Mac/Stella #8: Smacked Smex....'nuff said'

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i reckon the third kiss will be the real thing, probably after they get into an argument or when they have to spend the night in mac's office filling out paperwork.
Mj you know what they say honey..."Third times the charm!" :D :D And let's just say, it darn well better be...cuz I want a real Smacked kiss...on the lips! Come on PTB! :D

Glad you like my Canon banner's pretty fun! :D
A) Who's making the new thread? B) What is the new thread being called? And C) I want a smacked smex and kiss next season damnit!.. I demand it.

Yes Mo, your banner is lovely. :p
Hi Lynny!! *Mo snuggles her buddy!* Good questions all :lol: Let's see...I don't know who's making the new thread...First one to say "ME"! :lol:
And the new thread is called...Mac/Stella #9:Her Greekness is his weakness! (by ONE vote! :lol: )

And as for a kiss...yeah I'm with you...demanding a kiss! Glad you like my banner, I quite enjoy it! ;) I see your lovely avvie is back! Love it! ;)
my luck I probably won't be here to open it. lol. so Mo its yours. :p

nice thread name, by one vote? nice!

as long as you enjoy it babes, yeah I couldn't resist bringing it back.

I still demand a kiss..
Third time's the charm, ei?

Well, they have been building up to something :devil: through the seasons. From the handshake, to the unintentional kiss on the cheek, to the blatant staring, to the hug[/i]sssss[/i], to the intentional kiss and the lingering hugs. See! The next thing we know, there'll be little Macs and Stellas jumping from Flack's and Danny's arms haha.

MJ -- it's the Brad Pitt movie. ;) *dangles the cookie in the air* I wonder why SMACked is watching that....

Mo -- well, I have secrets that :devil: I don't think they even know I know. Really, they're actually amused at how we "gossip" about our neighbors, the Bonasera-Taylors :lol: . Little did they know, they aren't really "rumors".... ;)
Mo- my thoughts exactly. ;)

omg i just saw the fake smacked kiss, that looks hot! now, if only they would kiss in s4....
did i miss something? :eek: what fake kiss? O_O

Lynny just a kiss? why not demand something more :devil: :p

ate cate oohh... I didn't see Brad Pitt in the credits. :lol: i get it. *drools for cookie* yeah wonder why...

don't worry, i can feel in my vibrations that SMacked will come :p *cross fingers*
hhmmm.. i think this will be my last post in this foldie :D
CathStokes said:
I still demand a kiss..

Would you like that in the premiere or you'll wait until later maybe!? :p

There are some promo pics of the first episode I think in the NY thread!

^Nice chapter!Dylan is sooooo cute!More stories with him!

wooo..It's about time for a new thread! :D..The title is smart and good!
CathStokes said:
I still demand a kiss..
Hey, you're not the only one :D Sor is for a kiss too, a passionate one please! *blinks* :lol:

athens said:
Would you like that in the premiere or you'll wait until later maybe!? :p

The premiere would be good, Peyton came also with her big bang in the seasons premiere, so why not? :lol:
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