Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Lori's preggers? Really? That's kinda exciting. :D Let's hope Scott doesn't freak out too much when he realizes he's going to be a father... :lol:

    *semi-kicks Speed for his reaction* I know she's screwed up in the past, but she's in a good place now. Can't you pretend to be happy?

    *chases Scott with toaster as an empty threat to hit him* You should believe your woman! She's changed!

    Great update!
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    OMG....Lori's pregnant! YAY! I hope she tells someone quick! Admittedly, Speed was a bit cold when she told him, but she has a history and it will come back to haunt her. I just hoped that they (Scott, Speed, and ah, Katie too) would've given her the benefit of a doubt, she has changed, and for the better, and she's keeping her nose clean. I'm happy for Lori...and Scott too, just hope he takes the news well :)

    Great update, Geni!
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    *sing songs* I called it. I called it. :D

    She was just acting too weird for it not to be pregnancy. I've seen pregant women act so DIFFERENT when they are pregnant, (nothing against my sister, but guh watch out world when she's expecting) so it just made sense.

    *Is proud of self*

    OH oh and She told her father first, interesting.

    Very good development in the Lori and Scott chronicles. So what's going on with the Trippy Roadsters?
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    Sorry I haven't had a chapter up in a while, I've been a bit er...bogged down with schooling. Heather knows what I'm talking about. :lol: I swear, sometimes I feel like I have an IQ of about 40. :/

    *protects Scott from transient toasters* :D

    Thanks so much for the reviews gals, they make getting online such a plus in my day. *sigh*

    You, my friend are about to find out. :shifty:

    Wow, that sounded so HoCaine. Actually, I'm pretty sure he said that in season 2 minus the 'my friend' part. Okay, apparently it's too early for me to be up in the morning because I'm rambling. :eek: I do that sometimes, don't mind me.


    Hummerhome, CSI Garage

    Anni: Hey Ryan?

    Ryan: What.

    Anni: Can I play with the welder?


    Anni: Why not?

    Ryan: I don't trust you guys with open flames.

    Anni: I promise I won't burn anything down.

    Heather: Famous last words.

    Anni: HEY. Are you part of the team or not?

    Heather: Man, you used to be mature.

    Anni: *laughs* No. I used to be fun. Then I got mature when you got here and now I'm fun again. You've yet to witness the awesomeness that is Anni.

    Ryan: Could the awesomeness lift her foot? Ryan's hand is bleeding.

    Anni: Oh geez. *lifts foot* Sorry. *falls backwards* AH! *slams into air conditioning duct* OWIE! *looks down, flails feet* ...Huh. Somehow I should have seen this coming.

    Delko: *walks in, stops* ...I thought Jess was the one to get stuck in everything.

    Anni: Don't you even compare her boobs to my butt.

    Ryan: Eric, I need you.

    Everyone: ...

    Ryan: *lifts head* help me lift this panel.

    Anni: How come you didn't ask me to help?

    Ryan: Your ass is stuck in the air conditioner.

    Anni: So? My feet can act as leverage. *swings out feet*

    Ryan: OW! *covers front of jeans*

    Anni: Ooh did I get ya?

    Ryan: Maybe it would be best if you guys left for a little while.

    Heather: *throws toothpicks up at ceiling* Where would we go?

    Ryan: Anywhere but here.

    Heather: Yeah but it's so much fun irritating you. I want to see that little vein on the side of your neck bulge out.

    Ryan: *frowns*

    Delko: Hey what does this button do?


    Delko: *wide-eyed*

    Ryan: I will NOT have the wrath of Eric Delko circle through the Hummerhome like a broken horseshoe tumbling down an open umbrella underneath a ladder onto a shattered mirror.

    Heather: *scrunches nose*

    Ryan: What.

    Heather: Nothing, I'm just trying to visualize all of that. It's kind of hard.

    Anni: Hey you think if I farted into this thing, we'd all explode?

    Ryan: GET OUT! GET OUT! *yanks hair, falls to knees*

    Heather: Geez, we haven't even gotten started yet.

    Ryan: If I hear one more voice, I'm going to explode.

    Anni: Didn't you already explode when you told us to get out?

