Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    *creeps in slowly* Haven't been in here in like...forever. lol. *waves to everyone. New and old*

    Cait: Well aunt Katie's nuts

    Ok first of all, Katie is not crazy. She's just...a little weird at times and tells cops to stop being gay alot. lol. Ok who am I kidding i'm crazy! lol. And I have really no idea what the heck is going on so i have some MAJOR catching up to do! *sighs* I totally remember when Eric got chased up the tree by Josh! And something about an eyelash curler...either Josh wanted to borrow mine or I couldn't find mine or...something! lol. Anyways its good to be back!

    *runs off to read RT!*
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    KATIE! *GLOMPS* <3<3<3

    *ties you to the thread, locks the door and throws away the key* TEEHEE!

    Welcome back! *huggles*

    Bitchatious. :lol: I love that word.

    I think Katie's still harbouring some resentment toward Anni for a few things. *shifty eyes*

    Thanks for the reviews. :D



    Delko: JENNA STOP IT!

    Jenna: Your hair's fun to rip out.

    Delko: Don't rip it out unless you're going to do a DNA analysis.

    Jenna: Oooh.

    Delko: On second thought, that might be a bad idea.

    Jenna: I wanted to put some more in my scrap book.

    Delko: Steal someone else's hair.

    Jenna: *grabs Katie's head*

    Katie: OW!

    Jenna: I need a healthy sample.

    Katie: All of my hair is healthy.

    Jenna: No, see the ones down here are...wait, no...okay yeah. The ones down here are a bit damaged.

    Katie: Impossible.

    Jenna: What conditioner do you use?

    Katie: Dove.

    Jenna: Well you're not using enough. *yanks out hair*

    Katie: OW!

    Jenna: Who's next? *reaches for Speed*

    Speed: *grabs Jenna's hand* Rip one hair out and I'll rip your fingers off.

    Jenna: Can he do that?

    Horatio: I wouldn't advise testing that theory.

    Katie: OH MY GOD!

    Horatio: What?


    Everyone: ...

    Katie: Um HELLO. That's as ancient as HOLY SAINT POPSICLE STICKS BATMAN!

    Colton: Ah yes, good times.

    Katie: OH LET'S GO TO A BAR!

    Horatio: No.

    Katie: Come on, you dragged me back, I want to have fun.

    Heather: Yeah come on H. You need to let loose more often.

    Horatio: The last time I 'let loose', I almost got arrested.

    Katie: It's like a right of passage in this team.

    Jenna: So that means I have to get wasted?

    Katie: Well, even if you fake it, it still counts.

    Jenna: Huh.

    Horatio: Why don't we focus on not trying to get arrested this time.

    Jess: Since when does that ever NOT happen.

    Lora: It didn't happen in Greece.

    Jenna: Well, unless they find the spray painted rocks.

    Katie: And the broken pieces.

    Anni: *hugs Katie* FORGIVE ME! I LOVE YOU!

    Katie: *shoves Anni to floor* Go away.

    Anni: Come on! We're like Forrest Gump and Jenny!

    Delko: Which one of you is Forrest?

    Katie: *frowns*

    Anni: We're like Gumby and Pokey!

    Katie: Who?

    Anni: ...Wow, I just felt REALLY old. Okay so we're like...SPEED AND DELKO!

    Heather: Speed hates Delko.

    Colton: Yeah but we know deep down they really love each other. Well, at least like brothers. Right? *elbows Speed*

    Speed: I'm not in this.

    Delko: *wide-eyed* You love me like a brother?

    Speed: ...Eric, I told you that forever ago when I was hopped up on meth.

    Delko: Oh yeah. AWW! *hugs Speed*

    Speed: *pushes Eric to floor*

    Delko: Ow. *looks over* Hey Anni.

    Anni: SEE!

    Katie: *sigh* Fine.

    Anni: YAY! Can I hug you now?

    Katie: No. I don't like being touched.

    Anni: Too bad! *jumps up*

    Katie: AH! *jumps onto Speed's lap* HA!

    Anni: *places hands on hips*

    Katie: In your FACE!

    Anni: You're a jerk.

    Katie: *sticks tongue out*

    Speed: Katie.

