Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    MOTHER or no Mother, I would have so kicked Katie's butt right out the door when she started her crap on Speed. Great update. Give me more!!!
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    What an awesome update! Poor Anni and Speed- I know it's frustration on Anni's part that nothing's working out for her, and well...Why doesn't Speed ask for help. It would be for the greater cause- saving his wife's life. I don't really believe that Anni's mother would hold it against them that they borrowed...well...maybe, but that's not the point. They need help, pronto!

    Katie...did she go through a lobotomy? She's gone off the loony side of the cliff and determined to have everyone follow her. I know it has to be hard, but she's got to let go. She's still talking about Africa for cripes sake. It's time for Katie to move on and try and be productive notice, I said try....

    Bailey and Katie.... no words could convey the sheer insanity that will erupt if these two get together. :guffaw:

    Excellent update!
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    *laughs out loud*

    *can't stop laughing*

    Ooo hot.

    Oh my God.

    *is laughing like a crazy person*

    That scene actually got me really scared, imagine if he walked in..!

    Oh more more.

    And Gen I've told you once and I'll tell you again. Write a book/s. ;)
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    lol, aww. :adore: :alienblush:

    Muwahhahaa. :lol:

    Thanks so much for the reviews y'all!


    Miami Lab, 2 days later

    Heather: *rolls out schematics*

    Ryan: What's this?

    Heather: The new Hummerhome.

    Ryan: Why do we need a new one?

    Heather: It's just not adequate enough for all of us. I mean, most of us have to share a room which isn't fair. Okay, sometimes close quarters are fun because it's like a slumber party and 90% of us are girls but the point is, we need to put in some privacy too. So what I'm proposing is an addition that gets pulled behind the actual Hummerhome. This way, it's like a train on wheels. *points to blueprint* It'll be separated by a small hallway, not that dissimilar from an accordian bus.

    Ryan: Um, not that this is a bad idea or anything but how are we supposed to park the thing?

    Heather: I figure we'll be spending a lot of time on the highway and the side of the road so parking it somewhere won't really be an issue. Besides, walking never hurt anyone if we really needed groceries or something.

    Ryan: How do you account for the weight?

    Heather: We'll strip the second level. Back to basics. Well, sort of. Also, adding extra wheels will help distribute the weight a little more. Now, being that this is our team, we're going to need some high tech gear to keep everything running smoothly. Installing a computer with advanced interactivity will ensure we stay on top of heating and cooling, plumbing, electricity, battery power and additional controls.

    Ryan: Interesting.

    Heather: Most of it's going to be voice command which is why I've called you in here. I need you to program all of this.

    Ryan: *laughs* Uh, I might be good with the lab's systems but you're talking about technology that costs over $500,000 just to get here. You expect me to know how to program it for our needs?

    Heather: It's already in the CSI Garage.

    Ryan: *blinks* You already got the system here?

    Heather: It's in the budget. Who knew?

    Ryan: Have you got someone to wire most of it in?

    Heather: It's being done to the original Hummerhome as we speak. I'm going to run the addition by Horatio this afternoon. Oh, I've also managed to get a virtual map for any location on the planet. It's going to hang on one of the walls.

    Ryan: What happened to paper maps?

    Heather: Paper maps don't indicate current traffic conditions.

    Ryan: So...we're building a starship.

    Heather: *smiles* Just trying to make the trips a little more comfortable. And with comfort...*grabs another blueprint* comes security.

    Ryan: Security? What, power door locks are already out of style?

    Heather: Think of the new Hummerhome as an armoured vehicle without the armour.

    Ryan: Look, this all great but I think it's a little much. Are you okay?

    Heather: What do you mean?

    Ryan: You're sure into making sure nothing goes wrong. Are you doing this because of what happened to you?

    Heather: *scoffs* Of course not. I just want everyone to be comfortable and safe the next time we head out. Wouldn't you want the same thing?

    Ryan: Yeah but not to this extent.

    Heather: I like computers and I like tinkering with things, that's all.

    Ryan: *nods* Okay.