    Ryan: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: Alright, someone get me out of here, I don't like the way he's looking at me.

    Delko: *grabs Anni, pulls*

    Anni: *pops out of air conditioner* WEE! *rubs butt* That's going to leave a very rectangular mark.

    Heather: *stands* I just want you to know that if you need any help, I'll be around. All you have to do is page me.

    Ryan: I don't need your help.

    Heather: Didn't you want to get that panel up?

    Ryan: I just want to be left alone with the technology.

    Heather: Seems like a pretty depressing existence.

    Ryan: Out.

    Heather: Fine. *throws toothpick*

    Trace lab

    Katie: *walks in* Hey, what are you workin' on?

    Speed: *lifts head* Do I look old to you?

    Katie: *blinks* You mean like Horatio old or The Hef old.

    Speed: ...I don't really want to be compared to any of those people.

    Katie: Oh, well, in that case, you look fine to me. Why?

    Speed: No reason.

    Katie: You never ask me personal questions. What's up?

    Speed: Nothing. I was just curious.

    Katie: *lifts brow* Okay.

    Speed: *looks down at table, grabs pen*

    Katie: *places hands in pockets*

    Speed: Do you like Scott?

    Katie: *smiles* Do I ever!

    Speed: *frowns* Not like that.

    Katie: *shrugs* I guess. He's abnormally polite and has a nice smile. *smiles* And the accent is very hot.

    Speed: Alright, you might be sitting in the gutter but I'm not so hop onto the same page as me.

    Katie: *rolls eyes*

    Speed: The reason I ask is because the guy's property is involved in an ongoing case and it's not looking so hot for him.

    Katie: Really. What happened?

    Speed: His car was broken into and there was heroin in the trunk.

    Katie: *gasp* Nooooo, no no. *stomps* NO he was a good one too. Aw man.

    Speed: The heroin's bunk. It's garbage.

    Katie: So?

    Speed: So it's looking less like a setup and more like a message.

    Katie: Oooh you think he pissed off the wrong person? *sigh* How dangerous.

    Speed: Katie, he's a little young for you.

    Katie: So? Who says I can't look and drool every once in a while? He's cute and he has money AND he doesn't appear to be psychotic, obsessive, addicted or abusive. OH and he can cook. Stick THAT in your pipet and process it.

    Speed: You need to stop coming up with those burns because they're not very good.

    Katie: Yeah well come up with a better one and I'll stop. *sigh* I'm so jealous of Lori. How come she gets the good one and I was stuck with y...

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *scratches head* ...Colton.

    Speed: Y-Colton.

    Katie: It's a pet name.

    Speed: Sure it is.

    Katie: *mumbles* Maybe I should go to rehab.

    Speed: *shakes head*

    Katie: OH! OH! That reminds me, I have to meet Lori for lunch, she owes me my second-last cheque. You want to tag along?

    Speed: No, I have work to do like the rest of society.

    Katie: Bah humbug. *walks away*


    Katie: *walks in, looks around* Where is that girl?

    Scott: *walks over* Katie?

    Katie: *wide-eyed* HI! What-what in the heck are you doin' here?

    Scott: Lori sent me down here to get the cheque, she's busy in a meeting this afternoon.

    Katie: Oh I see, I see. And where um are you seated?

    Scott: It was a little out of the way, I'll show you. *walks away*

    Katie: *sigh*


    Scott: *smiles* Please, have a seat.

    Katie: *smirks* Thanks. *flops into booth*

    Scott: *sits*

    Katie: *looks around* It's really quiet back here.

    Scott: *hands over envelope* I hope this is enough for the month.

    Katie: *looks down at table* What? Oh yeah, the money. *grabs envelope, opens it* Looks about right. She's making 3 times what she used to, why doesn't she just give me a lump sum? I mean, you've got more than enough to support her, right?

    Scott: She would rather just go with what the court decided. It's simpler that way.

    Katie: *smiles* Well I'm all for simplicity.

    Waitress: *walks over* Two coffees?

    Scott: *nods*

    Waitress: *places cups onto table, walks away*

    Katie: Wow, you ordered me a coffee?

    Scott: You came all the way down here, it's the least I could do.

