Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    OK! Now that I'm up to date. WOW! Go Scott. Go Scott. He sounds like an awesome man, and I find it ironic that his name is the same as my brother. :lol:

    Lori got her baby.. and Named her Stephanie Speedle. So now the little one can have fun writing SS in cursive... oh and SS +JA = <3 4 EVA! On her notebook. :lol: She'll be sarcastic like her mom, but with a lot of her dad in her... *fades away discussing Stephanie*
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    ^ LOL.

    And I swear, I wasn't thinking of your brother when I thought up his name. :lol:

    Thanks so much for the reviews!


    House, 9pm

    Katie: *washes dishes*

    Scott: *walks over* I'll help you with these. *grabs plate*

    Katie: Where's Lori?

    Scott: Asleep on the couch.

    Katie: Huh. First time she's slept all week. And I assume baby is over there too?

    Scott: Mhm. *dries plate*

    Katie: You did a good thing, you know.

    Scott: I'm not looking for praise.

    Katie: *looks into living room*

    Scott: What was she like?

    Katie: *looks at Scott* What do you mean?

    Scott: Well I understand Lori was actually a little bit improved before you sent her to treatment. What was she like before that?

    Katie: *scoffs* You want the extended version?

    Scott: *places plate onto counter*

    Katie: She was a nightmare. She didn't care about anyone, she was reckless...I mean, if a child had stolen her meth from her? Sayonora to that kid. If she had the opportunity to kill someone, she would have. And she probably has. I'm just not sure of the exact body count.

    Scott: You think she's murdered someone.

    Katie: Oh yeah, definitely. She won't talk about it but I'm sure. Y'know, one time I caught her pouring bleach into a cup for her sister. I asked her what she was doing and she said...she said "shut up, bitch. Or I'll pour you a glass too." I managed to get the glass away from her and I never told her father. One time I woke up in the middle of the night when Tim was working a double and she was standing over my bed with a lit match. I didn't realize it at first but she had poured gasoline all over the blankets.

    Scott: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: Used to catch her shooting up in the bathroom too. *shakes head* One time she slipped her sister some cocaine to see what would happen. And that was only when she was 13.

    Scott: There's more?

    Katie: When she turned 16, she ran away. It's not like she hadn't done it before but this time she was gone for over a week. I found her in a crack house with a bunch of men. She was out of her mind high.

    Scott: ...

    Katie: *looks down at counter* She would have an overdose at least once every 6 months. I can't even count the number of times her stomach's been pumped. She wasn't even a human being back then, it was like she was a computer programmed to do only one thing and that was drugs. She's a million times better.

    Scott: *nods*

    House, 9am

    Lori: *runs into kitchen, grabs cloth, runs into living room*

    Scott: *reading paper*

    Lori: *picks up baby powder, stares at it* Uh...*shakes bottle*


    Lori: *blinks* ...*coughs*

    Scott: *turns page*

    Lori: Okay uh...uh...*grabs tongs, separates baby's legs* don't move, okay?

    Baby kicks feet

    Lori: NO! Gah I said don't move. Damnit.!

    Scott: *lifts head* Yes?

    Lori: Help me help me help me help me.

    Scott: *closes newspaper* What do you need?

    Lori: How the hell am I supposed to wipe her ass?

    Scott: *stands, walks over* Well negotiating won't do the trick. *grabs baby by the feet*

    Lori: NO! What are you doing! You're gonna hurt her!

    Scott: *grabs cloth, wipes baby*

    Lori: ...How'd you do that?

    Scott: Let me guess, you've never changed a diaper either.

    Lori: Not that I can remember. Do I need to pick up some safety pins?

    Scott: *smiles*

    Lori: What? What's so funny?

    Scott: *picks up diaper, opens it* See this?

    Lori: Yeah.

    Scott: This is adhesive. Which means no sticking your baby in the leg with sharp objects.

    Lori: *nods* Right.

    Scott: Do you think you could put this on?

    Lori: *lifts brow*

    Scott: The baby, Lori.

    Lori: Oh yeah. *snatches diaper* I can do anything I put my mind to.

    2 minutes later

    Lori: TADA! *picks up baby* See? I didn't break her.

    Baby pukes everywhere

    Lori: *blinks*

    Scott: Lesson number 2. Don't wear any new clothes for a while.

    Lori: *frowns* Thanks for telling me ahead of time. *holds baby outward* You take her.

    Scott: Can't. I need to go to work.

    Lori: You're working now? You don't even have an office.

    Scott: It's in the jet. I have a video conference.