    Katie: *looks down* Yeah.

    Speed: You mind?

    Katie: Mind what?

    Speed: Standing.

    Katie: Oh. Why, am I so fat that I'm breaking your legs? Friends sit on each other's laps.

    Lilly: It's true. *jumps onto Ryan*

    Ryan: OOF!

    Lilly: *slaps Ryan* ACT LIKE FRIENDS!

    Ryan: *hugs Lilly*

    Lilly: *smiles* Awww.

    Lora: *plops onto Horatio* HA!

    Horatio: Um, I don't mean to be a stickler but I can't see the highway.

    Lora: I'll tell you where to go.

    Horatio: I don't think that'll be as effective as me actually seeing the road.

    Lora: *wraps arm around Horatio's head* Sure it will. Go left.

    Horatio: *swings wheel*

    Lora: Go right.

    Horatio: *swings wheel*

    Lora: Go left, then right, then right, then left.

    Horatio: Why?

    Lora: Because these people are in the way. *honks horn*

    Colton: *sigh* I have no one's lap to sit on.

    Jenna: You can sit on mine!

    Colton: No thanks.

    Jenna: *frowns* Fine, be picky. Picky McPickerson.

    Calleigh: *sits on Carly* YAY! It's like musical Road Trippers. Whoever doesn't have a lap in two seconds loses!

    Everyone: *scrambles*

    Heather: *sitting on Ryan's head*

    Ryan: OW! OW! OW!

    Heather: Shut up! *slaps Ryan*

    Jess: *climbs into Eric's lap*

    Delko: Aw you picked me, I feel special.

    Jess: *kisses Eric's nose*

    Delko: *smiles*

    Missy: *frowns* I guess I lose then.

    Lora: LOSER!


    Lora: *GASP* HEY!

    Horatio: Horatio what? Your hands were covering my ears.

    Lora: Good.

    Katie: *screams*

    Everyone: *looks over*

    Katie: *clears throat* ...I...saw a really really big bee.

    Delko: OMG THERE'S A BEE IN HERE? *screams*

    Everyone: *screams*

    Horatio: Why is everyone screaming?

    Katie: No, OUTSIDE!

    Delko: Oh.

    Anni: Wait, does this mean I lose too?

    Missy: Man I should have sat on Anni.

    Anni: YAY! *hugs Missy*

    Katie: I haven't seen a cow in ages. Aren't there cows in europe?

    Colton: I assume so, since they probably have milk.

    Katie: Yeah but they could get that from anywhere.

    Colton: Or they could get it from real cows.

    Katie: You can get milk from fake cows?

    Delko: Didn't we hit a rubber cow once?

    Anni: Yeah Stetler thought he'd foil us.

    Katie: You know, Stetler tied me up in a warehouse and Missy had to save me.

    Missy: THAT'S RIGHT!

    Katie: And then I kicked H's ass.

    Horatio: Shhhh! They weren't supposed to know about that! *clears throat* I then beat up Stetler.

    Katie: No you didn't. You cried because I broke your shades.

    Lora: Stop being a weiner! *slaps Horatio*

    Katie: And Stetler was mean to me. He had to bring up the past and it was just not fun. And Trevor was there!

    Anni: Ooooh did you kick some ass?

    Katie: No. He tasered me and tied me up. It sucked moo cows.

    Speed: Interesting visual.

    Katie: *looks down* Shut up, you love cows.

    Speed: Explains why I married you.

    Katie: *stares at Speed*

    Everyone: ...


    Anni: Kaplagh?

    Lora: It's Klingon.

    Katie: *frowns* You're saying I'm a COW?

    Speed: ....No?

    Katie: *slapping Speed* YOU JERK! I AM NOT A COW! YOU HEAR THAT? I *slaps Speed* AM *slaps Speed* NOT *slaps Speed* A *slaps Speed* COW!

    Delko: Moo.

    Katie: *screams*

    Jess: Eric, don't instigate.

    Delko: Sorry.

    Katie: *grabs Speed by the hair* You know, I don't call you mean names.

    Speed: You just called me a jerk.


    Anni: *grabs Katie* Let's get you off the lap, okay?

