Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    .. :shifty: SHE'S PREGNANT!

    Oh. oh. um. Right.

    Great update, I'm curious to know what happens next.

    *runs away*
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    Lori's the eptiome of calmness. Let's just hope it's not the calm before the storm. I have all faith that she's not reverting to her old ways, just being wiser about the choices she makes. I have faith that the new Lori stays intact!

    Awesome update!
  3. Finch

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    Yeah you run. Real fast. :p

    *doesn't dignify key components of Heather's post with an answer* ;)

    Thanks for the reviews! :D

    Secluded beach, Miami, next day

    Katie: Okay people, gather 'round, gather 'round! *smiles* Here's my big surprise fest!

    Heather: ...

    Colton: *lifts brow*

    Anni: *squints*

    Lora: How come all those people are naked?

    Katie: IT'S A NUDE BEACH! Ain't it great?

    Colton: I feel so over-dressed.

    Ryan: I have to say, I'm kind of glad we didn't bring Horatio.

    Katie: Why? There's lots of old naked people lying around here.

    Ryan: *shivers*


    Anni: *rips off clothes* YEEHAW! *runs into the sea, flailing wildly*

    Everyone: ...

    Katie: Gotta love her spirit.

    Colton: Katie, I'm not getting naked.

    Katie: Why? You get naked at home all the time.

    Everyone: *looks at Colton*

    Colton: What? Miami's very hot and Katie's too cheap for an air conditioner.

    Katie: Not cheap. Frugal.

    Colton: Cheap.

    Katie: *frowns* Penny-wise.

    Colton: Penny-pincher.

    Katie: *pinches Colton*

    Colton: OW! Now I'm definitely not getting naked. Who knows what else you're going to pinch.

    Anni is seen doing cartwheels in the background

    Jenna: The last thing I need today is a sunburnt behind but what the hell. *rips off shirt* Hear me roar.

    Ryan: Are you people insane? What if there are cameras out here or something?

    Katie: So wear a leaf or something.

    Ryan: *frowns* A leaf isn't going to cover anything.

    Heather: Well we won't know unless you let us see.

    Ryan: Forget it.

    Heather: C'mon, it's very freeing.

    Ryan: Then how come YOU won't get naked?

    Heather: I have a skin condition.

    Ryan: What, you're spontaneously becoming black?

    Heather: *slaps Ryan* Geez, I'm not that patronizing to the collective intelligence of the planet.

    Katie: *grabs Ryan's clothes* Get these off.

    Ryan: *pushes Katie* Take your own clothes off.

    Katie: Fine. *rips off clothes*

    Ryan: Why does everyone rip off their clothes? That's physically impossible.

    Heather: Not in Miami. *tackles Ryan*

    Katie: GET HIM!

    Everyone hovers of Ryan

    Ryan: *screaming*

    Anni is seen doing backflips in the background

    Ryan: *covers self* YOU GUYS SUCK!

    Heather: *stands* Heeey someone has a farmer's tan.

    Ryan: Shut up, you do too.

    Heather: *looks down*

    Colton: *backing up*

    Katie: *motions for Colton* Come here honey bunch.

    Colton: I don't think so...tea kettle.

    Katie: Funny.

    Colton: You're going to have to kill me to get me naked.

    Katie: *grabs Colton* Be one with nature.

    Colton: No.

    Katie: Fine, you're not getting your very special birthday present in the middle of whatever month this is tonight.

    Colton: My birthday was last week.

    Katie: ...Oh. Oops.


    Katie: OH OH! Can we build a sand castle after?

    Anni: Only if it's of a naked person.

    Katie: *smiles* Sand castle naked person? I'M THERE! *runs off*

    Anni: *runs away*

    Ryan: Like kids in a candy store.

    Colton: Only they're grown up women building sand castles of naked people.

    Brickell Professional Building

    Lori: *typing*

    Door opens

    Woman: There's a man here to see you.

    Lori: I'm busy.

    Woman: He says it's important.

    Lori: What I'm doing's important too.

    Woman: He says he's your husband?

