Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    So then it would be "powned"?:wtf:
    I suck at these terms
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    ^ See, I never understood pwned. I'm too mature for that. :rolleyes: :lol: Kidding. I'm as crazy as the next person.

    Definitely. And though I like the idea of 'Final Frontier 2', lol, sequels normally tend to suck more than the first. :p And don't even get me started on prequels.

    Thanks so much for the reviews! As always, they're muchly appreciated.



    Tripp: *walks over* Have you seen Stetler anywhere? He needs to sign the casefolder from last week's police shooting.

    Lori: He's probably out arresting some patrol cop for spitting on his car.

    Tripp: *hands over folder* By the way, you have a case. Victim's still alive so I thought to transfer it to you.

    Lori: I work murders.

    Tripp: You work sex crimes.

    Lori: Of murdered people.

    Tripp: Well the suspect's a priest.

    Lori: *leans back on chair* Miami just keeps getting better and better. *smiles*

    Tripp: Yeah. You've been requested.

    Lori: *grabs pen* Alright, who's doing the requesting?

    Tripp: Josh.

    Lori: *looks at Tripp* Excuse me?

    Tripp: He said he needs someone with a cool head.

    Lori: No. There are plenty of cops around here with cool heads.

    Tripp: He doesn't want his kid to be a number on a file.

    Lori: Which kid.

    Tripp: Cait.

    Lori: *stares at Tripp*

    Tripp: Well?

    Lori: *opens casefile* God, I hate this city.

    Tripp: You're tellin' me. *leaves*


    Anni: *puts on armour* I AM BEOWULF!

    Carly: Beowulf wasn't Roman and he never lived in Greece.

    Anni: You know what, you can shove your stupid Australian smartness b-

    Speed: Anni.

    Anni: Well it's not fair.

    Ryan: *rolls around in dust*

    Lilly: What are you doing?

    Ryan: Becoming a nitty gritty guy.

    Lilly: By rolling around in the dust?

    Ryan: That's how Speed does it, right?

    Lilly: *grabs Ryan*

    Delko: *looks at watch* Horatio should have called.

    Lora: Relax, the long distance charges are a bitch.

    Jenna: Yeah, I used to work as a telemarketer and I'd call China just to piss off my boss.

    Carly: That's not very nice.

    Jenna: Yeah well the next time you're asleep and you don't hear that phone ring, think of me.

    Delko: We should go to Miami.

    Speed: Stop being paranoid. We're not going anywhere.

    Calleigh: Yeah and Horatio said he had it under control. You'll get a nosebleed if you think too hard, Eric.

    Delko: You know, I'm not as stupid as you guys think I am.

    Jess: It's true. He's very mature if he doesn't have explosives or a teddy.

    Delko: Not helping.

    Colton: I can't believe you thought I was in on this. Stop pasting me as the badguy. *slaps Eric*

    Delko: OW! Who told you?

    Speed: I did.

    Delko: Betrayer. *punches Speed*

    Speed: Don't punch me. *punches Eric*

    Jess: Don't punch my boyfriend! *punches Speed*

    Anni: Don't punch my husband! *punches Jess*

    Jenna: STOP PUNCHING PEOPLE! *punches everyone*

    Everyone: *rubs arms*

    Lora: You sent Horatio away. *punches Eric*

    Delko: OW! You're wearing a ring.

    Lora: I call it Clubber.

    Delko: *frowns*

    Miami--St. Patrick's Church

    Natalia: Kind of an ironic title for a church.

    Lori: *looks at Natalia*

    Natalia: 'Cause it's St...well you get the idea. *clears throat* So who's the victim?

    Lori: Potential victim. We can't just trust someone's word on it. Her name's Caitlin.

    Natalia: She have a last name?

    Lori: Mhm. *walks into church*

    Natalia: Sorry for asking.

    Inside church

    Natalia: Should we like bow our heads or something?

    Lori: How should I know?

    Natalia: You're Catholic.

    Lori: I believe in God, it doesn't make me anything.

    Natalia: Oh. But you were baptised, right?

    Lori: Why don't you go do something productive.

    Natalia: I'm just trying to make conversation.

    Priest: *walks over* Can I help you ladies?

    Natalia: I'm Natalia Boa Vista, this is Lori Henderson, we're with Miami Dade PD.

    Priest: *smiles* Oh. What can I do for you?

    Natalia: We're looking into a possible crime, which we can't disclose. Are you the only priest that works here?

