May sorrow everlast - an Aiden-corner

Welcome back Doreen and other rearrivals! :)

Bookworm, great observation. Gotta watch out for that.

CathStokes, thanks for your hug. You´re right I´m watching season two actually, at least selected scenes. :D

Nevertheless my point of view is still the plot of Aiden getting and being fired (what a pun :p ) has been very unfair and nasty. Don´t agree with me?

No problem with that. I´m just really into justice. So I don´t see any chance of forgiving Mac whenever. :( :eek:

Because of that there´s this revenge-plot stumbling through my head. I´d be really happy about Aiden having a twin-sister she didn´t know of; causing massacres to revenge Aiden.

You ever thought about someone revenging Aiden?
Of course the team caught Pratt. However this is not my attitude of revenge. I´m refering to a revenge kinda An Eye For An Eye or something.

Or would this be too splattering? What you think? :eek:
Revenge is my middle name...
Ha, yoroshiku onegaishimasu... I'm new here, this topic really interest me,,
I love her soooo much
Of course revenging pops in my head. Do you ever watch "Jigoku Shoujo" of "Girl From Hell"? The story tells about a website where you can put a name who you want to get revenge with. Enma Ai (the hell girl) will take the person you enter the name to the hell but paid with your soul (so you have to go to hell too)...
The first name that came into my head was Pratt!!!!
And then Frankie, he tortured Stella, but he's dead anyway...
^Not Danny, no team-member. I´m refering to relatives, respectively bro´sis Aiden didn´t know of.

btw: 500th post - Yayyyyy! Let´s keep this busy. :cool: :cool: :cool:
Darn, I totally forgot to look my a little part of Aiden in the credits on Wednesday, now I have to remember to look for her this Wednesday! --oh and Yay 500 posts!
:D 500 posts! wooohoo! :devil:

Heroes just aired for the first time in Australia last night :( I fell asleep at the start and woke up only because I fell out of my bunk bed and hurt my back... *bawls* how on earth could I have missed such an important episode?
Not sure if these have already been posted somewhere, but I was sorting through my "Third Watch" DVDs and remembered Vanessa guest-starred in one episode so here's a few caps:




Notice the sexy little outfit... ;)

The quality isn't great, but this was pre-HDTV.
aww man I am such a huge Third Watch fan and never even recoginsed that was Vanessa. Need to watch my dvd's more. She looks awesome!.
^^ That was the season 3 finale, "Blackout". And hey, glad to meet some TW fans. I'm still a huge fan of that show... :D