Mac/Stella #8: Smacked Smex....'nuff said'

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:eek: Ranma! Don't even think of putting the idea of Payless (i still cringe at her name) together with Mac, okay?! I'll kil them both!!!!

:lol: I'm watching the vid as I type and I love the way Mac says "You wanna do it here in the lab?" :devil:

and Stella's "Whatever the outcome, I am bound and determined to ive everyday to the fullest," *dies happy*
Wow, I just watched the the kiss scene and I laughed at the line, too, when Mac said this thing with the lab.. Smacked lives on... :lol:
CW I wub you. you know that right? :lol:

MJ, Did you get a new banner again?
Your completely hopeless..
hey :p dont look at me. It was a surprise for me from my friend. :lol: I swear!

Yeah hon, she totally did! It was like a caressing touch on his chest, lingering kiss on his cheek and then her hand lingers on his chest afterwards too...I'm telling y'all...they SO wanted eachother! Nah forget that, no past tense...they WANT eachother baby...I say Mac was about 3 seconds away from clearing his desk and jumping her right then and there!
dangit I cant find a cap of that scene/moment! :p :lol: I want that hawt scene... NOW! :devil: oohhh...yeah..want it is!! now only if the walls aren't glass... :lol: wait..Peyton who? :lol: *runs*
Reine -- mi amiga, dios mio! *fans self* Forget kissing him on the cheek, that screen cap looked like she was kissing him on the lip, a'right. I'm going crazy seeing how Stella held his face that close and Mac actually reciprocated (putting his hand on her shoulder) when she kissed him this time. Hmm... can't wait for the DVD to come out and hear what they have to say about that. :devil:

And the quote? Hahaha, sneaky Mac. He just wants to be invited to Stella's house because he knows he's the exception to her 'no men in my house' rule. :devil:

Anyone here seen Dylan, by the way? I left him with our resident blue-eyed blonde detectives in the gutterville but I can't find them. Anyway, this is what nitrogen gas does to you when you've had too much of it:

I am soooo tempted to write a spin-off fic in the POV of the unnamed lab techs and other employees of the lab who actually saw that. Kinda like one of those nosey receptionists and gossipy people by the water fountain and ladies' room.


So there, nice to be on dry land after a weekend of SCUBA diving. I am now a certified SCUBA diver.


you did an awsome job!

the pics are amazing...i wish they played that scene in slow motion on TV....with that kick ass romantic music thats playing in my head right now...

*holds open ear*

can anyone else hear those bells :devil: :D
*swims in the SMacked happiness* CalleighWolfe, that was beautiful. The one that says "...touches," he has that longing in his face as her hand is on his cheek,and....AH it's just so cute! *dies from adorableness*
YEY! GOT SMACKED!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D That scene really saved the day for me. :D I could just as well see Mac moving his hand elsewhere on Stella's back and going lower and..... *Bribes gutter police who defect to the gutter Army*

When she tests negative for HIV, imagine how it will sweep Peyton into the trash can of Mac's memory or into Evan Zao's or Hawkes's arms instead. :devil:
WOW, those pics are so sweet, thanks alot CalleighWolfe!! You saved the rest of the day with making the caps.
I love that scene and could watch it again and again. The more I'd watch the more I think my mind would go in a direction which is only reserved for Smacked. :devil:
Kudos to Re who once again brought it on home for us :D Thanks babes!

Shall we all go nuts and nuts over that? Yes, yes we shall. All aboard "Lets go Nuts - Smacked"
Wow! Already 2 pages as of writing this post. Guess it shows the ship is immensely popular. I think the volcano was a favorite, Peyton was the snow covering Mac's Peak but Stella is the fiery magma within all the tunnels and caves with the volcano and when it erupts...........:devil: :devil:
Awww Reine, thanks honey!!!! Those caps rock! And yeah I totally have to agree with Cate, in one of those caps it totally looks like Stel was moving to kiss him on the lips...if only!! :devil: Now that would have seriously rocked! :lol:

Loved the update Cate totally rocked! :D As always...I adore your stories, and Dylan and I just...*Hugs you!* :D

Can't wait to see where this goes...Smacked is sailing peeps, totally sailing! Mmmhmm! :D
She did kiss him. We just didn't get to see. See the little witch decided to play a game, 'i'm going to let you see me NOT kiss me, but I really am'. Witch.

Kudos to Cate, because I think I should torture you now. *nods*
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