May sorrow everlast - an Aiden-corner

Bullet_Girl said: (...) Get out of my ****ing way, before I shove your fingers (or your gun) so far up your @$$ that they'll never see the light of day again! :lol: I don't know why, but I got an image of her saying that just then :p

Hrchmhhhm *cough*. You don´t have to like my idea. ;)
Ok, nothing wrong with ideas. Let´s just keep it serious. How about that?

btw: Watched summer in the city a couple of days ago. Don´t know if UI´m strong enough for Grand Murder next week. :eek:
Oh, yeah...okay..... :p

hmmmm..... I rent NY out from my local video shop since I'm still waiting for my DVDS to come through in the mail, but I might have to rent the disc with those epis and watch them for you :p :lol:

I hardly cry at anything.....excpet for the death of our girl. I bawled at that.
Man, been some time since I've posted here! :lol:

I miss Aiden. I really, really want to get the CSI:NY S1 DVD set. The only reason I watched CSI:NY was because of Aiden.
*hugs you can do it, D_B*

aww Doreen! You've come back to us!!.. I love season 1, I miss season 1, I miss Aiden.
i thought i had got over it but i watched heros again last night and now am so sad
as you can see iv now changed my pic back to Aiden
I havent posted on here in ages!! For some reason , I started thinking about Aiden a lot when I was watching this past Wednesday's episode, Im not sure why. I jsut got some Aiden icons made, Im probably going to start using them soon. I miss Aiden so much! It was incredibly sad during the episode when they find Aiden's body, and Danny was super sad, that was the most horrible episode ever!! (Not like producing-horrible, just it was so sad) Sorry to totally but a huge damper on the thread now.
Here, have a smiley :)
One nice thing: In the opening credits, there are two shots of Danny, one where he's smiling at someone off camera and one where he's working with a test tube. The shot of Danny smiling at someone off camera is from the first season and he's actually smiling at Aiden. It's from American Dreamers where she's waiting rather impatiently for Mac to let her loose on the John Doe's skull and Danny is teasing her about it. If you watch the edge of the screen during the credits, you can see the sleeve of Aiden's lab coat. So, in a way, her spirit lives on in every episode - just not the way we would like.
Cathstokes - How are you being mean? Oh, right......ignore you... :p *whistles and walks away, only ot come running back seconds later) :lol:

Hmmm.....I'll have to see the credits again, won't I? :D