a name yet or is she just known as the kid?

She should name her one of those stupid Hollywood names like Apple or Orange or something stiupid like that. May you could call her OOPS!

Eric's Cubano is getting a little chunky these day! Ryan should know better than to wake up a bunch of women early in the morning! he should be punished! 20 lashes with a wet noodle!
Ryan, decidedly made a bad decision. I think he now knows to let sleeping women lie...

I like Tom only for one thing- that he saved Lori's baby. That's the only thing. I agree, she should name the baby, and I still think she should talk to Scott about it. I really want to see them back together, and I sure as hell don't want to see her fallling for that ass, Tom. But you have weaved a totally awesome web!

Excellent work!
^^ LOL. Uh, yeah. Apples and oranges should be reserved for fruit only. :lol:

Ask and you shall receive. :p


Miami, house, 8pm, 3 days later

Katie: *runs in* I'M HERE!

Lori: *lifts head* Mother?

Katie: Isn't it great? Horatio let me take the Hummer attached to the back of the Hummerhome. Looks like they won't be getting groceries for a while. I'll be meeting back up with them next week. Got your text.

Lori: *flips channels* Uh huh.

Katie: *flops onto couch* How was the whole havin' a baby thing?

Lori: Oh wonderful. I got to sit there with a cheery more gay version of Dad. I just about clocked him.

Katie: Speaking of...has he called you yet?

Lori: Who, Dad? No. I think we're clear on that angle.

Katie: So where is this baby?

Lori: Hospital.

Katie: What? Why?

Lori: She was a little early in case you couldn't tell.

Katie: Awww SHE? YAY!

Lori: *frowns*

Katie: Um...what's with the cut over your eye?

Lori: There was a smallish situation at the hospital. Don't worry, it was taken care of.

Katie: Did someone punch you? Lori, is that a black eye? *grabs Lori's face* Who did you piss off?

Lori: *pulls head away* Leave it alone.

Katie: Have you called Scotty yet?

Lori: *glares* Scott. And no. *flips channel*

Katie: I miss him.

Lori: Yeah you've been telling me that ever since he left.

Katie: I called the investment company.

Lori: *looks at Katie* Why? Why-why why would you do that?

Katie: I didn't talk to him or anything, relax. I was just keepin' tabs in case you decide you want to contact him. He was in Chicago today on a conference and he'll be flying down to Orlando tonight. Orlando. Do you know where that is? Florida.

Lori: I know where Orlando is.

Katie: You think he'll visit?

Lori: Doubtful. It doesn't seem like he has more than 5 minutes to himself. Probably makes for going to the bathroom damn near impossible.

Katie: Have you thought of any names for the baby?

Lori: No.

Katie: You don't think she'll need one in the near future? She can't go to school as Jane Doe Speedle. It's going to confuse all the other nameless children in class.

Lori: *laughs*

Katie: HA. I got a smile out of you. I'm made of awesome.

Lori: So what names did you have in mind?

Katie: Brooklyn.

Lori: I am not naming my child Brooklyn.

Katie: Manhattan.

Lori: No.

Katie: Staten Island.

Lori: *looks at Katie*

Katie: What?

Lori: Staten Island.

Katie: Island can be her middle name.

Hospital, 9pm

Doctor: Sir, visiting hours are over.

Woman: You're in charge of this department?

Doctor: Yes.

Woman: *extends hand* Tricia Montgomery. International Representative.

Doctor: *lifts brow*

Tricia: The head of this hospital has granted us special permission to be here so if you wouldn't mind giving us a few minutes alone...

Doctor: Are one of you the baby's family at least?

Scott: Yes.

Doctor: You weren't here during the delivery.

Scott: No. I wasn't. Would you like a DNA sample or is my word good enough?

Doctor: *looks at Tricia*

Tricia: *crosses arms*

Doctor: We won't have a problem here.

Scott: Good. I appreciate it.

Doctor: *walks away*

Tricia: You sure about this Mister Finch? All you're going on is a text from the supposed grandmother and a chart from some random woman.

Scott: *staring into incubator*

Tricia: I don't know about this.

Scott: *tilts head* Do me a favour, find the billing department and take care of the cost.

Tricia: For the baby's care?

Scott: Both mother and baby please.

Tricia: *nods* Of course. *looks down* Will you be wanting custody once treatment is finished? I can call the lawyers.

Scott: No. There's no need for that right now.

Tricia: Should I call the mother and let her know that you're here?

Scott: I'd like you to set something up with her so we can meet. Privately.