    Katie: *kicking and scratching* BAAAAAH!

    Anni: *sits Katie on opposite couch* There, calm down.

    Katie: *crosses arms* I'm not a child.

    Speed: You sure act like it.

    Katie: Shut up, butt munch.

    Horatio: Guys, let's not start any fights. And Lora, I really need to see the road. You can sit on the passenger seat.

    Calleigh: But..that's my seat.

    Horatio: You've been sitting there for years. It's someone else's turn.

    Calleigh: ...Meanie. *leaves*

    Lora: HA! *sits* Take that biatch.

    Katie: Colton, pass me a glass of water.

    Colton: *lifts brow* Why?

    Katie: Because I SAID SO! My throat's all sore from screeching.

    Colton: No kidding. *turns on sink* Wait, why am I doing this for you? You should do it yourself.

    Katie: Because you're dumb and did what I said.

    Colton: *throws water on Katie*

    Katie: AH!

    Colton: *sits*

    Katie: *looks down at self* MAN NOW I'M ALL WET!

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: What the hell are you smirking at.

    Anni: *slaps Speed*

    Speed: Ow.

    Anni: Don't smirk at her inadvertant innuendos.

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    Cows, bars, me beating up Horatio, Speed smirking at me! GOD LOVE IT! Seriously words can not even begin to describe how much I have missed the RT.
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    Wee. :D


    Bar, 9pm...somewhere in Greece

    Katie: *hands over pitcher* Horatio bought us a round.

    Colton: That was big of him.

    Missy: Finally, I'm able to wear my sexy clothes.

    Colton: Those are your sexy clothes?

    Missy: *frowns* YES. *slaps Colton*

    Colton: OW.

    Heather: They sure have a lot of neon lights in this place. *rubs eyes*

    Delko: Yeah it's one of those new retro places.

    Heather: How are they going to keep patrons of they're blinded?

    Lora: Close your eyes.

    Heather: But then I can't see the pretty men.

    Lora: Imagine them.

    Heather: Then why did I come here?

    Lora: To get wasted. *hands over beer*

    Carly: *walks over, closes phone* ARG!

    Colton: I was thinking the same thing.

    Carly: *slaps Speed*

    Speed: Um, ow.

    Carly: What's wrong with your family?

    Speed: That depends what happened.

    Carly: Your stupid brother happened. He told Cait she could go study in New York at one of those pricey schools.

    Speed: What an ass.

    Carly: I told Cait NO. She does everything she can to defy EVERYTHING I say. I'm tired of being the bad guy.

    Delko: So don't say no.

    Carly: That wouldn't make me a very good parent.

    Lora: Neither is sitting in a random bar in Greece but hey, we all have faults.

    Carly: I needed a vacation. And you know what grates on me the most? Josh doesn't talk to me about it. He goes and makes all these decisions without my consent. I'm going to beat the crap out of him.

    Heather: Maybe you should have a sit-down with him and talk about your kids' futures.

    Carly: What good is talking going to do? ERGH! *slaps Speed*

    Speed: Um, once again, ow.

    Carly: I HATE YOU AND YOUR STUPID FAMILY! *walks away*

    Katie: I think she handled herself very well.

    Anni: She can have the valium in my purse if she wants.

    Calleigh: *dances crazily in the corner*

    Everyone: *looks over*

    Missy: Is she passing a stone or something?

    Colton: I think she misses being young.

    Horatio: *does the wave* WOOO! I feel so free!

    Missy: Someone stop him before he gets beaten up.

    Speed: *sigh* Fine. *stands, walks away*

    Katie: *downs a glass of beer*

    Middle of dance floor

    Speed: What the hell are you doing.

    Horatio: *jumping up and down* Dancing! I never realized how fun this was.

    Speed: You're not dancing, you're becoming a target. *grabs Horatio* Stop.

    Horatio: Well how do you suggest I proceed?

    Speed: I don't dance.

    Horatio: Oh. How come?

    Speed: Because I'd look like an idiot. You're a prime example of someone who doesn't dance and shouldn't.

    Horatio: Well what am I supposed to do then?

    Speed: Stand at the bar and try not to look stupid.