    Heather: Seriously.

    Ryan: I know, I believe you.

    Heather: Good.

    Ryan: *shakes head*

    Miami, apartment

    Anni: *grabs mail from mailbox*

    Speed: *walks in, stops* Whoa, sorry.

    Anni: *smirks* It's okay.

    Speed: Okay okay?

    Anni: I was way rude to you yesterday. I shouldn't have made you sleep somewhere else.

    Speed: *walks into kitchen* It's alright, I think we needed a night apart to think separately anyway.

    Anni: I'm sorry.

    Speed: Don't worry about it. You're going through a lot.

    Anni: So are you.

    Speed: *grabs cup from cupboard*

    Anni: *looks down at mail* ...*lifts brow* Um...Tim, did you talk to your mom or something?

    Speed: No, why?

    Anni: This folder has at least ...$20 000 in it.

    Speed: What? *walks over*

    Anni: Yeah. Take a look for yourself.

    Speed: *grabs folder*

    Anni: Cash.

    Speed: Who sent it?

    Anni: I don't know, it doesn't say. All it says is 'A Gift'. The money's wrapped, it's like it came directly from a bank.

    Speed: *grabs cash* Bank of America.

    Anni: Does that narrow it down?

    Speed: Do you know how many Bank of Americas there are?

    Anni: Oh. You're not going to go do any searches or anything are you? We should just be happy that someone gave us a gift.

    Speed: Someone gave us $20 000. That's a little more than just a gift. It probably has some sort of string attached.

    Anni: I think we should keep it.

    Speed: I'm not going to keep anything until I know who it's from.

    Anni: No. Leave it alone. That's that.

    Speed: *stares at Anni*

    Anni: I mean it.

    Speed: *nods* Alright, fine.

    Anni: Thank you.

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    Why do I have the feeling the money's actually from Lori? Or, maybe that's just wishful thinking ;)

    And I don't know who I feel worse for- Heather because of what's going to happen when she goes over things with Horatio, or Ryan because of what's going to happen when Heather goes over things with Horatio... :lol:

    Great update!
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    ^^Well, I for one am glad that it came with no strings attached. Even more glad that Anni decided to keep it and not look into it. And racefh, I never thought about that angle- Lori could've given it to them. Either way, I'm glad that they have it.

    Heather seems ready with the new Hummerhome. I have a feeling that she's needing the extra security because of what she went through. I mean really, kidnapped and left for dead? Hell yes, I'd have issues with security. I say more power to her!

    Awesome update!
  7. Finch

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    Muwahha. :devil:

    Thanks so much for the reviews y'all. :D


    Horatio's office

    Horatio: *staring at blueprints*

    Heather: So? What do you think?

    Horatio: ...Are you okay?

    Heather: *frowns* Yes. I wish everyone would stop asking me that.

    Horatio: It's's all very elaborate.

    Heather: But innovative, right?

    Horatio: I suppose. If you were wanting to shield OJ or the Pope.

    Heather: Why? I'm not very keen on both of those people.

    Horatio: *sigh* My point is, this is a little extravagant for what our needs really are. I'm sure if this were in place at the lab, I wouldn't have a problem but we're not going to be looking for trouble in the middle of the open road.

    Heather: But it ends up finding us anyway. You never know, we could hit a cow or run into a squall of mustard. Or a bullet factory might blow up and won't you be glad we have a bullet proof Hummerhome?

    Horatio: Bullet proof is one thing, invinsible is quite another.

    Heather: What's the matter with being invinsible? You seem to think you are. Hey, why don't we just slap a giant pair of shades onto the Hummerhome, WE'RE SAVED!

    Horatio: Calm down, Heather. I'm not going to spend that much money unless I have to and we don't have to.

    Heather: *nods* Okay. I had a feeling it might come to this so I came with a bargaining chip.

    Horatio: You can't bribe me with anything.

    Heather: *pulls out tape*

    Horatio: *looks at tape* ...What is that?

    Heather: Top secret.

    Horatio: Top secret how?

