Mac/Stella #8: Smacked Smex....'nuff said'

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For that matter she plays that game alot...let's show them us not doing it in the broom closet, up against the wall in the lab, on Mac's desk, anywhere there is an avaiable surface...instead let's try to make them think we're not doing it...well Stel, you suck at that game cuz honey, we SOOO know you and Mac are doing it...look at our thread title woman, it says it all! :devil:

Don't torture Cate, Lynny...I wikes her! :D

ETA: Looky, looky, looky! I made a Smacked banner, ain't it purty! :D :D :D
Yeah Stella, look at our thread title woman! We know what ya doing child, just freaking admit it. God, your just like Catherine! .. That's it. yall ain't talking no more in my fic!

I wikes Cate too. she knows I live to torture her! :D
Hey, you can't torture me, Lynny. I'm Dylan's babysitter whenever parents are way.... doing stuffs :devil: . I had an earful when I left him with Flack and Danny. *squints eyes at them*

Lol, if Stella tests negative (which she will haha), that means she's clean. Uh oh... *hears sirens again* :devil: . If she's clean then... Dylan won't be alone if I'm doing something else... *feels somebody tugging my pants leg*

Oh, Dylan asks for daddy back. ;)
^^ Awww! You hang with Don & Danny! Me too! I stole Danny awhile ago... :lol:
HEY GUYS! How are we? I'm sorry that I've been away! My Internet's been down when I got back my Easter holidays. Blah and I got back to school today, which sucks even more...
Well, anyway the kiss at the end of 'What Schemes May Come' was very adorable.
I think that scene is called for another M Rated SMacked fic don't you think? :devil: :lol: :D I mean, I don't know how anyone here could write a fic that rivalled "Trapped SMacked Style" where they were in a jammed elevator for four hours and crammed so much heat into that period of time. I just thought Stella kept Mac under her control for once.

*"Mac I'm still hot" Stella whined in her little girl voice* God, that made me laugh. Oh and what Stella did in the final chapter of that fanfic salvaged ruined days as well. :D
Hello everbody,

I am not really new to this thread, reading along on the shipper thread about a year or so, but since we got SO MUCH SMACK in the current season, I felt like finally getting myself an account to be able to join you in freaking out on the current developments!!! :) :) :)

So, why am I here?? First of all... LOVE THIS THREAD!! THE ONLY PLACE ON THE NET I see ppl who are as crazy about M/S as I am !!!! GREAT!!

And secondly, here's my "story"...
I am a M/S Shipper from the very beginning. I started to watch CSI:NY from about half way through s1 on, but the eppy I really got hooked up was 1x23 (What a surprise!? ;) )and then in the next week, they run reruns and I got 1x01 to see which made me a M/S shipper. I didn't realize that this was acutally chronological incorrect. I just LOVED the interaction between Gary and Melina from that moment on. :) They are great together.

Coming a long (shipper) way from frustrations caused by Harm and Mac of JAG (to those who cared... you know what I am talking about!), I finally had a new ship that was worth watching. I even "created" my personal tagline for M/S: There is hope!!!
(Because we saw WAY much more shippery elements in S1 of CSI:NY than in the last 4 Seasons of JAG!! :D )

Well, enough of me. Hope you guys bear to have me around. :)

Oh and sorry in advance for all my mistakes in grammar, spelling and stuff. I am not a native.
BonaTaylor! WELCOME! Have some olive oils and ties :devil: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your name. :D *gg* Yes, this is the perfect place for such SMacked thoughts. and yes, we too are "obsessed" with SMacked (*rolleyes* well i am that's for sure) oh well. just enjoy yourself here. its fun here :devil:

Axie Our very own Cate wrote that. :lol: isnt that fic amazing? :lol:

nobody hunts down my ate cate...except of shes not updating anything :p
I was thinking over the whole HIV results getting back and just think....

It is the end of the day, Mac is sitting in his office (it is dark outside) and then Stella walks in, carrying a folder. She says she got the results back but wants to share them with Mac. He pulls her up a chair and she sits in front of him with the folder and opens it up to see that she is...negative. Tears of joy fill her eyes as she quietly tells Mac the results. He is very happy to hear that and is especially happy to see Stella's worries melt away right before. He brings her into an embrace telling her he is very happy for her......

and as always, I'll let you finish it.;) I dunno. It just came to mind. This (unfortunatley) is not referenced to any spoilers so, don't worry. Just me and my mind....again....sadly. :(
Thanks mj0621 for your warm Welcome. I am not really a busy writer, rather a profound reader, but you guys are great and I really enjoy hanging out here once in a while. Over there in the fanart thread, I discovered even a Wallpaper challenge, I will probably take part in. Gosh, this is the kind of spare time I love to spend!! :) :)

I am sooo looking forward to 3x21 since Stella will get her results. VaveAma92, I like the way your mind works... ;)
Hey BonaTaylor! Looooove your name hahaa! *hands her a map of all the potential hiding places in the gutter* ==> just in case you find yourself in the way of the meter police haha.

Axa -- lol, yeah I wrote that. Glad you liked it. It was my first M-rated fic hahaha. :devil: I couldn't get enough of them ever since.

Vave -- I actually have the same thing in mind. That Stella would get the results back but won't read it herself. She would let Mac read it and they'd share another hug and a kiss in celebration. Or maybe more...... :devil:
Welcome BonaTaylor !!! I LOVE your name! :devil: I've followed SMACK since Ep 1 In Season 1! I was like "Are they married or dating or something?" The latest ep is like, so full of SMACK that I'm hoping for Mac to ditch (payless) and go for Stella!

And Lynny , shoudln't you be convincing Mac into killing Payless? or should WE just do it ourselves? :devil:
The latest ep is like, so full of SMACK that I'm hoping for Mac to ditch (payless) and go for Stella!
I know! I don't hate Peyton anymore. She isn't as annoying, but the thing is that--UH OH, she's the wrong person for Mac. Hello! STELLA'S THE PERFECT ONE!
Thanks guys for that lovely welcome. You seem like a crazy bunch of ppl... I already feel home. ;)

Glad, you all just love my name, but I have to give credits here. Actually my boyfriend (!!) came up with it since he is (I made him) SMACKed as well. ;) :D

As for Peyton... in the beginning, I couldn't stand her at all. Meanwhile I see the potential she has a character for the developement of Mac. But TPTB PLEASE!! Drop her anyways at the end of the season. Mac developed enough now bvy now!!!

He is READY for Stella!!! :devil:

Okay, back to work... :(
Oh yeah, we're a pretty crazy bunch.

I've learned to like Peyton *nudges mj* because I saw her potential to the SMACked ship. She's the added spice and added angst to it all.

By the way, I have a new piece: Goodnight Tonight
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