Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    That depends on the day and who you ask. ;) :guffaw:

    *hugs Anni and Speed* Poor kids. :(

    I have to say, I wish (in some cases) I had Krista's innocence. But in no realm of reality would I ever wanna be like Bailey :lol:.

    Great job! :D
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    Awesome updates! I was somewhat confused about Anni's intentions, but what matters is that Speed will be there for her...I wonder if he was just as confused as I was...

    Lori and Scott, you know, they are growing on me. I totally love Scott, he's so good for Lori...Maybe she can get her happily ever after, after all...Psha...this is Lori. I love her to death, but she just can't seem to grasp happiness. You've made great characters, I love reading this!

    Awesome work, Geni!
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    Don't we all know at least one Bailey in our lives though? :lol: Actually, I happen to know several. :eek: Not many Kristas though.

    He was. :p

    And aww, thanks for the compliment. It means a lot. :)



    Krista: Hey did you hear about the new guy? John something.

    Bailey: What about him?

    Krista: Nothin', I just hear he's new.

    Bailey: I hear he's a jerk.

    John: *crosses arms* We're all jerks in our own special way.

    Bailey: What.

    John: You two were talkin' 'bout me.

    Bailey: Get a grip. There are more than one 'John's here.

    Krista: Yeah there's even one in my bedroom. It's pink. *smiles*

    Bailey: We're not talking about bathrooms.

    Krista: Oh.

    John: So who's the retard?

    Bailey: She's not a retard.

    Krista: What?

    John: *slicks hair back* My point exactly. So gals, what's the news around the place? They sell cigarettes here? 'Cause I left my last pack in the van.

    Krista: Oh no no no. No, we don't have that kind of thing here.

    John: *laughs* Feels like I've been transported to Catholic school.

    Krista: *smiles* Oh yay, I went to one! Which one did you go to?

    John: *smiling* Ah them Catholic school girls huh? They sure know when to get down on their knees, if you know what I'm sayin'.

    Bailey: *rolls eyes*

    Krista: Did you want to join us? We're playing Uno.

    John: What are you, in kindergarten? Sorry, pretty colors and giant numbers aren't my idea of a good time, you know what I'm sayin'.

    Krista: What is?

    John: How 'bout you and me in the chapel, honey. *brow bounce*

    Krista: What are we going to do in the chapel?

    Bailey: Stop being an idiot.

    John: Boy I have got to say, you all have quite an establishment here. I can't find a nurse anywhere. Tell me, who can I go see for a pack of smokes and an aspirin?

    Bailey: Sorry, this isn't a pharmacy. Maybe you should you know, be here to get help.

    John: I don't need help. Long story short, my boss sent me here 'cause I like to tap bitches' asses in the office. He thinks I have some sort of problem so instead of firing me, here's where I ended up. Cool huh? I still get paid.

    Krista: How come you were hitting dogs in your office?

    John: *laughs* Is she for real? *sits, grabs cards* So who's turn is it here? What are we playin' for?

    Bailey: We're not playing for anything.

    John: Then what's the point?

    Krista: To have fun. *smiles*

    John: Y'know, you're real pretty.

    Krista: Thanks! I like how shiney your hair is.

    John: I have some Grade-A grease in my suitcase. Never go anywhere without it. So what do you say we get outta here huh?

    Bailey: Knock it off.

    Krista: *places card on table* UNO!

    Bailey: Ah man.

    Krista: *smiling*

    Admin area

    Woman: *typing on computer* And your last appointment? Any outstanding issues?

    Lori: None that I can think of.

    Woman: When was your last hit?

    Lori: 4 months ago.

    Woman: Which substance?

    Lori: Cocaine.

    Woman: *typing* Mhm. Well, your doctors think you're making excellent progress.

    Lori: So is that why you called me in here? To tell me I haven't smuggled anything in or caused any huge problems?

    Woman: Montly checkup with us isn't uncommon. We want to make sure your treatment here is proving to be beneficial. Now, the Judge also ordered you to take weekly drug tests during your 3 year probation when you leave. You've also been ordered to weekly psychological visits to check your medications. You're on...Fluoxetine and low doses of Olanzapine. Although the second is being used in a more 'off-label' capacity, correct?

    Lori: So they tell me.

    Woman: And how's that working for you?

    Lori: *stares at Woman*

    Woman: Well?

    Lori: ...I haven't freaked out stabbed anyone with a kitchen knife if that's what you mean.

    Woman: No sudden outbursts of anger? Suicidal thoughts?

    Lori: No.

    Woman: *typing*

    Lori: *looks around*

    Woman: Well, I think that's all I need. *smiles* You can go.

    Lori: Thanks. *stands, leaves*

    Hummerhome, 5pm

    Horatio: Eric, stop throwing spitballs at Ryan. Ryan, stop throwing shoes at Katie. Katie, stop punching Colton. Calleigh, stop pulling everyone's ears. Carly, quit hogging the laptop and Lora, for God's sake, stop drawing porn on the windows.

    Lora: ...*clicks whiteboard pen*

    Ryan: *points to Eric* He started it.

    Delko: You started it.

    Ryan: How did I start with the spitballs?

    Delko: You told me I was too Cuban to be here.

    Ryan: Well I didn't mean it like THAT.

    Delko: How else could you have meant it?

    Heather: *crying* WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!

    Katie: Because we're idiots.

    Colton: You're an idiot.

    Katie: I'm not an idiot.

    Colton: Then how can you say we're all idiots if you're not in that list of exclusive idiots?

    Katie: Because the person who makes the comment automatically gets immunity from the accusatory statement.

    Colton: What about 'you smelt it, you dealt it'?

    Katie: We're not talking about farts, we're talking about stupidity.

    Carly: Says the person who keeps getting arrested for public drunkeness.

    Katie: That doesn't count.

    Delko: I think we should vote on who's the stupidest. *grabs pad of paper* We'll each write a name down of who is the most stupid and then I'll count the votes. Okay there's what, a lot of us so that means we need...10 papers?

    Katie: There's your first problem. *hands papers to Speed* He can count.

    Speed: *hands out paper* Don't make it easier for you to get yourself on the list, Eric.

    Delko: *frowns*

    Lora: *scribbling on paper*

    Lilly: *looks over*

    Lora: *covers paper* No peeking.

    Lilly: I wasn't peeking.

    Lora: You were most definitely peeking.

    Lilly: It's not a test.

    Lora: Yes but this requires anonymity. *coloring paper with felts*

    Lilly: You don't have to make it so artistic.


    Horatio: I don't feel right about voting. *pushes paper*

    Lora: Come on Horatio, now's your chance to secretly tell everyone who you think is the most retarded.

    Horatio: That's cruel.

