Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone. :D

    Hehe, I wonder if Hazmat would have refused them. :p


    New York, apartment, 10am

    Bailey: *bangs on door*

    Scott: It's open!

    Bailey: *opens door, walks in* Okay where is she?

    Scott: *sips coffee, grabs paper* Work.

    Bailey: Damnit now I can't talk to her until tonight. Well, unless I go to her work but she yells at me when I do that. *smiles* So. How was last night?

    Scott: *flips page*

    Bailey: Scott c'mon, we share everything.

    Scott: Yes, things like the best deal in town for toilet paper or 'does this make me look fat'.

    Bailey: *smiling* You sure looked great last night. Workin' out?

    Scott: Some people think that going to the gym keeps them relatively healthy and self confident. I eat well too, you want to check my fridge?

    Bailey: No, I raid it all the time.

    Scott: I should charge you money for that.

    Bailey: The stuff in your fridge is worth more than my entire car.

    Scott: Bailey, you buy food from the dollar store in China Town.

    Bailey: It's good eats.

    Scott: *shakes head*

    Bailey: So I wonder what your parents would think if she got pregnant.

    Scott: *lifts head*

    Bailey: Especially when they learn she used to be a Colombian drug runner prostituting herself for methanphetamines. Goodbye family reputation. *shrugs* Good thing you used protection, huh? *laughs*

    Scott: *stares blankly* Right.

    Bailey: OH! Geez, that reminds me, your mother called me this morning. Apparently I still have that $30 000 necklace she lent me for that dinner party I went to last month. She sounded pissed too so I told her you had a girlfriend. Totally took the pressure off of me.

    Scott: *frowns* What.

    Bailey: She's probably calling up all of her rich friends right now. Did you know you haven't had a girlfriend in almost a year? were going out with that clerk girl from Fort Lauderdale right?

    Scott: No.

    Bailey: Wow. Tough break. *smiles* Good thing you snatched yourself a new lady friend for that dinner with your parents you're going to tonight.

    Scott: *lifts brows* What dinner?

    Bailey: Oh yeah, your mom got all excited so she's setting up this elaborate shindig at the old home. OH can I come too?

    Scott: You've done enough damage for one day.

    Bailey: Man I have to call Lori and let her know. *grabs phone*

    Scott: *grabs Bailey's arm* You know what, I think I could have a heart attack for the both of us but thanks.

    Bailey: You think she has a dress?

    Scott: She probably didn't plan on a 'shindig'.

    Bailey: Hey she didn't plan on hooking up with you but look how that turned out. OH and your dad wants to know if Lori's a Republican or a Democrat.

    Scott: *sigh*

    Bailey: Wait, which one are you? You like Bush, right?

    Scott: *frowns*

    Bailey: I can't decide which one to pick. Can't we just vote for them like we do American Idol?

    Scott: *grabs phone* Tonight should be interesting.

    Bailey: I can still come, right?

    Scott: If you're good.

    Bailey: YAY!

    House, 7pm

    Lori: *fidgets*

    Scott: What are you doing?

    Lori: This dress is uncomfortable.

    Bailey: It's the only one I had that was clean.

    Scott: *knocks on door*

    Lori: *whispers* I can't believe you dragged me into this. When this is over, I'm going to rip out your eyes and shove them down your throat so you can see yourself choking to d-

    Door opens

    Lori: *smiles*

    Mother: *smiles* OH you're all here! You must be Scott's new lady.

    Lori: *smiling*

    Scott: *staring at ground*

    Lori: *kicks Scott*

    Scott: *clears throat* Mother, this is Lori Speedle. And you already know Bailey unfortunately.

    Mother: Come in! Come in! *runs away* HENRY! THEY'RE HERE!

    Henry: *from living room* Yes I know, Doris, I heard the doorbell.

    Scott: *places hand on Lori's back* After you.

    Lori: No, I think you should go first.

    Scott: Bailey, you go first.

    Bailey: But I'm all the way in the back.

    Scott: *grabs Bailey* Now you aren't.

    Bailey: Gosh stop being so pushy. *walks in*

    Living room

    Henry: *walks over* So this is the new girl. She's over 18, right?

    Lori: *lifts brow*

    Scott: *sigh* This is Lori Speedle, she's from Miami.

    Henry: Oh yes, Miami. Been there a couple of times with Doris. Miserable place what with all the hurricanes and young people. No one has any decency there, I'm surprised more children don't get knifed by gangs and drug dealers. You know, someone actually keyed my car. It was a Lexus. Do you know how expensive those are?

    Scott: I'm sure it's not always like that.

    Henry: No subsitute for a civilized community, that's for sure.

    Lori: *nods slowly*

    Henry: So I hear you two met in that dreadful city. I hope you didn't expose my son to anything distasteful.

    Scott: Dad.

    Bailey: Unless you count that goober we all met in ther-

    Scott: Vacation.

    Bailey: *looks at Scott*

    Scott: I was in Miami on Vacation, remember?

    Bailey: Oh. Right. *lifts brow*

    Lori: *crosses arms* Yes, it was quite an interestin'...vacation.

    Scott: *scratches head*

    Doris: Dinner's on everyone!


    Doris: I hope you like the wine, I had it imported from Paris.

    Lori: *smiles* It's wonderful.

    Henry: Paris has some of the best wines on the planet. Of course, you don't know a good wine until you've experienced the aroma. I don't suspect there are many vineyards in Miami.

    Lori: Yeah, I'm sure there are some upstate though.

    Henry: It's 'Yes'. The one thing I've been most dissatisfied with have been the etiquette of southerners. You people would benefit from a formal education.

    Lori: *stares at Henry*

    Scott: *closes eyes, shakes head*

    Bailey: *whispers* I told you you sounded southern.

    Lori: *looks at Bailey*

    Henry: So young lady, what do you do in Miami?

    Lori: I work for a travel company.

    Henry: So you're the people that give rude service to high-paying customers like myself and our friends.

    Lori: *tilts head, pokes food with fork* That's us.

