Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    0 likes a happy Lori! She's so easy to take and get along with! And helpful! I loved that she did everything in her power to get Speed out of the lab and spending time with Anni. Which, btw, I'm really anxious about your answers concerning her. Just how much obstacles can one person take....I guess I can ask Horatio that one;)

    What did Jenna and Lora find in the box???

    Awesome work!
  2. Finch

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    I'll say this: The result from said obstacles will either be the end to something or the start to something else. *evil cackle*

    Thanks so much for the reviews! Hee.


    Lounge, Miami

    Lora: It's a tape.

    Jenna: Ew...who still owns VHS?

    Lora: This is great. I was expecting millions of dollars.

    Jenna: What if it's a tape of someone handing us a cheque for millions of dollars?

    Lora: *throws tape* Garbage. *leans back on couch*

    Jenna: Now wait, we don't even know what's on it. We should watch it.

    Lora: It's probably some movie about forensics.

    Jenna: What if it's a sex tape?

    Lora: *sits up* Get the tape, get the tape.

    Jenna: *grabs tape* Should we draw the shades or something?

    Lora: We should make popcorn and turn the lights out.

    Jenna: ...How scary could a sex tape be?

    Lora: *kneels in front of television* Depends who's on it. Which one of these is the tape watching-majig?

    Jenna: The black one.

    Lora: *shoves tape into black box* ...It keeps telling me to insert disc.

    Jenna: Oh, maybe you need a VHS player.

    Lora: How the hell do we find one of those?

    Jenna: Maybe there's one in storage.

    Lora: *stands* Can't we just pull out the tape and hold it up against the light?

    Jenna: It's not a camera.

    Lora: Then we're on a mission. *points* TO THE LABORATORY!

    House, 1pm, Miami

    Lori: *walks in, throws purse onto counter* Stupid faulty fire alarm sprinklers. *grabs phone*

    Scott: *runs downstairs, stops*

    Lori: *lifts head* ...Hey, what are you doing home at this time?

    Scott: What are you doing home?

    Lori: The office got soaked because the sprinkler system kicked on by itself. Apparently being dry is too much to ask. I have the day off until they can fix it, what exactly where you doing here? Don't you work today?

    Scott: Yeah. Lunch break.

    Lori: *looks at watch* You always go home on your lunch break?

    Scott: Yes.

    Lori: Since when?

    Scott: Since I don't live an hour from my office anymore. Besides, I noticed the bathroom sink was leaky this morning and you know, what the hell, I was already nearby.

    Lori: Your clothes aren't wet.

    Scott: I changed.

    Lori: *nods* Okay. Thanks for fixin' it. *walks over to kitchen*

    Scott: I'm going to go put the tool box away.

    Lori: Alright.

    Scott: *runs upstairs*

    Lori: *opens fridge*


    Scott: *closes door, turns around*

    Woman: *smiles*

    Scott: You need to go, Netanya.

    Netanya: *smile fades* I don't normally like being ordered somewhere.

    Scott: My girlfriend's home.

    Netanya: That has to be awkward for you.

    Scott: We'll finish this another time.

    Netanya: You promised me I would get what I want. Today.

    Scott: I didn't promise you anything. I said I might be able to get you the list and I would appreciate it if you refrained from threatening me at work and showing up at my home.

    Netanya: Your company screwed my people ten ways to Sunday.

    Scott: That's because they don't negotiate with terrorists.

    Netanya: *smirks* Is that what we are. Your company manufactures pharmaceuticals and weapons parts for international clientels and...I'm the terrorist.

    Scott: I didn't know about the weapons until you showed up.

    Netanya: *laughs* Funny, I didn't peg you as someone so naive. You have 3 days to get me the list of parts and where they're going.

    Scott: Why?

    Netanya: That's my business.

    Scott: Then I'm not going to do anything.

    Netanya: You might want to think before you say such things. 3 days.

    Scott: *stares at Netanya*

    Netanya: Now get your girlfriend out of here so I can leave. I'd rather not crawl out your window, I'm not 15.

    Scott: I'll be right back. *leaves*

    Downstairs, kitchen

    Lori: *opens microwave*

    Scott: *walks over, smiles* Hey.

    Lori: Hi.

    Scott: Could you run to the store and pick me up a six pack?

    Lori: Are your legs broken?

    Scott: No.

    Lori: Go get your own drinks.

    Scott: I'll let you drive my car.

    Lori: I just finished cooking instant pasta, I'm not going to run to the store and let it re-freeze.

    Scott: Well, see I need to pick up some uh, condoms too and I always feel kind of awkward buying them.

    Lori: ...Condoms.

    Scott: Evidently.

    Lori: What's going on.

    Scott: Nothing.

    Lori: Why do you want me out of here so badly?

    Scott: *scratches head* serious reason or anything.

    Lori: *puts down pasta* Spill it.

    Scott: ...I uh...there's sort of...okay don't be mad, there's a very good explanation for all of this. There's a woman upstairs.

    Lori: *lifts brows* Uh...huh.

    Scott: In our bedroom.

    Lori: ...Where does the explanation come in?