    Speed: Not to mention idiotic in itself because you were the one who hired half of us.

    Horatio: *narrows eyes* I fired you.

    Speed: ...I'll shut up.

    Lora: Okay Horatio, just let all that anger build and build and build and let it go through a series of letters put together to form the name of the person you despise the most.

    Horatio: But this isn't about who we despise the most, it's about the most stupid member of the team.

    Lora: Same thing.

    Katie: FINISHED! *throws paper into bowl*

    10 minutes later

    Speed: Okay, here are the results. Now, I want to thank everyone for voting, we had an amazing turn-out. As all of you know, w-

    Lora: Can it Seacrest, we just want the numbers.

    Speed: Fine. You're all idiots.

    Katie: What?

    Speed: You all picked the person to your left. Which means everyone's name is here but there isn't more than one of each.

    Katie: Huh.

    Delko: Wait, how did that work out?

    Speed: Like I said, you're all idiots.

    Delko: You voted too.

    Speed: I picked you.

    Delko: But I was to your right.

    Speed: You're to my left.

    Delko: ...So that still makes you an idiot too.

    Speed: The host isn't part of the contestants.

    Lora: Cheater.

    Katie: Damn straight.

    Speed: *frowns* Not THAT kind of cheater.

    Psych facility--9pm

    Lori: *walks into room* Hey, sorry I wasn't here all day. I had some stupid 'therapy' thing to take care of.

    Krista: *sitting in bed*

    Lori: *walks into bathroom*

    Krista: *lifts eyes*

    Lori: ...What happened to the mirror? It's all over the floor. *kneels, touches floor* ...Is this blood?

    Krista: *hides face*

    Lori: *stands, walks back out* What the hell happened in there?

    Krista: Nothin'.

    Lori: Nothing? There's glass and blood everywhere. What did you do?

    Krista: *shakes head*

    Lori: *sits on bed, lifts Krista's head*

    Krista: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: Where did you get all these bruises?

    Krista: *shrugs*

    Lori: It looks like someone took a brick to your face. Who did this?

    Krista: *looks down at bed*

    Lori: *looks over at laundry bin*

    Krista: *covers face*

    Lori: *stands, walks over to bin, picks up clothes* ...Krista, I think you should go see the doctor.

    Krista: No.

    Lori: You're not going to get in trouble. *walks over*

    Krista: *sniffles* They're gonna kick me out. I'm not supposed to be in here with him.

    Lori: Who? Who was in here?

    Krista: *shakes head*

    Lori: *frowns* Krista...was it Scott?

    Krista: *lifts head* No.

    Lori: I need you to tell me his name.

    Krista: I don't wanna get kicked out.

    Lori: You're not going to get kicked out.

    Scott: *walks past, stops* Hey, why's she crying?

    Lori: Scott, you should just leave.

    Scott: *walks in* Why?

    Lori: *stands* Because it's none of your business.

    Scott: *looks over*

    Krista: *sniffs*

    Scott: *looks down at clothes*

    Lori: Could you just leave, please?

    Scott: *frowns* What happened.

    Lori: I have it under control.

    Scott: Krista, who did this.

    Lori: She won't even tell me, you think she's going to tell you?

    Krista: His name's John.

    Scott: *leaves*

    Lori: Whoa, wait! *looks back* Krista, just stay here. *leaves*


    John: *smoking*

    Scott: *walks over* Hey.

    John: *looks over* Scotty boy, what's up?

    Scott: *shoves John against wall*

    John: HEY, WHOA! What's your problem! I'm just standin' here in the hallway. Why don't you back off.

    Lori: *runs over* Let him go.

    John: Yeah let him go.

    Scott: *glaring* How could you do that to her?

    John: What, you mean candycane over there? Eh, I thought I was into prude chicks but it turns out they're just a bunch of whoreish crybabies. All they want is their 'mommy'. I had to hold her down just to get her to stop kickin'.

    Scott: *slams fist into John's face*

    John: AH!

    Lori: Scott, enough!

    Scott: *shoves John to floor*

    John: HEY! HEY! We're both men here! C'mon, I thought you'd understand!

    Scott: You're not a man, you little piece of shit. *punches John's face in*

    John: UGH! HELP!

    Doctors run down hallway, grab Scott

    Lori: *leans against wall*

    John: *sits up* YEAH! Get him out of here! He's a psycho!

    Scott: *pushes doctors away* I'm going to kill you, you son-of-a-bitch!

    Doctor: *grabs Scott, turns to other doctor* Let's get a sedative, please.

    Doctor2: Yep. *reaches into pocket*

    Scott: *pushes doctor into second doctor, grabs John*

    John: Someone stop him!

    Scott: *grabs John's neck*

    John: AGH! *grabs Scott*

    Scott: *slams John's head against window*

    Doctor: You got it?

    Doctor2: The syringe broke.

    Doctor: *grabs radio* Security to Ward B, fight in progress. Hey, you, get back to your room.

    Lori: *covering mouth*

    Doctor: HEY. Back to your room, you understand?

    Security guards rush in

    Two hours later--clinic

    Lori: *sits*

    Scott: *holding ice pack to face*

    Lori: The security guys got you pretty good.

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: Just so you know, Krista's at the hospital. They wanted to keep her there for observation and stuff. I spoke to her before she left though, she seems okay.

    Scott: And in a week? two? A year?

    Lori: I don't know, I guess we'll see. And by the way, what you did was incredibly stupid. You could have gotten seriously hurt.

    Scott: Do I detect a note of concern?

    Lori: It's fact.

    Scott: *removes ice from face* You know, I met that guy earlier today and there was just something off about him the whole time. I should have said something.

    Lori: Well you certainly did something.

    Scott: You're telling me if this were a few months ago, you wouldn't do the same?

    Lori: *shrugs*

    Scott: *looks down at floor*

    Lori: It's no wonder Krista trusts you.

    Scott: *lifts eyes* She'd probably trust a bowl of bananas if it smiled at her.

    Lori: *smirks* True.

    Scott: Do you trust me?

    Lori: I hear you're a good guy to have around when the sky's falling down around your ears.

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: ...I suppose I do mean that literally too.*leans head on Scott's shoulder* I hope Krista's okay.

    Scott: I guess like you said, time will tell.

    Lori: It kind of makes me realize what an ass I've been to everyone around me.

    Scott: Why?

    Lori: They've tried hundreds of times to help me but I never really took it. I didn't care, I didn't think I needed them. I manipulated and toyed with them and I thought everything was just a joke. And look what's happened to Krista. Who was there when she needed help? No one. She was dropped off here and left without any explanation. She's the sweetest girl and no one cares enough to want her? To love her? My family was actually there for me. Why did I get them and Krista doesn't have anything?