    Henry: You're not supposed to stab the food, you're supposed to eat it. I'm sure you're used to eating fried foods and things with your fingers, but here we're a little different.

    Lori: *staring at food* I've noticed.

    Scott: SO mother, how's your book coming?

    Doris: Swimmingly! It seems as though I've only just started writing but when I look down and see that I have 48 chapters, it takes my breath away.

    Bailey: Oh what's your book about?

    Doris: It's an adventure story about an upscale family discovering a diamond mine in the heart of South America.

    Lori: Actually, diamond mines are only present in eastern South America.

    Doris: No dearest, my characters are in Brazil. It's just above Venezuela.

    Lori: *blinks* ...Venezuela is actually above Brazil.

    Doris: *smiles* No no, I'm sure you'll learn all about geography once you attend a prominent university. They offer a whole range of studies, I'm sure you'll love it someday.

    Bailey: Ooh I'd really like to read your book when you're finished. What's the big conflict you have so far?

    Doris: Well the biggest obstacle that my characters have faced so far have been the dishonest architects building their multi-million dollar home deep in the heart of the rainforest. You see, they didn't realize that their architect didn't speak English but rather the Brazilian official language--Spanish. So the plans were just horridly followed.

    Lori: The official language is actually Portuguese.

    Doris: *smiling* No it's not dear. I learned Spanish, I would know. My word, what do they teach you in Miami?

    Lori: *smiles* Absolutely nothing, apparently.

    Doris: You poor thing. You should read my book, you'll learn so much!

    Lori: *drinks wine*

    Henry: A lady never drinks her wine like she's at some drunkard establishment.

    Lori: *places glass on table* Thanks for the advice.

    Doris: It's thank you dear.

    Scott: Mother, this food is really great, was there any special recipe you used?

    Doris: Some of the girls down at my book club gave it to me, doesn't it taste exquisite?

    Bailey: It sure does!

    Doris: Lori, do you cook?

    Lori: No ma'am, I don't.

    Doris: Every woman should cook. Your mother never taught you?

    Lori: No.

    Doris: How unfortunate. Cooking and baking should be an essential skill to a successful young woman.

    Henry: It's a good thing you have Scott, he'll teach you how to be a proper member of society. Although I would prefer he's with someone of more social stature and grace so he has less work to do. What's that expression honey, white...something.

    Doris: White trash?

    Henry: That's the one!

    Lori: *frowns*

    Scott: *glares* Excuse me?

    Henry: Look at her, Scott. *laughs* You don't really expect her to lift up to our standards.

    Scott: She doesn't have to. What in the the hell gives you the right to insult, patronize, belittle or 'educate' someone you know nothing about? She's probably the most intelligent, strong, capable woman I've ever known and I don't care that she's not up to your ridiculously bigoted standards so reach up real high and pull that giant stick out of your ass.

    Henry: If she were so 'capable' and 'strong', she wouldn't need a man to defend her, would she.

    Lori: She doesn't. And she's surprised she was patient enough to put up with your garbage because normally she would have knocked you on your rich, sophisticated butt.

    Henry: *looks at Lori* Don't you talk to me that way young lady.

    Lori: Right and your condescension earlier was any less inappropriate.

    Henry: I want you out of my house.

    Lori: Gladly. *stands, leaves*

    Scott: *leaves*

    Henry: Pfft. The indecency.

    Bailey: Can I have some more wine?


    Lori: *sits on porch, removes heels*

    Scott: *closes door* Well at least it could have been worse.

    Lori: Yeah you could have turned out like them.

    Scott: There was a time I was like that. *sits on porch*

    Lori: Really. Well then you've certainly changed since then.

    Scott: *looks down at ground*

    Lori: *leans head on Scott's shoulder* Bailey just couldn't leave well enough alone. She thinks because of one night, she had to bring parents into it.

    Scott: That would be her.

    Lori: You know, back in Miami, she seemed pretty interested in you.

    Scott: *rolls eyes* She was interested in everyone.

    Lori: So...did you not tell your family why you were actually in Miami?

    Scott: They didn't need to know.

    Lori: Why? It's nothing to be ashamed of.

    Scott: Can't ruin the precious reputation of the family by straying from perfection.

    Lori: Ugh, I'm glad I have my parents. Their standards for me are unbelievably low.

    Scott: *stares ahead*

    Lori: ...I bet my dad could beat up your dad.

    Scott: *laughs*

    Lori: *smiles*

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    Speed would kick his ass....and then laugh at it! Such a great chapter! I loved the fact that Lori was just pushed into the situation, yet displayed the upmost restraint. That is until she had enough of their pretentious bs. Then the Lori we all know and love showed up. Even still, she was still the picture of sanity. Surprised the hell out of me:D

    I absolutely adore Scott. I mean, he's so low key, it's scary. But I think that's what Lori needs...Low key. Now if they can bat Bailey away for a moment, things would be that much sweeter! Bailey's cool though, don't get me wrong, she's come a long way. Loooooong way.

    Awesome update!
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    Great update Geni. The interaction between Lori and Scott's parents was very well written. I have to agree that Scott is an amazing character, and he and Lori make a great couple.

    All and all wonderful update. Looking forward to the next chapter.:)
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    Hazmat: Uh... you called us out here to scrape a very good looking naked man off of your particularly large vehicle?

    Only in Miami. :lol:

    Great update!
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    ^^ Does Eric's behind really qualify as a hazardous material? :lol: Kidding, kidding.

    If I were Lori, I woulda smacked the stick out of their a**es. Then again, I'm not her haha.

    Awesome update!
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    I was under the impression that it does!

    :D In RT, anything's possible.
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    Thanks so much for the reviews y'all! They make me oodles of all sorts of happiness. :)


    Miami, few days later

    Horatio: *steps off elevator*

    Yelina: I left you 377 messages.

    Horatio: ...Why?

    Yelina: You didn't tell me you left. You didn't tell the entire lab you left. People were murdered while you were gone. You know what we did? We ran around in circles and some people started wearing more sunglasses.