    Scott: She's an...Israeli member of a small faction involved in weapons trading not connected to their government. Sometimes they kill people to get what they want or make a statement.

    Lori: So...terrorist.

    Scott: No, *laughs* no no, not terrorist. See a lot of people can make that mistake.

    Lori: *blinks* ...I guess I'm just having a bit of a hard time believing this. It's a little...far-fetched.

    Scott: If you don't believe me, just wait around the corner, I'll have her come down.

    Lori: Having some strange woman walk downstairs is not going to make me believe any of that.

    Scott: If you trust me at all, you'll believe it.

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Scott: ...

    Lori: *nods* Okay.

    Scott: Wait around the corner. *runs upstairs*

    Lori: Sure thing.

    2 minutes later, Netanya walks downstairs, briefcase and gun in hand, leaves

    Scott: *shuts door*

    Lori: *walks over* She has a nice piece. What exactly does she want from you?

    Scott: The company I work for manufactures weapons parts for other private companies all over the world. I didn't know that until I checked into it. She wants a list of where the next shipment is going and when or I'm screwed.

    Lori: Screwed how?

    Scott: I don't know. I have 3 days to find out because there is no way in Hell I'm helping her.

    Lori: Okay but the company you work for doesn't exactly appear to be innocent either.

    Scott: I know. *rubs neck* I don't know what to do.

    Lori: Just...calm down, we'll figure it out.

    Scott: *shakes head* We don't have enough time to figure it out I mean either way nothing good can come out of it. I...I can't fix this. Nobody can fix this, Lori, what am I supposed to do?

    Lori: Breathe. Call the authorities and let them know what's happened.

    Scott: *nods*

    Lori: *hands over phone* Everything's going to be fine.

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    On the road

    Netanya: *presses speaker phone*

    Voice: What'd the kid say?

    Netanya: Doesn't matter. We proceed anyway, I'm tired of waiting around. You have the C-4?

    Voice: It's loaded and ready.

    Netanya: Park your vehicles in the most heavily crowded areas. I want to see Miami crumble into the sea, understand?

    Voice: Yes ma'am.

    Netanya: When you've finished, send a voice mail to the number you have. Tell them to stop their shipments or every one of their branches in every city will be seeing the same thing out their window. *presses button*

    2 hours later, Miami lab

    People running everywhere

    Calleigh: What's going on?

    Delko: I don't know, I've been in QD all day.

    Horatio: *runs over* Gear up, we have a scene.

    Calleigh: Where?

    Horatio: Everywhere. *turns on television*

    Delko: *looks at screen* ...

    Calleigh: *covers mouth*

    Horatio: Bomb squad's out but I need here everyone out there now.

    Delko: You got it, H.

    Calleigh: *nods*

    Lora: *runs in* Horatio, do you have a VHS player?

    Horatio: Not now. *walks away*

    Lora: Someone's a little pissy ain't he?

    House, Miami

    Lori: ...

    Scott: *staring at television*

    Lori: They didn't believe you, huh.

    Scott: *walks upstairs*

    Lori: *sigh*

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    :eek: Bombs over Miami??? OMG...Geni! You know how to up the ante! A few things I want to know...

    A) Who was the voice on the phone?
    B) Why would they want Miami to crumble into the sea?
    C) What the freak is on that godforsaken tape?
    And most of all...

    What does that mean.????? You scare me when you get cryptic with RT Anni and her very fragile relationship with Tim... You're breaking them up, aren't you? Say it ain't so, Geni...Say it ain't so!

    Excellent update, Geni!:thumbsup:
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    :lol: :guffaw: Leave it to RT Jenna to suggest that the tape is a sex tape... :guffaw: And bombs... Oh, god... Help! Lol Keep it up, Geni! This is amazing!
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    Sorry I haven't been aroud here much for this roadtrip but I am slowly catching up.:thumbsup:
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    Bombs... sex...

    Damn, lot of things blowing up in Miami! :p Not good!

    Great update.
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    A) I'm sure we'll find out. :lol:
    B) Because they're evil and want to kill people, lol.
    C) :devil:

    It may not be so, how's that? :lol: LOL.

    ^ S'okay, calleighspeedle. :D Take all the time you need/want!


    House, Miami

    Katie: *runs in* You called?

    Lori: Wow, you actually ran over here?

    Katie: What? No, I drove, why am I sweaty or something?

    Lori: No.

    Katie: Good. So what's up? Did you hear what happened on the news?

    Lori: Actually, I knew beforehand. Sort of.

    Katie: *frowns* Sort of how.

    Lori: Relax, I didn't have anything to do with it. Scott's company was threatened by this organization of people and I guess they decided not to wait for cooperation. He thinks it's his fault, he won't leave the bedroom.

    Katie: So what do you want me to do?

    Lori: Well I'm not very good with men. You're better at talking to them.

    Katie: *laughs* Since when?

    Lori: Since I don't have anyone else to call.

    Katie: Why didn't you just call your father? He's a man.

    Lori: But thanks. We're not that close.

    Katie: Again, since when?

    Lori: Let's put it this way, he's more of a parole officer than a father. That help?

    Katie: He's never been a parole officer.

    Lori: *rolls eyes* Maybe I should have called Anni.