    Scott: She has you.

    Lori: *scoffs* Lucky her. I don't even want me. I mean...I can't believe the things I've done. It's like I've, I've been in this dream for years and now suddenly I'm awake again. And when I look back at that dream, I don't even recognize who that person is anymore but I've realized it's not someone I want to be. It's like I want to stay awake forever.

    Scott: And you don't want Krista to fall into that.

    Lori: Is it too much to ask?

    Scott: Depends who you're asking.

    Lori: *grabs Scott's hand* At least you'll be here when I leave.

    Scott: *laughs* Who says you're leaving before I am?

    Lori: I didn't pummel a guy's face into the floor.

    Scott: I'm here voluntarily.

    Lori: *lifts head* Really.

    Scott: Yes, really.

    Lori: Why would you want to be cooped up in here voluntarily?

    Scott: Because some of us realized earlier on that we needed help.

    Lori: *narrows eyes* It's not when you realize it, it's that you realize it.

    Scott: *smiles* Whatever works for you.

    Lori: *rolls eyes*

    Scott: *clears throat* I hate to ...interrupt this engaging conversation but you're...holding my hand.

    Lori: *looks down*

    Scott: Still.

    Lori: You're holding back.

    Scott: What else was I supposed to do?

    Lori: Shove me off the chair.

    Scott: Is that what you do to people who hold your hand?

    Lori: Yes.

    Scott: *laughs* Somehow I believe that.

    Lori: *smiles*

    Scott: *looks around* ...You're still doing it.

    Lori: Oh. Right. *pulls hand away*

    Bailey: *walks out of office, stops* ...

    Scott/Lori: *look at Bailey*

    Bailey: Did she beat you up?

    Scott: No.

    Bailey: ...Why were you two holding hands just now?

    Lori: We weren't.

    Bailey: I might be a little dumb but I know when two people are touching each other.

    Scott: I don't even want to know how you know that.

    Bailey: Well, your loss. See y'all both later. *walks away*

    Lori: ...How fast do you think that rumour will get started?

    Scott: It's probably half way across the building by now.

    Lori: Great. I'll never get to leave. Remind me never to touch you again.

    Scott: I have to remind you?

    Lori: *frowns* Ha. Ha.

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    Sorry, moment over.

    Aww, poor Krista... :( *kicks John's booty* Jerk. I applaud Scott for beating him up.

    I loved the 'stupid' vote... hilarious! I'm also glad to see Lori realizes what she had (has?) with Katie and Speed...

    Great update! :)
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    Thanks! :D

    Appreciate the review. :)

    And apologies in advance for the slight time jump but the RT thread is nearing its end (in about 400 posts, lol) so I've decided to quicken things here a bit.


    Hummerhome, 2 months later

    Katie: Wow. It's been 2 months.

    Speed: Very astute.

    Katie: *punches Speed*

    Speed: OW. *rubs arm*

    Horatio: *looking at map*

    Calleigh: I thought we had to make a left turn here.

    Horatio: No, that's a right turn at this gas station.

    Delko: Horatio, we're out of water.

    Horatio: *flaps hand* Go get some from the toilet.

    Delko: ...Okay. *walks into bathroom*

    Carly: I can't believe we've been stranded in Mexico for a month.

    Lora: Look on the bright side.

    Carly: ...What bright side?

    Lora: Everywhere. It's so bloody bright out there, my retinas are burning.

    Horatio: Reminds me of the lab. *smiles*

    Calleigh: So why don't we take this highway?

    Horatio: I don't even know where WE are.

    Calleigh: The desert.

    Horatio: Yes, it's clear we're in the desert.

    Delko: Um H, the water's blue.

    Horatio: Then it's clean.

    Delko: No, the stuff from the toilet is dark blue and smells like cleaner.

    Horatio: *looks over* Why do you have toilet water?

    Delko: You told me to take it to drink.

    Horatio: *lifts brow* That doesn't sound like something I would say.

    Machine klunks, fizzes, pops

    Heather: ...There aren't any bombs on board, right?

    Horatio: Actually I think that was the air conditioner.

    Ryan: You mean the thing that's keeping us from boiling under the sun? Great! I'm going to be a BBQed Wolfe.

    Heather: Mmm BBQed wolves.

    Ryan: That's disgusting.

    Heather: Well we ran out of food, okay! Someone just pop off a small animal, that's all I ask.

    Carly: In Australia, we used t-


    Carly: *lifts brow* ..Is she allowed to insult my country like that?

    Horatio: Heather, apologize.

    Heather: Not until we get out of here.

    Speed: We could always just walk.

    Heather: *grabs Speed by the shirt* We are not walking ANYWHERE. We are going to make HORATIO walk. He's the one that stranded us.

    Horatio: Surely you don't expect me to walk miles and miles to a gas station from here.

    Everyone: *frowns*

    Horatio: ...

    Colton: *hands over stick with scarf attached* Make it last.

    Horatio: But I'm in charge.

    Delko: You stranded us while you were in charge and now you get to save us while you're in charge.

    Horatio: Can I at least take my cellphone?

    Delko: You can have mine. Yours is too nice.

    Horatio: Oh. Well can I take someone with me?

    Lora: I'LL GO!

    Horatio: ...

    Lora: *slaps Horatio* It'll be fun. It'll be like Tarzan and Jane, only you're fully clothed and I'm hotter.

    Ryan: Did anyone else just get the strangest visual?

    Everyone: *nods*

    Two hours later, middle of desert

    Lora: OW OW OW blister! There's a blister on my heel!

    Horatio: Well maybe if you hadn't been dragging them...

    Lora: Did you just insult me?

    Horatio: No.

    Lora: Carry me.

    Horatio: Why?

    Lora: Because I have a blister and unless you want to hear complaining for the next 2 weeks, you're going to carry me.

    Horatio: Won't we need water by then?

    Lora: Sure. I'm sure there will be a storm or a flash flood or something along the way.

    Horatio: How do you intend on getting away from a flash flood?

    Lora: I intend to hold onto you and scream.

    Horatio: What if I get flushed away by the waters?

    Lora: Then at least I'll have a canoe to sit on.

    Horatio: *frowns*


    Delko: Have you managed to get an internet connection out here?

    Carly: *staring at computer* ...This is the desert, Eric.

    Delko: Then what are you doing?

    Carly: Writing my eulogy.

    Delko: That's...optimistic.

    Anni: *lying in middle of floor* I'm so tempted to just get naked right here.

    Delko: Oooh.

    Speed: *punches Eric*

    Delko: OW!

    Jess: *punches Eric*

    Delko: DOUBLE OW! Geez.

    Jess: You forget I was here?

    Delko: No, of course not.

