Review The Last Film You Saw ~ Thread 3

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I saw Blades of Glory tonight with some friends, personally I din't think it was really funny but my friends liked it. I think the reason I didn't like it was it really isn't my type of comedy, I prefer either really silly comedys with no plot or a comedy with a plot that still has a lot of jokes some of which are irrelevant to the plot. The plot of this movie was too obvious you know, enimies become friends with a happy cliched ending.
I went and seen Zodiac. It was such an awesome movie. Great acting from everybody. I love Mark Ruffalo, too so to see him in such an awesome role was great.

I didn't really like how they started out the movie around jake gyllenhaal and then towards the middle it became all about the two detectives then as the movie started to end it got bake to jake's character again.
Little Miss Sunshine

I watched this a few nights ago and I thought it was absolutely awesome and very funny. Olive was so adorable, the little girl who plays her was just fantastic. Great performances from everyone really, although Greg Kinnear stood out to me a little more. Highly recommend it, it was great fun to watch. :)
i love little miss sunshine!

last night i was bored so i walked to blockbuster to get casino royale! *le sigh* i loves me some daniel craig. not usually into action movies, but this one is so good, the stunt sequences are amazing.
i think my favourite scene though is the one with him and vesper in the shower. hes so sweet, he doesnt tell her it will be ok or to get out of there. he just sits with her and i love it. and then the speedo scenes come in a close second :lol:
i was a little disappointed with the bonus features on the dvd. i thought thered be so much since there were two discs but there was about 20 minutes on the stunts, a 30 minute 'becoming bond' feature, and 40 minutes on bond girls. i was really hoping the deleted naked scenes were going to be on there :devil: oh well, ill have to get one of his other movies where hes in the nuddey pants... :lol:
I watched Mr Beans Holiday :lol:

It was not as funny as I thought it'd be, but I did have to laugh my arse off sometimes. I loved the scene with Bean stealing the motorbike of the old French guy, that was just hilarious. Sometimes I was like: "BEAN! DON'T DO THAT!" *le dork* Overall, I thought it was worth watching it but I expected more.
Employee of the Month

Was hoping it would be alittle bit like Office Space. Not even close. Had some funny bits but Jessica Simpson kind of got on my nerves and the actor who played the head cashier didn't sell it enough for me. I actually wanted to see some of the lesser charcters more because they were funnier.
calleighspeedle, the thread title says review, which means we'd like you to tell us a little more, for example your opinion about the film, what you didn't like, what impressed you, etc. Thanks :)
I went to Wild Hogs last night, and i gotta say, it was a great movie. I found myself laughing out loud through a lot of it. All the actors were great, but i have to say seeing John C. McGinley play a gay patrolman was downright hilarious. I wish he was in more of the movie. The skinny dipping scene had my sides hurting from laughing so hard.

This is a movie i definitely plan on buying on DVD. :)
X-Men 3

Erm...wasn't overly impressed, I have to say. Compared to the first two, it was a bit unimpressive. In short it felt rushed into a conclusion. It's not a bad film, some of the fighting scenes were great and I also thought the bridge scene was very good, I just wasn't happy with how everything was wrapped up. This could possibly be down to the change of directing and, in my humble opinion, it’s a shame Bryan Singer didn’t direct the final installment.
I bought Final Destination 3 and thought it was good but gross. Seemed a little redundant as mostly was just like the first two.

I also got Failure to Launch and liked it. I thought it was a good movie and funny and a decent storyline to it. Although seeing Terry's behind was not the highlight.
I just watched Woody Allen's "Match Point". It was long, but at least it was boring! :lol:

Seriously, I don't mind the long, drawn out approach, but it seemed like Woody was trying to emulate Robert Altman here and it was just not overly exciting. 2 out of 5, maximum.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. It was completely not funny and very very boring. I quit watching after an hour. I'm actually surprised I watched it so long..
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Too bad it was a dubbed version, I have to catch original version someday (it's shown on Canal+ at the moment)

Anyways, even I'm not always too fond of these kind of movies I think it was great :eek: Dubbing annoyed me a bit but still...and yes, in movies for kids song parts always bore me. But Tim Burton is such a great with these fantasy movies.
I went and saw "Blades of Glory" yesterday.
It was alright. Some of the movie was funny I thought, while others were just kind of stupid. My sister and I saw the previews for it and it looked really good then. Overall, the movie was alright, but it could have been a lot better.
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