    Heather: Oh...if this got out, I'm sure you'd be the laughing stock of the entire county. I wonder if I could get copies of this and distribute it to the local television stations to promote ballroom dancing in the greater Miami area.

    Horatio: *wide-eyed* How did you find that?

    Heather: My investigative skills know no bounds.

    Horatio: *reaches out hand* Give it to me.

    Heather: *pulls tape back* Not until you approve my design.

    Horatio: I can't. Half of it isn't necessary.

    Heather: Pity. *pulls out phone*

    Horatio: WAIT! Wait...

    Heather: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: Maybe we can...make a compromise.

    Heather: I'm listening.

    Horatio: I can deal with the addition but could we get rid of the virtual map and computer system?

    Heather: No.

    Horatio: Okay, addition and computer system are fine, virtual map goes.

    Heather: No.

    Horatio: *lifts brow*

    Heather: I want it all.

    Horatio: You can't have it all.

    Heather: Then I wouldn't watch local television anymore.

    Horatio: *frowns* If you sell that tape to someone, I'm firing you.

    Heather: That's okay, I can live with it. *walks over to door*

    Horatio: NO WAIT!

    Heather: *turns around*

    Horatio: FINE. Have it your way. I'll approve everything.

    Heather: *smiles* You're the bestest best boss ever.

    Horatio: *reaches out hand* The tape.

    Heather: *looks down at tape* Man, Lora's going to kill me for this.

    Horatio: Lora knows?

    Heather: Yup.

    Horatio: Who else knows?

    Heather: Jenna.

    Horatio: *narrows eyes*

    Heather: And Jess.

    Horatio: *frowns*

    Heather: And...Carly, Lilly, Ryan, Calleigh, Eric, Katie, Anni and that pervy security guard at the front door.

    Horatio: ...

    Heather: Anyway, here you go! *hands over tape, leaves*

    Horatio: *sits in chair* ...I'm never leaving this office ever again.

    Trace lab

    Speed: *walks in, grabs lab coat*

    Katie: Hey.

    Speed: Hey.

    Katie: You sound chipper.

    Speed: *lifts brow* Okay.

    Katie: I guess you and Anni are workin' things out.

    Speed: How unfortunate for you.

    Katie: Hey come on, I want you to be happy as much as the next person. So your marriage isn't in the crapper?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Good.


    Katie: *stares blankly*

    Anni: You know how we're leaving in a couple of weeks for the road? Okay well I was thinkin' you and me could be ROOMIES!

    Katie: ...Wouldn't you rather be with hubby here?

    Speed: *smirks*

    Anni: Katie, we don't spend nearly enough time together and 'hubby' here realizes that. SO how about it? Imagine all the shinnanegans!

    Katie: *laughs* Uh okay.

    Anni: OH OH! Okay I spoke to Heather and she's agreed to put a mini fridge in our room. You can put all your mustard in there.

    Katie: And my Cheez-its?

    Anni: In the fridge?

    Katie: Well, beside the fridge.

    Anni: I'll have to ask. THIS IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN! *runs over, hugs Katie*

    Katie: ACK!

    Anni: *lets go* Anyway, I'm off to the gym.

    Katie: Gym?

    Anni: It's a place where you exercise.

    Katie: I know what a gym is.

    Anni: *waves* BYE! *runs off*

    Katie: *shakes head*

    Anni: *runs back in* Oh I didn't forget! I didn't forget! *grabs Speed, kisses him* OKAY bye! *runs off*

    Katie: *lifts brow* Is she on drugs?

    Speed: If you want to put it that way.

    Katie: She's so...flail-ee.

    Speed: Listen, I have a question.

    Katie: Go for it.

    Speed: How much money does Lori make?

    Katie: Uh *laughs* barely enough to pay me.

    Speed: So she wouldn't have 20K to throw around.

    Katie: Doubtful. Unless she's selling drugs again, in which case, maybe you should talk to her.

    Speed: No, I don't think she's doing that.

    Katie: Why ask then?

    Speed: Someone gave us 20K.

    Katie: ...Man I wish I had your friends.