    Jess: What's my name?

    Delko: ...

    Jess: *punches Eric*

    Delko: OW!

    Colton: Okay Katie, time for you to get naked and entertain us.

    Katie: *frowns* Excuse me, I'm not getting naked to entertain anyone.

    Colton: Half of us have seen you naked anyway.

    Katie: ...*covers self with pillow*

    Calleigh: I wonder if Horatio and Lora are making any progress.

    Middle of desert


    Horatio: *throwing sticks* It's not working!

    Lora: *climbs tree* THROW MORE STICKS!

    Horatio: It's starting to slither up the tree.

    Lora: ACK! *jumps onto Horatio's head*

    Horatio: AH! *falls backward*

    Lora: NO! STAY STEADY!

    Horatio: *weaving side to side* I can't see!

    Lora: Use your other 4 senses.

    Horatio: I'd rather use my eyes.


    Horatio: *runs backwards*

    Lora: ACK! *falls over*

    Horatio: OH. Are you okay?

    Lora: *holding bum, starts to cry*

    Horatio: Oh dear. *wipes forehead*

    Lora: This vacation sucks.


    Carly: *hangs hot dog out window*

    Delko: Noo you're letting the heat in.

    Carly: I'm cooking the last weiner. How else am I supposed to do it?

    Calleigh: How come you get to eat the last hot dog?

    Carly: Because I found it under the dinette.

    Everyone: Ew.

    Carly: Hey it's better than eating the cans of spam in the cupboard.

    Katie: There's spam in the cupboard?

    Heather: I hate spam. How many times have I told you people not to load the Hummerhome with spam?

    Delko: You never told us anything about spam.

    Heather: Well it's about damn time.

    Anni: this still about the food?

    Heather: I'm not sure. I feel like I'm being mixed between two worlds.

    Katie: Too much reefer, Heather. Too much reefer.

    Heather: SORRY Horatio.

    Two hours later

    Carly: Oh good, it's starting to get dark.

    Delko: What if it gets really cold? How are we going to survive subzero temperatures?

    Lilly: Our resident Canadian left with Horatio so I have no idea.

    Speed: *throws blankets*

    Lilly: OW. *holds eye*

    Colton: I'm so sick of you people and you're idiocy. How can you crank up the smarts when something serious goes down but your IQ drops 20 points when someone giggles and draws porn on the windows?

    Calleigh: The heat's getting to you.

    Colton: No it's not. I've been on this team forever and I'm tired of you people. *stomps feet*

    Katie: *hugs Colton* Aww it's okay. We'll be back to Miami...someday.

    Colton: *starts to cry*

    Anni: We're all frustrated, honey.

    Colton: Shut up. You're not dying of heat.

    Anni: *frowns* No, I'm dying of cancer.

    Colton: ...My bad.

    Anni: SO PUT A SMILE ON. *smiles widely*

    Speed: Anni, you're scaring me.

    Anni: *smiling* Why? What's wrong?

    Speed: Please stop it.

    Anni: *smile fades*

    Katie: You know what this team needs? *opens cupboards* Dried out Cheez-its topped with mustard in those little packages.

    Delko: No, no. I'm not eating plastic.

    Katie: *frowns* You're not going to eat the plastic. You're going to eat the mustard.

    Colton: What's the difference? They're probably both inedible.

    Katie: Stop complaining. I can't have a fiancé that complains.

    Colton: WHAT? Who said anything about fiancé?

    Katie: I meant in the future.

    Colton: Who says we even have a future?

    Katie: *lip wibbles* We don't have a future?

    Colton: *rolls eyes* Katie, I'm not even sure I have a future.

    Katie: Oh. *hands over cracker* Cheez-it?

    Jenna: Aw they're kind of cute. *sigh* She's the Cheech to his Chong.

    Everyone: ...

    Jenna: So apparently I'm really old.

    Lilly: *pats Jenna's head* I'm sure if Horatio was here, he'd get it.

    Jenna: I'm not even sure I understood it.

    Katie: TEEHEE. *nibbles Cheez-it*

    Colton: Oh no, come on, don't start with the 'teehee' thing.

    Katie: TEEHEE.

    Anni: She's the teehee-ing machine! Yay! I love crazy Katie.

    Speed: Don't egg her on.

    Carly: ...That hotdog did not sit well with me.

    Delko: Here, have some toilet water to wash it down.

    Carly: *covers mouth, runs to bathroom*

    Delko: What did I say?

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    Great updates Geni:)

    Poor Krista, hugs her tight.

    As for that piece of garbage John:censored::censored::censored: I know what I'd do him, but I'll keep that to myself;)

    Sweet moments between Scott and Lori:thumbsup:You know I love them:)

    LMAO at Lora and H, too funny.:lol:

    Great job Geni:)
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    It sounds bad when Lilly says it. :lol:

    I actually laughed out loud, right when i read the last line. Who's gay? Wolfe and Eric are!

    And I loved the 'voting on whos the most retarded' bit. That was great.

    ......a visual of what?

    What? No! I love snakes! No matter what their evil ancient history!
    *laughs* I can't wait for the next update.
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    Oh no, the end is nigh! Lol....I'm still enjoying it, and can't wait to see what happens! It's very sad to see it go, but well, all things come to an end. I really hope to see Lori and Scotty And by some miracle, Anni's cured...just me wishful thinking;)

    Awesome updates, Geni!
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    :lol: They're stranded in the desert... poor RTers! Can't wait to see how they're going to get out of this one, though...

    Great update! :D
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    Oh my... :lol: BBQed Wolfe! :guffaw:

    ...Yup! Sounds like me, alright! :lol: :guffaw: Nicely done, Geni!
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    Thanks for the reviews y'all! :D :luv:


    Miami, Travel Agency

    Lori: *puts down phone, grabs pen*

    Boss: *walks over* You've made a lot of money this week, Lori. Good job.

    Lori: Thank you.

    Boss: Although I am concerned about a deal you gave the newlywed couple. You said they could pay 500 up front and then the rest as a post-dated cheque.

    Lori: Yeah, I just figured since they were just married that they didn't want to start out worrying about the money they were going to use on their honeymoon.

    Boss: Hm. Well, next time I prefer that you speak to me before you go ahead and approve these special offers.

    Lori: *lifts brow* All we offer is special offers.

    Boss: Okay, let me make myself clear. YOUR special offers.

    Lori: No problem. Won't happen again.

    Boss: Good. Because I'd hate to lose a good employee.

    Lori: *smirks*

    Boss: Now, our new travel package is going to be heading to our most popular cities. We have companies in LA, Houston, Orlando, New York, and we even have one in Mexico. I need you to take a little trip.