    Katie: NO. I'M THE MOTHER. Don't you call her. Let's go talk to that man of yours. *walks upstairs*



    Scott: *sitting on window ledge, leaning head against window*

    Katie: You know what you need? Cookies. Everyone loves cookies. It cheers everyone up. Want me to bake you some cookies?

    Lori: Mother, he doesn't want cookies.

    Katie: When's the last time his mommy baked him cookies?

    Lori: She didn't seem like the cookie type.

    Katie: Oooh what's she like?

    Lori: She's a rich bitch.

    Katie: *gasp* No way. *points to Scott* And she made him? I wish I had an emoticon to express how I feel right now. So how many people died anyhow?

    Lori: So far? About 300. Most are soccer moms and little children.

    Katie: ...Way to make him feel better, Lori.

    Lori: That's why you're here.

    Katie: *sits on window ledge* Okay Scott, listen up. You this is the closest I've ever been to you. Did you know you smell really good?

    Lori: *slaps Katie*

    Katie: OW. What?

    Lori: I don't think hitting on him is going to help him.

    Katie: Right. Scott, this wasn't your fault.

    Lori: Gee, I could have told him that.

    Katie: You wanted my help, here I am. If you don't like it, too bad. Now, Scott, stop being emo and get away from the window. You can go back once your bangs grow out and you dye your hair black. That would actually kind of look cool with your eyes but no. Not right now. *looks at Lori* Seriously, are his eyes actually that color?

    Lori: *blinks* No, they're CGI.

    Katie: It's kind of scary. Lori, you nabbed the scariest looking New Yorker on the planet. Okay, he's hot but scary hot.

    Lori: I thought we talked about this.

    Katie: Oh right. *looks at Scott* IT'S OKAY. YOU'RE GONNA BE FINE. Uh...YOU HANG IN THERE. Now if only I had some shades to complete the package. *pokes Scott* You in there?

    Scott: *lifts eyes*

    Katie: *screams* HE'S ALIVE! *staggers back, falls over*

    Lori: *shakes head* I think you've done enough for one day. *grabs Katie* Wait downstairs.

    Katie: Fine but I'm stealing your food and watching your television. *walks away*

    Lori: *sits on ledge* Well...that certainly cheered me up, I'm not sure how you feel.

    Scott: *staring out window*

    Lori: Come on, say something. You've been sitting here for 4 hours. I mean, for Christ sakes, this is Miami, it's expected. For the billionth time, this isn't your fault.

    Scott: *blinks*

    Lori: So how long are you going to be like this? A day? A week? A month? Forever? Just let me know so I can schedule this window for cleanings. *shakes head* Alright fine, lame joke but that's what I those tears I see?

    Scott: *looks down at ledge*

    Lori: *sigh* At least you haven't completely shut down, that's good. C'mon, didn't my mom cheer you up in the slightest? She makes me laugh sometimes...granted it's usually at how stupid she is. She kind of reminds me of Bailey...except older and half responsible for my existence. I'd cheer you up but I don't know how. I've never had a man cry in front of me...well it's not like you're a blubbering idiot or anything but it's still weird. Do you like...need a hug or something?

    Scott: *looks back out window*

    Lori: Okay see I don't know what to do 'cause you're the one that always cheers me up and tells me it's gonna be okay. It's a load of crap but the way you say it is always so convincing. Alright, how about this...*taps chin* can't have the good stuff without the bad stuff. No, no that's not very good. How is like a trick candle 'cause no matter how hard you blow, it still sucks? Uh no that one doesn't work very well...hmm...OH OH! I have one! Life is like a box of chocolates. 'Cause when you get there, the good ones are gone and you're left with half-eaten macadamian nuts covered in coconut sweat.

    Scott: *smiles*

    Lori: AH! A SMILE! I WIN! I knew my new-found lameness would pay off one of these days. I love it when you smile.

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: Now please say something. It can be anything, even a sound effect would be perfect.

    Scott: I need some time for myself.

    Lori: *lifts brow* You're kicking me out?

    Scott: No. No, not at all, you're welcome to stay here. I just...need some time to think. *stands, walks over to closet*

    Lori: *stands* Time to think about what?

    Scott: *grabs suitcase* I'm not sure yet.

    Lori: When will you be back?

    Scott: I don't know.

    Lori: You...will be back though, right?

    Scott: I promise I'll be back.

    Lori: Where are you going?

    Scott: I don't know yet.

    Lori: Why can't you do that here? I-I don't understand.

    Scott: *grabs clothes*

    Lori: Can you ballpark a time or day when you'll be back?

    Scott: No.

    Lori: So what, I'm just supposed to wait around here forever?

    Scott: That's up to you.

    Lori: *frowns* You're not going anywhere.

    Scott: *turns around* Unfortunately, you don't get to make that decision.

    Lori: ...I need you.

    Scott: That's one of our biggest problems. I'll be your support but I'm not going to be your treatment. I guess I'm wondering if you would have even helped yourself if I hadn't been there.

    Lori: Truthfully, no.

    Scott: *nods*

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Scott: *walks over, kisses Lori's forehead* I love you.

    Lori: *closes eyes* ...I know.