    Speed: We don't know who it's from and Anni doesn't want me to look into it.

    Katie: So isn't asking me kind of looking into it?

    Speed: No. This is asking someone I know a question. Do we know anyone who has that kind of cash lying around?

    Katie: No I don't think so, otherwise I'd be their best friend. Although...

    Speed: What.

    Katie: Lori's boyfriend had that kind of money.

    Speed: Didn't he take off?

    Katie: As far as I know. But even if he did send you the money, how would he have known about your financial situation?

    Speed: He wouldn't.

    Katie: Unless he's keeping an eye on Lori and you were there the other night. Did you tell her about it?

    Speed: I told her my health plan wouldn't cover Anni.

    Katie: *shrugs* Case closed.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: Tim, don't do anything stupid like giving the money back. Besides, I'm probably wrong. Lori hasn't heard from the guy in almost 4 weeks, there's a slim chance he's even still in Miami. Maybe Ed McMahon lives in the neighborhood.

    Speed: You're right.

    Katie: About Ed McMahon?

    Speed: About Scott.

    Katie: Oh.

    Speed: Okay, I'm not going to worry about it unless I have a reason to.

    Katie: That's the spirit!

    Speed: *grabs latex gloves*

    Katie: Query time for Katie! So like, no one actually ever told me why Scott was in that psych place. All I was told was 'work stress', I mean, come on. My work is stressful, I don't check myself into the happy house.

    Speed: Maybe he didn't want to talk about it so do everyone a favour and mind your own business.

    Katie: I'm just curious, geez. You seem rather protective of him.

    Speed: *grabs folder* See you later. *leaves*

    Katie: Pfft. That's it, I'm doing a background check on him. Enough is enough, I want some answers already! *grabs computer*

    Behind Lab building

    Lora: *slams shovel into ground*

    Lilly: What are you doing?

    Lora: Making a cave.

    Carly: You do realize Florida's on sea level, right?

    Lora: *stares at ground*

    Lilly: I guess that blew your whole cave idea out of the water. Literally.

    Lora: Fine. I'll build a cave on top of the ground.

    Lilly: Why do you want to build a cave?

    Lora: Because I'm making a club.

    Carly: Can we be in the club?

    Lora: Depends. Do you have an affinity for Horatio?

    Carly: Not particularily. My kids would probably be very disappointed.

    Lilly: I like Ryan.

    Lora: You're both not in the club.

    Carly: So what do you 'Horatio lovers' do in this 'club'?

    Lora: We get together and talk about all the awesome things about H.

    Lilly: Like what?

    Lora: Like how awesome he is. If you're not in the club, you don't get to know any specifics. Besides, there's an entry fee.

    Carly: *laughs* You're charging people to talk about Horatio.

    Lora: Everyone needs money.

    Carly: Why don't you just sell lemonade?

    Lilly: Or orange juice.

    Lora: ...YOU GUYS JUST GAVE ME THE BEST IDEA! *runs away*

    Carly: *crosses arms* I hope she realizes she's the only one in her club.

    Outside lab

    Lora: *paints letters onto cardboard*

    Lilly: *walks over* What's this?

    Lora: My plan.

    Carly: ...You're going to sell tequila?

    Lora: You got me thinking. What does everyone love? A fresh beverage on a hot day. And what beverage does everyone love? Alcohol.

    Carly: Um that's illegal you know. Especially in front of a crime lab.

    Lora: *waves hands* No it's not.

    Lilly: *squints* You're charging $9.99?

    Carly: Isn't that like scalping?

    Lora: I'm not going to take anyone's scalps off.

    Carly: Erm...that's not what I mean.

    Lilly: I kind of can't wait to see her get arrested for this.

    Lora: I'm going to be a millionaire by the end of this week.

    Carly: Where are you going to get the tequila?

    Lora: Silly Aussie, it's not really tequila, it's carbonated water.

    Carly: exactly are you going to fool everyone into thinking it's tequila?

    Lora: I'll tell them it's sparkling tequila. New on the market. That's why it's so expensive.