    Lori: *lifts eyes* That's funny, I don't recall getting married. *looks down at computer* He's got 5 minutes.

    Woman: *nods, leaves*

    Scott: *walks in, shuts door*

    Lori: *typing*

    Scott: *leans against door, crosses arms*

    Phone rings

    Lori: *picks up phone* Yeah....mhm, I was planning on setting up a meeting for the board of the company so they can have a sit-down that doesn't involve fuzzy screens and shoddy speakers...if they don't want to talk to me, they know where to stick their proposal...well the-

    Scott: *grabs phone, drops it on table* We need to talk. *presses on receiver*

    Lori: You know what your problem is? Over-confidence in areas where you have absolutely no understanding of the situation. You came here which means I determine when you leave and so far, it's not looking good for you.

    Scott: Your mother needs to stop following me.

    Lori: That's not my problem. But I'm so glad you decided to come out of hiding to tell me that.

    Scott: I wasn't hiding.

    Lori: *leans back in chair* What do you call it then? Soul searching? Finding yourself? Drinking beer and ordering pay-per-view?

    Scott: It was a mistake.

    Lori: Right because you're just an ordinary guy.

    Scott: It was also a mistake getting involved with someone I met in therapy.

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Scott: But only one of those mistakes is something I actually regret and you need to know that. It's difficult to love you. But at the same time, you're the only person on this planet that I would die for without hesitation whether you care about me or not.

    Lori: Yeah right. If I asked you to jump off the top of the Empire State Building, you would?

    Scott: First of all, people aren't allowed at the very top for that exact reason and secondly, I said I'd die for you, not kill myself for you on a dare.

    Lori: *smiles*

    Scott: *smirks*

    Lori: *stands, walks over, places hands on Scott's chest* You are probably the best part of my day so far.

    Scott: *wraps arms around Lori's waist* So far, huh.

    Lori: *smiling, rolls eyes* Well, I did pack myself a very impressive lunch that I plan on eating in the next hour.

    Scott: Cute.

    Lori: *sigh* Yeah, I was going to stare into that peanut butter and jam sandwhich and tell it how no matter how hard I try, I can't stay mad at my boyfriend. Or should I say husband?

    Scott: Uh, yeah sorry about that. They wouldn't let me past security. As it turns out, I look strange and dangerous.

    Lori: Oh I don't know about that, I find you quite disarming.

    Scott: *lowers head* Lucky me. *kisses Lori*

    Lori: *closes eyes*

    Door opens

    Woman: OH.

    Lori: *steps away* Uh.

    Woman: Am I interrupting something?

    Lori: No, my husband here was just leaving.

    Woman: *smiles* Aw I didn't know you were married.

    Lori: You were the one who told me he was here.

    Woman: ...Oh.

    Lori: And I'm not married.

    Woman: But you just s-

    Lori: Can I help you with something?

    Woman: Right, yeah, uh the director of FLConstruction called, he said you hung up on him.

    Lori: ...I hang up on a lot of people, which one is he?

    Woman: Fat guy, kind of smells.

    Lori: *squints* ...Cuban cigar guy?

    Woman: THAT'S why he smells!

    Lori: Tell him I'll call him back tomorrow.

    Woman: Okay. *leaves, closes door*

    Lori: *turns around* Sorry.

    Scott: Been there.

    Lori: We really need to stop posing as each other's spouses.

    Scott: Or we could just get married.

    Lori: *smirks, covers mouth*

    Scott: What?

    Lori: I just had this flash of some drippy-looking wedding in the middle of Central Park. Y'know, white doves mixed with the occasional pigeon, cakes and fountains, those little white-ish pink buds that fly off the trees...all that idiotic Hallmark stuff.

    Scott: You got all of that.

    Lori: The mind is a crazy thing.

    Scott: *nods slowly*

    Lori: *shrugs*

    Scott: Why Central Park?

    Lori: Hm?

    Scott: You said it would be in Central Park. Why-why would it be there?