    Priest: No. Father Flannigan serves on Sundays. I'm here on weekdays. Was someone in my parish murdered?

    Lori: No. But we would like to get a DNA sample from both of you.

    Priest: I'll have to clear it with the higher-ups.

    Natalia: May we have a look around?

    Priest: *smiles* Be my guest. *walks away*

    Natalia: He seems nice.

    Lori: *clicks on flashlight*

    Natalia: What does the victim claim happened?

    Lori: She hasn't claimed anything. The father came forward after suspecting something.

    Natalia: So we have nothing to go on?

    Lori: That's usually how these things work.

    Natalia: Maybe we should have a sit-down with the victim.

    Lori: *walks away*

    Natalia: Or...not?


    Lori: *walks in*

    Natalia: Well this place seems private enough.

    Lori: *looks around, clicks flashlight*

    Natalia: Hey, there's a UV light in that flashlight, you can't use it.

    Lori: It did it on its own.

    Natalia: Yeah right.

    Lori: Cut the lights.

    Natalia: Uh, no.

    Lori: *shuts off lights* Oops, power outage.

    Natalia: You know, any evidence you find will be inadmissible.

    Lori: *kneels*

    Natalia: Find something?

    Lori: Swab.

    Natalia: You found a swab?

    Lori: *lifts head* I need a swab. There's some trace on the floor.

    Natalia: Oh. *turns on lights, hands over swab* You won't be able to use it.

    Lori: Plain sight.

    Natalia: Uh not without the UV light.

    Lori: I have good eyes.

    Natalia: *sigh*

    Lori: Looks like reddish polish.

    Natalia: Little girl's nail polish?

    Lori: Could be.

    Natalia: Could have happened any number of ways.

    Lori: We only need one.


    Lora: Come on, it's been like three days and I haven't seen one naked Greek man!

    Ryan: I'll get naked if you want.

    Lilly: YES!

    Speed: No. We're not going to end up in prison for something as stupid as Ryan getting naked in a public street.

    Ryan: But I think I'm getting a really nice tan. Just once?

    Speed: No.

    Jess: How about Eric gets naked.

    Speed: No one's getting naked.

    Calleigh: Can I get naked?

    Speed: NO.

    Calleigh: Psh, fine.

    Lora: We should have gone to one of those european beaches.

    Ryan: Yeah but there's a lot of fat greasy guys.

    Delko: As opposed to Greece?

    Ryan: Well, yeah. No one's naked.

    Jess: Eric, take off your shirt.

    Delko: Why?

    Jess: So Lora can see someone naked.

    Delko: Yeah but I already had no underwear the other day.

    Jess: *rips Eric's shirt*

    Delko: AH!

    Lora: FINALLY!

    Delko: *looks down* Hey my abs look extra golden in Greece.

    Speed: Yes, we're all very proud of you Eric.

    Delko: Shut up.

    Jess: *sigh* You should be a real gladiator. Is that a job?

    Lora: Not unless it says 'Stripper' in the subtitle.

    Jess: That could work.

    Anni: *faceplants to window* OMG. WE HAVE TO BUY THIS.

    Carly: What?

    Anni: Cute little tourist baby clothes! *squees*

    Speed: *grabs Anni* I don't think we have enough money for that.

    Anni: But they're only 20 bucks.

    Speed: Well I don't have enough patience for it.

    Anni: Why? Clothes don't speak.

    Speed: The things you put in them do and no.

    Anni: *frowns* Hey, I ain't gettin' any younger bud.

    Speed: No.

    Anni: *punches Speed* Killjoy.

    Jenna: Maybe we should buy some baby clothes for Eric.

    Jess: YES! I mean...oh wait, you meant something else.

    Delko: *lifts brow*

    Miami Lab

    Lori: *walking*

    Josh: *runs over* Lori!

    Lori: *stops* Hey. What are you doing here?

    Josh: I know the whole thing was last minute but I appreciate you looking into it.

    Lori: I don't exactly have much to go on. She didn't say anything to you?

    Josh: She won't talk to me at all. I-I mean, well, she talks but it's more of a scream and she says she won't go to church and she practically cries when I try to make her go. I didn't know what to do. I normally wouldn't have said anything but...

    Lori: But what?

    Josh: She drew a picture for art class. *hands over picture* The teacher sent it home.

    Lori: *looks down* ...It's just a bunch of red and black swirls.

    Josh: Yeah and before it was sunshines and grass.