    Lilly: Let me get this straight. You're charging people 10 bucks to drink water.

    Lora: Sparkling tequila.

    Lilly: There's no tequila in it.

    Lora: They don't know that.

    Carly: You don't think they'll catch on sooner or later?

    Lora: Not if I add blue and green food colouring and and and add in those non-toxic sparkly thingamabobs from the dollar store. Shiny things and bright colours always distract boozers.

    Carly: ...You're not actually supposed to throw sparkles into drinks.

    Lilly: Yeah, people are gonna be crappin' out sparkles for weeks if you do that.

    Lora: Then I guess they're getting their money's worth.

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    :lol: Lora's get rich quick scheme is hilarious. :lol:

    Poor H getting blackmailed by Heather... :(

    And Anni... man... and I wanna know who sent the money! :lol:

    Great update!
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    Heather is the ultimate blackmailer! Would not want to get on her bad side. Poor H, got swindled into paying for the fort on wheels, and still has to brave everyone. This is going to be the best Road Trip ever! high on life apparently:) Glad for her though, she should after what's been going on . And Tim has a different way of not checking into the 20K, hope that Anni doesn't find out. Glad to see things are good between them though!

    Lora is simply nuts! She's fast joining the ranks of Katie and Anni pre-Speed ( you remember how wacky they got). I digress though, Lora's so crazy, water as tequilla...:guffaw:

    Simply excellent work! Awesome update!
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    That is so something I'd say, too.
    And he liked it too. :lol:

    And Lora! They are gonna know it's not tequilla when they drink it and it doesn't taste gawd awful. Get ready for the mob of angry customers!

    Awesome updates, Geni. :D
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    Hee. :D Thanks so much for the reviews!

    Aw I remember Anni pre-Speed. She was a cool cat. :lol: Well, she's still cool. :p


    In front of lab, two days later

    Lora: Form a line, people!

    Katie: *walks over* What are you doing?

    Lora: Selling tequila. You want some?

    Katie: YAY! How much?

    Lora: 10 bucks.

    Katie: ...But your sign says $9.99.

    Lora: Plus tax.

    Katie: *lifts brow* You're charging tax at a friggin' lemonade stand?

    Lora: Tequila stand.


    Lora: You shut your mouth or you'll be gettin' a kick in the rear.

    Man: I've been waiting here for 20 minutes and I'm at the front of the line.

    Lora: It takes time to make the perfect mix.

    Katie: *grabs bottle, sniffs* ...This doesn't smell like anything.

    Lora: *snatches bottle away* It smells like profit.

    Katie: Are you sure?

    Lora: Shut up Katie, don't ruin it.

    Katie: Let me taste it.

    Lora: No.

    Katie: Why not? I paid for it.

    Lora: Eat some sparkles. *gives bottle*

    Katie: No, I want the alcohol.

    Lora: There's a bar down the street.

    Katie: I don't want to go to a bar.

    Lora: Then obviously you don't want what I'm selling.

    Katie: You mean balogna?

    Lora: No, silly. Tequila.

    Katie: *crosses arms*

    Lora: Get lost.

    Katie: *snatches bottle away, chugs*

    Lora: NO!

    Katie: *spits out water* EWWWW! THIS IS DISGUSTING!

    Lora: It's supposed to be that way! *smacks Katie*

    Katie: Don't you smack me. *smacks Lora*

    Lora: HEY. If I can't do it, you can't do it either. *kicks Katie*

    Katie: STOP IT! *kicks Lora*

    Lora: YOU stop it! *pulls Katie's hair*

    Katie: OW OW! *punches Lora in the nose*

    Lora: ACK! *staggers back, breaks cardboard*

    Tequila stand falls over



    Man: So...when can I get my tequila?

    Lora: TAKE A HIKE!

    Man: Pfft. I knew this would be a bust. *walks away*

    Crowd disperses

    Lora: *sits up, grabs broken cup* ...You ruined it.

    Katie: You lied to everyone. That's not good advertising.

    Lora: Yeah because the advertisements out there nowadays are so honest.