    Lori: You're already asking me to fly to some random city to distribute a new travel package?

    Boss: You have the best people skills.

    Lori: ...We're talking about me right?

    Boss: You negotiate quite well and you know how to sell this package. I want you to travel to New York tomorrow and set up a campaign there at our sister store.

    Lori: I'm sorry, I don't think I c-

    Boss: It's not suggestion. All your expenses are paid, you'll be staying at the Mandarin Oriental. *hands over brochures and tickets*

    Lori: Uh...are you sure you have enough money to put me up in a 5-star hotel for a week?

    Boss: We make good money in this business. People want to fly to Miami from all over the world and that's what we do. Now you're going to apply that same principal to our other cities.

    Lori: *nods* What about other expenses?

    Boss: What do you mean?

    Lori: You don't really expect me to stay cooped up in a hotel room for 7 days, do you?

    Boss: You're there on business, not on vacation.

    Lori: I understand that. But I'm going to need a rental car or something to get around or even money for cab fare.

    Boss: That will be taken care of.

    Lori: ...

    Boss: What.

    Lori: I have responsibilities here. I'm supposed to...I'm on probation.

    Boss: Your P.O has been notified and it's been cleared.

    Lori: Wow, this must be a top-notch company.

    Boss: It is. We believe in turning down and out folks into successful business people so I hope you'll jump at the opportunity. Most jobs won't even bat an eye at your pretty face once they see your criminal record.

    Lori: Point taken.

    Boss: Get packing.

    Next morning, New York; Mandarin Hotel

    Lori: *looks around*

    Doorman: Ma'am? May I help you?

    Lori: What? Oh. Yeah, I'm supposed to be staying here.

    Doorman: Well you've come to the right place.

    Lori: *lifts brow*

    Doorman: The front door. *smiles*

    Lori: *nervous smile* Wonderful. Tell me, does this hotel offer...rides?

    Doorman: You mean like a chauffeur.

    Lori: Yeah.

    Doorman: Whatever you work out with the front desk, we'll be happy to accomodate.

    Lori: No it's okay, I can take a cab.

    Doorman: You sure? We offer safety as well as comfort.

    Lori: I think I can take care of myself.

    Bailey: HOLD IT. I know that tone ANYWHERE.

    Lori: *looks over*

    Bailey: *runs over* I KNEW it was you! Barely recognized you but still, *laughs* here you are in my little city.

    Lori: ...Bailey.

    Bailey: Damn right. *hugs Lori* GIRL I HAVE MISSED YOU.

    Lori: Could have fooled me.

    Bailey: *lets go* How have you been!

    Lori: I've been okay, wh-what are you doing here?

    Bailey: I moved back here after treatment. It's so strange seeing you here, I thought I'd never lay eyes on you again, which actually I thought was a good thing but I've kind of missed you. *grabs Lori's hair* OH MA GAH! Look how pretty you are. Did you do this yourself?

    Lori: *pulls head back* Yeah, look, it's great seein' you and everything b-

    Bailey: OH THAT SOUTHERN CHARM! OH YOU. *flaps hand*

    Lori: What are you doing here.

    Bailey: I came down here to shop.

    Lori: Of course.

    Bailey: How did you end up getting stacked up in here? *looks up*

    Lori: Business.

    Bailey: You have a job? Gosh, we have so much to catch up on. You need to come over to my place tonight. I'm having Chinese take-out.

    Lori: *looks at watch* I should probably get checked in.

    Bailey: Nonsense, you're going to come shopping with me. OH this worked out just perfectly 'cause I was like, going to stop by the Empire building this afternoon.

    Lori: *lifts brow* Why?

    Bailey: My friend Sammie works there. I have to drop off the keys she left at my place.

    Lori: And why is that perfect?

    Bailey: Because you need to see The Big Apple, honey. What a perfect place to see it than the largest building in New York. *smiles* After that, we can get some frozen yogurt.

    Lori: Look, it's not that I don't want to go, because that's awfully gracious of you but I'm here on business and I can't just walk away and galavant around the city with you. I'm sure there are hundreds of great sights and things but it's just not really a good time.

    Bailey: But we haven't seen each other in forever.

    Lori: You didn't even like me when we knew each other.

    Bailey: Well I'm not a drunkard anymore. Well, not so much.

    Lori: That's really great, Bailey. It is, I'm happy for you.

    Bailey: Come on Lori, this is important. When are we ever going to get to spend time together again?

    Lori: *angry sigh*

    Empire State Building--elevator

    Lori: *taps foot*

    Bailey: You seem impatient today.

    Lori: *looks at watch* I need to call my boss in the next hour or he'll have the cops on my ass.

    Bailey: Relax, we'll be in and out.

    Lori: *sigh* Where does your friend work? All the way at the bloody top?

    Bailey: 90th floor.

    Lori: *rolls eyes* This elevator couldn't go any slower.

    Bailey: We're almost there.

    90th floor

    Bailey: *grabs Lori* Come on, she's in that office back there.

    Lori: *looks around, walks*

    People look over

    Lori: We're allowed to be up here, right?

    Bailey: Of course. *knocks on door*

    Lori: *crosses arms*

    Samantha: *opens door* OH HI! *smiles* I didn't know you'd be stopping by.

    Bailey: You forgot your keys, hun. *hands over keys*

    Samantha: Thanks! Hey you want to come in for a cup of coffee or something?

    Bailey: Sure!

    Lori: I thought this was an 'in and out' sort of thing.

    Bailey: Sammie, meet my friend Lori.

    Samantha: *smiling* Hey.

    Lori: *nods*

    Bailey: She's a bit shy. She's never been up here before.

    Samantha: Well it's a beautiful day, you should go check out the observation deck and take some pictures.

    Lori: No, I'm okay, I've actually got to get to work.

    Bailey: She's a stickler for her job.

    Samantha: *scoffs* I wish some of my employees were. I don't think I've gotten a report on time in months. *looks at watch* Which is just perfect because I've got a meeting with the Port Authority and the Chief of Police in an hour.

    Bailey: So just fire them all.

    Samantha: *laughs* Right. *looks at Lori* So where are you here from?

    Lori: Miami.

    Samantha: Wow, you must be cold here.

    Lori: Not really.

    Bailey: Where is your business thingy?

    Lori: Uh...*reaches into pocket, pulls out paper* Somewhere on...Church Street. I don't know where that is.

    Samantha: Across town.

    Lori: Great, and I'm here without cab money.

    Bailey: OH I COULD TAKE YOU!

    Samantha: Bailey, I thought your lisence was still revoked.

    Bailey: ...Oh yeah.

    Samantha: Is there maybe a chauffeur service at your hotel?