    Lori: Maybe she's just havin' a bad week. I mean, you do work a lot and her mom's not in the country. She has to babysit Ethan all the t-

    Josh: No. I know my daughter and it's not like her at all.

    Lori: Okay.

    Josh: Is there something I can do? Should I ask her about it? Should I get a squad car to stay at the house, sh-

    Lori: *lifts brow*

    Josh: I...I'm sorry...I'm just a little overprotective I guess.

    Lori: *smirks* Good.

    Josh: I just hope I'm wrong.

    Lori: *nods* Does Cait wear nailpolish?

    Josh: Yeah.

    Lori: You know the brand?

    Josh: NYC. She has a lot of pinks and reds.

    Lori: Alright.

    Josh: ...Did you find something?

    Lori: I'll let you know.

    Josh: I need to know now.

    Lori: ...*sigh* I found what looked like red nailpolish in the church rectory.

    Josh: *rubs face* Great.

    Lori: It might not mean anything.

    Josh: And if it does? I..I swear, I'll kill him.

    Lori: We don't even know who 'him' is if at all.

    Josh: Right.

    Lori: I can get someone to talk to her if you bring her in.

    Josh: You don't think she'll freak out?

    Lori: I don't know.

    Josh: Okay. *hugs Lori*

    Lori: *wide-eyed*

    Josh: Thanks. *lets go, leaves*

    Lori: ...No problem?

    House, Miami

    Josh: *walks in, throws keys* Cait! Ethan! I brought dinner.

    Ethan: *runs downstairs* YAY! *sits at table*

    Josh: Your favorite, fried chicken.

    Ethan: *grabs chicken.

    Cait: *walks downstairs*

    Josh: How was school?

    Cait: *shrugs, sits*

    Josh: *sits* How was the lunch I made you?

    Cait: *stares at table*

    Josh: Um, tomorrow I have to head to work early so you'll have to stay there until I can drive you to school at 9.

    Cait: *grabs chicken* I'll take a bus.

    Josh: You're not old enough to take a bus by yourself.

    Cait: *rolls eyes*

    Josh: I think it would be good that you spend some time at the police station.

    Cait: I don't want to spend time there and I don't want to spend any with YOU.

    Josh: ...Well at least she's talking and not yelling this time.

    Ethan: *giggles*

    Cait: *scoffs* You're so lame. Why don't you go fool around with your boyfriends or something.

    Josh: You know, you're coming down to the station tomorrow whether you like it or not.

    Cait: Fuck you. *stands, leaves*

    Josh: *rubs forehead*

    Ethan: *hands over chicken*

    Josh: *looks at Ethan*

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    Oh, there is somethng seriously wrong with that little girl! *cries* Cait, you poor doll! That's so incredibly sad!!!
    The humour of Delko shirtless was amazing contrast though.
    Brilliant work Geni.
    Not to be a pain, but can I come back now? maybe in Miami, as I have no reason to be in Greese?
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    Pretty incredible how much like me that sounds, considering you've never met me! :lol: :guffaw:
    Hey, I'm the same way!! :lol:
    See, that's why I miss Speed in the actual show, cuz he and Eric are so ridiculous together... :guffaw:
    :wipes eyes: God, I love you, Eric... XD
    ...I... don't wanna know... Lol!
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    Mercy, Greece was fun! Eric shirtless, Ryan wanting to get naked for a tan, Anni talking about kids- Speed shooting her down with a quickness...good times, good times:thumbsup:

    But Cait...poor girl...I hope that there's something that can be done for her. Really, though, sometimes these stories don't have happy endings- I really do hope though that Cait's does. She definetly has issues with her Dad. Family therapy anyone?

    Excellent work Geni!
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    Hm, Missy, I could have sworn I wrote you in with Greece. Although I'm probably wrong. :) And you're not a pain at all. :)

    ^^ Bwaha. Family therapy for all the Speedles should be in order. Dr.Phil might need to come onboard..or at least Maury. :lol:


    Warehouse, Miami

    Katie: Can I go now? It's hot in here.

    Stetler: Lift up your shirt.

    Katie: NO.

    Stetler: I need to put a wire on you.

    Katie: For what?

    Stetler: So when Horatio gets here, you can rat him out.

    Katie: I think you're going about this the wrong way.

    Stetler: He needs to be stopped.

    Katie: You know what? Horatio might have bended the law-

    Stetler: Bent.