    Lori: No no no. You need to help me.

    Scott: Unfortunately, this meeting had been planned for over 2 weeks so I can't miss it.

    Lori: I-I can't wash myself off and watch her at the same time.

    Scott: You'll need to figure it out.

    Lori: What am I supposed to do if she won't stop crying or won't stop puking or or or what happens if the house catches fire?

    Scott: Why would the house catch fire?

    Lori: I don't know, seems like my kind of luck.

    Scott: You'll both be fine.

    Lori: Okay but what if-

    Scott: Lori, stop panicking. I'll be back in a couple of hours.

    Lori: What if you get into a car accident? What if your plane rolls into the boonies? OH MY GOD! WHAT IF YOU GET ROBBED IN AN ALLEY SOMEWHERE!

    Baby starts to cry

    Lori: Oops.

    Scott: I'll call you as soon as I get there and I'll call you as soon as I'm finished.

    Lori: Can you call me every 10 minutes in between all of that too?

    Scott: No but no doubt you will. *kisses Lori's cheek* Have fun.

    Lori: Ugh. Yeah right.

    Scott: *kisses baby on the head* You too.

    Baby stops crying

    Lori: Ergh how do you do that?

    Scott: *smiles* I guess I have that effect on people. See you later. *walks away*

    Lori: *sigh* He's putting waaaay too much trust in me.

    Jet, 10am

    Scott: *sits*

    Bill: Ready?

    Scott: That depends. Are they pissed?

    Bill: You did leave in the middle of the week.

    Scott: *sigh* Well no one's above scrutiny these days. Let her roll.

    Bill: *presses button*

    TV turns on

    Scott: *smiles* Gentlemen. What brings your connection all the way to Miami?

    Man: Finch, we've got a problem. We've lost over 50 million dollars in the last 6 months because you decided to give the employees throughout every branch a health plan.

    Scott: That sounds about right.

    Man: We can't afford health plans for all of them. You're going to need to stick to the managers.

    Scott: The managers get paid enough to buy their own health coverage. The rest of the employees deserve benefits.

    Man: Yeah? And what about these bonuses? What the hell is that about?

    Scott: When they do a good job, they get a bonus. It's not that hard to figure out.

    Man: All of them?

    Scott: All of them are doing a good job.

    Man: See this is why we're losing in the scheme of things, Finch. All of the other companies are riding the waves steadily and we're pissing away money to a bunch of retards in cubicles.

    Scott: If the other companies decide to jump off a bridge, would you?

    Man: This isn't about what I'd do. I need you to take action right now and settle these finances before we lose another 50 million.

    Scott: What are we going to do with an extra 50 million? Fly our private jets to Hawaii or eat 30 dollar steaks in Italy? I'm not here to treat myself and play around with measuring sticks, I'm here to run a company. Those retards in their cubicles make sure that you get your paycheque every week and frankly, I'm a little tired of playing this political game with everyone. I'm cutting your personal budgets.

    Man: But-

    Scott: Now you've got plenty to spare for their health plans. If I hear one more childish objection, you'll all be treated as such. Understand?

    Man: Yes sir.

    Scott: Good. What's next?

    Man2: You wanted to set up a branch in Miami.

    Scott: Yes.

    Man2: We've had our people put together some blueprints and 3-dimensional images for the proposed plan. They should be at your laptop terminal in seconds.

    Scott: *opens laptop*

    Bill: *types* Got 'em.

    Scott: *stares at laptop*

    Man2: We thought it best to show the size of our company.

    Scott: Uh, yes I see that. You plan to put a 115 storey building smack in the middle of downtown Miami.

    Man2: That's the idea.

    Scott: First of all, stop thinking like you're in New York. Miami has height limitations because of residential sections, preservation of historic areas and nearby airports. So you've just run into a whole bunch of problems before you've even started. And besides that, I don't like your plan. It's disgusting.

    Man2: It'll be the Titanic of our century.

    Scott: The Titanic sank.

    Man2: Well this one won't. There's no ice in the middle of Miami.

    Everyone laughs

    Scott: *frowning*

    Man2: *clears throat* Look, we can cut down the floor count. How about 80?

    Scott: Lower.

    Man2: 75.

    Scott: 25.

    Man2: But our company is one of the largest, we can't have our branch smaller than the rest.

    Scott: Work with the city and propose a plan when you've come to an agreement. I don't want to inconvenience the city of Miami because you've got a Napoleonic complex.

    Man2: Yes sir.