    Katie: *laughs* Nah, you didn't need to do this. I'm the one taking Lori's money, remember? I deserve a kick in the butt, not a free coffee.

    Scott: *drinks coffee, stares at Katie*

    Katie: *taps on table, scratches head* Wow look at them icy blues just watchin' me and everything.

    Scott: Am I making you feel uncomfortable?

    Katie: Noooo no of course not. I'm as cool as a cucumber. Well, maybe a pickle.

    Scott: *smiles*

    Katie: *looks down at table* SO Lori's somethin' isn't she? I bet you get a real kick out of her winning personality. I-I bet you two are INSEPARABLE! You must love her very very very much.

    Scott: Are you alright? You look a little...flushed.

    Katie: Oh I'm fine, don't you worry about little ol' me. *lifts head* Did you know I have a boyfriend?

    Scott: *lifts brow*

    Katie: His name's Colton.

    Scott: ...Congratulations?

    Katie: HA, thanks. He's great. Although he can get a tad boring. GOSH you should have seen my first marriage, now THAT was entertaining. There was adultery and abuse and and drugs and a lot of traveling to different cities just to get away from the bugger. *laughs* Those were the days. You ever been to Africa?

    Scott: *blinks*

    Katie: Nevermind. You don't look like the traveling type. That's alright, I much prefer to stay where I'm used to, too. Although it's okay when I'm with a group of people and we're on the ground y'know? *laughs* Never did like flying much, I was always afraid we'd crash into a mountain or a b...ountain. *clears throat* Sorry. No offense meant.

    Scott: None taken.

    Katie: Ugh, see? That's what's so great about you. You're so...well rounded.

    Scott: I appreciate that.

    Katie: That's why you and Lori are going to work out so well. She's overly rude and you're overly nice, it'll cancel itself out and you'll be the perfect couple.

    Scott: *laughs* That's an interesting way of putting it.

    Katie: I mean it too. You two seem to complete each other, it's a rare thing to see.

    Scott: *nods*

    Katie: I assume you guys are going to get married someday?

    Scott: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: Oh I'm sorry, I tend to pry a little too much as you probably know.

    Scott: It's alright. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure when or if that'll happen.

    Katie: Really. You're not ready yet?

    Scott: *smirks* Actually, Lori's the one who doesn't seem to be able to make up her mind. One minute she's a locked book, the next, she's picking out flower arrangements.

    Katie: *lifts brow* Lori? Picking out flowers? There's a whole other side to her I don't know.

    Scott: I don't think she'd really admit it but...she's quite a romantic.

    Katie: And here I thought her idea of romance was a machine gun in one hand and someone's head in the other. So no marriage soon, huh.

    Scott: There's no reason to rush.

    Katie: Yet. What if you knock her up? I heard your family was pretty...traditional if I may put it delicately.

    Scott: My family can go to hell.

    Katie: *lifts brows*

    Scott: To put it delicately.

    Katie: Interesting. Well, I should be going. *stands*

    Scott: *stands*

    Katie: Thanks for the coffee.

    Scott: No problem.

    Katie: Anyway, uh, BYE! *walks away*

    Scott: You forgot your cheque.

    Katie: *stops, turns around* So I did. *runs over to booth, grabs cheque* I have it now! Later. *runs off*

    Scott: Strange woman.

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    Funny story, Katie... he already did knock her up. :lol: But I loved her line about Lori's idea of romance... :lol: :lol:

    The Ryan/Anni/Heather/Delko scene was hilarious! It made me laugh so hard. :lol:

    Great update! Can't wait to see what happens next. :)
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    Great update!! You cracked me up with Anni & her fart joke! Poor Speed hes going through a mid life crisis! he now thinks he to old to be grandpaw. He needs to get on Annis page & get wild & naked! Maybe him & Delko need a night out at the stripe club or something wild! He need to let it all hang out! Do something oout of the norm! Now that would be funny. Everyone would think he has lost it!
  7. Anni Grey

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    What an update! YES! The old Anni is back! Leave it to her to get her behind stuck in an airconditioning duct! I loved how everyone was getting on Ryan's nerves and he just had to kick everyone out, that was just too hilarious!