    Lori: I don't know, it's big. *gasp* Wouldn't it be pretty in the winter though? Not like one of those bigass dumps of snow but just a gentle sweep, the kind that sparkles. *sigh*

    Scott: *stares blankly*

    Lori: *taps chin* There has to be a frozen lake nearby though. Well, assuming it's cold enough to freeze but not cold enough outside to freeze everyone else and the orchestra.

    Scott: *blinks* Orchestra.

    Lori: Do you need a permit for that kind of thing?

    Scott: You're asking me? From where I'm standing, it looks like you have it pretty well all figured out.

    Lori: *walks over to desk, grabs portfolio* The dinner would have to be indoors if that's the case and pretty close to ground zero. Uh, ground zero being the park of course.

    Scott: Of course.

    Lori: *lifts head* Anyway, I need to get this portfolio to management. OH hey before I forget, Bailey's at our place and she won't leave until you show up so why don't we all just have dinner tonight? Catch up.

    Scott: If...that's what you want, sure.

    Lori: *smiles* Excellent. *walks away*

    Scott: *scratches head* That went...well.

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    Yay! Scott came back! *puts toaster away*

    And nudist beach... yeah, I can see them having a lot of fun there. ;)

    Great update!
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    OMG...a nudist beach? Leave it to Katie...and Anni of course to make the little field trip all it can be. I died laughing at Katie's antics in getting everyone to drop trou, and of course,Anni for showing such determination and flare ( who knew she could do backflips?) Awesome, of course...very awesome!

    SCOTT'S BACK! YAY! Now, if only they can shake down this marriage thing and make it happen, that will be just peaches! Glad to see though, that he's come to his senses. Lori seems to have responded well, offering dinner with Bailey in tow. That's gonna be a riot. :D

    Awesome update!
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    Great update, but I have to wonder why Speed wasn't at the big nudest raley on the beach with the dinamic duo. not like either one of them haven't seen him naked. I think it would have been funny just have him let go and drop trough and send Katie & Anni into shock wonder what has gotten into him. Something out of the ordenary that they would never expect from him. Maybe a new prespective. The old if you can't beatem joinem thing, or using Reverse Sycology on them to and get a better understanding for their crazy antics! Just a thought! Lol. a naked speed would be a funny sight though.
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    Huzzuh! The toaster is away! :lol: *uncovers head*

    Thanks for the reviews. :D

    ^ I'm sure Speed was invited but I doubt he would have set foot on a nude beach. :lol: Maybe the gals will have to entice him, it would definitely make for an interesting situation. :devil:


    Miami, house, 7pm

    Bailey: SCOTTY! *runs over, tackles Scott*

    Scott: Oof. *falls back against wall*


    Scott: *smiles* It's good to see you, Bailey.

    Bailey: *smiles* How have you been?

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *places wine on table*

    Scott: Good, really good.

    Bailey: Come see what I did to the guest room! *grabs Scott's hand*

    Scott: It's not bright pink, is it?

    Bailey: Not entirely.

    Scott: Wonderful.


    Bailey: ISN'T IT AWESOME?

    Scott: *looks around* I assume Lori let you paint this yourself.

    Bailey: Yeah, she was pretty cool about it. Although she wouldn't let me paint a giant white tiger on the back wall for some reason.

    Scott: It was probably in the house's best interests.

    Bailey: OH OH! And look what I got! *lifts chip* 4 months sober!

    Scott: *smiles* That's terrific, I'm so proud of you. *hugs Bailey*

    Bailey: I'm proud of me too!

    Scott: *lets go* I hope you'll keep it up.

    Bailey: My mind's clear, my horizon's open, I'm in Miami and I'm doin' fine! OH I went to visit some of the guys from the treatment place down here. You remember George? He finally stopped having panic attacks everytime the scrubby bubbles commercial comes on.

    Scott: tell you the truth, I wasn't really paying much attention to everyone else when I was there.

    Bailey: *smile fades* ...Right. Because you met Lori there?

    Scott: Yeah.

    Bailey: *punches Scott's arm, smiles* I knew you two would hook up eventually. The way she eyed you from across a room and the way you smiled at her, gosh it was a match made in Heaven. And now look at ya! You're both living in Miami! Together!