    Scott: Anything el-

    Cellphone rings

    Scott: Evidently not. Meeting's over, have a nice day. *stands, walks into back room*

    Bill: Uh...yeah so...*presses button*

    TV turns off

    Bill: *runs*

    Back room

    Scott: *closes phone*

    Bill: Anything I can help with?

    Scott: Not unless you know anything about children and socially underdeveloped former drug users.

    Bill: Uh...

    Scott: Didn't think so. Hold down the fort while I'm gone. *walks away*

    Bill: Sure thing.

    House, 12pm

    Scott: *walks in, looks around* Christ. Lori! *walks around* Lori! You called!

    Lori: *runs downstairs* I THINK I BROKE HER, SCOTT!

    Scott: What do you mean?

    Lori: Okay well I was changing her diaper and I poofed the baby powder thingy all over the place and I think she inhaled some.

    Scott: *walks upstairs*

    Lori: *runs*


    Scott: *picks up baby* Has she been coughing or vomiting?

    Lori: No.

    Scott: Did any of it get in her face?

    Lori: No. But I inhaled some.

    Scott: She seems fine.

    Lori: Yeah but it could be one of those silent deadly things where she wakes up dead. Should I take her to a hospital just to be safe?

    Scott: She's fine. *places baby into crib*

    Lori: Are you sure? Are you absolutely 100% sure? Like, 110% sure? *grabs Scott* You know what you're doing, right? Because you've done this before, right? I mean, that's not to suggest you have other kids out there but you said you dealt with children and and and you-

    Scott: Lori, breathe.

    Lori: *exhales*

    Scott: Everything's going to be just fine, you're doing a great job.

    Lori: You think so?

    Scott: I trust you. You know more than you think you do.

    Lori: I highly doubt that.

    Scott: Did you want some lunch? I can make something for you.

    Lori: I haven't even had breakfast yet. OH OH! Hey do you still know how to make banana pancakes?

    Scott: *smiles* Of course.

    Lori: Oh but before you do that um, I should clean up the kitchen.

    Scott: Don't worry about it, I'll clean it. *walks away*

    Lori: *sigh*


    RT Gang next. :p
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    Awww great update lol, Lori and Scott = <3 4EVER! <3

    Can't wait for the RT Gang update!!!
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    Poor Lori I hope she gets the hang of it before she kills the poor thing. Scott needs to have a taking care of baby 101 class with her. Why isn't Katie there to help her did she go back to the HummerHome with the rest of the Hee Haw Gang?

    I think Grandpa Speed needs to come and help Lori with the baby now that can be some real fun.
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    Poor Lori. I hope she figures things out. Mothering doesn't come easy to everyone...

    Great update! :)
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    You know, I like the way Scott works. He gets his information and uses it. I think he wanted to know her past so that he could deal with her now and know where she's coming from. Very astute and clever...and of course, Power Scott is just as delicious He ruled over that conference.

    Poor Lori...she needs to breathe and take a second and stop freaking. I agree, Scott needs to sit down with her and go through some things...extensively. I have no doubt though that they will be alright.

    Awesome work...and YES! RTers! Let the mayhem begin.:evil:
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    Thanks so much for the reviews! :D *iz all warm and fuzzy inside*


    Hummerhome, 7am

    Katie: AGH! *holding knee* I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SHOT ME!

    Delko: I thought you were a burglar!


    Delko: Everyone else is at the restaurant down the road! How was I supposed to know it was you!

    Katie: YOU SHOT ME!

    Delko: Reflex!

    Speed: Guys, calm down.

    Katie: HE SHOT ME!

    Speed: He grazed you.

    Katie: HE SHOT ME!

    Speed: *angry sigh* Hold still.

    Katie: Would YOU have shot me?

    Speed: You weren't exactly announcing your presence.

    Katie: I don't have to. I trust you guys enough NOT TO SHOOT ME! On second thought, maybe I shouldn't put any trust in you guys AT ALL.

    Speed: Stop screaming.

    Katie: HE SHOT ME!

    Delko: Grazed you.


    Speed: *cuts Katie's jeans*

    Katie: What the HELL are you doing?

    Speed: I need to get to the wound. Unless you'd rather call the paramedics.

    Katie: No.

    Speed: *grabs cloth, places it on Katie's leg*

    Katie: OW! GOD DAMNIT! GAH!

    Speed: Would you stop it? You're acting like a 3-year old.

    Delko: With a mouth like a sailor.

    Katie: You evil little man. I hope you get run over by a Pepsi truck.

    Delko: Why not Coke?