    And Katie...strange really doesn't cover it. I really don't know what covers it, but Katie's in her own stratosphere. Somehow, I think Katie has an inkling that somethings rotten in the cotton. That's just how Katie works, she comes about information and doesnt know that it's important until it's exposed. She's funny that way:D

    Great update! ...oh and do I detect a bit of a crisis for Speed? Suddenly, he's asking Katie of all people, if he's old??? Grandpa much? Hot Grandpa, but I digress...
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    Gah! I'm late again! Sheesh, this thread'll never get finished if my timing keeps smelling up the joint. :p

    Thanks so much for the reviews y'all, you gals crack me up. :lol: Imagine if Katie went through a mid-life crisis. :eek: Pandemonium. Although, some could argue that her entire existence has been a mid-life crisis, thus explaining away her insanity. :D


    Office building, 4 days later, 3pm

    Scott: *hangs up phone*

    Man: *walks in, shuts door*

    Scott: *lifts head* Julian.

    Julian: *smiles* Hey, so you remember me. Not bad my man, I must say.

    Scott: Apparently they let anyone into this building.

    Julian: You don't look very happy to see me, Scott. Was it something I said?

    Scott: I doubt you came all the way down here from New York to visit.

    Julian: Correct. *waves hand* You, I have got to say, are a tricky guy to flag down. Kinda lost contact with ya about what, 7? 10 years ago? Thought you died or somethin'. But you look good. Nice uh, *taps chin* beard thing you got goin'. Makes you look all grown up. Speaking of, noticed you don't have any family pictures or nothin' here, what is this? You cut off all ties?

    Scott: *leans back in chair*

    Julian: Not even a girlfriend?

    Scott: Nope.

    Julian: That's sad my friend. 'Course when you was rollin' with us, you coulda had any bitch out there but you chose shiny shoes and a tie. You know, we had it made. Why'd you take off?

    Scott: I was in search of greener pastures.

    Julian: *laughs* That's real funny.

    Scott: *smiles*

    Julian: You always had an odd sense of humour.

    Scott: What do you want?

    Julian: Will called me up, said you were down here. Apparently you two had a conversation that didn't end too well for him. *smiles* You shot him in the ass, man, that's cold. You even give him back his gun?

    Scott: He shot himself in the ass. He shouldn't handle weapons.

    Julian: And you shouldn't leave your car unattended?

    Scott: Now that was cold.

    Julian: Yeah I saw one of them uh...what do ya call it, CSI guys? lookin' at it. He was with some hot chick too. Whew she was fine. Wish I had me one of those to stick on my mantle, you know what I'm sayin'?

    Scott: You don't have a mantle.

    Julian: I could someday. Man now she had some of that flare I could really go for.

    Scott: You wouldn't have a chance with her.

    Julian: *laughs* Oh and you would?

    Scott: *smirks*

    Julian: We really need to catch up, you know, have a beer or somethin'. I know you like that Canadian stuff. My treat. Rounds all night, what do you say?

    Scott: Where'd you get the money for that?

    Julian: You know how I roll.

    Scott: Yes and that's why I'm going to have to pass. I don't share drinks with cop killers.

    Julian: Dude, come on that was one mistake. It's not like we kill people all the time, we're not the friggin' mafia.

    Scott: You're right. The mafia was organized.

    Julian: *frowns* We're plenty organized. We've got business dealings with a lot of high-up people in a lot of high-up places including some on the totem pole with the NYPD so don't tell me that we offed some innocent guy out to protect the common citizen. Corruption runs about as deep into the city as the rats.

    Scott: There are some good people left.

    Julian: Not many. It's a thankless war out there and I'm just tryin' to stay alive. I'll be at Tequila Sunrise tonight, you should join me. 8pm. *walks away, closes door*

    Scott: *frowns*

    Cellphone beeps

    Scott: *pulls out phone, looks down*

    Truck, road

    Bailey: After dinner, can we go to a movie?

    Lori: I'm a little tired after our shopping trip, I kind of want to hit the sack.

    Bailey: At 4 in the afternoon?

    Scott: *turns wheel* You'd know what that's like if you actually went to your job.

    Bailey: *laughs* Hey, I work plenty hard.

