Mac/Stella #8: Smacked Smex....'nuff said'

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*mutters* ff's cukoo again alright... -_-; i was suppose to offer two updates yesterday (since we got our new foldie)but...

bah... oh well :p

i have that issue of TV guide on my wallpaper! :lol: its hot :devil: very hot.... *fades with a grin on her face*

:lol: oh before i forgot.. i was watching the 'scene' again and my brain kept remembering my er...naughty fic :p i think hanging around the gutter has its effects on me...
I hang out WITH the gutter to much MJ Oh, and it does kinda seem like your fic...

Yeah, I finally have the last chapter of 'Cross Jurisdictionssss?' and I can't even put it up ): thread and like always so much SMacked here! :D

Olive oil and ties for all! ;)

I loved the end of the last eppy where the kiss was shown..So sweet..

But I notice one more time Stella often is the one who takes the initiative and touches or kisses Mac or whatever and Mac himself is more the man of words than of actions when it comes to feelings. (But with Peyton he proves his actions when he cares about her) I was just thinking of an episode of the last season where Mac Stella thanked for staying with him(it was the scene in the hospital with Flack).

But I'm glad that we got some SMacked scene and my shippy heart is so happy. :D
Yay for a new thread, and double yay for our awesome guttery title!! Smacked smex rocks!! :devil: Rocks what you ask... :lol: why any surface that is available really! :lol: Gotta love Smacked! Heehee! :devil: :lol:

Cate yay for more, can't wait...have fun diving and as for let me help... *Mo kicks for Cate, work dang it!*

I am SOO happy with our lovely Smacked ending to this last was SOOO hot and sweet and tender and fabulous! Our ship is sailing, lalalalala! :lol: YAY!!! Stella kissed Mac....YAY!!
OMFG!!!! :eek: Internet is back!!!! and STElla kissed MAC!!!! *dies* I'm dying for that ep!!! right now, it's just Love runs cold
:lol: peeps are still reacting to the SMacky kiss. who could blame 'em/us? :p

dangit, i want more caps of it. *gg* She touched his chest right??! *fans self* its like a dream come true...

oh my friend told me that she thought Stella was going to kiss Mac (lips peeps ;) ) but lost her nerve :lol: or maybe cause of Peyton but hey :lol: who cares, she still did it and its way hotter than any other scene :D more! more scenes like that. *rofl*

I hang out WITH the gutter to much MJ Oh, and it does kinda seem like your fic...
except the part where Peyton came ;) good thing too. i perfer stella having mac alone at that time. that or peyton seing what stella did. :lol: im hopeless am i?
MJ, Did you get a new banner again?

Your completely hopeless..

I love the kiss, I'm still going nuts over it. I'm glad they gave us something in that episode. :D Shows Smacked's not over with!
Cas said:
Internet is back!!!! and STElla kissed MAC!!!!
Lol, Cas glad you got internet back hon, that'd suck to not have internet I think I'd go crazy! :p And yeah Stel kissed Mac...yay, yay, yay! Seriously y'all still grinning over that! They are SOOO sailing baby, totally! :lol: *Mo giggles and dances a little!*

MJ said:
She touched his chest right??! *fans self* its like a dream come true...
Yeah hon, she totally did! It was like a caressing touch on his chest, lingering kiss on his cheek and then her hand lingers on his chest afterwards too...I'm telling y'all...they SO wanted eachother! Nah forget that, no past tense...they WANT eachother baby...I say Mac was about 3 seconds away from clearing his desk and jumping her right then and there! :D

Lol Lynny hon, I love that you're squeeing over this...I mean I know it's your Macky so of course you're happy, but it just makes me happy to see you squee and go nuts over it! :lol: Fabulous! :D :D
And here they are....

SMACked Quote Of The Week (SQOTW)
Mac: Want to share a cab?
Stella: Mac, we live on opposites sides of town. But thank you. 3x08 Consequences

SMACked Pic Of The Week (SPOTW)
from 3x20 What Schemes May Come (yeah guys, it was obvious, I'll post this one :lol: :lol:, I'll try to cap more ;))

Awww thanks Reine!! :D I love that quote, that was such a cute eppy for Smacked...and that quote...come on Stell, the man is just trying to be near you longer, well that and take you home so maybe you'll invite him up! :devil: :lol:

And of course you'd post that pic, yay!! *Mo stares and giggles...awwww LOVE!* That pic soooo sends to me the gutter every time I see stuff baby! :devil: :lol:
You know, that screencap makes it look more passionate then I remember in the episode. :eek: Hopefully Peyton doesn't walk in! but all jokes aside, I like the screencap too. :cool:
fastfoodjunkie said:
Woo! I just found a video of the kiss on YouTube! If you search "stella dna" you should find it! :D

Kewl! I've put up one as well. Just look for the user "thefirthyone". The more the merrier, I say ;)

Man, that cap just gets to me. I love how Stella held his face. Now if only Mac shifted a bit to his left and Stella stepped between his legs. Lynn would probably hear my scream all the way from Manila :devil:

I just wish Stella's line about living life to the fullest won't have Mac do something reeeeally stupid to Peyton. Like asking her to live toge--- Ack, I can't even say it!
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