    Katie: Whatever. Bent the law, but at least he put away a whole bunch of bad guys who by the way are now out. Who do you think they're probably going to take out?

    Stetler: Your little group.

    Katie: Yeah, which'll probably never work but it's kind of a nuisance when on vacation.

    Stetler: So you want me to just...stop what I'm doing and let Horatio bend the law.

    Katie: I'm sayin' look at the reason he did it. No one else would have.

    Stetler: Exactly! Because it's wrong.

    Katie: No, because anyone else would be afraid to. You always paint Horatio as some gentle pushover but he isn't. Underneath the red hair and disarming eyes, he has this fiery motivation to catch criminals. Wouldn't you want that if you were murdered?

    Stetler: Or sent to prison unlawfully?

    Katie: *frowns* You just don't get it, do you. All you want is to finally nail the guy for being a hero. It's something you'll never be.

    Stetler: He's just a guy like anyone else.

    Katie: You're not a man. You're a coward that uses loopholes to get what you want. It's sleezy and it's disrespectful.

    Stetler: And you think everyone on your little team is any less like me? How about your wife-beating ex-husband. I'm better than him.

    Katie: Hey, I guess you weren't the one to bop Yelina in the face.

    Stetler: She fell...into a cabinet...that was on fire. *shakes head* Look, we're all human here. No one can be mister perfect, not even Horatio.

    Katie: Yeah and he's proved that. What he did was wrong, it doesn't make him evil.

    Stetler: So why does everyone call me evil?

    Katie: Because all you care about is yourself! Your stupid little plans, your stupid job, you don't think to consider anyone's feelings, you just take without asking, you're probably more of a criminal than most drug traffickers. You don't see the consequences of your actions because you don't think first. You have childish vendettas, unrealistic hopes for yourself, you're a coward and probably more of a pushover than one might think. You use your job as a shield.

    Stetler: Okay, I think I get the point. And you know what, I was trying to do something good here. My intentions were-

    Katie: Didn't anyone teach you the road to hell is paved with the best intentions? You and Horatio both did the same thing. And you're both idiots for it.

    Stetler: *looks down at shoes*

    Katie: So untie me and let me go.

    Stetler: What am I supposed to do about all those convicts?

    Katie: I think you've done enough.

    PD--Interview room

    Cait: *angry sigh*

    Lori: *walks in* Hey. *smiles*

    Cait: *rolls eyes* Gee, I wasn't expecting this at all.

    Lori: I wouldn't hope for anything less from you. *sits*

    Cait: So, am I being arrested for something? Drawing a 'bad' drawing?

    Lori: Cait, I don't want to sit here and play games because I've gone through every one in the book with my parents.

    Cait: What do you mean?

    Lori: My mom used to baby me into telling her what was wrong, even when nothing was wrong. I did what I wanted because I could and I used every deflective to make her look stupid. So we're not going to do that here. Now, your father has a very serious and legitimate concern that someone might be taking advantage of you.

    Cait: *lifts brow* What, like diddling me?

    Lori: If you want to call it that.

    Cait: *scoffs* Wow, typical.

    Lori: Typical?

    Cait: Dad. *shakes head* Look, I had some weed on me at church. The priest smelled it and went beserk. I didn't want to go back because I knew he'd tell my dad and plus...I didn't like the fact that the priest looked at me like I was the scum of the earth.

    Lori: *writing things down*

    Cait: *looks down at table*

    Lori: You're a little young for weed.

    Cait: My friends were bored and said it would be fun.

    Lori: *nods*

    Cait: What, like that's a surprise? 5 year olds swear like sailors nowadays.

    Lori: *frowns* Cait, this is the wrong road and it stops at a dead end.

    Cait: Psh, you're one to talk.

    Lori: *closes folder* In five years when your father's bailing your ass out of jail, remember what I said. *leaves*

    Cait: ...*looks around*


    Natalia: *smiles* Hi Lori.

    Lori: Is there something about me that says 'drug user'?

    Natalia: ..No.

    Lori: Then why does everyone assume I'm some sewer rat?

    Natalia: Rats are actually pretty clean animals.

    Lori: ...

    Natalia: But you're not one! You're actually looking quite healthy today.

    Lori: Look, I know I'm not one to preach to people but at least I can say I overcame some of the crap I put myself through. Not to mention I stopped putting other people through my crap.

    Natalia: Does this conversation consist of crap?

    Lori: No. This is mental exercise. So really, do I seem like this druggie bitch?