    Scott: *grabs bag, leaves*

    Lori: *opens eyes*

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    :eek:WHAT! Scott....left ....Lori?:wtf: When it was all going so well? I can understand that he was upset about the whole deal with the bombs and everything, and even further, I can understand the need to go and find himself, but to just leave their relationship open to the wind like that??? I have to wonder if Lori will ditch her new ways after he's gone? Because she said it herself, that she probably wouldn't have helped herself without him there. This is so sad for Lori- just when she's opened her heart once again, once again, it's broken. I feel like crying for her...


    I guess I'll have to leave it to chance, but I'm sure you'll make it good no matter what!

    Excellent, simply excellent work!:thumbsup:
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    He better come back, or I'll chase after him and beat him with a toaster. *nods*

    Great update!
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    Hes testing her to see if she really loves him. or just using him as a crutch like he said. He wants to see if she will survive on her own without him and love him enough to wait for him to come back to her. He is no differant from anyother man in the world. They always need some time to think when the heat gets turned up. He'll go find himself and then he'll return. weather Lori waits on him is another question.

    She will have to keep her chin up and her nose clean if she wants him back. He thinks she can't survive without him and she will have to prove herself to him. It will be hard at first, but I have a feeling she will win in the end.

    You no what they say, If you love something you must set it free and if it loves you it will come back.

    Wonder if that applies to Katie & Speed? HHHHHMMMMMM!!!!
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    Crap, I accidentally pressed enter. The update will be up in a bit. :lol:

    Katie would probably thinks it does. :lol:


    Hee. Interesting thoughts y'all. :) Most of which I totally agree with. :D

    1 week later, café, Miami

    Katie: *looks at watch* Where is your father? He was supposed to be here 15 minutes ago.

    Lori: *reading paper* Maybe he's busy. He does have you know, a job and a life. I don't even know why you invited him.

    Katie: You two need to bond.

    Lori: No we don't.

    Katie: Come on, you're better. He needs to see that.

    Lori: I certainly don't feel better.

    Katie: At least you feel something. You didn't have a conscience before.

    Lori: I did. I just didn't listen to it, there's a difference.

    Katie: *pulls out phone, dials*

    Lori: You are not calling him.

    Katie: I want to see where he is.

    Lori: He's not going to show up at your stupid little kumbaya at the café, he has more important things to do.

    Katie: ...His phone's off.

    Lori: Exactly.

    Katie: *frowns* I am SO gonna tailgate him all the way back if he shows up.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Katie: How come you don't want to see your father?

    Lori: *lifts eyes*

    Katie: What? It's a good question.

    Speed: *walks over, sits* I have 20 minutes.

    Katie: *looks over* Gee, nice to see you too.

    Speed: My wife has a doctor's appointment in an hour and I have to be back at work before 3.

    Katie: So skip the doctor's appointment.

    Speed: I said I'd be there.

    Katie: It's not like Anni will be mad or anything. Why does she need a doctor anyway?

    Speed: None of your business.

    Katie: Is she pregnant?

    Speed: *frowns* No. Stop assuming that's what it always is.

    Katie: Geez, I'm at the table with two grumps. Hey Lori, are you preggers yet?

    Lori: *frowning* No. Not that it would be any of y'alls business anyway. *looks down at paper*

    Speed: Am I finished?

    Katie: What the hell kind of father are you?

    Speed: One that needs to get going.

    Katie: You said you had 20 minutes.

    Speed: If we're just going to sit here unproductively for 20 minutes then I have other places to be. Obviously she's not in a chatting mood and you don't know when to stop.

    Katie: This isn't about being productive, it's about sitting down with your family.

    Speed: You're not my family.

    Katie: *rolls eyes* You know what I mean. Besides, now that Lori's better-

    Lori: I'm not better.

    Katie: You two need to spend some time together. Bond. Gosh, you so have gotten better, kiddo. You're so modest about it.

    Lori: *flips page*

    Katie: So. Who wants to go first?

    Speed: *leans back in chair*

    Lori: *reading paper*

    Katie: What's wrong with you two? What if I gave you two some time alone, would that help?

    Lori: We're not in therapy, Mother.

    Katie: *grabs newspaper, stands*

    Lori: *lifts head*

    Katie: I'll be in the ladies room for the next 10 minutes. Both of you, talk. *walks away*

    Lori: *crosses arms*

    Speed: This is ridiculous.

    Lori: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: What have you been up to lately?

    Lori: Work.

    Speed: Mhm. Katie told me about your situation.

    Lori: Great, I should have known never to tell her anything.

    Speed: She's afraid there's a possibility that you might fall backwards into your previous...habits.

    Lori: *nods*

    Speed: Will you?

    Lori: Just because I'm upset that Scott left, doesn't mean I'm going to go sit in an alley and shoot up. Don't you think that's a little insane after everything I've worked for? You think I'd just throw it all away over some man?

    Speed: Would you?

    Lori: No. I've been let down by plenty of people.

    Speed: How about people you supposedly 'love'. That...Gavin guy for instance.

    Lori: I didn't love him.

    Speed: You married him.

    Lori: He had money.

    Speed: Doesn't Scott have money?