    Katie: I don't like Coke.

    Delko: I like Coke.

    Katie: Coke is stupid.

    Delko: It's better than Pepsi.

    Katie: It is not.

    Delko: Is too.

    Katie: Is not.

    Delko: Is too.

    Katie: IS NOT!

    Delko: IS TOO!


    Speed: Enough. Both of you.

    Katie: Can't believe he shot me.

    Delko: Didn't shoot you.

    Katie: Oh they call it something else in...whatever state we're in?

    Speed: Arizona.

    Katie: ARIZONA! Wait, how did we end up in Arizona? Is that why you're all sweaty? You really shouldn't wear a black dress shirt in 90 degree weather.

    Speed: *frowning*

    Katie: It's not a gross sweaty, it's actually a pretty hot sweaty.

    Speed: *tapes Katie's leg*

    Katie: OWOWOW!

    Speed: Eric, give us a minute.

    Delko: Why?

    Speed: Because I find it weird that you're watching.

    Delko: It's not like she's naked.

    Speed: Out.

    Delko: Ugh fine. *walks away*

    Speed: I assume you brought more than one pair of jeans with you.

    Katie: I'll go change into them. Thanks. *stands, grabs onto Speed* Oof. Sorry.

    Speed: It's okay. *stands, grabs Katie's hand*

    Katie: *nods* I'll be right back. *walks into room*

    Speed: *walks over to fridge, opens it*

    Ryan: *runs in* Have you seen Horatio's wallet? He's been looking everywhere.

    Speed: I heard something about Heather and Eric plotting to take it, you might want to start the interrogations there.

    Ryan: Yeah. Thanks, I'll go grill Heather. I swear, Horatio's going to break down and cry someday because of them. *walks away*

    Katie: *walks over* Oh cold beer just for me?

    Speed: Actually, n-

    Katie: *grabs beer, smiles* Thought you weren't drinking anymore.

    Speed: Seeing you makes me want to drink.

    Katie: Aw someone's grumpy. Must be all that hot weather.

    Speed: No really, it was so nice not having you here. Did you know that while you were gone, no one got hurt?

    Katie: *lifts brow* Then what the hell did you guys do while I was gone? Play Travel Scrabble?

    Speed: We had fun, connected, displayed a real family spirit and then cooked some smores.

    Katie: Cute.

    Speed: No really. We're all a lot closer.

    Katie: I highly doubt I've been the one keeping everyone apart.

    Speed: You'd be surprised.

    Katie: TIM! *slaps Speed*

    Speed: *grabs beer* So how's Scott?

    Katie: Fine. As is Lori.

    Speed: *opens beer* Mhm.

    Katie: You know, your daughter...flesh and blood...responsible adult with a high paying job?

    Speed: Doesn't sound familiar.

    Katie: *rolls eyes* You know who you should be mad at? Be mad at Scott. He knocked up your little girl. God, I swear you're completely backwards.

    Speed: *drinks beer*

    Katie: You were a lot less mad at her when she was messed up. Now that she's doing well, you aren't speaking to her.

    Speed: Do you have anything else to talk about?

    Katie: You need to fix this.

    Speed: Fix what? She hasn't exactly reached out either.

    Katie: That's because she's afraid of you.

    Speed: *scoffs* Right.

    Katie: She is. I don't think you realize she's not the fearless, reckless attitude-driven monster woman from before. She's calmed down quite a bit, she's really very sweet and soft-hearted.

    Speed: And Elvis lives.

    Katie: I'm serious. She's completely different. Well, okay, she still has a tongue on her but she's usually pretty respectful and I'm tellin' you, she's scared to death that you're going to scream at her or abandon her completely. Go to Miami, just for a few days.

    Speed: No.

    Katie: You need to see her, it would be good for the both of you.

    Speed: You know why I'm out in Arizona? Because I'm not in Miami. I like it out here. There's no Lori.

    Katie: *lifts keys* If all else fails, you can have a beer with Scott.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: Please?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Pretty please? Cherries on top? Chocolate sprinkles on the side?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Fine, you'll be stuck here with me for the next...wait, how long are we going to be out here? Month? Whew, a month with me in close quarters.

    Speed: *grabs keys* See you in a few days.

    Katie: *smiles* Excellent.

    Speed: *leaves*

    Katie: BAHA! I WIN!

    Restaurant, down the road

    Horatio: *looks under booth* Seriously guys, this isn't funny.

    Ryan: I've been looking everywhere H, your wallet's gone.

    Horatio: That's impossible. Unless someone grabbed it from my pocket, it should be in this building.