Tricia: So no security detail.

Scott: Mhm and no lawyers. This isn't about confrontation or intimidation, I want her to feel comfortable. If she declines, we'll leave her be. Is that clear?

Tricia: Absolutely. I'll get on the phone right now.

Scott: Thank you.

Tricia: *walks away*

Scott: *grabs chair, sits*

Baby falls asleep

Scott: *smirks*

House, 9:40pm

Lori: I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TOLD HIM! *throws phone onto couch*

Katie: Well you never would have if I didn't! You need to talk to him about this!

Lori: I don't need to do a god damned thing! Do you realize he could be so pissed right now that he wants to strangle me? Or take her! He wants to meet! Right now!

Katie: You agreed.

Lori: What else was I supposed to do? Some representative from his company calls me up and says 'hey Scott Finch wants to talk', that's not something I'm going to outright refuse, he could have me whacked!

Katie: He's not a mob boss.

Lori: Mother, he's probably blind with rage!

Katie: *looks out window* Uh oh, there's an SUV out front.

Lori: What? *looks out window*

Katie: There's some woman getting out.

Lori: Oh my God I'm so dead.

Doorbell rings


Katie: Yeah, yell it out. *walks over to door, opens it*

Tricia: Are you Lori...*looks down at paper* Speedle?

Katie: No, that would be the chicken over there quivering in the corner.

Tricia: *walks in* Ma'am, are you ready?

Lori: For what? My eulogy?

Tricia: Mister Finch simply wants to discuss the situation, nothing more. We'll be driving to a private airstrip a few miles from here.

Lori: Why, so you can hide the body?

Tricia: That's where we landed. I assure you, you'll be perfectly safe.

Lori: I don't believe you.

Katie: Lori, this is Scott we're talking about.

Lori: No, this is a man I haven't seen in forever that we're talking about. He's probably completely different.

Tricia: It's just protocol that we're the ones to transport you there. It's so we can oversee your personal safety, we do it with all of our clients.

Lori: Well I'm not a client and I don't believe a single word out of your mouth. So if you don't mind, I'll drive myself. And I'll be packing. You got a problem with that?

Tricia: Yes. We don't allow weapons on the jet.

Lori: Then I'm not going.

Tricia: *sigh* I'll be right back. *walks away*

Katie: Wow, there's a lot of SUVs out there.

Lori: They're probably his personal hitmen and crime scene disposal/cleanup team.

Katie: Maybe she's telling the truth. Maybe it's a safety thing.

Lori: Well it's a little overboard if it is.

Tricia: *walks back in* You may bring a weapon and you may drive yourself.

Lori: Thanks. *grabs gun from closet* Let's do this.

Tricia: But when we arrive, we're going to ask you to relinquish the gun for Mister Finch's safety.

Lori: Oh his safety.

Katie: They're just doing their job.

Lori: Their job my ass. *walks over to door* I don't want any stops on the way there or I'm turning around.

Tricia: No problem.

Lori: *leaves*

Inside jet, 10:15pm

Scott: Where is she?

Tricia: Outside. Security's trying to get the gun from her.

Scott: Gun? And security? I thought I said no security.

Tricia: She was very irate and agitated. We felt it best.

Scott: *rubs eyes* That's just great. Look, you cannot corner her like that or someone's going to get sh-


Scott: *blinks* ...shot.

Tricia: *looks out window* The security team has their weapons drawn.

Scott: Tell them to back off. Now.

Tricia: *runs down steps*

Scott: *sighs, wipes face* Simple instructions.

Tricia: *dragging Lori* Get up here.

Lori: Get your hands off of me you stuck up bitch.

Tricia: Why does this have to be so complicated with you? We-

Scott: Tricia.

Tricia: *looks at Scott*

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: Remove your hand from her arm.

Tricia: *lets go*

Scott: Leave please.

Tricia: *walks away*

Lori: You sure know how to show a girl a good time.

Scott: *extends hand*

Lori: *grabs chair, sits*

Scott: I apologize. *sits* I told them not to bring out the cavalry.

Lori: Looks like you have some management issues.

Scott: Your eye, it-

Lori: No. Not your people, don't worry. Turns out my face lost a fight with someone's fist a few days ago. *looks around* Cushy, I bet your company spared no expense for this flying tin can. *looks at Scott* So what do you want to talk about? Oh wait, let me. You're taking our daughter, you're going back to New York and I'm going to get a muffin basket on my front step in the next 6 to 8 weeks telling me what a trooper I've been but you've got it covered.