    Lori: *frowns*

    Speed: Exactly. You're upset that the money ran away. You don't love anyone but yourself, Lori. You never have.

    Lori: If you were the one who wanted me to get help, why won't you believe it's working? Yes, my boyfriend has money. What do you want me to do, date someone below poverty level to make you feel better?

    Speed: I'm just having a hard time believing 5 months made that drastic a difference in your life.

    Lori: It's very simple, really. Before, I didn't want to change. Now I want to change. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out I'm not doing this for shits and giggles.

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: *runs over* I'M BACK! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! *sits* How'd the talk go?

    Speed: *grabs keys* I need to get to that clinic. *stands, leaves*

    Katie: Well did it go well?

    Lori: *frowns*


    Anni: *reading magazine*

    Speed: *runs in, shuts door* Sorry, I had to meet Katie and Lori for lunch.

    Anni: It's okay. Hey did you know that your gallbladder is bright green?

    Speed: No.

    Anni: How was lunch?

    Speed: Short.

    Anni: That bad, huh.

    Speed: Has the doctor been in yet?

    Anni: No. That's why I'm not standing in the parkinglot waiting for you.

    Speed: *nods*

    Doctor: *walks in, smiles* How are we doing today?

    Anni: *smiles* You tell me.

    Doctor: *laughs, opens chart* looks like your treatment is going well. Good thing too, another month and we wouldn't have been able to do anything for you. Um although I did want to talk to you about your medication. It seems as though your health insurance company has denied your new meds.

    Anni: *smile fades*

    Doctor: Do you happen to have two plans?

    Anni: Only my husband's.

    Doctor: Well it's looking like they won't cover the cost for this specific medication because they're considered experimental. You should have gotten a notification in the mail.

    Anni: ...We didn't get anything.

    Doctor: *tilts head*

    Anni: So what now?

    Doctor: Well you can always pay the whole price.

    Anni: How much is it?

    Doctor: 30 pills are about $500.

    Anni: *laughs* You have got to be kidding me.

    Doctor: I'm afraid not.

    Anni: I could get a Lexus for that much a month. Which by the way as you can see, I don't have a Lexus for the obvious reasons.

    Doctor: You could always get a job yourself. Get some additional benefits.

    Anni: I have a job. I don't get benefits because I'm not full time and I'm not full time because they can't afford it. By the time I find another job and get the benefits and the proper paperwork to submit to a health insurance company, I'll be dead from stress.

    Doctor: There's not much I can do. I'll uh...I've give you two a few minutes, okay? *leaves, shuts door*

    Anni: *runs hand through hair*

    Speed: I'm sorry.

    Anni: What do we do?

    Speed: Besides move to a different country?

    Anni: *sigh*

    Speed: We'll figure something out. *wraps arm around Anni*

    Anni: *nods*

    Miami Lab, Lounge

    Lora: *staring at screen*

    Jenna: *staring at screen*

    Carly: *eats popcorn*

    Heather: *sips cocoa*

    Lilly: *tilts head*

    Jess: *scrunches nose*

    Heather: how did you manage to get a video tape of Horatio and Stetler taking ballroom dancing lessons together?

    Lora: It was in the closet.

    Heather: I bet.

    Lora: *frowns* Not them, the tape.

    Carly: Horatio's pretty good at it.

    Lilly: How come Stetler's wearing high heels?

    Jess: I guess he's not leading.

    Jenna: Wow the instructor looks like a cross between Fabio and Richard Simmons.


    Lora: *slaps Heather* Geez, he can't hear you from the past.

    Heather: Oh, sorry.

    Carly: Horatio's coming, Horatio's coming.

    Lora: *screams*




    Lilly: *dives forward, shuts off TV*

    Horatio: *stops* ...

    Everyone: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: ...How come you're all pointed at the TV if it's off?

    Heather: We're playing Bloody Mary.

    Horatio: *lifts brow*

    Lora: Quick, you need to leave before she scratches your eyes out!

    Horatio: I don't believe in that sort of thing.

    Heather: Don't you watch scary movies? People who say that always die first.

    Horatio: You guys need to set up the Hummerhome. We're leaving in the next couple of weeks and it needs to be cleaned from top to bottom.

    Carly: Sure, we'll take care of it. We'll all pitch in and it'll be like a perfectly choreographed dance.

    Everyone: *giggles*

    Horatio: *lifts brow* Okay. *walks away*

    Lora: *grabs remote* I want to see the part where Stetler slips and sprains his ankle again in slow-motion.

    House, Miami, 4pm

    Lori: *opens microwave, grabs tv dinner*

    Doorbell rings

    Lori: ...Please don't be a salesman. *runs to door, opens it*

    Bailey: SURPRISE!

    Lori: *stares blankly*

    Bailey: *runs up, hugs Lori*

    Lori: What are you doing here?

    Bailey: *lets go* I got some time off! AIN'T IT GREAT?

    Lori: Super. How did you find me?

    Bailey: Scott told me where you lived.

    Lori: Scott. And...when did he tell you this?

    Bailey: Last night.

    Lori: You called him?

    Bailey: Well I didn't actually talk to him. I left him a message a couple days ago and he faxed me the address.