    Scott: *smiles* Flirting with the manager does not count as working.

    Bailey: I'll be the judge of that.

    Lori: Is he even cute?

    Bailey: Not really but I kind of needed the pay raise.

    Scott: That's not very honest. You should work for the money.

    Bailey: *rolls eyes* Yeah yeah yeah. Well when you start to bag half-price lettuce for ungreatful old ladies for a living, come back and talk to me.

    Lori: Oh come on Bailey, it's not that bad. I used to work at McDonalds.

    Bailey: I don't get free food where I work.

    Lori: You could if you were a little bit more dishonest about it.

    Scott: Don't encourage her.

    Lori: *smiles* Like she hasn't thought about it.

    Bailey: I would never steal food.

    Scott: *looks into rearview mirror*

    Lori: *looks back*

    Bailey: Okay FINE, but it doesn't count. The gumball machine at the front took my quarter. I can't be responsible for how many more it kicked out when I was finished with it.

    Lori: *laughs*

    Scott: *smiles*

    Bailey: I figured the universe owed me that much for mopping up puke that morning. *looks out window* OH MY G-

    Large truck smashes into vehicle

    20 minutes later, dust has settled; ambulance pulls away

    Horatio: *takes off shades*

    Calleigh: *places camera around neck* It looks like a driver's side impact. But our scene's slightly compromised because the firefighters had to rip open the roof to get them out.

    Horatio: What's the status on our occupants?

    Calleigh: So far, one fatality.

    Horatio: Name please.

    Calleigh: No ID. As far as we can tell, it was the occupant in the back seat. Truck belongs to Lori but she wasn't driving.

    Horatio: Okay how about vehicle number 1.

    Calleigh: Barry Whitmore, a construction worker for the city. He was taken to the hospital with minimal injuries.

    Horatio: *kneels near truck* That...that is a lot of blood spatter.

    Calleigh: Must have been a rough ride to the end. Delko just got finished measuring, impact was 70 feet away.

    Horatio: 70 feet.

    Calleigh: High rate of speed.

    Horatio: Speaking of Speed, has anyone contacted him yet?

    Calleigh: He should be on his way to the hospital.

    Delko: *walks over* The vehicle definitely wasn't breaking. I found what looks like acceleration about 100 feet down the road.

    Horatio: *stands* During rush hour?

    Delko: Vehicle came out of a residential area, it's not impossible for the road to have been relatively clear. Witnesses say this light was green and the other one was red.

    Horatio: So he was accelerating down a residential area and ran through the red without indication of breaking, stricking the truck at more than...50 miles an hour?

    Delko: We can check for sure but judging by the damage, it's probably somewhere close to that.

    Calleigh: It's suicide.

    Horatio: It's murder.


    Lori: *grabs jeans*

    Speed: *walks in* Whoa, where are you going?

    Lori: I have to find Scott.

    Speed: Not in your condition.

    Lori: *frowns* I'm fine. *sticks leg through pant leg, staggers back* Ugh.

    Speed: *grabs Lori* Sit.

    Lori: I-I have to find him. I need to see him.

    Speed: They're working on him.

    Lori: *lifts head* What, what does that mean? Is he okay? Do you know something? Did they tell you something?

    Speed: Lori, I need you to calm down and have a seat.

    Lori: *sits*

    Speed: The doctors tell me that you've suffered some internal injuries so you need to rest.

    Lori: I don't feel anything.

    Speed: They gave you some morphine.

    Lori: *shakes head* No, tell them no more. *looks down at arm, rips out IV* I don't want drugs.

    Speed: It's not drugs, it'll help you feel a little better.

    Lori: I don't want to feel better. I want to see Scott.

    Speed: You should be concerned with yourself.

    Lori: I don't care about myself.

    Speed: You lost the baby.

    Lori: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: So let the doctors help you before I lose mine.

    Lori: *nods*

    Speed: Good. Now, you're going to spend the next couple of days here for treatment and observation. Horatio and the team might want to ask you a few questions about what happened.

    Lori: I don't know what happened. One second we were talking and the next, we were flying through the air. At least that's what it seemed like.

    Speed: Do you know how fast you were going?