    Katie: You're lucky Horatio didn't catch you.

    Lora: Catch me? Catch me doing what? I was selling water for 10 dollars.

    Katie: That's like scalping.


    Miami club, 9pm


    Lori: *drinks beer*

    Bailey: *sits* How come you aren't dancing?

    Lori: I don't dance.

    Bailey: Come on, you're probably good at it.

    Lori: No. Go have fun, I'm fine here.

    Bailey: Lori, I brought YOU here for fun. This is supposed to be cheering you up.

    Lori: Loud noises and drunken college boys is not my idea of 'cheering up'.

    Bailey: Scott's been gone almost a month. Get over him.

    Lori: *looks at Bailey*

    Bailey: Just start living your life again because you never know how long you'll be waiting.

    Lori: You've known him since you guys were kids, right?

    Bailey: Yeah.

    Lori: How is he with promises?

    Bailey: Old Scott or new Scott?

    Lori: I've...only ever known one so you're going to have to clarify.

    Bailey: Old Scott was the kind of guy who would drop a bucket of pig's blood on the nerdy girl at prom....and then feel her up later. New Scott is the kind of guy who would save a little girl's kitten from atop a tree.

    Lori: I guess we'll go with new Scott then.

    Bailey: If he says he's going to do something, he usually does it.

    Lori: Usually.

    Bailey: Well, sometimes things don't always work out the way we plan. There are some promises that can't be kept.

    Lori: Aren't you a sack of philosophy.

    Bailey: He promised me something once.

    Lori: Really.

    Bailey: *nods* He promised me I'd find love one day and that he'd love me back.

    Lori: *stares at Bailey*

    Bailey: Well *laughs* I found the first's the second part that's not working out.

    Lori: *lifts brow* You love Scott.

    Bailey: *shrugs* Ever since I was 12. It's not a big deal anyway.

    Lori: Why didn't you say something to him?

    Bailey: How could I? I didn't want to lose my best friend. I'd probably be dead right now if it wasn't for him, he always knew how to keep me relatively in line. *looks down at table* But don't worry, I don't want to get in between anyone, I want him to be happy. I want you to be happy too and I see how much you've been hurting.

    Lori: I didn't know you had this whole other side to you.

    Bailey: Why do you think I started drinking? For fun?

    Lori: ...

    Bailey: *shakes head* Anyway, I know what he sees in you. You're pretty, really smart, funny...he finally found an equal, y'know? It just sucks that he left. You two were awesome together. *smiles* Another round?

    Lori: *nods* Sure.

    Bailey: Great! *stands, walks away*

    Lori: *looks around*

    CSI Garage, Hummerhome

    Heather: BEHOLD!

    Lilly: It looks like a space shuttle.

    Heather: It's part 1.

    Lilly: There's a part 2?

    Heather: It's on its way.

    Carly: How come there are so many pop-outs?

    Heather: Because our little family is so crackalackingly huge.

    Lilly: Then why'd you call it little?

    Heather: The point is, there's going to be lots of room for us finally. I'm tired of sharing a space with Eric's body odour.

    Colton: *walks in, stops* ...Did I just get smaller?

    Heather: It's the beginning of a new Hummerhome.

    Colton: If we roll over in that thing, I'm blaming you.

    Heather: There's roll bars.

    Colton: Uh...I don't think two pieces of 3-inch steel is going to stop a 5 tonne bus from rolling down the side of a cliff.

    Heather: Why are we going to be rolling down the side of a cliff?

    Colton: Because it's us.

    Heather: I see. *rubs chin* Maybe I should add some glider wings on it or something.

    Lilly: You know when you have a Christmas tree but you stick one too many layers of garland and lights on it?

    Heather: Yeah.

    Lilly: Don't do that to this Hummerhome. It'll fall over from the sheer weight of it.

    Heather: *frowns*

    Brickell Professional Building, next day

    Katie: *runs through hall waving paper, slides into office* LORI!

    Lori: *lifts head* Mom? What the hell are you doing here?