    Lori: *sigh* Great.

    Bailey: Where is he? Is he working?

    Lori: I don't know where he is.

    Bailey: *lifts brow* How can you not know where he is?

    Lori: *walks into kitchen*

    Bailey: *follows* Oooh nice house. Do you have a pool?

    Lori: I haven't checked.

    Bailey: *throws suitcase on floor* So where's my room?

    Lori: Uh...downtown in a hotel.

    Bailey: No no no. I'm staying here! *smiles* With you!

    Lori: ...Wonderful.

    Bailey: You seem sad.

    Lori: *shakes head* Just tired.

    Bailey: When does Scott get home?

    Lori: I've been asking myself the same question for the past week.

    Bailey: Did you guys have a fight or something?

    Lori: Not exactly. He said he needs 'time' whatever the hell that means.

    Bailey: Oh. Well, I'm sure he had his reasons for that. Bummer though.

    Lori: *sits in chair* Mhm.

    Bailey: So what's for dinner?

    Lori: *points to freezer* Whatever's in there.

    Bailey: *opens freezer* ...Honey, you need food.

    Lori: That is food.

    Bailey: No, real food.

    Lori: I'm not much of a cook.

    Bailey: I guess Scott does all of the cooking, huh.

    Lori: *stares at food*

    Bailey: You look really bummed out.

    Lori: *sigh*

    Bailey: C'mon, let's go do something fun! *grabs Lori*

    Lori: No, I have to be at work in a couple of hours, I don't really feel like doing anything fun.

    Bailey: We're going to a spa. You are gonna get your hair and nails done after! It'll cheer you right up!

    Lori: My hair's fine the way it is.

    Bailey: Dear, it's long and sad. We're going to get it alive and HAPPY! You want it to move with you, not weigh you down. Let's go.

    Lori: Getting a haircut is not going to make me feel better.

    Bailey: Yes it will. *smiles* Being beautified makes everyone feel better. And after that, I'm gonna get you a tub of coffee ice cream and we're gonna have some good old fashioned girl talk. Thank God I got here in time! Oh, just one question though. Does my bathroom have any special soaps? My skin gets really sensitive in the humidity.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

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    :)Talk about family outings! Katie forcing Tim on Lori...and Tim not necessarily belieiving in her transformation( which is sad,but true. Most folks who go through drama like that usually remain off put). I hope that one day they can come to a truce of some kind.

    And finally... we found out what's on the tape! Horatio and Stetler ballroom dancing??? OMG...I thought I was gonna keel right on over at that!:guffaw:

    And Anni's doing better only to find out that the drug that she needs isn't available to her because of her insurance? What a scam...but we know that Anni and Speed will find a way. Hopefully that is. I guess that is what you mean by obstacles :)

    Great update, Geni!:thumbsup:
  13. racefh853629

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    As scary as H and Stetler ballroom dancing is, that's a better image than I had in my head of what was on that tape... :lol: I'm sick, I know.

    I, too, hope Speed and Lori can come to some sort of mutual happiness/okay-ness with each other. Both of them have a lot going on right now, and could actually use each other right now.

    And Bailey... ahh, Bailey. That girl's a trip.

    Great update! :)
  14. Finch

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    ^ Ha, it's okay racefh, I'm sure someone else had the same thought as you when the tape was brought into question. :lol:

    Hee. Thanks so much for the reviews everyone! :)


    Miami, Hummer

    Anni: *shaking head* You're really useless, you know that?

    Speed: *looks over* Excuse me?

    Anni: You won't take money from my mother, you won't ask your mom for anything and you just want me to sit back and suffer because your stupid health plan won't kick in gear for their gigantic fear of experimental medication.

    Speed: First of all, we already owe your mother money and secondly, we'd run into the same problem with my mother.

    Anni: It could be a gift instead of a loan.

    Speed: She doesn't even know you, she's not going to hand over money.

    Anni: How would you know? Did you ask?

    Speed: No.

    Anni: So this is the perfect time.

    Speed: Anni, we're going to figure this out on our own.

    Anni: No we aren't. If we could, we wouldn't have a problem right now! You're so stubborn! What, do you not care? Is it because you're not the one who's sick? Is it because I'm a woman? I don't have as much value as you?

    Speed: Stop thinking like that.

    Anni: Don't tell me what I can and cannot think.

    Speed: Fine. Is there anything else I can't say around you? Just let me know so I don't make you bitch at me.

    Anni: *glaring* On second thought, don't take me home. Take me to my mother's house. At least she can cook and make a bed properly. That is if you can manage to stay on your side of the road.

    Speed: I am on my side of the road. Your perspective's just off because you're in a bigass vehicle.

    Anni: Oh MY perspective is off? You're the one wandering over the center line!

    Speed: I'm not wandering!


    Speed: I AM!

    Anni: RED LIGHT!

    Speed: *slams on breaks*

    Anni: *covers forehead*

    Speed: *staring at road*

    Anni: *angry sigh*

    Light turns green

    Speed: *slams on gas*

    Anni: *grabs seat* Slow down.

    Speed: So I'm not allowed to suggest you do anything but you can tell me what to do?