    Lori: Yeah but I don't want to be chauffeured in some expensive vehicle all day. I'd rather not stick out like a sore thumb. *shrugs* I guess I don't really have a choice though.

    Bailey: When do you have to be there?

    Lori: Tomorrow. *looks across room*

    Bailey: You silly thing, we can spend all day together then!

    Lori: *staring across room* Uh huh.

    Bailey: ...Lori?

    Lori: ...

    Bailey: Anyway, Sammie do you think you'll have time to come over tonight? I've got that new flatscreen.

    Samantha: Oh yeah I heard about that. Did you rent anything good?

    Bailey: HA, you'll have to come over and see for yourself.

    Lori: Who's that?

    Bailey: *looks over* What?

    Lori: There, across the room in that office.

    Bailey: Oh that's Scott.

    Lori: *looks at Bailey* Say again?

    Bailey: Scott Finch, you used to know him. *smiles* Small world.

    Samantha: You mean my supervisor? Damn guy has a bigger office than me. And no wonder I can never get a report on time, 80% of my employees are women. Nice guy but kind of distracting.

    Lori: And how did Bailey forget to mention this before we got here?

    Bailey: I didn't think it really mattered. People move on, right?

    Samantha: The guy's a strange supervisor. He's always the first one to get here and the last one to leave at the end of the day. Real employee advocate too.

    Bailey: What and you aren't?

    Samantha: *laughs* Look, I like the people who work here but I'm not going to bend over backwards for them. He actually submitted them for health insurance benefits. That decreases the amount our company gets to spend on advertising. He's going to get into shit for that.

    Lori: Excuse me, I have to get back to my hotel. *stands, leaves*

    Bailey: I should go make sure she doesn't get lost anything. *stands, leaves*

    Samantha: Go nuts.

    Outside office, near elevator

    Bailey: *runs over* You're not even going to go say hi?

    Lori: Why? Like you said, we move on.

    Bailey: Yeah but you guys were close, right?

    Lori: *lifts brow* No.

    Bailey: You were friends.

    Lori: Barely. Besides, he's busy and I wouldn't even have been here if it weren't for my job and your friend's keys.

    Bailey: That's fate if you ask me.

    Lori: I didn't. *pushes button*

    Bailey: Come on, I'm sure he'd be glad to see you. That is if he recognizes you...

    Lori: Maybe some other time.

    Bailey: How about right now.

    Lori: No.

    Bailey: He won't bite.

    Lori: How do you know?

    Bailey: Because I've known the guy since highschool. If I go with you, will you at least say hi? You don't need to have a big conversation.

    Lori: *angry sigh* Fine.

    Near office

    Bailey: *knocks on window* ...Would you get away from the wall? He won't see you that way.

    Lori: That's the point.

    Scott: *opens door* Bailey? What are you doing here?

    Bailey: *smiling* I was returning Sammie's keys and I noticed you were here.

    Scott: Is there another reason you're interrupting an important phone call?

    Bailey: Yep! *grabs Lori*

    Scott: It better be g-..ood God.

    Lori: *staring at floor*


    Scott: *crosses arms* Yes, I see that.

    Lori: Hi. Bye. *walks away*

    Bailey: Whoa, just a second. *grabs Lori*

    Lori: I said hi. Now I'm leaving.

    Bailey: Oh come on, that was no 'hi'. *pushes Lori into office, walks in* So Scotty, how's work going? *hangs up phone*

    Scott: N-...*sigh* Fine, just fine.

    Bailey: *smiling* Lori's here on business. Isn't it great? *jumps up and down*

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: *glaring*

    Scott: And she looks really happy to be here.

    Bailey: Oh she's just nervous 'cause she thinks you bite.

    Lori: *punches Bailey*

    Bailey: OW! Ha, you got a strong arm there. *rubs arm*

    Scott: *smiles, sits on desk* You look good.

    Lori: You...also do. I guess.

    Bailey: It's 'cause he's going to the gym.

    Scott: Thanks for that, I appreciate it.

    Bailey: No problem.

    Lori: *sits on window ledge*

    Bailey: OH OH since Lori's coming over tonight for Chinese and Samantha's coming over too 'cause I have that big screen, why don't you come too! It'll be like a reunion.

    Scott: It's not a bad idea.

    Bailey: Excellent.

    Scott: Lori, honey I get a tad uncomfortable when people sit on the ledge.

    Lori: Oh. Sorry. *stands*

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Woman: *knocks, walks in* Mister Finch, I have that report handed in.

    Scott: Good.

    Woman: Um, is it okay if maybe I took off early today? My kid's school just called, my daughter's sick.

    Scott: Take the rest of the day.

    Woman: *smiles* Thanks.

    Scott: Drive safe.

    Woman: I will. *leaves, shuts door*

    Bailey: Man you're such a pushover.

    Scott: So Lori, where are you staying?

    Lori: Mandarin Oriental.

    Scott: Impressive hotel.

    Lori: Yeah well it's not on my dime.

    Scott: *smiles* I can imagine.

    Lori: *nods*

    Bailey: You're supposed to respond to my pushover comment.

    Scott: Bailey, could you please give us a minute?

    Bailey: Um no.

    Scott: *stands, grabs Bailey* I insist. *opens door*

    Bailey: You're actually throwing me out of your office.

    Scott: Not much of a pushover now, am I.

    Bailey: *frowns* Very funny.

    Scott: *closes door, turns around* It might be easier for us to speak if we're not constantly being interrupted.

    Lori: Actually, this was just a pit stop. I have to go. *walks to door*

    Scott: *grabs Lori's hand*

    Lori: *looks up*

    Scott: Humor me.

    Lori: *sigh*

    Scott: *lets go* How have you been?

    Lori: I've been okay. I have a new job. It's not the best job in the world but I'm able to rent a home.

    Scott: And apparently travel.

    Lori: *scoffs* I hope it's just a one-time thing.

    Scott: Why?

    Lori: Traveling just never really sat right with me. So you uh, it looks like you're doing alright for yourself.

    Scott: *laughs* I suppose that's one way of putting it.

    Lori: Your employees seem to like you.

    Scott: Most of them just want to do a job and be treated as human beings. So I try to be fair.

    Lori: And the ones who don't do their job?

    Scott: Well if they don't want to do their job, they can sit their ass on the curb outside.

    Lori: *smirks* Spoken like a Judge's son.

    Scott: *smiles*

    Lori: So. *walks further into room* You must have a great social life out here what with all the clubs and company parties and things.

    Scott: Is that your way of asking me if I have a girlfriend?

    Lori: *shrugs* It's just a comment. Besides, Bailey did say you were going to the gym.

    Scott: *laughs*

    Lori: What.

    Scott: You assume it's for some woman.