    Horatio: You guys don't need me, to do your jobs.

    Yelina: It was pandemonium.

    Horatio: Everything seems relatively calm.

    Yelina: *throws hands up in the air* He doesn't get it. *walks away*

    Speed: *walks over* What's her problem?

    Horatio: Stress.

    Calleigh: *walks over* I just got back from the break room. There's ketchup everywhere and Boa Vista's rocking back and forth in her underwear.

    Horatio: *lifts brows*

    Delko: *walks over* Hey for some reason the lab's darker.

    Horatio: What?

    Delko: Yeah. It's all dark blue with slight hues of copper.

    Horatio: *wide-eyed* They changed my lab?

    Delko: Yeah your office is back up where the Trace Lab is.

    Horatio: WHAT? NO! I specifically renovated to let in more light.

    Delko: Well someone changed it back.

    Horatio: Someone's going to get an ass-whopping. *walks away*

    Calleigh: ..Did he just say 'ass-whooping'?

    Pager beeps

    Speed: *looks down* I'll see you guys later, I have to head out.

    Delko: A scene?

    Speed: No, it's just Katie. *walks away*

    Delko: You mean Anni right!

    Calleigh: *shakes head*

    House, Miami

    Katie: So. This looks like a crack house.

    Lori: *opens box* It's not a crack house. You were the one that wanted to check it out.

    Katie: How come you haven't unpacked yet? Got busy with something? Drugs?

    Lori: *sigh* No. I was out of town on business.

    Katie: Business. In Colombia?

    Lori: New York. I work for a travel agency now.

    Katie: Does this travel place sell drugs on the side?

    Lori: Yes. Just like every business on the planet. *grabs books*

    Katie: Don't get snippy with me.

    Lori: *shakes head*

    Katie: So are you going for your drug tests weekly?

    Lori: Yes.

    Katie: And your psych exams?

    Lori: Yeah.

    Katie: Let me see a reciept from the county.

    Lori: *lifts brow* Why?

    Katie: To verify.

    Lori: Everything's on the counter.

    Katie: You mean under all that garbage.

    Lori: Look, I haven't been able to clean everything up yet, I was busy. I work 12 hour days.

    Katie: Why aren't you at work right now?

    Lori: I'm off today.

    Katie: Where's your boss' number?

    Lori: You want to check that too?

    Katie: Yep.

    Lori: Fine. I'll get you everything you need. If you help me unpack some of this.

    Katie: Where did you get all of this?

    Lori: It was donated.

    Katie: So you manipulated your way through the system to get hand-outs.

    Lori: *angry sigh* No. It's part of the program I'm in.

    Katie: I need your therapy place's number too. I want to find out if you had any problems.

    Lori: I didn't.

    Katie: Right. Typical response. Let me guess. You relapsed...3, 4 times?

    Lori: *frowning* None, actually. But I gather you could check that too.

    Speed: *walks through door* Katie for the last time, you can't send an address to my pager. It only collects numbers.

    Katie: Yeah well I got it to you didn't I?

    Speed: Uh after I called you.

    Lori: *placing books on shelves*

    Speed: This your new place?

    Katie: It's a crack house.

    Lori: It's not a crack house.

    Speed: *looks around* It's just a little water damaged.

    Lori: I'm getting that taken care of next week. There's no mold but some of the carpet has to be replaced.

    Katie: Apparently she finished her 'treatment' and went to New York on business because of her new job. Who knows if that's actually true.

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: *reaches into pocket, grabs paper* This is my ticket.

    Speed: *grabs ticket* Manhattan.

    Lori: I have the address to my hotel stapled on the back too.

    Speed: *turns ticket around* Mandarin Oriental. Expensive hotel.

    Lori: All expenses were paid. You can check that too.

    Speed: I'm sure Katie will.

    Katie: She could have faked that.

    Lori: I didn't fake it, Mother.

    Katie: Oh so now I'm 'Mother'.

    Lori: *rips open box*

    Katie: *throws papers off counter* I need to find me those numbers. So Lori, where was this magical business place in New York?

    Lori: Church Street.

    Speed: *looks at Lori*

    Katie: Pfft, right. Like that's a real street in New York.

    Speed: It is.

    Katie: So she got it off the internet. *grabs papers* Who's Scott Finch?

    Lori: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: Was he your therapist or something?

    Lori: No. You met him. He was a patient.

    Katie: OH! THE HOT ONE! Oh he was on fire. How come you have his number?

    Lori: *grabs things from box*

    Speed: *snatches paper from Katie* Let it go.

    Katie: I need to know.

    Speed: No you don't.

    Katie: So where does this 'Scott' fellow live?

    Lori: New York.

    Katie: OH HOT DOG! THAT'S why you were there! HA I knew you were lying.

    Lori: I was actually there on business and he happens to live there. *grabs paper from counter* Here, Josh did a background check on him and faxed me the results.

    Speed: *grabs paper* You made Josh do a background check?

    Lori: Don't worry, it wasn't for anything illegal.

    Speed: *staring down at page*

    Lori: Anyway, I just got back so I haven't had a chance to throw any of this out.

    Speed: *narrows eyes*

    Katie: What? What does it say? Does he have a criminal record? Is he involved with drug running? Man I KNEW someone that hot couldn't be a good guy.

    Speed: *folds paper* No, he's not a criminal.

    Katie: Pfft well he probably is, the system just doesn't know about it.

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Wow you sure seem adamant about it.

    Speed: *throws paper in trash can* So Lori, how did your treatment go?

    Lori: It went fine. Not that any of you believe me. I see you forwarded everything over to the county.

    Speed: That's right.

    Lori: So I guess I'm on my own with that.

    Speed: You got it.

    Katie: We're not gonna be manipulated by you anymore! We have a pact. HA.

    Lori: *nods slowly*

    Katie: So take your best shot, we'll just have your ass sent to jail.

    Lori: Good to know.

    Katie: Yeah so one more mistake and that's it sweetheart! YOU HEAR THAT? NO MORE CRIME FOR BABY GIRL!