    Lori: *shakes head* It's not like I was watching the speedometer. I don't know.

    Speed: Did you or anyone else in the vehicle have any enemies?

    Lori: ...It was an accident.

    Speed: Not according to the evidence. It's a murder investigation.

    Lori: Murder? What do you mean? Who died?

    Speed: *lowers head*

    Lori: Daddy, who died.

    Speed: Your friend in the back seat.

    Lori: *covers mouth, grabs bed pan*

    Speed: *sigh*

    Lori: *coughing*

    Speed: I'm sorry.

    Lori: *wipes forehead* Why her? Of all people, she didn't des-

    Speed: Stop.

    Lori: *looks down at bed*

    Speed: Concentrate on getting better.

    Lori: That's what I've been doing for the past 5 months, it shouldn't be too hard.

    Speed: *nods* Excellent. I have to be back at the lab, if you need anything, call me.

    Lori: Could you check on Scott for me before you leave?

    Speed: Of course.

    Lori: Thanks.

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    OH NO!!! Not BAILEY!! I'm shocked...and Lori lost the baby???OMG,...this is so sad...At least let Scott live...for Lori's sake, let Scott live!

    Yes, I'm that dramatic at two in the morning. ;)

    Awesome work, shocking...but awesome nonethless!
  10. racefh853629

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    NOOOOOOO!!! Poor Bailey :(

    Poor Lori :( I hope Scott's okay... and I'm sad that she lost the baby. :(

    Aww :(

    Great update!
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    Jezz...:(:( Not the baby.:eek: Aww..I hope Lori can survive all this pain and angst she keeps having.

    Is sad for Bailey.:(

    I hope Scott pulls through, and they can help each other heal. Hugs them both tight.:(

    Great updates Geni. Is sad now.:(
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    Oh my god, that was such a sweet line! It actually made me tear up even more! I mean, I was already teared up because of Bailey, but this bit just got me even more... Great update, Geni! Sad, but great.
  13. Finch

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    Aww. :adore:

    Excellent. :devil:

    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone, they're uber appreciated. :)


    Outside hospital, 4 days later

    Lori: *adjusts phone, places purse on ground* Yes ma'am, they've released her. She'll be on her way to New York this afternoon. *looks around* Um...Scott? Scott...I'm not sure if he'll be able to make it. I promise you I'll be there though....mhm, absolutely. Yes ma'am. I'll talk to you later. *shuts phone, sighs* Great. *walks away*

    Hospital room

    Lori: *walks in, stops* Where is he?

    Katie: *reading book, points to bathroom*

    Lori: He's up?

    Scott: *limps out, closes door* More or less.

    Lori: *looks over* Thank God.

    Scott: Believe me, God had nothing to do with it.

    Lori: *runs over* How are you feeling?

    Scott: Stiff.

    Lori: *touches Scott's forehead*

    Scott: *winces*

    Lori: Yikes. Hit your head pretty hard, huh.

    Scott: That's what they tell me.

    Lori: You don't remember the crash?

    Scott: No. *sits on bed, holds side*

    Lori: Did you hear about...Bailey?

    Scott: *lowers head* Yeah.

    Lori: I'm sorry.

    Scott: *rubs eyes* It's not your fault.

    Lori: It's not yours either. You know that, right?

    Scott: Do you have a cellphone?

    Lori: Yeah. *hands over phone*

    Scott: I'll be outside. *stands, grabs bed*

    Lori: *grabs Scott's arm*

    Scott: *pulls arm away, walks away*

    Lori: *lifts brows*

    Katie: You know who he reminds me of?

    Lori: Don't, Mother. *stands, walks away*

    Katie: Mooody.


    Scott: *grabs paper*

    Lori: *walks over* Filling out your insurance information?

    Scott: Well I may as well do it while I'm here.

    Lori: How are you doin'?

    Scott: I'll be okay. *writing*

    Lori: *looks around* Ugh, I can't believe they put a bunch of toys in the waiting room, that's just too many kids too close to my room.

    Scott: *lifts eyes, looks across room*

    Lori: Can you believe that? That little boy just threw a ball at that little girl's head. And they say adults are brutal with each other.