    Horatio: ...Then how am I supposed to dance?

    Speed: H, I think it's imperative to your survival that you don't dance.

    Horatio: Not even the moon walk?

    Speed: Absolutely not.

    Horatio: You know, it would be much more lively in here if everyone did the bunny hop. I used to love that dance. Maybe I could round up a few people...

    Speed: What has happened to you? You used to be cool. *walks away*

    Horatio: ...HEY! I'm still cool! See? *does the jive*


    Delko: *walks over* Hey there elusive one.

    Jess: *smiles* I was going to come over. I'm just trying to get this bartender to understand TEQUILA. He must be new.

    Delko: *reaches into pocket* Yeah. So have you thought about what we're going to do when we get back to Miami?

    Jess: You mean when we finally finish galavanting around the world?

    Delko: Well, I don't know if we're quite finished yet.

    Jess: *shrugs* I haven't really thought about it.

    Delko: I have. *hands over box*

    Jess: *looks down* ...*opens box* ...A...ring. You're kidding, right?

    Delko: I'm dead serious.

    Jess: Is there something about this team that makes everyone get married, then divorced, then re-married again?

    Delko: Actually....I never signed the final documents.

    Jess: WHAT?

    Delko: Hey it took you two years just to sign them.

    Jess: True. So...why the ring?

    Delko: You threw the first one at me.

    Jess: Oh.

    Delko: Think of it as symbolism and because I thought you might get mad and shoot me down.

    Jess: *smiles* That's very sweet. *closes box* But...I don't know if this is the right thing to do. How am I supposed to know you're really serious this time?

    Delko: Isn't it obvious? I showed up at your front door in California and I haven't left your side since. Jess, I'm not looking for a 'hook-up' from an old flame.

    Jess: I just don't think you're ready for this kind of commitment. I'm not going to have my heart broken AGAIN because you like to get into trouble and oggle other women.

    Delko: *nods* Well when you decide to look past the past and come face to face with your future, I'll be here. *leaves*

    Jess: *looks down at counter*


    Katie: *tossing pennies at the ceiling*

    Colton: Stop it, they keep hitting my head.

    Katie: So move out of the way.

    Colton: It's hard to move out of the way when you've practically pinned me in the booth.

    Katie: I'm not sitting in a club by myself.

    Colton: So go find your friends.

    Katie: You know, you were a lot nicer on our date.

    Colton: I was paying for your dinner, I didn't want you to up and leave.

    Katie: Gee, that's very sweet.

    Men's washroom

    Delko: *walks up to urinal* Hey man.

    Speed: *stares at wall*

    Delko: This is a nice bathroom.

    Speed: Are you actually talking to me?

    Delko: *looks over* What?

    Speed: Keep your eyes on the wall.

    Delko: Oh, sorry. *looks at wall* ...How do people find the time to scratch Julie & Peter into the wall while they're peeing? And why are they keeping sharp devices that close to their-

    Speed: Eric.

    Delko: Oh yeah, sorry....*hums*

    Speed: *frowns*

    Delko: *humming louder*

    Speed: Eric.

    Delko: What? Oh. No humming either? Fine. Someone's picky.

    Speed: *rolls eyes*

    Delko: *taps foot*

    Speed: *blinks*

    Delko: *whistles*

    Speed: *flushes, walks to sink*

    Delko: *flushes* Hey, I have a question. *walks over to sink*

    Speed: If it has to do with your urinary tract, I don't want to know.

    Delko: No, no it's about Jess.

    Speed: What about her?

    Delko: She just shot me down.

    Speed: Why, you throw peanuts at her?

    Delko: No. I want to spend the rest of my life with her but I guess that's too big an issue.

    Speed: *looks over* You told her that?

    Delko: In a nutshell.

    Speed: What did she say?

    Delko: She said I wasn't serious enough.

    Speed: Well judging by your men's room etiquette, I can see why she said it.

    Delko: So a guy has to be stone cold to stay married? I have to be perpetually serious? If that's true, there's a hell of a lot of guys dying alone.

    Speed: You have to be consistant with her. You can't be the knight in shining armor one second and climb into the toilet to save your teddy bear the next. Women don't respond to immaturity.

