May sorrow everlast - an Aiden-corner

Welcome folks. I just thought I could open a thread for desperate Aiden-fans to get in contact with each other.

As an introduction I´d like to post some nice Aiden pictures.
Enjoy them and have fun here - or just cry together. :eek:

Aiden thoughtful

Aiden concentrated

Aiden really cool

For the case that there is already a thread for Aiden-fans to meet, I kindly request the moderators to close this topic and give me the Link.
Glad I have season one on DVD, I can watch Aiden whenever I want!I'm grateful that they didn't kill her off, but why did they have her make such a stupid mistake? They could have had her transfered or something. That blunder seemed totally out of character to me. I could see Danny do it, but not Aiden.
Yea it seems unlikely that Aiden would make a stupid mistake like that. Even though I'm over the fact that Aiden's gone, I still miss her sometimes.
Welcome, come in. :)

I also think Aiden wouldn´t do such a mistake. Maybe this really fits more to Danny or Flack.

Doreen, you say you´re over the leaving of Aiden. On the other side you´re so honest to miss her sometimes.
Isn´t this a contradiction? If you forgot Aiden then there is also no need left claiming you still remember her.
Please don´t say such things, only if you want to be polite.

Robospanker dump that guest-star idea - there´s a real chance Aiden retires entirely. :cool:
Indeed, in Holland she didn't leave...but we have re-runs...well more Danny and DnA
Ah yeah yesterday, with that Blowfish. Danny was so cute :)
To bad he didn't appear that much :( Maar volgende week 'A man a mile' :lol:

I want Aiden to stay :(
Nah, that chance is really small. we just have to get used to Lindsay, that will come eventually (I hope)
I thought they were made for each other...still think we have to get used to her, I guess so.
I never thought that any of the female characters in either LV or Miami was that interesting, no offence to those who do :) Until NY and Aiden. The first time I saw her, I thought, "She's hot for a CSI." I mean, I dig Catherine too but Aiden really stood out. And her tough, street smart attitude? She's the kind of person I'd want to be. She's real. Lindsay is not half the person Aiden was and she will never be able to take her place. I miss Aiden :(
The point is their is a larger chance to get Aiden back than you think. I described the reasons in Bring Back Burn. Please do me a huge favour and read it, everybody who still hesitates supporting us.

No offence to anyone - just my view of Lindsay: She will never even approach Aiden. It´s simple:
Nobody will replace Aiden - neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever. *shiver