Mac/Stella #8: Smacked Smex....'nuff said'

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Hello everybody welcome to thread 8 of the awesome Mac/Stella AKA Smacked.. AKA Smacked Smex.. Nuff Said!

Our last thread is located here

Well, lets get this party started!
Yay new thread wahoo smex all the way
btw i replied in the last thread :D

Olive oil and ties need to be thrown hehe
Here's is my contribute, CHEERS

Tangled Webs

Stella and Mac tangled and twisited around our souls
driving passion of fever leading to chills
Never letting their flame burn out,
as they dance and flow like lava from the heated ground.
Deeper and darker their web becomes,
as they tangle their nakedness of thier bodies as one.
Fluid flowing from parts unknown,
from all the passion and enchantment they've shown.
Spinning and spreading their wings real wide,
as they climb our web way above the blue clear sky.
Never wanting to land on the ground of reality once more,
so they just keep spinning and spinning out of control.
*gives out olive oil and ties*

Does anyone remember where the ep list was located? Did anyone update it??

ooh nice luvingmyhoratio I likes that! thats hot. meow!
^^ Are you looking for this Lynn??? ;)

List updated!!!!! :D

Mina's list (SMACked episodes)
Season One

2. Creatures of the Night
8. Three Generations Are Enough
9. Officer Blue
10. Night, Mother
11. Tri-Borough
12. Recycling
14. Blood, Sweat & Tears
15. Til' Death Do We Part
16. Hush
18. The Dove Comission
19. Crime and Misdemeanor
22. The Closer
23. What You See Is What You See

Season Two

4. Corporate Warriors
7. Manhattan Manhunt
8. Bad Beat
10. Jamalot
14. Stuck On You
17. Necrophilia Americana
19. Super Men
21. All Access
22. Stealing Home
24. Charge of This Post

Season Three

1. People With Money
5. Oedipus Hex
6. Open & Shut
8. Consequences
10. Sweet 16
13. Obsession
16. Heart Of Glass
17. The Ride In
18. Sleight Out of Hand
20. What Schemes May Come

Where's Mina btw???? :(

ranma loved the spoiler pic!!!! :D made my day !!! *dances*, and his hand is almost touching her back too :devil: *dances* I can't believe it!!!! :D :D :D

Yayyyy!!!! New thread!!!
I wub those lil dancing smilies...where do you get 'em? :lol:

let's get the party started then! *dances while squeeing*

LOVE the cap ;) simply perfect. seriously, SMacked is in the air.

Peyton will be screaming, "I'm going to kick your ass" and then Stella will be all smirking, like try it, come on, try it. :p

Lucky walls.
I wub you for that :lol: hehe really, i do ;) i might do something about this Stella vs Peyton thing :lol:
Congrats on the new thread! I watched the new ep last night. i'm not gonna say any more because i'm not sure if i need a spoiler box to mention last nights eppy. i love the title...its like a tounge twister...a bit hard to say but oh, well i still love it :D i'm just a bit sorry i don't have a nice gift :p
Yey! New SMACKED Thread. It's great when a new Mac/Stella thread is opened since it shows how popular this ship really is. I just pray that it will survive "Cold Reveal" on May 2.
Woo! New thread! *throws olive oil and ties*

You know, I just had a thought. When we started thread 7, everyone said that the fact we started it on the first day of 2007 meant it should be a good year for SMACked. Since then we've had the hug in "The Ride In", quite a few other scenes and now the kiss! We were all right! :D
I love all of our threads. all of them have been pretty great and alot of them had some great smacked scenes to go with them.

Thanks for the list - Re -- Almost didn't recognize yous with the new icon :) I think Mina's off doing the RL thing for awhile, she might come back later.
New thread! Yeah!

Some cap eh? I swear I squeed when I FF to the end. I haven't seen the whole ep yet though, no time :( I'll try to put up a clip of it sometime later :D
Hey guys. I dug this up while surfing another CSI NY site. It's a magazine cover of Mac and Stella that perfectly made me a SMacked fan. See for yourselves. THis will be my last post until Sunday since I'm heading out of town in a few hours. Enjoy!!!!

Congratulations on the new SMACked thread!
*takes the tie and olive oil as suggested!*.. :rolleyes: :p

Thanks for the pictures..I haven't seen the new episode yet,maybe sometime this day,but that cap was enough to let me know what is coming!! ;)..

^I really like that!..Melina is completely un-CSI but it's really really great! :)

CW & Mina thanks for the M/S episode list!
CalleighWolfe said:
Yayyyy!!!! New thread!!!

Whee! Omigod, I lurve the party haha!
Do you know that olive oil is good for your skin? *pours EVOO all over self haha*

mercy -- haha, yeah it might end up in one of my future fics. And well, since I'm a permanent resident of the gutterville.... well, let's just say that if I put that in my fic, Dylan'll have another little playmate in the play pen haha.

And yes, Rambo Stella pwns Peyton any day. She's waaaay up there in Mac's list -- and Peyton's just starting to climb that ladder. 10years+, baybee. :lol:

Mo -- yeah, there'll be more. I'll be out for 2 days (Saturday, Sunday) ... SCUBA diving so... but is going bonkers on me. I can't upload a document *kicks* :(
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