    Scott: *smirks*

    Lori: *looks at Scott* Oh no no no. Don't you even think about it.

    Scott: *looks down at paper* I wasn't thinking anything.

    Lori: Children are whiney, smelly, sticky little gremlins always wanting more attention, more food, more clothes, more toys, more rides at the theme park and they never stop. They're like parasites.

    Scott: They're not that bad.

    Lori: No, of course not. They're fantastic until they learn how to talk and run. It'll be a cold day in Hell before I'm chasing after a 5-year old full of sugar. And by the way, while I would be stuck with little Chucky all day, you would be at work. Away from all the terror.

    Scott: Interesting choice of words.

    Lori: *rolls eyes* Look, I'm just warning you that if you think you're going to get a kid out of me, you're sorely mistaken. I'm not going through that again.

    Scott: *lifts head* Again? When did you go through that before?

    Lori: I meant...I've, I've been around kids, I'm not doing it again. Besides, what's so great about them anyway? The opportunity to pass on your genetic code? Woohoo.

    Scott: How about the opportunity watch something you helped to create grow, learn and experience, hopefully helping to contribute to the next generation for the betterment of society. Not to mention the things you can learn about yourself and the world around you just by being with them. You'd be surprised how something as simple as a trip to the playground or a bedtime story can put things into perspective.

    Lori: I've been to plenty playgrounds and believe me, the only thing that was put into perspective was how not to have sex. And since when do you know anything about children?

    Scott: I used to babysit for a family friend with 7 kids.

    Lori: Yikes. That's 7 kids too many for me. What did you do when you took them to the park? Tie leashes around their necks?

    Scott: *smiles*

    Lori: This isn't fair. I thought you were a jerk back in the day.

    Scott: Babysitting was the one thing that kept me out of too much trouble and put extra money in my pocket. It wasn't my first choice as a summer job.

    Lori: I thought you were rich.

    Scott: My mother thought it would build character.

    Lori: Gee there's so much I don't know about you. Since I told you my whole life story, I think you owe me.

    Scott: *smiling* Fair enough but you probably know the brunt of it all anyhow.

    Lori: You never told me about your first real business man job.

    Scott: That's because it only lasted about an hour.

    Lori: Must have been one hell of an hour though.

    Scott: *writing* Hell is a good way to put it.

    Lori: *shrugs* Alright, get out your Wayback Machine. I'll go do your hour and you go do my 8 years in Colombia.

    Scott: Deal.

    Lori: *grabs kleenex, wipes Scott's face*

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: ...You had some dirt. It was irritating me, I'm so used to you being...clean.

    Scott: *smiles* Thank you.

    Lori: *smirks*

    Katie: *runs over* OH MY GOD.

    Lori: What?

    Katie: The cafeteria just ran out of frozen yogurt.

    Lori: That's probably because the entire stock is sitting in Scott's room all over the floor.

    Scott: Oh and by the way, they charge you for the cable, I'd appreciate it if you'd not leave the television on while you're in the ladies' room or the cafeteria.

    Katie: You've got plenty of money.

    Lori: Mother.

    Katie: Well it's true.

    Lori: Hey Mom, how fufilling are children?

    Katie: That depends. Are we talking about you or good children?

    Lori: *frowns* Children in general. You've had enough of them to know.

    Katie: OH OH is this motherly advice I'm giving you?

    Lori: Just humour me.

    Katie: *taps chin* Hmm. Well I know what it's like to lose children and that was never very pleasant. Like I've told you, I would have given anything to see your little face again. Luckily I did except it wasn't very little and it had a new mouth on it.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Katie: Little kids are great. It's teenagers you have to watch out for. They think they're the king shit of the planet until they get into the real world and realize they aren't. But by that time, they're almost in their 30s and they come back to mommy for advice. *smiles*

    Lori: I'm nowhere near my 30s. You want him. *points to Scott*

    Katie: No no, men take longer to mature. Right Scott? *slaps Scott on the back*

    Scott: *winces* If you say so.

    Lori: *touches Scott's shoulder*

    Scott: *nods*

    Katie: So why the questions about children? You planning on having any?

    Lori: *laughs* Not in this lifetime.