    Delko: Anni's immature.

    Speed: Anni's not immature. She's more of a spirit.

    Delko: *lifts brow* I don't think 'free spirits' are your type.

    Speed: *crosses arms* My next piece of advice? Spend less time scrutinizing other people's relationships and start concentrating on your own. You can't use someone else as an example of what to do. Jess isn't Calleigh, Missy, Heather, or Carmen Electra. Don't treat her like some fruitcake you met in a bar.

    Delko: Wait, Carmen Electra isn't part of our team.

    Speed: That's not the point. She needs to feel like she's the only person in the room when you speak to her whatever else to her which you're not going to get into with me.

    Delko: Where did you hear that?

    Speed: Oprah.

    Delko: ...

    Speed: Anni made me watch it.

    Delko: Sure she did.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Delko: Wait, why am I listening to you? You suck at relationships.

    Speed: I'm still married.

    Delko: Huh. I'm curious, you smack Anni around sometimes too?

    Speed: *stares at Eric*

    Delko: Some would say that's the key to a prolonged marriage too. The wife's too afraid to leave.

    Ryan: *walks in* ...Am I interrupting something?

    Speed: No, I was just leaving. *walks away, slams door*

    Ryan: You didn't look over at him while he was peeing right? 'Cause he hates that.

    Middle of club

    Horatio: That's it everyone! Grab your partner, do-si-do!

    Colton: *hides face* Oh God, is he finished yet?

    Katie: Actually I think the crowd is enjoying it.

    Colton: Tell me when it's over.

    Katie: Oh it's just begun.

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    First off.... KATIE!!! OMG....* runs and tackles* It's so cool to see you ,well, not see you, but you get the drift! It's been too long and yes , so much has happened on the RT....but really... OMG...I can't believe you made it back!

    Geni...updates, fab! Hilarity at it's greatest, as always. Who would've known that RT musical er...people, would be so funny? And I knew that Katie couldn't stay that mad at Anni, even though I suspect that there would always be this tic for tac thing when it comes to Speed(ahem, said Rt muscial people scene). All in all , however, it's just what I've come to expect from them. God love them all...

    So...what is the key to Anni and Speed's marriage? I mean, he's going for a record here (not complaining in the least bit mind you;). Just wondering, what is keeping them together? *gasp* could he actually love her????:lol:

    And the bar scene, this one says it all:


    Golden I tell you..golden!

    Awesome job!
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    Hey, I'm just wondering, who'd Jenna manage to sit on during Musical People? :lol:

    And, Horatio dancing... :guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw:

    :dies laughing:

    I think I coughed up a lung... Sounds like me trying to dance... :lol: XD Awesome! :thumbsup:
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    WHOA i missed a lot. I go away for a couple days and this happens.

    Awhaha! That scene was awesome, i loved it. ;)

    OH MAN that is a burn. Dude, you just got burned. Burn dude. Burn.

    Okay i think katie should either calm down or be dropped off at the nearest gas station. :lol: Hey, she freaking out and can't stop.

    Um, absolutely YES! :lol: ;) That such a talent. *breaths* Okay, if Horatio can use random lines of plays written by Shakespeare in conversation (like V from V for Vendetta) I am going to be very turned on.

    *gaspage* I KNOW HOW TO DO THE JIVE! Really i do! I got taught in high school! (Same with the waltz, fox trot, salsa, cha cha and the electric slide)

    *cant stop laughing* :lol: :lol: :guffaw: :guffaw: Oh man i totally played that scene in my head, and Wolfe's face was just perfect.

    Geni, you're the best at this. If I was rich and would SERIOUSLY take every chapter you've ever written and publish it a book for you. Then sell them world-wide. (If i had money to spare of course) But i would! i wouldn't think twice about it! :) Thanks for the updates and sorry for beaing late y'all! It is Spring Break and i have videogames to conquer. ;)
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    For some odd reason and I don't know why I can actually picture Horatio in the middle of the club and doing the bunny hop!

    I loved the comment from Ryan on how Speed hates to be watched when he pee's. HEHE.