    Scott: It's amazing, isn't it? How our lives turn out.

    Bailey: *laughs* Yeah. *looks down at floor* Yeah, one minute you're just sharing a space for a length of time and the're in love. *lifts head* It's really great. For you.

    Scott: Are you alright?

    Bailey: *smiles* I'm fine. I'd better go help Lori with the casserole or she'll burn it all to Hell. *walks away*

    Scott: *nods*


    Bailey: *runs over* Hey what are you doing?

    Lori: Lifting the lid to see.

    Bailey: No, you're going to let the heat out. I'll let you know when it's ready.

    Lori: Okay fine, you're the boss. *takes off oven mitt*

    Bailey: *grabs spoon* Why don't you slice that bread, I'll toss the salad.

    Lori: Slicing I can do. *grabs knife*

    Scott: *walks over, wraps arm around Lori's waist* Hey.

    Lori: *smirks*

    Scott: Where'd you put the plates?

    Lori: They are...third cupboard from the left. Thought it was more efficient that way.

    Scott: Over the toaster is more efficient?

    Lori: Hey, my kitchen, my rules.

    Scott: *smiles* Yes ma'am.

    Bailey: *looks down at salad, tosses it*

    Lori: *laughs* Scott, I thought you were getting the plates.

    Scott: You're very distracting. Although you could improve your technique there.

    Lori: *elbows Scott* Watch it.

    Scott: *grabs plates, winks*

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Scott: *walks away*

    Bailey: *flips salad everywhere*

    Lori: *looks over* The salad get away from you?

    Bailey: Just a little. Nothing to worry about. *smiles*

    Table, half hour later

    Scott: *lifts wine bottle* Non-alcoholic?

    Bailey: Lori thinks it's good for my 'recovery'.

    Lori: You'll thank me in another 4 months.

    Scott: How long are you planning on staying in Miami?

    Bailey: Well I took the whole month off so as long as I'm welcome, I guess.

    Lori: You're definitely still welcome. Besides, we can't let you leave so soon after you decorated the guest room.

    Bailey: *smiles* It's awesome, isn't it? I was thinking about painting a few more pictures and placing them on the walls, what do you think?

    Lori: As long as the paint doesn't get on my carpet, I'm fine with it.

    Bailey: Great!

    Scott: *eating*

    Lori/Bailey: *look at Scott*

    Scott: *coughs* Home-cooked meals always taste better than room service and Taco Bell. I appreciate it at least. What's in this salad?

    Lori: Leaves.

    Scott: I was referring to the dressing.

    Bailey: It's a little invention of mine. It's mostly garlic, lemons, a dash of white wine and some other secret ingredients.

    Scott: *looks down at plate* This is really amazing, Bailey.

    Bailey: *smiles*

    Lori: *sips water* So I heard you were going to try and get into university next year.

    Bailey: Yeah! I want to get into something artsy for sure. It's one of the ways I'm expressing myself through recovery and I like it.

    Lori: What do your parents think?

    Bailey: They think I'm wasting my time. That I should just stick to what I'm good at. Although I'm not sure a grocery store cashier is something I want to be proud of but they don't think I'm smart enough.

    Scott: University's about broadening your knowledge, not testing it. At least that's what it should be about. I think it would be a great opportunity for you.

    Bailey: If I can even make the pre-requisites.

    Scott: I'm sure it'll be fine.

    Bailey: *smirks*

    Lori: Which school did you go to, Scott?

    Scott: Columbia. I think if I didn't follow what the rest of my family was doing, Harvard would have been the next best thing but it wasn't about the school for me.

    Bailey: What about you Lori?

    Lori: Uh...I spent some time at U of M but *scoffs* I was involved with other things.

    Bailey: Drugs?

    Lori: Yeah.

    Scott: I guess what's important is where we are now and where we're going. Our futures look pretty bright.

    Bailey: Here here!

    Lori: *smiles*

    An hour later

    Bailey: *looks into kitchen* He's cleaning the pots, huh.