    Ryan: I already asked Heather and Eric and th-

    Horatio: Wait, why would you be asking Heather and Eric about my wallet?

    Ryan: Uh...because they were plotting to take it.

    Horatio: Do they have it?

    Ryan: They say no but I don't think they were telling the truth.

    Horatio: So you were going to make me stay on my hands and knees all day looking for my wallet instead of telling me they were plotting to steal it.

    Ryan: But I just told you.

    Horatio: About an hour too late. They could have done anything with it by now. *stands* Okay Mister Wolfe, here's the plan.

    Motel room, across the street

    Delko: You call the hooker?

    Heather: Yep.

    Delko: *laughs* You pre-paid with a credit card?

    Heather: Hey gotta use this thing sometime. Horatio needs to get out more often. His bank statement is going to paint him as one of the most exciting crime lab supervisors in the country. Or...maybe one of the most sleezy. I can't decide which.

    Delko: What are we supposed to do when the hooker gets here?

    Heather: Hide in the shower.

    Delko: Naturally.


    Anni: *drinks beer*

    Katie: *walks over, sits*

    Anni: *smiles* Hey I heard Eric shot you.

    Katie: I don't know why Horatio lets Eric have a gun.

    Anni: He'd probably throw a tantrum if he didn't get one.

    Katie: *nods* So Speed was telling me how close everyone became while I was gone.

    Anni: Really?

    Katie: Yeah apparently the team gets along better without me.

    Anni: *laughs* I think he was pulling your leg. Eric set Ryan's pants on fire because he was lying about stealing Eric's eyelash curler.

    Katie: Eric has an eyelash curler?

    Anni: What's more disturbing is Ryan was the one who stole it.

    Katie: What's the point in lying to me about it then? It's not a big deal.

    Anni: He likes to tease you.

    Katie: I know and I keep telling him to stop it. When we were married, he didn't tease me as much. Sorry, I know you hate it when I bring up the whole marriage thing.

    Anni: Nah it's all right. No point in denying you guys had a thing.

    Katie: I hear you two are getting along great now.

    Anni: *smiles*

    Katie: *rolls eyes*

    Anni: *slaps Katie* Oh hush.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Anni: I heard you sent him to Miami.

    Katie: Yep. He needs to learn to play well with others.

    Anni: Isn't Lori doing well though?

    Katie: Yeah so I don't know why Speed has a problem with her. He hasn't told you anything?

    Anni: He doesn't talk about her. It's like he'd rather soon forget she ever existed. But you know, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Lori's an adult and she's doing well on her own and maybe he wants to continue living his life instead of keeping an eye on hers.

    Katie: Maybe. He could still call her once in a while.

    Anni: Well you know him.

    Katie: *scoffs* Yeah. Stubborn as hell.

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    Great update! Whats the old saying if the guys picking on you it means he likes you! HHHMMMM Speed better be carefull. Hope Eric doesn'r shoot anyone else while Speeds gone. Maybe they should put blanks in his gun just to be on the safe side.

    Hope we get another update soon! don't be such a Stranger and foget us!
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    You know, I think this may be the first time in a while that I wholeheartedly agree with Katie's decision... :lol: :lol:

    Nice to hear the RT-ers are up to their games of setting people on fire and stuff while Katie's away... :lol:

    Great update! :)
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    Wow, katie actually displayed the characteristics of an adult! Excuse me while I proceed to flip really, it was great that Katie pushed Speed to go and get to know Lori again, esp since she's getting along much nicer now. Everyone deserves a second ....third...fourth...okay...well, everyone deserves a chance to show that they've grown from their mistakes. If Speed just allows it, he'll find that he's actually missing out on somethings.... * and cue the grandpa tearjerking scene*

    Excellent update...

    ps...Eric and Heather are actually very dangerous together...They should come with a

    Awesome update!
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    And yes, there should be a warning label attached to Heather and Eric. Well, maybe Anni too. I hear she can get pretty nuts. :p

    Thanks so much for the reviews as always!


    Miami, house, 2 days later, 10pm

    Lori: *places baby in crib* Ugh okay let's make a deal. You sleep for at least 2 hours and I'll try not to cut off circulation with the diaper. Actually, that's probably why you're crying bad. I can't believe I'm talking to you, you don't even know what I'm sayin'. See what happens when you make Mommy go nuts? *blinks* I can't believe I just called myself that.


    Scott: *gets out of car*

    Speed: Hey.

    Scott: *looks back*

    Speed: Is Lori home?