    Lori: *frowns* What are you, 5?

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: HEY. I am not 5. I'm a responsible adult which is more than I can say for you honey bunch.

    Lori: *lifts brow*

    Katie: Yeah that's right. I've moved on from you and your drama. You can just talk to the HAND.

    Lori: So we've moved up from kindergarten to junior high.

    Katie: *frowns*

    Speed: *clears throat* Katie maybe you want to go grab some of the boxes off the street.

    Katie: Why? They're hers.

    Speed: Just go.

    Katie: Fine but you get the heavy stuff. *walks away*

    Lori: So. A pact.

    Speed: It's not a pact. But that's what happens when you abuse the relationship between you and your family.

    Lori: *nods*

    Speed: *looks out window, sighs*

    Lori: What's she doin'?

    Speed: Making a fort.

    Lori: *smiles* I see she hasn't changed.

    Speed: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *smile fades* ...I should...probably clean up that counter. *grabs papers*

    Speed: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: *grabs plastic bag*

    Speed: You look healthy.

    Lori: *tilts head* It's nice bein' in control of my faculties. *smiles* I also learned my favourite food is Chinese. It's not really important though, just somethin' I found out after bein' able to eat properly again.

    Speed: It is important.

    Lori: *leans against counter, crosses arms* So what have y'all been up to?

    Speed: Well Eric got himself stuck in a window, half naked.

    Lori: *laughs*

    Speed: *lifts brows*

    Lori: How's Anni?

    Speed: What's with the questions?

    Lori: I'm just curious as to what you've been up to. I haven't seen you in a few months.

    Speed: You actually care?

    Lori: *lifts brow* Yes. Somethin' wrong with that?

    Speed: No. No, there's nothing wrong with that.

    Lori: So how is she?

    Speed: Lately she's been feeling a little better. I didn't know that you knew anything about her condition.

    Lori: Josh mentioned it when I got back. It's a shame.

    Speed: *nods slowly* Is it.

    Lori: Isn't it? She's your wife, it must be upsetting.

    Speed: It has its moments.

    Lori: How are you doing with all of this?

    Speed: *staring blankly*

    Lori: It must be hard on her but probably relatively hard on you too. You look pretty stressed out.

    Speed: I do?

    Lori: Yeah.

    Speed: ...Right.

    Katie: *walks in* Okay the rain ruined my fort.

    Lori: *looks at Katie* You're letting them get wet? *runs out*

    Katie: *looks back* I didn't know she cared so much about her precious boxes.

    Speed: ...

    Katie: *looks at Speed* ...What.

    Speed: She does care.

    Katie: Obviously, she sure ran out there.

    Speed: She actually...asked how everyone was doing.

    Katie: So?

    Speed: When's the last time she asked you how your day was?

    Katie: *looks up* Hm. Well there was that one time she wanted money for drugs. *looks at Speed* You didn't give her any money did you?

    Speed: *frowns* No.

    Lori: *walks in* Great, thanks Mother. Now I have to dry all of my clothes.

    Katie: That's what you get for letting them sit outside.

    Lori: I wasn't letting them sit outside, I was bringing things in here!

    Katie: Not fast enough. You sure you're not toking some reefer or something?

    Lori: *frowns*

    Katie: I went through your boxes though. Where'd you steal that pink shirt from?

    Lori: I didn't steal anything.

    Katie: Okay, found.

    Lori: *angry sigh*

    Speed: Katie, you could at least bring in the wet boxes you sat all over.

    Katie: Lori's a big girl. She can do it.

    Lori: *shakes head, walks away*

    Katie: She's so angry all the time. Didn't therapy teach her anything? Of course she probably didn't listen, she probably sat there staring at her nails and spat off some sarcastic comment every now and then.

    Speed: I think you're being a little hard on her.

    Katie: Uh HELLO this is LORI we're talking about. You said it yourself, we can't trust her anymore, she'll just take advantage of everything to benefit herself leaving us in the dust with her problems. You said we should just let her go. Now I don't know about you but I came down here to make sure she didn't have any of my things. My house has been unattended for a while. I've also got a patrol car to be stationed out here tonight so she doesn't break in 'cause I only live two blocks away and I ain't takin' any chances.

    Speed: That's letting her go? Stationing a patrol car outside her home?

    Katie: Pfft, it's not a home. It's a step up from condemned.

    Speed: I'm sure it'll get fixed up.

    Katie: What the hell is wrong with you? You want to abandon her one minute and the next you're acting like she's your little girl.

    Speed: *frowns* I didn't say I was going to abandon her.

    Katie: Great, she has you wrapped up in her drama again. So what's the story this time? She need a loan? A car?

    Lori: *standing in doorway* No.

    Katie: *looks at Lori* Well it has to be something.

    Lori: I haven't asked him or you for anything. That is the point in fixing my own life, right? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something in which case I'm sorry. What would you like me to do, Mother? What would satisfy you right now?

    Katie: Show me your arms.

    Lori: What?

    Katie: Roll up your sleeves and show me your arms.

    Lori: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: *rolls up sleeves*

    Katie: *looks down*

    Lori: Satisfied?

    Katie: *shrugs* You could be snorting or smoking. But it's good to know you're getting more subtle. Makes faking that you're fine much easier.

    Lori: My drug test is probably back tomorrow so you'll be able to...verify it. Is there anything else I can do for the moment? No doubt you'll find an excuse anyway.

    Katie: As a matter of fact...*grabs baggie from pocket* This was in an evidence bag in the back of the Hummer.

    Speed: *frowns* You took out evidence?

    Katie: Don't worry, I'll put it back. It's cocaine. *lifts bag*

    Lori: Is this supposed to be funny?

    Katie: *dangles bag* Nope. Isn't it tempting?

    Lori: It's a wonder anyone lets you out of your house.

    Katie: *opens bag* Oooh drugs. *empties bag into hand*

    Speed: N-

    Katie: Pretty white cocaine. *blows cocaine everywhere*

    Lori: *steps back, stares at floor*

    Speed: Enough, Katie.