    Lori: Yep. We cooked, he cleans, that was the deal. Although you did most of the cooking.

    Bailey: *staring into kitchen*

    Lori: *looks at Bailey* Hello.

    Bailey: *blinks* What?

    Lori: You going to stand there all night with the plate or what?

    Bailey: *laughs* Sorry, I guess my mind was wandering. *walks into kitchen*


    Bailey: *places plate into sink*

    Scott: *walks over* Oh hey, I'll take care of it. You go relax.

    Bailey: Nah, I've been filling space here for a while without contributing much, I may as well help out a little more.

    Scott: *grabs plate from Bailey* You've done more than enough tonight. Lori was going to go put on a movie, maybe you want to help her pick which one.

    Bailey: I'd rather be here if it's all the same.

    Scott: *nods* Alright, if you want to, I can't stop you.

    Bailey: *grabs sponge*

    Scott: *dries dishes*

    Bailey: You know, you were my first kiss.

    Scott: *looks over*

    Bailey: Granted, you were drunk and it was on a dare...*laughs* I thought you were such a jerk after that. Which you were. I mean, you were going to start your 'new job' and be this big executive some day and before you left, you told me not to talk to you when you went to the grocery store anymore because people would laugh at you for talking to someone with barely a highschool education.

    Scott: *nods slowly* I remember. Explains why you weren't quick to answer the phone that morning.

    Bailey: I would have picked up had I not been hung over and sitting in the shower trying to stay awake. I guess what I'm trying to say is, you're my friend no matter how much of a jerk you were...and I'm sorry for not picking up. I never got to tell you that before.

    Scott: You don't have to apologize. *closes cupboard* I shouldn't have treated you like that, Bailey.

    Bailey: Like I said, I would have picked up th-

    Scott: No, I mean generally speaking and it's really rare to have a friend who will put up with that kind of garbage. I hate that I said those things to you, it was immature and unfair.

    Bailey: *nods*

    Scott: You mean a lot to me.

    Bailey: *lifts head*

    Lori: Hey! Come fix your damn DVD player, it keeps giving me errors.

    Scott: Did you try re-booting it? *walks away*

    Bailey: *sigh*

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    The toaster's not that far away... :p :p :lol: :lol:

    However, happy Scott and Lori is good. :D Only, I do feel bad for Bailey, but I like it!

    Great update! :D
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    Why do I have a filling their is fixento be a change! Theirs a change commin and somehow I feel that Bailey will be the winner in the end.
  10. Anni Grey

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    I feel bad for Bailey, but at the same time, I feel for Lori too. FOr so long, she's had the bad end of the stick, it's good that she finally gets the goods (ooh la la Scotty!). I can't help but feel like, however, that things as CSIDFlash stated, will change. I just hope that no one gets hurt...but who am I kidding, someone's going to get hurt. They've all made such substaintial leaps in their lives.

    What a way to up the drama, Geni!
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    Thanks so much for the reviews as always. :D It's so interesting reading y'alls thoughts on it. Heehee. :devil:


    Miami, house, bedroom, 11:30pm

    Noise is heard downstairs

    Scott: *opens eyes*

    Bang is heard

    Scott: *sits up, looks over at Lori* ...*gets out of bed, leaves*


    Bailey: *throws beer can at television*

    Scott: *walks downstairs, stops*

    Bailey: *drinks down beer, squishes can*

    Scott: What the hell are you doing?

    Bailey: *belches* Found some beer in the garage. *stands, staggers to the side, smiles* What are ya doin' up at this house? WHOA I totally meant hour.

    Scott: Are you drunk?

    Bailey: *pinches fingers together* Only slightly. *trips over coffee table*

    Scott: *runs over, grabs Bailey*

    Bailey: HEY someone should really turn the lights on on that table thing. *laughs* I dunno, maybe it would look too much like a friggin' spaceship in the middle of your living room. *stands* Want a beer?

    Scott: What happened to the 4 months?

    Bailey: *shrugs* I'm weak. *grabs Scott's shirt* Weak for you. *smiling, giggles*

    Scott: Alright, come on, I'll take you to your room.