    Katie: What about Scott?

    Scott: Apparently not in this lifetime.

    Katie: Unless you grew a uterus.

    Scott: Sorry, I'm all full up with male reproductive organs.

    Katie: *smiles* I bet.

    Lori: *elbows Katie*

    Katie: Ow. What? I was only going to offer to make sure he's in working order.

    Lori: *frowns* He's working perfectly fine so cram it.

    Katie: How do you know? He was just in a car accident. He might be broken.

    Scott: He's not broken but thanks for whispering for my benefit.

    Katie: Anytime, doll. *leans over to Lori* He's good in the sack though, right?

    Lori: *punches Katie*

    Katie: OW! *rubs arm* Maybe you shouldn't have kids. I can't imagine what you'd do to them.

    Lori: Stop hitting on Scott.

    Katie: Bah, he likes it.

    Scott: Yeah, I'm trying so hard to contain myself.

    Lori: *smirks*

    Katie: HE MADE A FUNNY!

    Lori: *slaps Katie* You don't get to laugh at his jokes.

    Katie: Stop slapping me or I'll slap you one good young lady.

    Lori: I could take you.

    Katie: Doubtful.

    Lori: Want to make a bet?

    Katie: Yes. 500 smackers. Scott, which one are you betting for?

    Scott: *writing* I don't gamble.

    Katie: You have stocks.

    Scott: That's not really the same thing.

    Katie: So you don't gamble, you don't smoke, you don't cheat on your girlfriend and you don't have a criminal record. What the hell kind of man are you?

    Scott: The kind you have zero chance with.

    Lori: AHA! OWNED!

    Katie: That was rude.

    Scott: It was more of a stern decline to your various offers than an outright rude statement given your sometimes questionable social appropriateness toward me. If you'd like, I could further debate it with you but it would probably prove futile in the long run.

    Katie: *frowns*

    Scott: That was a perfect example of rudeness in case you were a little fuzzy on it.

    Lori: Marry me.

    Scott: *smiles*

    Katie: Fine, you win. I'll stop hitting on you.

    Scott: Thank you, I appreciate it.

    Katie: I have to go watch the rest of my stories but Lori, this duel isn't over. I'm going to take you down. *walks away*

    Scott: What's our phone number?

    Lori: I love you.

    Scott: I love you. What's our phone number?

    Lori: 555-0975.

    Scott: *writing*

    Lori: *leans on counter*

    Scott: *flips page*

    Lori: I'm sad about Bailey too.

    Scott: *stares at paper*

    Lori: You sure you're going to be okay?

    Scott: No.

    Lori: Is there anything I can do?

    Scott: You can keep your mother out of my room.

    Lori: *laughs* I'll do my best. Keep in mind though, it might get either her or me arrested. Probably her though. When she's excited, she tends to get naked.

    Scott: That's...something I don't need to see.

    Lori: No, her body's fine. It's what she does with it that I'm worried about.

    Scott: *laughs*

  14. CSISDFlash

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    Sep 16, 2008
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    Great update. Little worried that Lori is feeling Scott out about kids and she didn't tell him about the baby. Lori needs to get rid of Katie before she blows everything up between her and Scott. I know Scott knows how Katie is, but it will start to get on his nerves and cause problems after awhile.

    I think Scott wants kids, but i'm wondering if Lori does, or maybe she is try to spare him the hirt sence Bailey was killed, and she is feeling him out to see what is going on in his mind. Its no secret that Scott's old friend had something to do with their wreck. I guess we'll find out what later.
  15. Anni Grey

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    Geni! Great update! You can definetly tell that Scott's really feeling it about Bailey, and that Lori's trying to cover up her despondency about losing the baby. I'm very sure she wants to have babies with Scott- all that rambling about how bad children are was just a defense mechanism against her own grief. Now that I'm through anaylzing ... ;)

    Katie's always a trip, isn't she? Charging cable to a hospital room, shacking out like it's her house...HITTING on Scott blantanly...Just a day in the life of Katie. Glad that they cleared the air some, even though, I seriously doubt that Katie got the hint about hitting on Scott. We'll see how far Lori lets 'dear mother' go with this.

    Awesome update!
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