    Katie: *looks around* Ooh nice office. They sure set you up good.

    Lori: What do you want?

    Katie: OH. Right. *waves paper* I FINALLY DID IT!

    Lori: You got your GED?

    Katie: *frowns* No. I went to college, smartass. *smiles* I did a background check on Scott.

    Lori: Good for you.


    Lori: *lifts hand* If you make ONE Towering Inferno reference, I'm kicking your ass.

    Katie: ...*closes mouth*

    Lori: Are you satisfied now?

    Katie: Yes. Man the places I can hack into these days. Did you know he bought something from Dade Jewelers for 5000 bucks?

    Lori: *stares blankly* ...You don't say.

    Katie: That's what his credit card statement says anyway.

    Lori: And when was this...purchase?

    Katie: Two months ago, why?

    Lori: No reason.

    Katie: *opens folder* I got his entire history here if you want to take a look. There's some purchases here from two weeks ago to yesterday. All within the Miami-Dade area.

    Lori: So he's still in the state.

    Katie: Yep. I've got hotel room transactions as well if you're interested.

    Lori: Do you have one for last night?

    Katie: *flips through pages* Uh...yeah. The Delano. Huh, you'd expect there to be a least one dirty movie payment in here.

    Lori: Did he pay for another night?

    Katie: Looks like it.

    Lori: *grabs keys* Let's take a trip.

    Katie: Why?

    Lori: Because we need to bond more. C'mon, I'll drive. *leaves*

    Katie: If you say so.

    Delano hotel, hallway

    Katie: *walking* How'd you get the front desk to tell you the room?

    Lori: Southern charm.

    Katie: Interesting technique. I didn't know you considered yourself to be 'southern'.

    Lori: *walks up to room* Front clerk said he's not home. *pulls out keycard*

    Katie: What if he comes back?

    Lori: *swings door open, walks in*

    Katie: *walks in*

    Lori: *looks around*

    Katie: It's...kinda messy. The guy doesn't even make his bed? *picks up beer can* Molson. He drinks Canadian beer?

    Lori: *opens closet*

    Katie: *looks over* Not exactly the most tidy array of clothing.

    Lori: *reaches up inside closet, feels around, pulls down gun*

    Katie: WHOA he's packin'? *walks over* What is it?

    Lori: Smith & Wesson 9 mil. *pulls out clip* 10 plus 1 rounds per magazine, looks like it's been cleaned recently.

    Katie: How about fired?

    Lori: Hard to say.

    Katie: His records said the only firearm he has registered to him is a Colt .45.

    Lori: Mhm.

    Katie: Any idea why he's got some extra firepower on him?

    Lori: *shrugs* He didn't bring his gun with him, it's in the safe at home and he's not exactly against the right to bear arms. What I don't understand is why keep it up there instead of storing it in the floor safe.

    Katie: Have you seen the rest of his room? Doesn't look like organization is high on his priority list. Is he always like this?

    Lori: *shakes head* No.

    Katie: Maybe he's just about as depressed as you.

    Lori: I'm not depressed.

    Katie: Fine. You think that way.

    Lori: *grabs pen and paper, writes*

    Katie: What are you doing?

    Lori: I need you to check the serial number on this gun.

    Katie: Why?

    Lori: Because I don't have access to a crime lab database.

    Katie: You're checking up on him.

    Lori: No, I'm checking up on his gun.

    Katie: *frowns* You're just like your father, you know that.

    Lori: *hands over paper* Call me when you find something out.

  12. racefh853629

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    May 1, 2008
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    Aww, Lori really is like Speed. :) I like it. And it's nice to see Scott's still in state, but what did he buy at the jewelry store? *wiggles eyebrows questioningly*

    Poor Heather. She's just trying to better the Hummerhome, but I liked the line about the tree with the lights and garland. Very true.

    And I have to admit, I kinda like this other side to Bailey. I had a feeling, too, that she wasn't just annoying Scott because he's her best friend...