    Bailey: *pushes Scott onto couch*

    Scott: Ugh.

    Bailey: *straddles Scott, smiling* I much prefer it here. With you. I always have.

    Scott: *stares at Bailey*

    Bailey: I love you, Scott. *leans closer* Isn't that more than Lori can say? She hasn't been there through everything, she doesn't know you like I do. She hasn't...seen you change the way I have. She wouldn't have given you the time of day before but I would, Scott. I would have. I still will. *whispers* I can be anything you want.

    Scott: I want you to stop.

    Bailey: No you don't.

    Scott: *grabs Bailey* Yes, I do. *stands*


    Scott: *walks away*

    Bailey: *grabs Scott* NO!

    Scott: Let go of me.

    Bailey: I CAN'T! *starts to cry* IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW HARD I TRY, I CAN'T! *slides down, sits on stairs crying* Not after how you changed. You were so good to me, you cared. Finally, you cared. You became a human being, how can you expect me to remain at the same status with you?

    Scott: *kneels* ...That's not my fault.

    Bailey: *looks down at floor* I know.

    Scott: You could have said something years ago.

    Bailey: Would it have made a difference?

    Scott: ...I doubt it.

    Bailey: *wipes eyes* I'm sorry.

    Scott: You ruined everything you just accomplished. Be sorry for that, not for what you said to me. *grabs Bailey's hand* Come on, party's over.

    Bailey: *stands* Loving you wasn't my fault either, y'know.

    Scott: I know. *wraps arm around Bailey* Start walking.

    Bailey: I hope I didn't wake up Lori.

    Lori: *walks downstairs* Nah, the incessant screeching of your undying love for Scott didn't wake me, I was already awake. *grabs Bailey* I'll take her upstairs.

    Scott: No it's okay, I already have her.

    Bailey: Hey no need to fight over me, I've caused enough problems tonight.

    Lori: Fine. We'll both help you.


    Scott: *sits Bailey on bed* Arms up.

    Bailey: *lifts arms*

    Scott: *grabs shirt* You have the rest of your clothes hanging up?

    Bailey: Yeah I got a couple shirts in the closet.

    Scott: *opens closet, takes down t-shirt* This one okay?

    Bailey: Mhm. *grabs shirt, pulls it over head*

    Scott: *kneels, places garbage can near bed*

    Bailey: What's that for?

    Scott: I doubt you'll make it to the bathroom in your condition.

    Bailey: Yeah I suppose.

    Scott: *places garbage bag inside trash can* No more trips downstairs tonight, got it?

    Bailey: Yup. *rubs eye, yawns*

    Lori: *smirks*

    Scott: *stands* You'll probably pass out before you get there anyway.

    Bailey: Can you turn on my night light, though?

    Scott: You have a night light?

    Bailey: Yeah it's over there. The dolphin with the red star stickers on it.

    Scott: *sighs, turns around, flips on night light* Better?

    Bailey: Yep. Thanks Scotty. *lies down*


    Scott: *closes door*

    Lori: And they say you can't argue with a drunk.

    Scott: She's not a drunk, she made a mistake.

    Lori: Evidently.

    Scott: I'm sorry about her.

    Lori: *smiles* Actually, I already knew about it so no worries. It was bound to come out sooner or later, I mean, it was pretty obvious.

    Scott: Not to me.

    Lori: That's because men are oblivious. Even you.

    Scott: Ha ha.

    Lori: *smiling*

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    *hugs Bailey* Poor thing. :(

    I'm glad for her getting it out to Scott... that's important. She was holding it in too long, so I'm glad she told him. I'm sad for her falling off the wagon, though. :(

    Great update!
  13. Anni Grey

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    Finally, it comes out! I'm glad that it has, but not at the expense of Bailey's soberity. I was saddened that she fell, but I suppose that is the only way she felt she could express herself. Kudos to Lori for being understanding, and Scott as well. I was also delighted to see that they cared for Bailey, making sure she was okay for the night. I think a geniune friendship is going to emerge.