    Aww poor Delkiepoo got shot done. That has to suck! Great update.
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    I'm back! That makes me so incredibly happy! That and the fact that we're once again AT A BAR! getting drunk and enjoying life. Except Carly who's dealing with incredibly stupid family issues, and Delko who got shot down by Jess...Poor guy.
    Geni! you continue to amaze me and make life fully of happy wonderfulness!
    Good job!
    Oh, and let's not die while we're passing through Serbia. They're at war, and we don't do good in war torn countries.
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    Innuendo. Haha sorry that word just sounds so funny to me :lol: I laughed so much Geni you don't even know. Awesome updates!:bolian:
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    Awww that's so sweet, thanks. :)


    Thanks for the awesome reviews everyone. :D


    Miami, Club Ozone

    Tripp: *looks down at pad of paper*

    Josh: *walks under tape* Hey, what do we have?

    Alexx: *looks up* Jon Doe, between 19 and 25 years old. He was found this morning by the cleaning crew.

    Tripp: *looks around* I've never been to this place before, is it new?

    Alexx: *scoffs* I'd be a little scared if you had been here Frank, honey. This is a gay club.

    Josh: *kneels* Jeans and a t-shirt, not exactly dressed for a night on the town.

    Tripp: Is there a dress code in these types of places?

    Josh: *looks up*

    Tripp: *clears throat*

    Alexx: No wallet, no ID, no cash and there's a white band around his middle finger indicative of a ring. We might be looking at a robbery gone bad.

    Josh: You have a possible cause of death?

    Alexx: There's bruising around the neck and I found skin under his fingernails. Possible strangulation.

    Josh: Crime of passion.

    Tripp: He seems a little young to be in a place like this.

    Josh: *stands* Kids go where they feel accepted. Places like these probably don't check all the IDs at the door. Or he could have run in here after closing.

    Tripp: I'll get the security tapes and talk to the owner. *walks away*

    Alexx: Wait a second...*lifts body*

    Josh: You find something?

    Alexx: *reaches underneath body* I think so...*lifts item* Looks like a receipt.

    Josh: Could have fallen out of his pocket. *grabs receipt* It's a credit card receipt for a gas station.

    Alexx: Can you track down his ID from it?

    Josh: Yeah.

    Alexx: *stands* Josh honey?

    Josh: *looks up from receipt* Yeah?

    Alexx: I saw Cait yesterday at the mall. She was with an older boy near the washrooms.

    Josh: Really.

    Alexx: Yeah. I thought I should let you know.

    Josh: *nods* Thanks.

    Alexx: Are you mad?

    Josh: No, no I'm not mad.

    Alexx: *smiles* Mhm.

    Josh: *lifts brow* What.

    Alexx: I've seen that look before from another CSI. Good luck with Cait, baby. *walks away*

    Josh: *frowns*

    Miami Lab

    Natalia: *walks over* Got a hit from the credit card receipt. Hendry Golas. DMV sent over his file. *hands over file*

    Josh: *opens file*

    Natalia: He's from Colorado, been living here for two years.

    Josh: *nods* I just got back from autopsy. There was some trace on his hands, it's running through the GCMS now.

    Natalia: You processed it?

    Josh: *lifts head* What?

    Natalia: It was just...a question.

    Printer beeps

    Natalia: Anyway. *walks over to printer, grabs paper* Polyeurethane and...vaseline. Who would have access to that in a gay club?

    Josh: Actually, it's quite common.

    Natalia: You know what it is?

    Josh: A condom. Polyeurethane condoms feel thinner than they actually are because they conduct heat better.

    Natalia: *stares at Josh*

    Josh: *smiles* Statistical analysis report.

    Natalia: Right.

    Josh: *clears throat* So that means our victim was probably inside the club at the time of the murder. Cause of death was suffocation due to strangulation.

    Natalia: So he was intimate with someone at the club, then got strangled.

    Josh: Most likely.

    Natalia: I didn't find any condoms when I searched the place.

    Josh: The cleaning crew found him.

    Natalia: So they probably emptied all the garbages and cleaned all the toilets. Great. You up for a little dumpster diving?

    Josh: *smiles* I would love to go through a dumpster with you.