    Scott: What are you doing here?

    Speed: I came to talk to her.

    Scott: *looks at watch, blinks* It's uh...10pm.

    Speed: *looks at Scott's arm* Yeah, I know. I came by earlier, no one was home.

    Scott: Lori had to fix up some maternity pay stuff. I just got in from Buffalo.

    Speed: *nods* Why don't we go inside.

    Scott: Sure.

    Inside house

    Scott: Lori!

    Lori: *runs downstairs, smiles* Hey you're home! *hugs Scott*

    Scott: Yeah, listen your uh, your dad's here.

    Lori: What? *lets go*

    Speed: *walks in, shuts door*

    Lori: *smile fades*

    Speed: We should talk.

    Lori: Is that you talking or Mom?

    Speed: A little bit of both.

    Lori: Well why don't we start by introducing you to Stephanie. She's upstairs.

    Speed: *nods* Okay.

    Scott: *steps in front of stairs*

    Speed: *looks at Scott*

    Lori: *lifts brow* ...Scott. Are you...going to let him up the stairs?

    Scott: *staring at Speed*

    Lori: Scott.

    Scott: Holster off.

    Speed: *blinks*

    Lori: You're wearing your gun?

    Speed: Yeah, I put in a few hours while I was here.

    Lori: You'd better take it off.

    Speed: Why?

    Lori: Because Scott could take you. Believe me.

    Speed: *pulls out gun*

    Lori: *grabs gun*

    Speed: Anything else?

    Scott: *walks upstairs*

    Speed: *looks at Lori* He always like that?

    Lori: No this would be a new one.


    Lori: *walks over to crib* I managed to get her to sleep finally.

    Speed: *looks down*

    Scott: *leaning in doorway*

    Lori: The girls at work went nuts over her but I guess that comes with the territory.

    Baby wakes up, starts to cry

    Lori: *sigh* Not again. This kid complains more than I do.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Lori: Do you...want to hold her or something?

    Speed: By the look of your boyfriend back there, I'm not sure I'm allowed.

    Lori: *looks at Scott*

    Scott: *glaring*

    Lori: *rolls eyes* Ignore him.

    Speed: It's...a little hard to.

    Lori: Scott, out.

    Scott: *crosses arms*

    Lori: He's not going to hurt her. He comes in peace.

    Scott: I'm fine right here.

    Lori: You promise you won't attack him?

    Scott: I don't make promises I might not keep.

    Lori: *frowns* Scott.

    Speed: It's okay.

    Lori: *reaches down, picks up baby* Be careful though, kay? I know you dropped me on my head a couple of times but I want her to keep what little brain cells she has at the moment.

    Speed: Cute.

    Lori: *hands over baby*

    Speed: *looks down*

    Lori: Scott.

    Scott: *steps back*

    Lori: It's probably a good thing Anni isn't holding one of these.

    Speed: *lifts eyes* Don't even put that thought out there or she'll somehow get it in her head.

    Lori: *smiles* I'd hate to do that to you.

    Speed: Here, you'd better take her back. *hands over baby*

    Lori: Thanks. *drapes baby over shoulder*

    Speed: She's...very...cute.

    Lori: *smiling*

    Speed: I'll be downstairs. *walks away*

    Scott: *walks in*

    Lori: Scott, she's fine. What the hell is your problem?

    Scott: I'll take her.

    Lori: *rolls eyes, hands over baby*

    Baby grabs onto Scott's shirt

    Scott: *sigh*

    Lori: *smirks* You gonna make it?

    Scott: Mhm.

    Lori: You're adorable.

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: I'll be chattin' with him downstairs.

    Scott: I'll be here.

    Lori: You don't want to talk to him?

    Scott: Go be with your father. Your daughter is going to be with hers.

    Lori: *smiles* Neat. Anyway. Have fun. *walks away*

    Scott: *sits in chair*

    Living room

    Lori: *sits*

    Speed: Will Scott be joining us?

    Lori: No. So are you going to tell me why you've been avoiding contact with me?

    Speed: ...I don't have an excuse.

    Lori: I'll take an excuse. Because the last time we spoke, we seemed okay. What changed?

    Speed: You did.

    Lori: ...For the better I would hope.

    Speed: It scared me.

    Lori: *lifts brows* Why?

    Speed: Because I kept hoping you'd fail. *looks down at floor* Because that's the only time we would ever really connect. I was too used to being there as someone who would always pull you out and it was sort of like a validation that I was needed. That you loved me.