    Natalia: ...

    Lori: Nat.

    Natalia:'re come across a little strong. But it's not a druggie thing, just your personality.

    Lori: ...Thanks.


    I totally swear Lori won't be here that often. Really. :lol:
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    Great update Geni! I totally dig Katie in this...FINALLY, someone talks some sense into Stetler! But leave him to chastize at a moment like this:

    Classic Stetler...always focused on the little things

    And Lori...I happen to like her, because she has been through so much and made so many mistakes, do you see her wallowing in them? No, she's trying to make it better, by helping others. Albeit, in her own little Lori way:) I'll miss her when she's gone:thumbsup:

    Oh aww...I can feel the end coming...its so...sad:(

    Excellent work, Geni!
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    Hah! Whoo more movie terms in RT! :lol: I saw that with my brother, its was the fo shizzle. Bizzle. Sizzle dizzle. Wizzle. *cough* Am i doing this right?

    Hokey crappers i wear a ring in this thing! Wow i never wear rings. Unless they're guy rings and on my thumb. :D

    For the love of Horatio NO!

    :lol: That made me laugh for some reason. The only thing i remember wondering how to say 'drank'. LOL seriously i was like a little kid and said 'drunked'.

    Hah and Natalia...does anybody like you?

    Thanks for the update Geni!! *huggles* You should take a break, some R&R, have an ice cream sandwich or something. ;)
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    ^^^First off, when I read that first part, I swear... :headdesk: I watched that movie with my English class because we had just finished reading the actual poem, and I have to say, I wasn't all that impressed with Hollywood's interpretation... The constant, "I am here to slay your monstah, because I am Beowulf!!!" thing got real old, real fast... But that's just me. :lol:

    Second, I have no flippin' clue if you're doing that right, Hunter... I have never understood "gangsta" talk, and probably never will... :sweatdrop: :lol: :lol:
  10. Hunter

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    Please, call me Lora. ;)

    Yeah the ""I am here to slay your monstah, because I am Beowulf!!!"" did get old real fast, but Angelina Jolie looked great as that demon. Like hokey crap. :lol:
  11. CSI_in_training

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    I might've been. But I can't remember, and good to know I'm not a pain.
    Wow, Cait and weed, the speedles definitly need therapy.
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    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone! Sorry I haven't been around in a while.



    Warehouse, Miami

    Katie: *rolls eyes* Can I PLEASE go now?

    Stetler: No. I went through all this trouble to kidnap you, I'm not just going to let you walk out the door.

    Door busts open

    Horatio: *lifts gun*

    Stetler: *turns around*

    Katie: It's amazing how he can do that.

    Stetler: What are you doing here!

    Horatio: Your Dade County Hummer is a bit conspicuous.

    Stetler: My SUV's in the shop.

    Horatio: Let her go.

    Stetler: I've already let enough people go this week.

    Horatio: I know that.

    Stetler: You're a criminal.

    Horatio: No more than you are.

    Stetler: Oooh touché. So what are you going to do, shoot me?

    Horatio: That depends on you.

    Stetler: You can't shoot IAB. You'll be crucified.

    Horatio: Not if they never find the body.

    Stetler: You know, this attitude is very unbecoming.

    Horatio: Katie, did he hurt you?

    Katie: No, it's Stetler. He couldn't hurt an elephant if he was aiming a bazooka at it.

    Horatio: Untie her.

    Stetler: *grabs ropes* No. I'm going to tie you up too. It'll stop you from illegally putting criminals away.

    Horatio: Or we could just call the whole thing a bad day and move on.

    Stetler: It's my job to nail you.

    Katie: That sounded vaguely disturbing.

    Horatio: You know how much dirt I have on you?

    Stetler: It would ruin your character to argue with me about who has the worst criminal record. And it could never be as bad as you. You sent Katie's daughter here to a strange country to become a sex slave and a drug runner.

    Katie: WHAT?

    Horatio: Rick, this is wasting both our time.

    Stetler: *turns to Katie* Yeah, he needed more intel so he could send them away-- *turns to Horatio* ILLEGALLY.

    Katie: Untie me, I'm going to kick his ass.

    Horatio: It was necessary, Katie.

    Katie: Necessary? Stetler, shoot him.

    Stetler: I didn't bring a gun.

    Katie: You kidnapped me and didn't bring a gun?

    Stetler: I have a high confidence in my abilities to keep someone tied up.