    Lori: I didn't say that.

    Scott: Is it a problem if I have a girlfriend?

    Lori: No, of course not. It's your life.

    Scott: *nods* Do you have a boyfriend?

    Lori: *stares at Scott*

    Scott: You must have met someone in the last couple of months.

    Lori: That depends on what your answer is.

    Scott: Why?

    Lori: ...I don't want to seem pathetic.

    Scott: Fair enough. I'll take that as a no.

    Lori: What about you?

    Scott: Finding someone wasn't exactly on my list of things to do when I got back.

    Lori: So that's a no.

    Scott: That's a no.

    Lori: Why?

    Scott: *lifts brow*

    Lori: I mean, look at you. You're young, accomplished, fairly okay-looking.

    Scott: *smiles* Fairly okay-looking. That's a new one.

    Lori: *looks down at nails* Well I didn't want to pay you too much of a compliment and inflate your head or anything.

    Scott: Of course.

    Lori: Yeah.

    Scott: Then again, I wouldn't imagine it's too hard for someone to find you. You're young, determined, beautiful...

    Lori: *smirks*

    Scott: Sorry was I inflating your head too much?

    Lori: *smiles*

    Scott: Ah there's that smile I knew you had.

    Lori: Alright you've made your point.

    Bailey: *walks in* Okay I've been standing out there forever. You have that job thing, don't you?

    Lori: I thought you wanted me to visit.

    Bailey: I thought you wanted to leave.

    Lori: *shrugs* Maybe I should thank you.

    Bailey: *smiles* Oooh were we having an interesting conversation?

    Scott: What would you consider interesting?

    Bailey: I don't know, were you two making out or anything?

    Scott: *frowns* I'm at work.

    Lori: And we're barely friends.

    Scott: *looks at Lori* Barely?

    Lori: I didn't exactly think we were bestest best friends.

    Scott: Obviously not.

    Lori: What, you thought we were?

    Scott: No. But 'barely' isn't how I would put it.

    Lori: Then how would you put it?

    Scott: You tell me.

    Bailey: Did I just start a fight?

    Lori: Yes.

    Scott: No.

    Lori: No?

    Bailey: Um...maybe I should leave again. *walks away, shuts door*

    Scott: So what are we?

    Lori: Friends, I guess. I mean, I've never really had many so I don't know. Are you mad?

    Scott: I haven't decided.

    Lori: I'm sorry, it's just weird because we only knew each other for a short period of time and then I left. I assumed we would all just move on. Anyway, I'm going to head out. It was nice seeing you again.

    Scott: You too.

    Lori: *leaves*

    Bailey: *walks in* Yikes, where's she headed in a hurry? Did you yell at her?

    Scott: *staring at door*

    Bailey: Helloooo. *waves hand* SCOTT.

    Scott: *blinks* What?

    Bailey: Ugh, nevermind. You kids and your lack of attention span. Okay, be at my place at 7pm, no later.

    Scott: I'll be there at 7:30.

    Bailey: *rolls eyes* I say 7 and he says 7:30.

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    Haha, nice to see Bailey hasn't changed much...

    I hope Lori and Scott can work things out. I like them together. :)

    Great update!
  13. Anni Grey

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    How cool is it that Lori became this really productive person, but yet, retaining all that is Lori! And how cooler is it that she went on a business trip, and met up with Bailey ( of all people) and eventually Scott! Awesome how they are still up to their flirtatious ways...I so would love to see them to get together!

    Awesome update!
  14. Finch

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    Aw thanks for the reviews. :D


    Bailey's apartment 7:20pm

    Samantha: *eats nachos* So what movies did you get?

    Bailey: *grabs DVDs* Uh let's see here....Dirty Dancing, Terms of Endearment, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Pride and Prejudice...

    Samantha: Awesome! I love Chick-Flick night. How about you Lori?

    Lori: *sips coffee* I'm not really into those movies.

    Bailey: What are you into?

    Lori: Action movies mostly. Drama's not far off too.

    Bailey: Yick. Why would you want to watch a bunch of sweaty guys running around shooting guns and beating up...oooh I get it.

    Lori: *smiles*

    Bailey: Very nice.

    Scott: *walks in* Okay, I'm early.

    Bailey: YAY! *runs over, hugs Scott* Except you're still late. Did you bring beer?

    Scott: You're not allowed to have beer.

    Bailey: *frowns* You're so mean.

    Scott: Sorry, the casualties of having friends.

    Bailey: *sigh* So, which movie should we watch first? *holds out movies*

    Scott: don't have any action ones?

    Bailey: God, tough room. Why do you want to watch a bunch of sweaty men running around shooting things and beating up people?

    Scott: Because I'm less likely to puke during one of those movies.

    Bailey: Hilarious. We're watching Dirty Dancing.

    Scott: Bailey, you watch that movie every week. You might as well not return it to the store.

    Bailey: That's my next move.

    Samantha: Why don't we have a vote?

    Bailey: Okay! Who wants to watch Dirty Dancing?

    Samantha: *lifts hand*

    Bailey: *lifts hand* HA. So who would rather watch...*looks down at DVDs* ...Die Hard.

    Scott: Please. There's no comparison.

    Lori: Damn straight.

    Bailey: How about we pick one with a happy medium. Pearl Harbor.

    Scott: No. I don't like Ben Affleck.

    Bailey: ...Armageddon?

    Scott: What did you not understand about no Ben Affleck?

    Lori: *snorts*

    Scott: *looks over*

    Lori: *clears throat* I actually like Armageddon.

    Samantha: Yeah that's a good movie.

    Bailey: I don't even own it.

    Samantha: The DVD's laying under your couch.

    Bailey: ...Oh. Well fine. Lori and I will be in the kitchen making food. *grabs Lori* Pop in the movie. *walks away*

    Samantha: *sits beside Scott, smiles*

    Scott: *looks at Samantha*

    Samantha: You know, we never really interact that much at work. This might be fun.

    Scott: Why?

    Samantha: Oh I don't know, it's a lot more relaxed here and..intimate. *brow bounce*

    Scott: I'll keep that in mind the next time I sign your paycheque.

    Samantha: ...Wow. You sure know how to stop someone while they're ahead. You're not gay, are you?

    Scott: No.

    Samantha: You already have a girlfriend?

    Scott: Are you drunk or something?

    Samantha: I had a few shots on the way here. Doesn't mean I'm drunk. Just happy. *smiles* So...*touches Scott's chest* is there a..Mrs Finch?

    Scott: What happened to stopping while you're ahead?

    Samantha: Stopping what in the who now? Sorry, I was lost in your eyes. *grinning* They're

    Scott: My eyes are blue.