Scott: No. *leans back in chair* That's not it at all.

Lori: Then why are we sitting here?

Scott: *stares at Lori*

Lori: Okay. I should have told you but you know what? You weren't exactly my only concern.

Scott: I understand that.

Lori: Why are you even here? You have your own life. I'm sure you've got a girlfriend or a wife or something back home. Hell, you've probably got many girlfriends now that you're this big rich CEO man.

Scott: No.

Lori: What, a guy like you can't 'get some'?

Scott: I never said I couldn't.

Lori: *shakes head* I don't believe you. This long and you haven't found anyone worth your time.

Scott: I have.

Lori: *nods*

Scott: She's sitting across from me right now.

Lori: *laughs* No. I broke your heart, I...ruined what we had because I was guilty and scared that you would break it off first. I didn't even tell you I was pregnant. Why would someone like you, someone who's got a reputation, status, money, power, all that great stuff even bat an eye at me?

Scott: *stands, walks over, sits* Lori...I'm still the same person.

Lori: No you're not. Money and power changes people. I'm just the poor girl who had the unfortunate luck to get knocked up by you. If you were the same person, we wouldn't be sitting in some jet with security posted outside. We'd be somewhere private, somewhere normal.

Scott: Where do you want to go?

Lori: *looks down at table* You remember that restaurant we went to...while we were at the treatment place? The one backing onto the beach with the red posts. Where we um...really connected for the first time.

Scott: I do remember it.

Lori: I want to go there with you. Alone. *looks out window* Completely alone. I don't ever want to see your money out in the open like this ever again because I don't see you right now. It's impossible.

Scott: *nods* Okay. No jets, no security, no cars. Just us.

Restaurant, near boardwalk

Lori: *sigh* Now I can breathe.

Scott: *leans against post*

Lori: Wait, not yet. *grabs Scott's tie*

Scott: *lifts brow*

Lori: *messes up Scott's hair* Okay. I'm good.

Scott: *smiles*

Lori: When we were was the first time I ever felt completely comfortable with someone. I know, it's stupid to bring up after all this time, considering I'm the one who ended things all of a sudden but I guess I'm just a bit emotional lately.

Scott: It's understandable.

Lori: Did you...see her?

Scott: *looks out at ocean* Yeah.

Lori: *stares at Scott*

Scott: She's beautiful.

Lori: All parents are supposed to say that. Besides, you think everything's beautiful.

Scott: *smiles, laughs*

Lori: *sigh*

Scott: *lowers head* Yeah.

Lori: *crosses arms*

Scott: You know, we don't have to talk about her this second. I don't want you to feel like you have to immediately just because I showed up.

Lori: Good because the whole thing's a little embarrassing for me. I just...I feel horrible for not telling you.

Scott: *turns, faces Lori, leans against post* No. Don't feel horrible. That's the last thing I want you to feel.

Lori: *sigh* How long are you here for?

Scott: As long as you want me to be here.

Lori: How does forever sound?

Scott: *smiles*

AAAWWWW! They still love eachothers! Now you still haven't named the baby. I glade Katie told Scott, but what about Speed are we gonna get that gushy grandpa moment with him? I think he needs to come up with some goofy name for the baby to call him besides granpa. Just because I figure he would want to be called grandpa knowing him.

Awesome update.

PHHH I had some catching up to do I hadn't had the time to read the last few updates.

Great job Geni! :)
Thanks, Geni! I was just expressing how wonderful Scott is for Lori, I'm now happy that you chose to bring them together! But how awesome is Scott now? Entourage, security... he's like top notch now. I really did love, however, how Lori told him to strip the rich act and get back to basics. She loves him normal, and I couldn't blame her. So awesome...I love it!

Excellent work, Geni as always!
Speed_Cochrane, you have amazing powers to make me feel 100 times better whenever I'm not having a good day.


I'm glad Lori and Scott are talking... I hope they get and/or stay together! And the RT is hilarious. :)

Great updates! :D
God, leave it to RT Jenna to be the one holding Ryan against the wall for waking her up! xD I love it! Delko was the smart one this time!! :lol: :guffaw:
CSISDFlash said:
but what about Speed are we gonna get that gushy grandpa moment with him?

I'm sure we'll get a moment at the very least. Gushy? I don't know. :p ;)

Aw, thanks, racefh. :) I'm glad I could make your day a little better.

Thanks so much for the reviews y'all!