    Missy: *runs in, guns blazing* I FOUNDED THEM!

    Everyone: *looks at Missy*

    Missy: It took some digging and riding underneath a bus but I got here and I GOT YA! ...*looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: ...

    Missy: seems you did a fine job as well. Should we divy up the reward?

    Horatio: Reward?

    Missy: There's some reward money for his capture right? I could really go for a double quarter pounder.

    Katie: Untie me and I'll buy you all the quarter pounders you want.

    Missy: Psha, I don't wanna get fat. Geez.

    Katie: *frowns*

    Stetler: Okay Horatio, let's duke this out like real men. Whoever hits the floor first wins.

    Horatio: You're on. Rick Horatio Stetler.

    Stetler: GASP! You weren't supposed to find out!

    Missy: Oh you got my voicemail?

    Horatio: *laughs* Yeah.

    Missy: Excellent.

    Stetler: It's time to kick ass. *punches hand with fist* OW! *shakes hand* Damnit that hurt.

    Horatio: *cracks knuckles* Bring it on.

    Stetler: *runs forward* YEEEEEEEEHA!

    Horatio: *moves out of the way*

    Stetler: *falls over*

    Horatio: This means I win, right?

    Stetler: *stands* No! No because you didn't touch me.

    Horatio: You can't modify the rules after you lose.

    Stetler: How do you think President Bush got in office?

    Horatio: *waves hand* Come on baldy.

    Stetler: I'm not bald. *touches head*

    Horatio: *swings fist*

    Stetler: AH! *holds nose* Not the nose! I need that to sniff out crime!

    Missy: *runs over to Katie, unties her* Isn't this great? I haven't saved anyone in a while.

    Katie: Hurry up.

    Stetler: *swings fist* FEEL MY WRATH!

    Horatio: *ducks*

    Stetler: Stop doing that! You're like a snake.

    Horatio: *strikes Madonna pose* I'm Jesus.

    Katie: *runs over, kicks Horatio in the head*

    Horatio: AH! *falls over*

    Stetler: *looks down*

    Missy: *looks down*

    Katie: I win. Bitch.

    Horatio: *holding head*

    Missy: Does this mean we can all go home now?

    Katie: No. This means Horatio's going to DIE. *kicking Horatio*

    Horatio: OW! NO NOT THE RIBS!

    Katie: DIE WUBBA! *kicking Horatio*

    Stetler: Huh. This is a rare sight.

    Missy: *clicking phone* Yeah, I'm getting it on tape so I can put it on YouTube.

    Stetler: Don't put me in it, kay?

    Missy: *turns phone to Stetler*

    Stetler: SERIOUSLY!

    Missy: No worries, it's not on.

    Stetler: Oh good. *brushes hair back*

    Missy: *snort* Sucker.

  13. CSI_in_training

    CSI_in_training CSI Level Two

    Jun 21, 2005
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    YES! I get to help save the day! That never happens!
    Go Katie, kick some serious ass!
    And Horatio knows Stetler's middle name, that is awesome.
    Geni, you amaze me!!!
  14. HellsBells

    HellsBells Tormenting Camp Counselors

    Feb 27, 2007
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    OH CRAP HE KNOWS!!! hahah... and I loved how Katie beats the crap out of Horatio. Go Katie! Err... Sorry Horatio.


    Amazing Geni, it's great to see how this is going. Can't wait for more!
  15. Hunter

    Hunter Coroner

    Jan 5, 2007
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    I love how Stetler shouts out GASP instead of just *gasp* ing. :lol:

    *fans self with hands* Oh wow I am so hot for him right now. (Horatio duh) I was really expecting me to run into the room, see Horatio beating the crap out of Stetler and go all romantic like the certain parts in action movies. Where the 2 people have a wild night of passionate- You get the picture. *cough* Well this is awkward.

    HAH and i love the Pres. Bush line! :lol: And by the way whats the 'Madonna pose'?
    *eye twitch* ......Did you just....OH YOU ARE SO IN FOR IT KATIE. *punches Katie in the throat* Yeah, hurts doesn't it? :evil: You know, if you punched someone in the throat hard enough i think you can kill them because you affect the spine
    or whatever. I'm not sure i have to brush up on my '51 points on the human body that cause death' class. *punches Katie in the throat again*

    Thanks for the update Geni! :D Even though I'm extremely pissed at Katie now. ANYHOO, i can't wait for the next one!
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2008
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