    Katie: Well what are you waiting for? Snort it off the floor.

    Lori: Are you insane?

    Speed: You just compromised evidence.

    Katie: Just blame it on Wolfe. Look, I have another bag. *grabs baggie from pocket* Mmmm druggies.

    Lori: *steps behind Speed*

    Speed: Stop messing around.

    Katie: Oh come on, she knows she wants it.

    Speed: Put it back.

    Katie: *sigh* Fine. *walks outside*

    Speed: *turns around* She's an ass.

    Lori: *staring at floor*

    Speed: You okay?

    Lori: ...No.

    Speed: Was she right about that last part?

    Lori: *sigh* ...Yes.

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: I shouldn't want it. *shakes head* I can't want it.

    Speed: She'll get it cleaned up.

    Lori: I'm sorry, I know it's disappointing. I'm...I'm sorry....I don't want to keep disappointing you. *rubs forehead* I am so sorry.

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Katie: *walks in* Okay it's all put away, happy now? What's she crying for?

    Speed: Clean up your mess.

    Katie: Moody aren't we?

    Speed: Lori go wait in the truck.

    Lori: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Lori: *walks away*

    Katie: Wait in the truck? What for? I told you she's a sociopath. She knows you crumble at her big crocodile tears. We just had this discussion, you need to stop listening to her.

    Speed: I can't believe you did that.

    Katie: *rolls eyes* I knew this would happen. You couldn't let her go. This is your big problem, you allow yourself to get sucked in by everything and you won't listen to reason. Aren't you angry with what she did? She ruined our lives. She's one of the reasons our marriage was ruined.

    Speed: Actually, I think we did a pretty good job of that on our own.

    Katie: Excuse me? I had a hand in screwing up our marriage? *laughs* That's hilarious. It was her and you. If she wasn't off stealing our money, it was you sleeping around. It took everything I had not to strangle the both of you for being so damned irresponsible.

    Speed: *nods*

    Katie: Ugh I knew I shouldn't have even bothered coming down here. Can of worms everywhere.

    Speed: Do you still think I'm irresponsible?

    Katie: What?

    Speed: Do you still feel that way.

    Katie: ...No. You're pretty responsible and mature now. You've changed a lot since we've been apart.

    Speed: Then believe me when I say she's clean at least. The facts so far don't contradict that.

    Katie: The facts.

    Speed: Drug tests so far have been clean, she wasn't kicked out of the treatment place otherwise she'd be in jail right now and that plane ticket was real so she was telling the truth about that much. Whether or not she's trying to manipulate us about something remains to be seen but for right now let's not rock the boat if we don't have to. I said I was going to let her go and that's true. She's on her own. But I'm not going to ignore the evidence either.

    Katie: She could be the cleanest person in the world but I'm not going to ignore past evidence. You can't just wipe the slate until further notice, Tim. And I happen to know that despite what the facts are right now, you're still going with your gut and you're still going to be disappointed. You're going to need to let go a little more.

    Speed: Clean this up. *leaves*

    Katie: Ugh, that man. Doesn't listen.

    Outside, in Hummer

    Speed: *shuts door*

    Lori: *staring out window* ...Mom thinks I'm trying to con you.

    Speed: You understand why she feels that way?

    Lori: *nods*

    Speed: Good. You screwed up royally and no amount of success in your life is ever going to erase the damage you've done to everyone around you and yourself. Now, you're on your own and I am not going to be getting involved with or fixing your problems. Ever again. Do you understand?

    Lori: Yes sir.

    Speed: I don't want to see your name in a case file, I don't want to read about you in a newspaper, I don't want to be informed about you any time, by anyone, ever. You're going to keep a job, you're going to pay your rent and you're going to be a responsible member of society.

    Lori: I know, I'm trying.

    Speed: Try harder.

    Lori: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: Prove your mother wrong.

    Katie walks out of house

    Lori: ...What about you?

    Katie: *opens door* Your floor is clean.

    Lori: *looks at Katie* Thanks.

    Katie: You'd better get back in there.

    Lori: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *winks*

    Lori: *smirks, leaves*

    Katie: *jumps into Hummer, shuts door* I wonder how Horatio would feel about taking a trip to the center of the Earth.

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    Ugh....what's up with Katie? Harsh much? I mean , sure Lori's made some mistakes, but sheesh, I think she's paying for it in spades. Lighten up , Katie...she is your flesh and blood!

    I like Speed's perspective, handle with a ten foot pole , but still be there with the pole. Support is key- notice I said support and not inabling. I think Speed has the right idea in laying down the law. Productive way of dealing with this...unlike blowing drug evidence all over the floor* KATIE*!

    A trip to the center of the Earth...Ha! Not many folks will survive that trip:guffaw:

    Fantastic update, Geni!
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    *throws up* Lora my evil twin, what the hell are you doing?!?

    lol! Oh Lilly. You're so weird. *hugs*

    I had a Jensan Ackles dream last night actually. I was with a friend and we both went to BC and we ran into his family, and I didn't regonize him at all. The dream was like a movie, it was so long. Anyhoo, later in the movie, we're about to make out, and right then and there I recognize him from Supernatural and I try not to flip out and call him Dean and be a fangirl.


    Whoa. CLINGY.

    It would of been way more kick-ass if he said ass-kicking.

    Thanks for the ass-kickery updates Gen!
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    LOL. Anni, I love the last sentence of the second paragraph. I would quote but I'm much too lazy today. :p Hehe. *flicks Katie's nose*

    Thanks for the reviews!


    Miami lab, ballistic lab

    Delko: *walks over* Hey, I was looking for Calleigh.

    Anni: *smiles* Sorry, my DNA says I'm Anni.

    Delko: *laughs* It's okay. I just needed to talk to her about something. Are you working a case?

    Anni: I'm not supposed to be but I needed something to do. I'm perfectly qualified, don't worry.

    Delko: Hey I'm not IAB. How are you feeling?