House, 3am

Lori: *walks in, drops purse*

Katie: *places hands on hips* You've been gone 5 hours. How'd it go? Did he yell? Did YOU yell? Did he threaten to sue? Did YOU threaten to sue? Oh Lori, you didn't hit him did you?

Lori: No. *walks over to couch, sits* We just...talked.

Katie: For 5 hours. I don't know one man on this planet that can take that much discussion in one sitting unless it involves sports, porn or power tools. *sits* So did you guys work something out?

Lori: We actually didn't talk much about that.

Katie: But that's why he wanted to meet.

Lori: He's

Katie: *lifts brow*

Lori: *sighs, smiles* And funny...and when we talk, it's like there's no one else on the planet but us. He listens and he's so understanding.

Katie: Um...I thought you broke up with him.

Lori: Shut up, Mother. I'm busy swooning.

Katie: Okay but you didn't even get to the whole custody thing?

Lori: *frowns* You ruin everything.

Katie: Lori, this is important. He's not going to be in town forever.

Lori: I know that. But if he's not going to worry about it right now, I have no reason to either. OH but we did pick a name.

Katie: Do tell.

Lori: Morticia.

Katie: *frowns*

Lori: *smiles* Kidding.

Katie: *slaps Lori* Don't do that.

Lori: No, in all seriousness, we named her Aquafina.

Katie: LORI!

Lori: I'm serious.

Katie: *blank stare*

Lori: *laughs* You're so gullible.

Katie: Would you just tell me already?

Lori: We named her Stephanie.

Katie: I don't like it.

Lori: Tough.

Katie: What the hell kind of name is that?

Lori: Scott picked it, I didn't.

Katie: Why the hell would Scott pick that? Ex-girlfriend?

Lori: Yes. He named our child after an ex-flame.

Katie: *eye twitch* I'm getting really tired of the sarcasm from you Speedles.

Lori: Well stop saying stupid things.

Setai hotel, Collins Ave

Tricia: This is a serious problem for personal relations. If people don't see you as the all-American family man, our company's popularity is going to go down just on principle.

Scott: As opposed to the all-American family man I was last week?

Tricia: That's different. No one knew you had a child with that rude woman. You don't want to paint yourself as a guy who knocked up some chick from Miami. A chick with a history of drug use and prostitution. It's going to look like she was 'working' and you made a big OOPS. It makes you seem irresponsible and people don't want to trust their money to a company where the CEO run off with younger women and gets them all pregnant.

Scott: And I assume you're going to tell me my options here.

Tricia: Either marry the woman or keep her quiet.

Scott: Keep her quiet as in pay her off, drop all contact and deny any affiliation with the child.

Tricia: Yes.

Scott: No.

Tricia: So you're going to marry her.

Scott: Tricia, not that your feedback isn't extremely valued, things stand at the moment, I'll do what I see fit.

Tricia: *nods*

Scott: *opens briefcase*

Tricia: There is another way we could get around the image thing.

Scott: And what's that?

Tricia: File for custody. Women like single men with babies. Makes them seem sympathetic, nurturing and ready to settle down. The company's popularity will surge through the roof.

Scott: *places laptop on desk* Is that so.

Tricia: Yep. It'll probably be an easy win, too. I mean, the woman's mentally unstable, living alone, has a history with drugs and solicitation and hasn't kept a job longer than 9 months. Is that the kind of environment in which you want your child raised?

Scott: You think I'd be any better?

Tricia: You have money and a clean record.

Scott: Having all the money in the world does not automatically a good parent make.

Tricia: It's a thousand times better than that insane woman. So she can either lose the kid or you lose the company. And just so you know, if you don't do this, you'll be ruining everyone's career not to mention your own.

Scott: You don't know that.

Tricia: We're already on eggshells with everyone after the last CEO fuckup. You managed to sew the wound back together fairly well but I'm tellin' you, another mistake and it's going to be all our heads on the chopping block. Do you want to be responsible for that? Do you want to be responsible for sending your employees home to tell their families that they lost their income, benefits and retirement? Some of those people worked their asses off to get where they are and they don't have anything else. Not to mention the clients themselves. If the company goes down, people are going to start jumping from bloody windows.

Scott: *stares at Tricia*

Tricia: Do you want that on your conscience?

Scott: *closes briefcase*

Tricia: Well?

Scott: Call the lawyers.

Tricia: *nods* Yes sir. *walks away*

Scott: *looks down at desk, sighs*

House, 2 days later

Lori: Mother, my house is clean enough.

Katie: You can never be clean enough. *scrubs picture frame*

Lori: You know that faded goldish colour on that frame there?