    Anni: I'm the wife.

    Speed: And that gives you special powers?

    Anni: Would you slow down already? I'm pretty sure warp 10 isn't posted on the sign.

    Speed: *frowning*

    Anni: I don't even know why you're upset. I'm the one facing a whole bunch of sickness and pain. You get to go to work and avoid it all. Besides, you'll be with your girlfriend Katie.

    Speed: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: You two spend a lot of time together.

    Speed: We work together.

    Anni: It's pretty obvious she's still pinning over you. I don't know why. You'd think she'd have learned by now that you're an insensitive jerk.

    Speed: Then why are we married?

    Anni: I don't want to die alone.

    Speed: *looks at road* Good to know the love is in the air.

    Anni: No, you know what? I shouldn't have to leave my home. Take me back to the apartment. You can go stay somewhere else tonight.

    Speed: *lifts brow* Why?

    Anni: Because I just don't want to see you right now, okay? You and your stupid useless health plan can go sleep somewhere else.

    Speed: *sigh*

    House, Miami, 9pm

    Bailey: Aren't you glad you called in sick?

    Lori: No. I can't flake out on too many days.

    Bailey: But you had fun at the hair dresser, right?

    Lori: Uh...*runs hand through hair* did they have to curl it just to straighten it?

    Bailey: It creates waves.

    Lori: My hair waves on its own. Seems kind of...redundant don't you think?

    Bailey: Whatever, the new style brings out your eyes. You have got to show me the beach tomorrow!

    Lori: It looks like every other beach. Sand and half naked people.

    Bailey: *smiles* Excellent. You have no idea how lucky you have it here, Lori. You've got this beautiful home, you're near all the beaches, you've got these pretty restaurants and it's so warm and friendly here. Now I know why I followed Scott all the way down the first time. I've fallen in love with just about everything here.

    Lori: It's just a city.

    Bailey: You're not much of a tropical city girl, are ya?

    Lori: Not really. I prefer streets rather than beaches.

    Bailey: Let's switch homes. You can go live in New York and I'll live here.

    Lori: *laughs* Uh no. I'd rather find a happy medium.

    Bailey: ...Chicago?

    Lori: *smiling*

    Doorbell rings

    Lori: *runs to door, opens it*

    Speed: *crosses arms*

    Lori: You're about the last person I'd expect to see on my doorstep.

    Speed: *looks into house*

    Bailey: *throws plates into sink*

    Speed: *looks at Lori* I was...wondering if you...had an

    Lori: Of course. Did you and Anni have a fight or something?

    Speed: It was a...disagreement.

    Lori: I see. A disagreement that got you the short end of the stick. *opens door wider* C'mon in.

    Speed: *walks in*

    Bailey: *smiles* Heeeey, who's this?

    Lori: My father.

    Bailey: *smile fades* Oh. Cool.

    Lori: Why don't you go upstairs and run a bath or something.

    Bailey: *wide-eyed* You're going to let me use your jacuzzi?

    Lori: If you don't make a mess.

    Bailey: *salutes* No problemo. *runs upstairs*

    Lori: *turns around* Sorry about her, she's visiting from New York. *smiles* So what was this argument about?

    Speed: Not really any of your business.

    Lori: I see. How come you aren't staying at mom's place?

    Speed: I don't like her.

    Lori: You don't like me either.

    Speed: Lesser of two evils.

    Lori: I'm honored.

    Speed: *looks around*

    Lori: Can I get you something? Soda? Beer?

    Speed: No.

    Lori: *nods slowly* Well I'm going to have a beer. *walks into kitchen*

    Speed: *looks up at ceiling*

    Lori: *walks over, sits on couch*

    Speed: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *turns on tv* You're welcome to sit.

    Speed: *walks over, sits*

    Lori: *smiles* Hey police chases. My kind of TV.

    Speed: *stares at television*

    Lori: *looks over* You know you...are allowed to say something. I don't bite.

    Speed: I just have a lot on my mind, that's all.

    Lori: What about?

    Speed: Nothing you need to worry about.

    Lori: Sorry, I'm going to worry anyway. That's the job of the daughter, it's to worry about her dad. Especially when he shows up at her door looking like he just got hit by a category 4 hurricane. So what'd you do? You lose your temper with her and she got angry and kicked you out?

    Speed: My health plan won't cover her.

    Lori: *smiles* See? We're opening the playing field of communication.

    Speed: She's just frustrated with everything right now, she'll probably get over it but I don't want to anger it anymore than I already have.

    Lori: A word to the wise, don't call a woman 'it' or your problems will likely continue.

    Speed: You're giving me advice.

    Lori: I happen to know women, y'know, being that I am one.

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: *looks down at beer*

    Speed: You okay?

    Lori: Yeah. I just realized I don't like beer. *smiles, places beer on table* You want to finish it?

    Speed: No.

    Lori: *nods* It's nice having some people in here. Doesn't feel so...empty.

    Doorbell rings

    Lori: *lifts brow* I didn't just imagine that did I?

    Speed: I don't think so.

    Lori: Alright. *stands, runs over to door*


    Lori: *opens door, lifts brows* Mom.