    Anni: *pulls gun apart* I'm starting to take medication. I don't know how effective it's going to be but Horatio's pullin' the tab so we don't have to worry about it. I guess he feels guilty or something. How about you and Jess? How's that going?

    Delko: Beats me. She just won't budge on any progress between us. Not that I blame her, sometimes I'm not my best. But it's all in good fun, right?

    Anni: Definitely.

    Delko: Anyway uh, I should go find Calleigh. If you see her, just let her know I'm looking for her.

    Anni: Will do.

    Delko: *walks away*

    Anni: *places gun on table*

    Trace Lab

    Delko: *walks over* Oh hey I was just looking for you!

    Calleigh: *hangs up lab coat* Yeah? *smiles* You could have just paged me.

    Delko: Didn't know you still had one.

    Calleigh: Well! Now you know. So what can I do for you?

    Delko: *laughs* Uh are we still on for tonight?

    Calleigh: *looks around*

    Delko: *scratches face*

    Calleigh: Um...*nods* I think so. Yeah. *smiles*

    Speed: *walks through door*

    Delko: Great, just let me know if anything changes. *walks away*

    Calleigh: *looks at door*

    Speed: *grabs lab coat* What was that about?

    Calleigh: *shrugs*

    Speed: *nodding*

    Calleigh: What?

    Speed: Nothing. So is this the evidence Horatio sent over?

    Calleigh: Yeah. I know you weren't at the call-out so did you want me to fill you in?

    Speed: Please.

    Calleigh: Our victim is Krista Nelson, 18 years old. She was found at the Miami Shores Country Club on the back 9. Alexx found evidence of a possible sexual assault but I'm still waiting on the autopsy. Horatio collected a greasy substance on the girl's face and that's what he wants you to run. I, on the other hand have a bullet to find.

    Speed: She was shot?

    Calleigh: Waiting on Alexx for that. There was an entrance wound but no exit.

    Speed: *nods*

    Calleigh: Anyway, I'd better get down there. Page me if you get anything back. *walks away*

    Speed: Yes ma'am?


    Alexx: Here is your bullet.

    Calleigh: *grabs bullet* .22 with a...left hand twist. *looks down at body*

    Alexx: Interestingly enough, cause of death was asphyxiation.

    Calleigh: She was shot after?

    Alexx: *shakes head* Blood was pumping at the time of the shot but it didn't kill her. My guess is? Someone got rushed and strangled her. Found bruising around her neck and an x-ray proved it. Her neck is broken.

    Calleigh: Did you do a sexual assault kit?

    Alexx: *nods* Sent it to DNA. This was one violent attack. Poor baby didn't have a chance at getting away.

    Calleigh: Now that we have the guy's DNA, he doesn't either. Thanks Alexx.

    Alexx: No problem.

    Ballistic lab

    Calleigh: *staring through microscope*

    Horatio: *walks over* Ma'am.

    Calleigh: *smiles*

    Horatio: Where are we on the bullet?

    Calleigh: *lifts head* So far I have a .22 caliber bullet with a left hand twist. Means it was probably a woman's gun.

    Horatio: But our evidence doesn't indicate the attack was between two women, does it.

    Calleigh: No. The crime was sexual so we're looking for a male. I didn't find any casings at the scene so my guess is the killer picked them up. Ryan's canvasing the area in case the guy dumped the gun but until then, I don't have much for you.

    Horatio: It's plenty.

    Calleigh: Did Tim get back to you on the trace you found on her cheek?

    Horatio: Mhm. Petrolatum, microcrystalline wax, bees wax and colorant. It's a heavy hair compound.

    Calleigh: Like pomade.

    Horatio: Yep.

    Speed: *walks over, frowning* Just finished doing a background on the vic. She's been staying at a treatment and therapy facility just east of the country club. *shakes head* It's the same one we sent Lori to.

    Horatio: Interesting. Maybe she can tell us something abour our victim.

    Speed: *angry sigh*

    Horatio: It's very likely they were only in the same building together but if she knows anything at all that could help and she's willing to cooperate, it looks better on her record.

    Speed: I want to be taken off the case then.

    Horatio: *nods* Alright.

    Speed: *leaves*

    Calleigh: Did you want me to go talk to her?

    Horatio: I want you to get a subpoena for Miss Nelson's medical records and a warrant to question the staff and patients at the facility.

    Calleigh: Of course.

    Psych Facility

    Woman: *typing* And this is who?

    Calleigh: Krista Nelson.

    Woman: Right. Parents dropped her off and split. She'd been here almost a year.

    Calleigh: What was she brought here for?

    Woman: *typing* Hmm...*clicks mouse* She was brought in for...therapy.

    Calleigh: Therapy for what?

    Woman: *sigh* I'll get the doctor to explain that. I just write up files.

    Calleigh: Thank you.


    Calleigh: *sits*

    Doctor: Her condition couldn't be fixed by modern medicine. She would have required years of therapy. Her parents were looking for a quick fix but unfortunately, that's not how we work here and we informed them of that. Basically, the condition is an unusual immaturity. While we wouldn't officially classify her with any kind of mental retardation, her mental age seemed closer to around 8 or 9 in most instances.

    Calleigh: In most instances? So she was able to act her age sometimes?

    Doctor: Uh, it's complicated. That's what the therapy was for. She understood the basic mathematics and literature at her physical age range as well as having moderate social skills. What we were tackling was why she was reverting herself back to the mentality of a small child and some of us were thinking it had to do with past abuse in the home.

    Calleigh: Did you ever confront her parents?

    Doctor: No. We weren't ever able to get in contact with them. Now you said before that she was sexually assaulted.

    Calleigh: That's right.

    Doctor: Well there was an incident here a couple of months ago with Krista. She was attacked in her room by another patient.

    Calleigh: Really. Were the police notified?

    Doctor: They were but nothing ever came from it.

    Calleigh: They didn't investigate.

    Doctor: No. I'm not sure what you people deem important on the list of priorities but it's a shame the system wasn't able to better protect her a second time as well.

    Calleigh: Did anyone collect a SART kit?