    Lori: ...Dad, I'm always going to love you. You gave me a home. You took away all of the suffering, all of the fear...instead of wondering every night how I was going to die, I would wonder how I was going to live. What would I encounter, what people I would meet, how I was going to interact with this new society. That's the kind of uncertainly I welcomed after coming home. And despite what I did to you and Mom and everyone else, I've always appreciated that.

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: And just because I'm not strung out in an alley somewhere calling for help, it doesn't mean I've stopped needing you. There's a lot I haven't learned because I was too damn selfish to listen. Well guess what, I'm listening now and I want a relationship with you, a real one. If you're willing.

    Speed: *lifts head* ...I am. I'm tired of carrying around the anger from everything you'd done, I want to move past it. I want to forgive you.

    Lori: Well whether you do forgive me or not, hearing that means a lot to me. And I know it's probably not the easiest thing to do considering what I put you through. It was unfair of me to use you and it's unfair for you that I became your crutch for whatever reason. There are no words to express how sorry I am for everything. How can I even begin to make it right?

    Speed: What you're doing now, that's how. Keep taking care of yourself and your family.

    Lori: *nods*

    Speed: You work on that and I'll work on the communication and forgiveness thing.

    Lori: *smirks* Deal. Are you going to be heading back out tomorrow?

    Speed: I was strongly encouraged to spend some more time with you.

    Lori: Well in that case, you're welcome to stay here if you don't want to marinate alone at home. That is if you don't mind a crying baby.

    Speed: I think I'd rather stay at my place but thanks for the offer.

    Lori: *laughs* No problem. *stands* I wonder if Scott's calmed down. You should say goodbye to him or he might not think you've left.

    Speed: Yeah I'll let him know his home's no longer threatened.

    Upstairs, bedroom

    Lori: Aw now that is sweet. Papa and baby asleep in the chair.

    Speed: *shakes head* I'm getting cavities just looking at that. I'll see you tomorrow.

    Lori: Sure thing.

    Speed: *walks away*

    Lori: *walks into room, picks up baby, places her into crib*

    Scott: *blinks* Lori.

    Lori: *looks over* Hey sleepy head.

    Scott: *rubs eyes* Is he gone?

    Lori: Yes, he's gone. You may now fall asleep in your own bed.

    Scott: Funny.

  12. Jenna_Caine

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    Dec 16, 2007
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    Awwwwww! x3 That was so sweet!

    I gotta agree with Speed, though, as in it's giving me cavities! xD Very nicely done, Geni! <3
  13. Finch

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    Thanks! :D


    Motel, bathtub, 1am

    Heather: *pushes Eric* Your elbow's on my toe.

    Delko: Your ass is in my face.

    Heather: Be glad I didn't eat those tacos for lunch.

    Delko: This is the worst hide-and-seek spot.

    Heather: Shush or Ryan will find us.

    Delko: You'd think the bathroom would be the first place to look. What a cruddy CSI. Can't even find two people who are having a conversation in a tub.

    Heather: Maybe he's checking the closet.

    Delko: For an hour?

    Heather: He might be thorough.

    Delko: He probably got bored and left.

    Heather: We can't be too sure. If we get out now and he's still playing, we lose the game.

    Delko: But if he's not playing and we get out now...we won't look so stupid when Horatio reports us missing.

    Heather: *gasp* What if they leave without us?

    Delko: They wouldn't leave without us...would they?

    Heather: I don't know, you're not very vital to the team but I, on the other hand, am a high card in the game of adventure.

    Delko: Since when?

    Heather: Since I would be missed. Your disappearance would be a relief.

    Delko: Doubtful. Jess would miss me.

    Heather: Jess doesn't speak to you.

    Delko: *frowns* You know, rubbing it in can sting.

    Heather: *rolls eyes* I thought you wanted to get together with Calleigh.

    Delko: I do. I'm currently thinking about it but not actually displaying any of those thoughts to be read by anyone and I plan on never acting on it just to spite everyone. I figure this could go on at least 7 years if not more.

    Heather: What if Calleigh initiates something?

    Delko: It'll just be WAY too subtle for me to notice. See if I do anything, she's completely clueless so if she ever did anything, it's likely I'd fall under the same conditions.

    Heather: You make it sound like a disease.

    Delko: It is. It's called getitoverwithalreadyitis. Very frustrating disease.

    Heather: Interesting. Did all of that happen to come from the same fantasy world where the Wubba Monster was created?

    Delko: No no. Wubba is real. My undying love for Calleigh barely makes it to paper.

    Heather: Paper?