    Natalia: *smiles*

    Greece, club, 11pm

    Katie: *pokes Colton, giggles*

    Colton: *rolls eyes* You know, I think you just cleared out the club from all the whiskey.

    Katie: Y' have the most prettiest eyes I have EVER seen. They're so...BUE.

    Colton: Blue.

    Katie: That's what I said. *grabs Colton's shirt* It makes you SMEXY.

    Colton: *pushes Katie* You need to go bother someone else or..get arrested or something.

    Katie: You know what I like about you? You're HONEST. And you're HOT. I just wanna lick th-

    Colton: Stop. *stands*

    Katie: Where you goin'?

    Colton: I'm not telling you. *walks away*

    Katie: I'LL FIND YOU!

    Calleigh: *runs over, sits* Horatio just got finished teaching everyone the bunny hop, it was SO FUN!

    Katie: *sniffles*

    Calleigh: You okay?

    Katie: I'm WASTED.

    Calleigh: I see. And that makes you sad?

    Katie: No. It's just...*sigh* Colton's like, he ran away from me. It's not like I was like this like big like uber goober or something! I think I totally said the wrong thing.

    Calleigh: Oh, why, what did you say?

    Katie: *hiccups* I said he was hot.

    Calleigh: Well, I'm sure he understands that you're not exactly...sane at the moment.

    Katie: No no no, I meant it. Like, 'cause like, he like, he was all romantic when we went on that date and everything. Like, he like, he paid for my FOOD. He even walked me back to the hotel and he didn't even try to feel me up.

    Calleigh: *nods slowly* So you like Colton now?

    Katie: No. Well, yes. Well, no. Maybe? I don't know. I'm confuzzled. He's just...I like his personality. 'Cause he says what he says and it's really funny 'cause it's always so sarcastic even though like, he used to be this sweet guy but apparently he changed and now he's all-

    Calleigh: Like Speed.

    Katie: ...

    Calleigh: *scratches head*

    Katie: Huh. You know, Calleigh, you're a smart woman. I appreciate that about you. I think I need another drink. *hobbles away*

    Calleigh: Let me know if you want to talk about anything else!

    Booth, across room

    Anni: *sighs, sits* Ah the bunny hop. I've suddenly just got flashbacks to 8th grade....and why am I talking to myself? *drinks beer*

    Delko: *runs over, sits* Hey.

    Anni: *smiles* Hey! Did you see Horatio over there? He definitely won over the crowd, I think.

    Delko: I have a personal question.

    Anni: Fire away.

    Delko: What do women want?

    Anni: Oh honey, there was a whole movie about that. Mel Gibson was great but seemed a little washed up.

    Delko: Jess doesn't want to be with me.

    Anni: Okay, 'be' how?

    Delko: Just together. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

    Anni: Aww! That's so cute, you go for it.

    Delko: I already tried. She said that I wasn't ready for it.

    Anni: I see. Well do you think you are?

    Delko: ...I thought I was. I mean, she's all I think about, I...I care about her so much. And it's not about sleeping with her, I just want to be with her and finish what we started. Have a family, a real family.

    Anni: Did you tell her that?

    Delko: No.

    Anni: Maybe you should.

    Delko: She says I'm not serious. I don't know how I can convince her.

    Anni: Then you'll have to try, any way you can. Make her see it. She wants you to.

    Delko: How do you know?

    Anni: She told me like a half hour ago.

    Delko: *laughs*

    Anni: *smiles*

    Delko: *smile fades* Hey uh, can I ask you another question?

    Anni: Sure. I feel a lot like Dr. Phil today anyway.

    Delko: How are things between you and Speed? I mean, relationship-wise. I'm just curious since you two seem happy.

    Anni: Um...things are great. Yeah, we're thinking about getting a new house.

    Delko: Great. So he's...good to you.

    Anni: *lifts brow* What's this about?

    Delko: Well I...I asked in passing if he maybe...hit you?

    Anni: Why would you ask him that?

    Delko: What other way has he ever kept his marriages going?

    Anni: *laughs* I think you're a little paranoid. He's never laid a hand on me.

    Delko: Good. Because I swore to him if he did it again, I'd kill him.

    Anni: Look, I appreciate your concern but you have nothing to worry about. You should be concentrating on you and Jess.