    Doctor: Our nurse did. We still have it as we weren't able to send it to a lab. County funding wouldn't allow I'm afraid.

    Calleigh: I'd like to take it with me if that's alright.

    Doctor: Of course.

    Calleigh: I also need a copy of the incident report and I'd like access to her room.

    Doctor: I'll get you everything you need. Pity. You people only care once someone has died.

    Calleigh: *stares at Doctor*

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    Look at that- actual labwork being done in Miami!

    Ooooooohhh, Eric and Calleigh on a date!

    Great update Geni. :)
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    Great updates Geni.:)

    Is peeved with Katie. How can a mother do that to her child.

    *Sorry, motherly instincts there*:lol:

    Plus destroy evidence, I'm surprised Speed didn't clobber her for that.

    Eric/Cal dating, hehe, you beat the writers to that one.:thumbsup:

    Looking forward to the next chapter Geni:)
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    Awesome!~ A case! It was good of Speed to take himself off of the case, just, case Lori got involved. It wouldn't do to have a conflict of interest. I'm saddened that Krista had to die- of course that deranged pomade freak Johnny did it. I can't wait for him to get his just desserts! Poor Lori, what is she going to do when she finds out that Krista was killed by that idiot?

    And...the doctor was a bit pissy wasn't he? I can understand being a tad bit upset that things weren't followed through correctly, but... sheesh, stab Calleigh in the back would you and get it over with!

    I had one of those mother moments I felt like I was staring down Katie, lol.

    Awesome update, Geni!
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    Aww... poor Krista! :( I liked her.

    Great updates. I hope Speed still sticks by Lori in some form... :)
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    Just trying some things out. :D And I know Jess is reading out there :)p) so don't worry, you haven't been snubbed.

    It's a miracle! :lol:

    It wouldn't be CSI:Miami if I didn't throw one in every once in a while. :D

    Geez, now I'm contemplating if I shouldn't just do 11 threads instead of 10. What am I going to do when it's over! :eek: :lol:

    Lots of mother moments going on in here. :p

    Thanks so much for the reviews y'all!


    Miami lab, next day

    Calleigh: *walks over* Did you talk to Lori?

    Horatio: I haven't yet, did you find something out?

    Calleigh: Looks like we won't need her statement either way. *hands over folder*

    Horatio: *opens folder* It's an incident report from the facility.

    Calleigh: Our victim was attacked two months prior to her death by another patient. The staff don't remember his name because he was only there a day and his name wasn't listed in the report or their intake files and it turns out he was never actually arrested for the crime but let loose on the streets much to the surprise of the facility. They wanted to press charges but no one ever returned their calls, the SART kit wasn't sent to a lab and the girl's room was cleaned top to bottom so there's no way any residual evidence would be there. I did send the SART kit to our lab for analysis. Valera's running it against the kit Alexx collected.

    Horatio: Interesting. Who was the so-called arresting officer?

    Calleigh: That's the thing. The log says Ryan Wolfe.

    Horatio: *lifts brows* Ryan Wolfe wasn't in town.

    Calleigh: Exactly.

    Horatio: Tell you what, you work on the department angle, I'll go check with Valera.

    Calleigh: I'll page you.

    DNA Lab

    Valera: *sigh*

    Horatio: *walks over* Have you gotten anything back on my case?

    Valera: The system's been running me around in circles all morning. Upgrades.

    Horatio: I understand. The case?

    Valera: All I can tell you for the moment is that the SART kit DNA and the sample Alexx sent me are a match but we don't have a name yet. I've been trying to run it through the entire CODIS databank but so far...

    Horatio: *nods* Well we're on the right track.

    Computer beeps

    Valera: Finally. *types, clicks mouse* ...Partial match.

    Horatio: Okay, a name please.

    Valera: *shakes head* It won't let me access it. It's national.

    Horatio: National.

    Valera: This is really frustrating. There's a partial match but it won't give us a name? What's the point in even having access to the national database then?

    Horatio: New lab policy. Here, let me...

    Valera: Be my guest.

    Horatio: *grabs keyboard, types*

    Valera: *crosses arms*

    Horatio: *clicks mouse*

    Computer beeps

    Valera: *wide-eyed* It worked. Scott Finch. Says here he used to be a patient at the same place as the victim.

    Horatio: *staring at screen*

    Valera: Judging by the information here, I'd say our killer is a cousin at the least to this man.

    Horatio: *places hands on hips*

    Valera: Do you know him?

    Horatio: I know his father quite well, he's a judge in New York City. I wasn't aware he had any nephews.

    Valera: Maybe he doesn't even know.

    Horatio: Could you get me a copy of all of this, please?

    Valera: Of course.


    Horatio: *walking*

    Calleigh: *walks over* I heard you got a break in the case.

    Horatio: *looking down at phone* Yeah, do me a favour, tell Speed to meet me at the airport.

    Calleigh: I thought he wasn't on this case.

    Horatio: The particulars have changed.

    Calleigh: Where you headin'?

    Horatio: New York.

    A/V Lab

    Ryan: *staring at screen*

    Delko: *walks over, sits, smiles* Calleigh's got you looking at police tapes?

    Ryan: I'm looking for a patrol car that stopped at the therapy place a few months ago which is like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Delko: I heard the guy used your name.

    Ryan: *shakes head* Out of all the names in the department. Why don't people ever fraudulently claim to be Eric Delko?

    Delko: *laughs* I don't know, maybe you're just an easier guy to scam.

    Ryan: Did you get the log signature?

    Delko: Yeah, it's right here. *holds up paper*

    Ryan: That's not even close to my signature.

    Delko: Well I don't think they were worrying about authenticity at that point.

    Ryan: *sits up* Whoa. I think I have it. *grabs mouse*

    Delko: That didn't take long.

    Ryan: I've been here 3 hours.

    Delko: You should have been there back in the day when Megan gave Speed a week's worth of security camera footage to sift through when we were working a case involving smuggling Cuban immigrants into Miami. He sat through 6 hours of footage in real time.