    What an awesome update!
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    Sorry for my late reviews Geni. I have been reading along.

    :lol::lol:LMAO at Ryan, and his shiver at Horatio:lol::lol: and at Anni running nekkid in the sea. Great job Geni. Love it.:lol::lol:

    It's great that Bailey finally told her feelings towards scott, but yeah. It was a shame she had to fall. I love Lori for understanding. I'm also glad Lori and Scott are back together**Hugs them**:)
  15. Finch

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    ^ Heh, it's okay. :D

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    Brickell Professional Building, 11am

    Lori: *writing*

    Scott: *walks in, shuts door*

    Lori: You work across the street, Scott.

    Scott: There's heroin in my car.

    Lori: *lifts brow* Usually people steer clear of admitting that but alright.

    Scott: My break lights are smashed in.

    Lori: Poor car.

    Scott: *walks over, grabs keyboard*

    Lori: *lifts head*

    Scott: No one else drives my car but you.

    Lori: *laughs* I haven't touched your car and I didn't mess with your break lights and I certainly didn't leave heroin in it. I've never touched the stuff. Did you ask Bailey?

    Scott: *crosses arms* Bailey's not a drug user.

    Lori: *smile fades* Neither am I.

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: You automatically assume it's me? What the hell is that?

    Scott: If I had been stopped by the police on my way to work, I'd be in jail right now. There was at least 10 pounds of heroin in the trunk.

    Lori: *leans back in chair* Right. The perfect place to hide my stash is in your trunk and to top it off, why not kick in the break lights for fun. Are you kidding me? ...You don't trust me?

    Scott: I was told not to for a reason.

    Lori: *frowns* Get out of my office.

    Scott: Stay out of my car. *leaves, slams door*

    Lori: *glaring*

    Miami lab, Trace

    Speed: *staring through microscope*

    Lori: *walks in* Tim Speedle.

    Speed: *lifts head, looks over*

    Lori: A word. *walks over*

    Speed: What is it?

    Lori: You told Scott not to trust me. Why.

    Speed: You're a liar and you take advantage of people, especially if they're nice to you. He needed to know that.

    Lori: Why, because he's so special to you? He just accused me of leaving heroin in his car and then vandalizing it.

    Speed: Did you?

    Lori: No. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

    Speed: Right because you only commit...sensible crimes.

    Lori: I didn't commit any crimes. Our friend just fell off the wagon, he probably thinks I did the same thing. I guess I just pictured him having a teeny bit more open-mindedness and patience instead of barging into my office like an arrogant hothead.

    Speed: He's allowed to be angry after what happened. He is a human being, knows the things you've done and on top of that, he's a guy. He's not a Hallmark card.

    Lori: I can't believe you're defending him.

    Speed: People act irrationally when they're angry and if you ask me, he has a lot to be angry about. *grabs folder* There's only so many nerves that can be pressed. Have him make a report and get over it.

    Lori: Can't you take a look at the car?

    Speed: *tilts head* According to you, I'm clearly biased.

    Lori: You know that if he makes a report, no one's even going to look into it.

    Speed: Narco will if you give them the heroin.

    Lori: They're only interested in catching someone if there's actually someone to catch. A few pounds of heroin doesn't mean anything in Miami, it's got to be crates full with a name or a gang behind it. They'll just arrest him for possession and call it a day.

    Speed: How do you know?

    Lori: Because they're not CSIs, they depend on collars, not evidence.

    Speed: I didn't realize you had so much faith in us.

    Lori: Please.

    Speed: *sighs*

    Parkinglot, downtown Miami

    Speed: *clicks on flashlight*

    Lori: You need me to open the trunk?

    Speed: *kneels* No, not yet.

    Lori: What'd you find?

    Speed: Someone messed with this key hole.

    Lori: How can you tell?

    Speed: *lifts head*

    Lori: *closes mouth*

    Speed: *looks at car*

    Lori: *crosses arms*

    Speed: *shines flashlight on break light*

    Lori: What is it?

    Speed: Some kind of dried liquid.