    Katie: Okay I totally didn't want to bother you or anything but there's a roach infestation and I thought I could get rid of it on my own but I just ended up slipping and falling down the stairs so could I stay here until I get an exterminator?

    Lori: *blinks* Um...

    Katie: *looks past Lori* Hey is that Tim?

    Lori: Yes. He's uh, staying here the night. He sort of had a disagreement with Anni.

    Katie: YAY!

    Speed: *looks over*

    Katie: *runs in* HIYA!

    Speed: *stands* I'm going to bed.

    Katie: Oh nonsense! Hey is this your beer? Can I have it? *grabs beer, drinks* Whew, thanks I needed that.

    Lori: *walks over* Uh Mom, I've sort of got a friend staying here too so I don't think you want to share a room or anyth-

    Katie: HEY POLICE CHASES! *flops onto couch* Come sit. *grabs Lori*

    Lori: AH! *falls over onto couch*

    Katie: Do you have cable or satellite? *picks up remote*

    Speed: I think I'll find a hotel or something.

    Lori: No, Dad just...sit. Mom won't bother you.

    Speed: *sits*

    Lori: I think.

    Katie: Who's this friend anyhow and where is he or she?

    Lori: She is taking a bath upstairs. She's visiting from out of state.

    Katie: Oh goodie. It's like a party! Oooh you get SpikeTV, excellent. Ick, CBS. Who the hell watches that network? HEY TRANSFORMERS! I love this movie! *elbows Lori* Look out for Josh Duhamel, he reminds me of your Scott.

    Lori: *frowns* Except he looks nothing like him, isn't an actor and probably doesn't have as much money.

    Katie: Oh honey, he has money. You see the way he dresses? No poor boys dress like that. We're watching this.

    Speed: *leans back on couch* If you cry at any time during this movie, I'm turning it off.

    Katie: Shut up. *throws beer bottle*


    Speed: *blinks* Um, ow. That was glass.

    Katie: You deserved it. YAY! CAMARO! *claps* It's a Camaro, right?

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Katie: *slaps Lori* You need one of those.

    Lori: *leans against Speed* No I don't.

    Katie: I need me a man with a gun.

    Lori/Speed: *look at Katie*

    Katie: ...What? You guys are acting like I've already tried that once.

    Lori: You're a moron, Mother.

    Katie: Am not. Okay I'm a bit buzzed.

    Lori: Were you drinking on the way over here?

    Katie: Almost sort of maybe.

    Lori: What the hell does that mean?

    Katie: I had 2 beers. You can even count them, they're sitting in the cup holders of my car, open and everything.

    Speed: I am so tempted to write you a ticket right now.

    Katie: Write yourself a ticket.

    Speed: For what?

    Katie: For...being...a...a...for being here. THAT'S RIGHT! You shouldn't be here 'cause Lori loves me more. Get packin'.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Lori: Mom, I-

    Katie: You heard me. Lori's MINE MINE MINE. I deserve to be here more than YOU.

    Speed: No you don't.

    Katie: Says who?

    Speed: Uh, the US Constitution.

    Katie: Pfft, I've never read it.

    Speed: Obviously.

    Katie: Get out.

    Speed: Why don't you get out? You're very disruptive.

    Katie: 'Cause Lori would rather I be here than you.

    Speed: I doubt it.

    Katie: Oh yeah? I'm here all the time. Me and Lori have bonded. What have you done lately? NOTHIN'.

    Speed: Just because you're here all the time, doesn't mean you've bonded. It means you have no clue what personal space is.

    Katie: Yeah right, I'm the one with boundary issues mister AFRICA.

    Lori: Stop. Both of you. Or I'm gonna get a motel room.

    Katie: *leans back on couch* Sorry. *sits up* But I'm NOT apologizing to YOU. I'm apologizing to Lori.

    Speed: *shakes head*

    2 hours later

    Katie: ALL DONE!

    Speed: Shh.

    Katie: *looks over* What? *looks down* AWWW! She's ASWEEP on your chest.

    Speed: *frowns* Talk a little louder.

    Katie: I wanna poke her.

    Speed: What are you, 5?

    Katie: Makes me feel young. How come she never falls asleep on me?

    Speed: Because you can't sit still for more than 2 minutes.

    Katie: Can so. Pfft she's just playing favourites.

    Speed: Sure.

    Katie: So you gonna get up or what?

    Speed: That would wake her up.

    Katie: You can't stay here all night.

    Speed: Just hand me the remote, I'll be fine. Besides, there's no way I'm sleeping in the same room as you.

    Katie: You're so immature.

    Speed: Goodnight, Katie.

    Katie: Ugh, at least grab her a blanket or something. *pulls blanket off back of couch, places it down* There. I'll see you in the morning.

    Speed: I have work in the morning.

    Katie: Fine. See you...sometime at work. *walks upstairs*

    Speed: *flips through channels*

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    Hehe, yeah, I probably wasn't. ;)

    Poor Lori... Katie under her roof with Bailey? I can just see Katie and Bailey hitting it off well. But how cute that she fell asleep on Speed! :D

    Poor Speed and Anni. I hope they figure something out. :(

    Great update!
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