    Ryan: Well I'm not him. *clicks mouse* There. The time stamp from the same night as the incident report. Here he is pulling up to the front of the building.

    Delko: That's definitely the place.

    Ryan: ...Officer...McInnis. You are about to meet the real Ryan Wolfe.

    Delko: *smirking*

    New York, courthouse

    Henry: *closes door*

    Horatio: *leaning against wall*

    Henry: *looks over* Horatio? Horatio Caine?

    Horatio: *takes off shades* Sir.

    Henry: *smiles* Well I'll be damned. Never thought I'd see you again in a million years. I heard you're still in Miami.

    Horatio: I am.

    Henry: Unfortunate all the things you have to deal with down there.

    Horatio: Well at the moment, I'm more concerned with the things I have to deal with up here.

    Henry: Oh? A case has brought you up here? I hope it's nothing too serious.

    Horatio: Actually it is. A young girl was murdered in Miami and a partial match in CODIS leads me to believe that someone in your family is involved.

    Henry: *smile fades* my family. That's impossible. Your evidence must be mistaken.

    Horatio: DNA doesn't lie. You of all people should know that.

    Henry: Well who do you think it is?

    Horatio: At the moment, we don't have a name.

    Henry: *laughs* If you don't have a name, what makes you think someone in my family is involved?

    Horatio: The partial DNA match is to your son, Scott.

    Henry: *stares at Horatio*

    Horatio: So we're thinking a cousin of his.

    Henry: *shakes head* My nephew isn't a murderer. Troubled maybe, we don't have much contact with him, but there's no way he's a murderer. Jonathan's never even been to Miami.

    Horatio: His DNA puts him at a treatment and therapy facility in Miami. In fact, it's the same facility where your son was staying for Post Traumatic Stress.

    Henry: *lifts brows* My son was in Miami on vacation, Lieutenant. He wasn't in therapy for whatever you said it was. I think your lab needs to get its act together and start persuing the real killers out there, not making wild accusations in the direction of civilized folk.

    Horatio: Is Jonathan in town?

    Henry: Of course he's in town. He never left!

    Horatio: I thought you don't have much contact with him.

    Henry: *frowns* I'm starting to dislike where this is heading and I don't like your tone. *looks at watch* I have to be back in court in an hour. I'm sorry you've wasted your time here Lieutenant. *walks away*

    Horatio: *grabs phone from pocket*

    New York Crime Lab

    Danny: Mac approved of this, right?

    Horatio: Mhm.

    Danny: Okay, I'll do what I can. If he even has a parking ticket, I'll find it.

    Horatio: Thank you, it's appreciated.

    Empire State Building

    Woman: *knocks on door*

    Scott: Yeah!

    Woman: *opens door* Sir, someone from the Miami Police is here for you.

    Scott: *lifts head* ...He leave a name?

    Woman: *looks down at paper* CSI...Speedle, sir.

    Scott: *stares blankly* Did he say what this was regarding?

    Woman: A murder.

    Scott: *stands* Where is he?

    Woman: He's in the lobby, I can send him in if you'd like.

    Scott: Uh...sure.

    Woman: Okay. *walks away*

    Scott: *crosses arms*

    Speed: *walks in*

    Scott: I'm-

    Speed: We've met.

    Scott: I'm sorry sir, I didn't realize you remembered.

    Speed: *closes door* I have a few questions for you about a murder.

    Scott: Who was murdered?

    Speed: Krista Nelson.

    Scott: *sits on desk* ...

    Speed: Did you know her?

    Scott: ...Yeah. Yeah, she was...I haven't spoken to her since I left Miami. Wh-what happened?

    Speed: What can you tell me about your cousin Jonathan?

    Scott: ...Uh...I haven't seen the guy since I was 5. I don't know what I could possibly tell you. Why? Did he have something to do with it?

    Speed: We have DNA evidence that places him in the therapy facility at the same time you were there. He attacked Miss Nelson there a few months ago.

    Scott: *frowns* What? That was my cousin? I didn't recognize him at all, I...I can't believe I didn't recognize him--what-what did he do to her? Where was she found? Are you sure he's the one that killed her?

    Speed: I'm sorry, I can't tell you anything more about the case. Do you happen to know where he is?

    Scott: If I did, I would tell you. My mother always told me to stay away from him and now I can see why. I hope that little bastard rots in hell.

    Speed: Why did she tell you stay away from him?

    Scott: I don't know. No one ever told me. Maybe if they thought they hid it all away, he wouldn't taint our 'reputation'. *shakes head* Maybe if they hadn't been so obsessed with maintaining their name, they would have stopped him before he killed someone. I can't believe I'm related to that piece of garbage.

    Speed: We'll find him.

    Scott: I know.

    Speed: *looks out window*

    Scott: *rubs face* You know, they're very two-sided. They make it out like no one could possibly do any wrong in our family, especially to the cops but they're fine with telling me at every turn that I disappoint them. I didn't get the right job, I don't socialize with the right people, I don't make enough money, I don't win enough awards or some other speech about how in order to be successful in life, I have to push everyone out of the way and then step on them later. They have absolutely no respect for anyone but themselves so don't be surprised if they're not inclined to cooperate with your investigation.

    Speed: *nods*

    Scott: *looks over* It's a nice view.

    Speed: It used to be.

    Scott: *lifts brow*

    Speed: Did you like Miami?

    Scott: Is that pertinent to your investigation?

    Speed: *steps away from window* No, it isn't.

    Scott: *shrugs* It's a nice city, I enjoyed it. There's a fantastic culture there. Good people, too.

    Speed: *crosses arms, stares at Scott*

    Scott: ...Sir?

    Speed: I'm just trying to figure out what your problem is.

    Scott: *blinks* My problem?

    Speed: Yeah. Nobody is this clean.

    Scott: Look, I work hard, I don't ask for much and I try not to be an ass to the people around me. If that's so hard for you to believe, fine. That's your problem, not mine.

    Speed: *nods* Fair enough. Thank you for your time. *leaves*

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