    Lori: Blood?

    Speed: No, it's translucent. *stands* Pop the trunk.

    Lori: *presses button*

    Trunk pops open

    Speed: *shines light*

    Lori: *staring into trunk*

    Speed: *lifts brow* Someone wrote 'heroin' on the blocks in giant letters.

    Lori: Maybe whatever idiot put it there forgot what he was peddling. Or thought that putting the name on it would make a bigger difference if Scott got pulled over.

    Speed: Well someone was probably banking on him getting pulled over by the looks of those break lights.

    Lori: Both break lights.

    Speed: This guy's sure hell bent on redundancy.

    Lori: *smirks*

    Speed: I'll have the car towed, see what else I can get off of it.

    Lori: Thanks.

    Speed: You do realize I'll probably have to hand this off to someone else. If I collect anything, it's inadmissible.

    Lori: I understand. But I want you to know that I had nothing to do with this, I've been keeping my nose clean. I have to.

    Speed: *grabs phone, presses buttons* Because of your new job?

    Lori: That and it'*clears throat* it's not really about me anymore.

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: I don't think my child would benefit much.

    Speed: *lifts eyes*

    Lori: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: *looks down at phone* No, I guess it wouldn't.

    Lori: I haven't told Scott yet. Or Mom.

    Speed: *shakes head* You can barely take care of yourself, Lori.

    Lori: I didn't expect you to be jumping for joy but I can't exactly hop into my time machine and become a nun and to tell you the truth, I wasn't grinning from ear to ear when I found out either. Besides, I'm an adult and it's not like I slept around with some random guy, I actually gave this one the time of day and I didn't even get paid.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Lori: That's called a joke.

    Speed: Which part.

    Lori: Cute. Look, you don't have to be okay with it but promise me you won't tell Mom.

    Speed: Don't worry, you can have that honor. I plan on not thinking about it for at least 9 months.

    Lori: Men get all the luxuries. Call me if you find something out about who threw the heroin in there. *walks away*

    Speed: *looks at car, shakes head*

    Office building, Miami

    Lori: *walks in* Hey.

    Scott: *hangs up phone* Hey, I was trying to get a hold of you, where were you?

    Lori: Outside.

    Scott: *stands* I overreacted.

    Lori: I'm taking care of it.

    Scott: Taking care of it how?

    Lori: Your car's been impounded by MDPD. It's evidence.

    Scott: *blinks* Uh...huh. And when do I get it back?

    Lori: When they release it. I am curious as to why you saw heroin and instantly thought of me. You sure know how to show the love.

    Scott: I apologize, it was unfair to accuse you. *scratches head* I just...I don't know why I reacted that way. I mean, I guess it's not like every day I open a locked trunk with a security system and find blocks of drugs everywhere...not to mention I'd been gone a month and I wasn't sure if you'd...

    Lori: Changed? Gone back to my old life?

    Scott: Yeah.

    Lori: Well despite what you thought, I can survive sobriety without you. And even if I was going to hide drugs, I wouldn't stencil what they were on the packages and leave it in your car for you to find or get pulled over with.

    Scott: *nods*

    Lori: *walks over* ...I love you.

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: *sighs, places head on Scott's chest*

    Scott: *wraps arms around Lori*

    Lori: And I don't mean to make light of what I just said because that was totally serious but...seeing your car scratched up bums me out.

    Scott: *smiles* Me too.

    Lori: So since you're off before me today, you can take my truck home.

    Scott: Alright. I'll pick you up after you're finished. Do you want me to grab you some dinner for when I get there?

    Lori: *lets go* If it's not too much trouble.

    Scott: Not at all. What would you like?

    Lori: *sits on desk* How about a double quarter pounder with large fries and extra fries.

    Scott: What happened to your crusade against McDonalds and all their evil?

    Lori: It's the only thing open that time of night that doesn't charge 17 bucks for a glass of water and it's simple.

    Scott: True.

    Lori: *smiles* Well anyhow, I should be goin' before someone wonders where the hell I went and then fires me. See you tonight. *leaves*

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