    Samantha: *waves hand* Whatever turns your pages. So tell me, where did you get that hot accent? I mean it's subtle but extra hot when you get a couple drinks in ya.

    Bailey: *walks over* I HAVE CHIPS!

    Lori: And I have salsa.

    Scott: *stands, runs over* I love salsa.

    Lori: *lifts brow*

    Scott: *grabs bowl* I'll take this, you got sit with Samantha. She's...she needs to sit with someone...else.

    Lori: Uh, okay. *walks away*

    Scott: *sigh*

    Bailey: Okay people, you are about to be rocked by surround sound and 70 inches of pure American steel.

    Everyone: *staring at Bailey*

    Bailey: Wait, TVs are made out of steel, right?

    Samantha: I totally thought you were talking about something else. *looks at Scott, smiles*

    Scott: *covers eyes*

    2 hours later


    Lori: *pushes Samantha* Gee, maybe that's because it was in the script.

    Bailey: I've never really realized how idiotic drunk people are.

    Lori: I have.

    Bailey: Hey Scott, you ever been drunk?

    Scott: *turns off television* Why?

    Bailey: Because I want to know.

    Scott: *shrugs* I guess I have.

    Lori: That's not good enough. *smiles*

    Scott: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: I want the story.

    Scott: *laughs* It's not really much of a story.

    Bailey: Wait, weren't you drunk the day after we moved in together? OH YEAH! You SO were!

    Lori: So what happened?

    Bailey: Well from what I remember, Scotty here decided he was going to sing every Broadway Musical ever written. I think his best attempt was Cats.

    Samantha: Mmm I like a man that knows his musicals.

    Bailey: Wait wait, I think I have pictures.

    Scott: No! No, you don't need to get pictures.

    Bailey: Scotty here was a wild guy back in the day.

    Scott: Being drunk once does not make me a 'wild guy'.

    Bailey: Hey we used to have lots of fun back then.

    Scott: If I recall correctly, you used to have lots of fun and then I'd bail your ass out of jail.

    Bailey: Yeah but see that wasn't the fun part for me. Now the strip clubs were.

    Lori: You two went to strip clubs?

    Bailey: Oh yeah. Atlantic City was a regular stop of ours.

    Samantha: How come you're not this much fun at work?

    Scott: We barely talk to each other at work.

    Samantha: We need to talk more.

    Bailey: *grabs bowl, stands* Sammie, could you grab the salsa and the cups?

    Samantha: Why?

    Bailey: Um because my apartment is a mess and you made most of it.

    Samantha: Can't we just relax and party a bit more?

    Bailey: We can do that after you get the salsa out of my carpet.

    Samantha: Man...*sigh*

    Scott: I'm going to go get some air. *stands, walks away*

    Samantha: OH WAIT FOR ME!

    Scott: No, you stay. *shuts sliding door*

    Samantha: How come he's so mean? He's nice at work. *pouts*

    Lori: Well maybe he doesn't want you to pass out and fall off the edge of the balcony.

    Samantha: AW! *clutches chest* He's so thoughtful.

    Lori: *rolls eyes, walks away*

    Bailey: What are you doing? Why are you stomping the salsa into the floor?

    Samantha: What? I'm not doing anything? *slides rug under couch*


    Lori: *shuts door*

    Scott: *staring ahead*

    Lori: Don't worry, I'm not Samantha.

    Scott: Good. You know, one of these days, Bailey has to invite some other guys over so the drunken friends have someone else to irritate.

    Lori: And so you have someone to relate to?

    Scott: That too.

    Lori: *walks over, leans on balcony* It's a nice night. You can barely smell the pee from the alleys.

    Scott: *smirks* I'm sorry that New York isn't up to your South Beach standards.

    Lori: It's certainly colder.

    Scott: *nods*

    Lori: You okay?

    Scott: Yeah, why wouldn't I be?

    Lori: You just seem a little...different.

    Scott: Good different or bad different?

    Lori: I can't tell. Your mind seems occupied about something. Is it because I made everyone watch Armageddon? I mean, there's a scene where New York basically gets obliterated from the sky.

    Scott: *shakes head* No, it's not about a movie.

    Lori: So...there is something wrong.

    Scott: *scoffs* I wouldn't say it's something wrong.

    Lori: Well come on, spit it out. That's what friends are for, right?

    Scott: *looks down* I don't want to be friends with you.

    Lori: *lifts brow* ...Alright I know we had a small argument before about that but I didn't think you were still mad about it.

    Scott: That's not what I mean.

    Lori: *stares at Scott* ...Then what do you mean?

    Scott: *steps closer*

    Lori: *stands straight*

    Scott: *stares at Lori*

    Lori: *lifts head*

    Scott: *runs hand along Lori's cheek*

    Lori: *closes eyes*

    Bailey: *slams open door* Can someone please help me with Sammie?

    Scott: *steps back*

    Bailey: She's dancing on my coffee table and breaking stuff.

    Scott: Yeah I'll take care of it. *walks away*

    Bailey: Did I interrupt something?

    Lori: *leans against ledge*

    Bailey: You okay?

    Lori: ...I haven't decided yet.

    Bailey: Well come on inside, you must be freezing.

    Inside apartment

    Samantha: *grabs remote* I WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT!

    Scott: *grabs Samantha* Why don't you sing on the floor where it's safe to hold your weight.

    Samantha: *jumps off table* WHOO! AND PARTY EVERY DAY!

    Bailey: Should you call her a cab or should I?

    Scott: I'll call her a cab. Where does she live?

    Bailey: Upper east side.

    Scott: *laughs* Right well, you can pay for the cab.

    Bailey: I'm not paying for the cab. She can pay for the cab.

    Lori: *walks in*

    Scott: She doesn't exactly have a credit card on her.

    Bailey: So follow her home and grab her crap from inside.

    Scott: I'm not taking a cab with this woman.

    Samantha: I WANNA TAKE A BAC!

    Bailey: That's 'cab' honey.

    Samantha: Psh, who says?

    Lori: You know what, I'll call the chauffeur service for my hotel. They can take her back to her place and then drop me off back at the hotel.

    Bailey: Good plan.

    Lori: Do you guys have a phone I can borrow?

    Bailey: Sure thing, it's in the kitchen.

    Lori: *smirks* Thanks. *walks away*

    Samantha: *flops onto couch* Ugh.

    Bailey: How many shots did she say she had?

    Scott: I think she put some vodka in her soda.

    Bailey: Wait, where's this vodka?

    Scott: *laughs* You still can't have any.

    Bailey: *sigh*

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    I absolutely adored this update! And *gasp* Lori let her defenses down long enough for Scott to get close! :scream: To Bailey for interrupting! I definitely see potential there for more!

    Awesome, simply awesome!
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