    And poor Lora and her stand. :(

    Great update!
  13. Anni Grey

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    Poor Lora and her stand...I knew it would come to ruin, but at the hands of Katie? Sounded a bit like fate coming into play:guffaw: I do have to say though, the idea of Lora and Katie going at each other , destroying the sparkling water stand was flat out hiliarious.

    I really like Bailey! She's starting to show so much potential, and to come out to Lori about the truth of her relationship with Scott had to be hard, but the mere fact that she's steadfast about not getting in the middle has it's redeeming qualities. Plus, she's just about as wacky as Anni...I just had a thought...Lori's Katie's daughter, Bailey's insaner than Anni....hmmm possibly Anni and Katie redux? Of course, Lori would be the straight laced in this duo, but

    Great update!
  14. Finch

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    Holy crap! :lol: We're almost on the second page. Apologies about the lateness, it's Thanksgiving here and the past few days have been crazy. :eek:

    *wiggles eyebrows back* :D

    Aw you know, I had the same thought the other day, Anni. :lol: It's like a passing of generations, heh.


    Restaurant, Miami, 4 days later

    Katie: No wine?

    Lori: *sips tea* I prefer the non-alcoholic alternative.

    Katie: Oh. So that's why the beer last week tasted weird. Anyway, I ran the serial number on the gun although it took forever because Horatio's been sticking his nose into everything lately and I hadn't had a chance to click submit so...yeah.

    Lori: My life didn't revolve around it, I was working.

    Katie: Well they came back. *opens folder* It's registered to Will Diaz, a local heroin dealer. Don't know him?

    Lori: I've been out of the game a while.

    Katie: *nods* So you think Scott's involved with this guy?

    Lori: Did you check out the heroin dealer?

    Katie: No.

    Lori: What a great CSI you are.

    Katie: Yeah right like you'd be any better.

    Lori: I don't want to be a CSI.

    Katie: *narrows eyes* ...You're so...calm. It's creepy. You don't care that the gun belongs to some shady dude?

    Lori: Like I said, I've been busy. I'm greatful you went to so little lengths to find out who owns the gun and that you wanted to sit down and talk about it but I have other things on my mind.

    Katie: Like?

    Lori: My job.

    Katie: Which is what, exactly.

    Lori: It's mostly financing for commercial and construction development companies wanting to spend their billions in Miami.

    Katie: Wow. Even though you have a criminal record.

    Lori: They looked past it once they saw I could speak the languages they needed.

    Katie: Spanish?

    Lori: Negotiation.

    Katie: You mean manipulation.

    Lori: *smirks* Don't worry, I use my powers for good, not evil. *sips tea* Whoring out the city to the highest bidder is sometimes an inexact science.

    Katie: I see. *smiles* Well good for you, I'm sure you'll be great at it. You used to sell drugs and guns, there's no reason you can't sell land. How much does this new job pay?

    Lori: You'll get the rest of your money.

    Katie: Good. How about your father, is he going to get his money back?

    Lori: *lifts brow*

    Katie: You took advantage of him too.

    Lori: He's not suing me.

    Katie: Not yet anyway.

    Lori: You know, there were plenty of times where I could have sued Colton for emotional distress, child endangerment and negligence causing bodily harm but I choose not to play silly games.

    Katie: *shakes head*

    Lori: I don't doubt what I did to you was wrong, I'm just pointing out the other side of the penny.

    Katie: Point taken. *shrugs* Seems like everything's working out for you though. Well, except for the whole Scott thing. I can't believe you're still waiting for that jerk.

    Lori: You didn't think he was a jerk before he left.

    Katie: Yeah because he seemed different than the rest of them. Now I see he's exactly the same. Don't do the same thing I did, don't wait around hoping because it'll only disappoint you in the end.

    Lori: Thanks for the advice.

    Katie: You're acting very strange, you're not dying or anything are ya?

    Lori: *smiles* Far from it. Look, I have to take off, I'll call you later. *leaves*

    Katie: Guess I'm paying for lunch.

  15. racefh853629

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    Hmm... Lori's really calm... I hope she's not getting into anything bad. I'd cry. She was doing so well...

    Great update! :)
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