    Delko: I thought you'd be focusing on the undying love part.

    Heather: I find focus in the oddest places.

    Hummerhome, bedroom

    Katie: *sneaks in, shuts door*

    Anni: *snoring*

    Katie: *hops onto bed* FIRE!

    Anni: *jolts up, screams*

    Katie: *bursts into laughter* GOTCHA!

    Anni: *pushes Katie* UGH!

    Katie: You're the only one asleep. It had to happen.

    Anni: I'm tired.

    Katie: It's only 1.

    Anni: I'm not feeling well, Katie. Get out.

    Katie: Why? What's wrong?

    Anni: Migrane.

    Katie: ...

    Anni: Don't worry, I'm sure it's unrelated to my 'condition'. It probably had something to do with Ricky Martin being played in the Hummerhome at 3000 decibles.

    Katie: I was in the mood to shake my bon bon.

    Anni: Yeah well next time, do us all a favour and shake your bon bon quietly.

    Katie: You sure you're okay?

    Anni: I'll be fine when you leave.

    Katie: Nope. I'm gonna get you some soup. *jumps off bed*

    Anni: I don't need soup.

    Katie: Your husband isn't here to take care of you and it's my fault. So it's my duty to take care of you until he gets back. Do you want crackers sprinkled or on the side?

    Anni: None. No soup, just sleep.

    Katie: Nonsense. Chicken noodle soup makes everyone feel better. I'll get you one of those neck massager pillows too, I'm sure I put one in storage. Oh but before I go on the search, you want me to fluff your pillows?

    Anni: ...Yes.

    Katie: YAY! *grabs pillows, flings Anni off bed*

    Anni: AH! *hits wall*

    Katie: Oops.

    Anni: *holds head* Ow.

    Katie: My bad.

    Dinette area

    Carly: *typing*

    Colton: Whatcha doin'?

    Carly: Talking to my daughter on MSN.

    Colton: You have kids?

    Carly: *lifts eyes*

    Colton: Oh yeah. The forgotten Speedles.

    Carly: *looks back at laptop* No one's been forgotten.

    Colton: What are you guys chatting about?

    Carly: Cait wants to go skiing in Colorado with a bunch of friends. I'm telling her she's not allowed but her father as usual is telling her she can do whatever the hell she wants.

    Colton: So what's the big deal? If she wants to go skiing, I say let her go. No point in shielding her from the world.

    Carly: No one's shielding her. She has responsibilities at home and school. Her father works and she's the only one available after school to pick up Ethan from the babysitters and make his dinner.

    Colton: Seems like a lot of crap to throw on a kid.

    Carly: It's necessary.

    Colton: It wouldn't be if you were around instead of here.

    Carly: *frowns* I'm entitled to a vacation.

    Colton: Way to vacation by running your daughter's life from a laptop. Look, her dad's in charge of her while you're not there. Don't screw up what he's already agreed or not agreed to. I think he can handle it without you.

    Carly: Then why is Cait failing math and science?

    Colton: Maybe she's not very bright.

    Carly: *glares*

    Colton: *rolls eyes* It was an option, I didn't say she WAS stupid.

    Carly: She's always going out with a bunch of boys and getting into trouble, she needs to focus on school, not friends.

    Colton: She's a teenager. Teens are stupid.

    Carly: ...

    Colton: Again, specifying that SHE isn't the one who's stupid but all teenagers in general.

    Carly: When I get home, there's going to be hell to pay.

  14. CSISDFlash

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    HAHAHAHAH! I Love the Eric & Calleigh refrences that was totally halarious had me rollin in the floor! Whats up with Super dad I thought he had a Bromance going on with Speed? Now hes all anal sence the baby came! What did he think that Speed was just going to go in and bust a cap in her if she cryed of pooped her diaper? LoL!

    Great update though! Oh! Please get Eric & Heather out of the bathtub before Eric gets his big toe stuck in the fosset and they have to take the plumbing apart again to get him out!
  15. Anni Grey

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    I too felt that the Calleigh and Eric refrences were just slapdastic! And he said it with such commitment :guffaw: Loved the tone of sarcasm as well, it really made the scene.

    Ah...someone can tell Scott to stand down- more like heel. He's like an attack dog, eyeing a juicy steak that is planted right on Speed's head. Maybe he's suspicious of Speed since he is utterly disdainful to Lori most of the time. But, I say, let bygones be bygones, Speed's trying ... The protective vibe from Scott, though...very adorable- hey, I'm a sucker for a man who knows what's important to them.

    Very awesome update!
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