Katie: Yeah?

Lori: That's supposed to be there.

Katie: *looks down at frame*

Lori: Stop scrubbing my house.

Katie: I need something to keep me busy.

Lori: If you want to be busy, clean your own house.

Katie: I don't want to be busy alone.

Lori: Fine then. You missed a spot.

Katie: GAH! FEEL MY WRATH! *scrubs picture frame*

Doorbell rings

Lori: I'll be right back.

Katie: Okay, I'll be here scrubbing the finish off of your valuables.

Lori: *runs over to door, opens it*

Man: Lori Speedle?

Lori: Yes?

Man: *hands over paper* You've been served.

Lori: *looks down at paper*

Man: *walks away*

Lori: *closes door, staring at paper* What?

Katie: *walks over* Who was that?

Lori: The court. *opens paper*

Katie: What's it say?

Lori: *staring at paper*

Katie: Well?

Lori: *lifts head* I'm going to kill him. *drops paper, leaves*

Katie: I'm confused.

Setai hotel

Lori: *walks up to room*

Man: *extends hand* Whoa, you can't be here.

Lori: Get out of my way.

Man: Turn around and leave.


Man: He's not taking appointments right now.

Lori: I don't need an appointment. SCOTT!

Man: I'll have to call security and have you removed.


Man: *grabs radio*

Inside room

Scott: *runs hand through hair*

Tricia: You're doing the right thing.

Scott: I should let her in.

Tricia: No. You saw what she did before when she was angry, she pulled a gun on the security detail. We can't risk your safety.

Scott: She's understandably upset, she probably wants to know what the hell's going on. She deserves that much.

Tricia: I'll talk to her.

Scott: I should be the one to talk to her.

Tricia: We can't have you changing your mind because of her. You need someone impartial. Stay here. *walks away*

Scott: *places hands on hips*


Tricia: *steps out, closes door*

Lori: Let me in. I want to talk to him.

Tricia: He's not taking appointments.

Lori: No kidding, your henchman just told me that.

Tricia: This is a very delicate situation, it would be best for everyone if there was no contact between the two of you.

Lori: What the hell is going on? The other day he was telling me how we don't have to worry about any of this right now and today he wants to take my child away? That's quite a flip-flop if you ask me.

Tricia: No one asked you.

Lori: *frowns*

Tricia: Turn around and go home.

Lori: Not until I talk to Scott.

Tricia: Like I said, h-

Lori: He's not taking appointments. Well, you have about 3 seconds to move or my foot is going to be having an appointment with your ass.

Tricia: We can always get a restraining order.

Lori: You can get the restraining order after I talk to him. Look, *opens arms* no weapons. You can stand there with all of your bodyguards if you want, I just want to talk to him.

Tricia: I'm sorry, that's not going to happen.

Lori: Do you tell him when to go to the bathroom too? Because it looks to me like he's a big boy and can make his own decisions.

Tricia: He's made it clear that he doesn't want to see you.

Lori: Bullshit. SCOTT!

Tricia: Leave or I'll have you arrested for harassment.

Lori: Then have me arrested.

Tricia: That might not go over well with the judge when the custody hearing rolls around.

Lori: *staring at Tricia*

Tricia: You'll want to be on your best behaviour. As if it'll make a difference.

Lori: *turns around, walks away*

Tricia: *smirks*

Inside room

Tricia: She's gone.

Scott: *sitting on bed, staring at floor*

Tricia: It's for the best. For everyone.

Scott: Not for Lori.

Tricia: She's an insect. Small, unimportant and squashable. I don't know how you could ever have loved her.

Scott: *lifts eyes*

Tricia: *opens briefcase, pulls out paper* I want you to sign this contract.

Scott: *looks down at paper*

Tricia: It states that you won't drop the custody battle for any reason. You have to commit to this, it's in all of our best interests.

Scott: And if I don't?

Tricia: You'd be surprised how much power I have in this company and how much you don't. Remember, you don't want to be the cause of our downfall. You wouldn't be able to live with yourself.

Scott: *grabs pen*

Tricia: *smiles* Good. You're very good at signing these, Scott. Remember the one you signed a few months ago stating that I couldn't be fired under any circumstance? That was a doozy. I love job security and you give it away so freely.

Scott: Are we finished?

Tricia: For now.

o_O That... That... That BITCH!! >.< I wish Lori HAD kicked her ass... Poor Lori, and poor Scott, for being manipulated so easily. Great job!
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