    Delko: *scratches head*

    Anni: What, what is it?

    Delko: Something's just bugging me. He doesn't seem right.

    Anni: Who, Speed? Eric, there's nothing wrong with him.

    Delko: Then why'd he get defensive and run off when I asked him?

    Anni: Because he's a private guy and he probably wasn't proud of what he'd done.

    Delko: What if he's doing it again? Maybe not to you but someone else.

    Anni: Eric, you're fishing for nothing.

    Delko: He lied to me when he said he didn't know what Horatio was doing in South America. He's evasive, tempermental, b-

    Anni: Stop. You're just doing this so you don't have to deal with Jess.

    Delko: Have you seen anything out of the ordinary? When you were back home?

    Anni: *angry sigh* ....*looks up from table*

    Delko: What.

    Anni: Before we left...Lori was visiting. He um...they were arguing, which isn't exactly a rare thing. I wasn't really paying attention, I was folding laundry in the bedroom. But...

    Delko: But what.

    Anni: I heard a crash. When I came out to see what had happened, Lori was gone. I asked him what the noise was and he said he dropped something.

    Delko: What do you think happened?

    Anni: I think he dropped something, like he said. I just found it weird. Does he have a temper? Yeah. Would he slap someone around? Not likely anymore.

    Delko: So he says.

    Anni: I trust him. If he says he didn't hurt anyone, then he didn't.

    Delko: What's Lori's number?

    Anni: I don't know. Eric, let it go.

    Delko: You opened the door. *stands, leaves*

    Anni: *sigh*


    Delko: *walks out*

    Speed: *standing near wall*

    Delko: Can we talk?

    Speed: Sure.

    Delko: I heard you got into an argument with Lori.

    Speed: Random.

    Delko: I was speaking around. Anyway, before I call her and hear her side of things, what were you two fighting about?

    Speed: If you want to impress Jess with your CSI skills, you might try a real crime.

    Delko: You hit her?

    Speed: No.

    Delko: You push her?

    Speed: Go do something meaningful with your time instead of berating me with nonsense.

    Delko: *shoves Speed against wall* You've been avoiding every question I've been asking you. And I want to know why. Why do you have to lie?

    Speed: I didn't tell you one thing and you think I'm beating the crap out of my daughter.

    Delko: Are you?

    Speed: Yeah, she's tied up in her basement.

    Delko: This isn't a joke.

    Speed: I'm not joking.

    Delko: ...What?

    Speed: *lifts brows* You sure don't appreciate April Fools. Anni's messing with your head. Lighten up.

    Anni: *walks over*

    Delko: You have got to be kidding me.

    Speed: This is why Jess keeps shooting you down. You don't know the difference between something actually serious and something that obviously isn't. Don't string yourself up so tight.

    Anni/Speed highfive and walk away

    Delko: ...Okay! That was mean!

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  12. Anni Grey

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    Geni...that so rocked on sooooo many levels! Josh , Nat and a gay bar...can you ask for anything better? And Katie...she's still reliving her life with Speed. She's seeing Colton as Sp- wait, that's just wrong. Katie needs to sober up and grip. I wished she had someone to make her happy.

    And Speed and, talk about a double team! I laughed myself silly when they hi fived each other. Those two are a formidble pair.

    Excellent work, Geni!
  13. Jenna_Caine

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    :lol: Poor Delko...

    :lol: Aw, poor guy... :hugs: :D

    Btw, Geni, I never found out... I just kinda wanna know who Jenna managed to sit on during Musical People... Please tell me? :gives you the puppydog eyes: :lol:
  14. Finch

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    ^ Heh, I meant to answer that in my other post but somehow I forgot. :lol:

    Jenna was either also sitting on Delko (he seems to be rather popular! :p) or she was left out but hiding. :lol: Yep, that's what happens when you have 15 or so characters, ha.

    I should have another chapter up tonight!
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  15. Jenna_Caine

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    "Rather" popular? :guffaw: Gee, ya think? :lol: And the left-out-but-hiding bit definitely sounds like me... If I couldn't manage to sit on Delko, I'd definitely hide... XD Sweet! This is so much fun!
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