Mac/Stella #12 'Cause his desk is reserved for her.

What should the new thread title be?

  • 'Cause his desk is reserved for her.

    Votes: 15 34.9%
  • Office sex just waiting to happen.

    Votes: 8 18.6%
  • 'Cause she looks good on his desk.

    Votes: 3 7.0%
  • 'Cause they're always there for each other.

    Votes: 3 7.0%
  • 'Cause she's his one and only.

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • 'Cause he loves when she's on his desk.

    Votes: 3 7.0%
  • 'Cause she's worried sick.

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • Partners at work and in bed.

    Votes: 7 16.3%
  • Don't give up on me.

    Votes: 2 4.7%

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Steph!!~~ Welcome back from work! :) First i thought it was Stella in bed with Mac and that time i'm not a SMacked Shipper but i love the chemistry between Mac and Stella. Then, when i see P in bed with Mac, I was so heart Broken for Stella LOL! :lol: When i watch season 4 i start to fall in love with SMacked relationship.. because no existant of P in season 4! :lol:

I also would love to see Mac and Stella in bed together GOSH! That would be such a perfect scene~ a Perfect scene that no one can measures up to. :drool::drool::drool: They spend their time chatting in bed... LOL! That would be cute and lovely. Your idea is soooooooooooooooo perfect Steph! How i hope TPTB gives us that. :)
Aww thanks Asprine, work was pretty boring, so I just day dreamed about Mac and Stella for most of the time. *Not that there is anything new there* :lol: Oh I totally agree with what you said about your heart breaking for Stella when you see Mac and P together, cause we all know Mac and Stella are the only ones for eachother... It hurts to see them with anyone else... I also became a Smacked shipper season 4, well really because it was the first full season I watched. But I fell in love with them immediately. :adore: They are just beyond cute.

Glad you like my little sceanario. That would be like one of the best scenes ever, I'd be so happy if TPTB gave us a scene like that... I'd be drooling, it would be awesome. :adore:

ETA: Here are some more pics from the 100th ep party, there are some more of Gary and Melina cutting the cake, they are so cute. *>>Clicky Clicky<<*

Aww! That is so freakin' adorable... they look like a real couple there! *crosses fingers* With a little luck, that'll carry over to the screen... *pokes TPTB* Many thanks for posting it here lilou... they really are the world's cutest couple.
GOSH! I saw that picture again.. *Screams around my house* :drool::drool::drool: That picture is so OMG! Carmine was looking at them. I wonder why Melina wants to stab Gary.. Is Gary joking about her again? :lol: I'd loved to see that.. Because i want to see how Gary does that. :lol: Both of them is soooooooooo cute!


Thank you for posting the links here Steph~
No problem Asprine, glad you're enjoying them. When I seen the thumbnail of that pic, I was like "what the..." then I looked at it bigger, I think she's about to plunge it into the cake, but the angle the pic has been taken from, it kinda looks as if she's about to stab Gary with it... :lol: But we know she'd never do that, she loves him too much. :adore:

I agree with you Karu, I'd love to see some of that chemistry on screen, well we do see it, but I'd like to see even more of it. :adore: I'm sure you know what my reaction would be to a scene like that. ;) :lol:
I know she would never do that because of *She loves him too much* :drool::drool: I'm so happy that they are so comfortable around each other even though not on screen. :) There's one picture taken from the front angle.. it looks like she wants to.. LOL! They're just playing. :lol: Love them so much!!!! :devil: :drool::drool:

Yeah I seen that one aswell. Hehe, I reckon she's doing it to try and get a reaction from him. Me and my friends do silly things like that all the time. (Albeit without the knives :lol:) I bet he is trying to purposefully not react... They are just adorable, and like you Asprine, I love how they are so comfortable around one and other, looks like they are much the same in real life as they are onscreen, close and comfortable around one and other. :adore:
Yeah.. Only my friends would do that to me.. I never do that to them. :lol: I wonder what would be the something that will impress us in season 5.. it's just 4 days away.. :drool::drool: I'm so happy and excited.

I've been thinking how they would pull Mac and Stella together like a magnetic force. LOL! :lol:
I don't like to see Mac and Stella quarrel and ignore each other :lol: Even if they do, i hope they can manage to settle it down together. Just hope for NO!

I LOVE it when they get mad!! Stella with the gun? Mac getting "chewed out " by Stella for getting on Reed! Mac just looks down like GRRR! Dont mess with Stell!!!
OMG! That "snuggle" pic! Do any of you read TV Guide magazine? (I got a subscription when I started watching the series 2 and half years ago :p) Recently they have been putting in this 10 to 1 thing like "Weirdest couples" and "Cutest couples" and that's all I've seen... but, I think we should send that pic in and request a "Behind the Scenes Sweetest Best Friend Relationship Couples" and Rate Gary and Melina as #1!!!! Cause they are Numero Uno!!!!
Loriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~ Good morning for me.. :) I love Stella with the gun.. She looks OH~ :drool::drool: Strong and independant women :).

Vave..I'd be happy if you help us send ^^! I don't have the magazine. :( I don't know if my country have or not. :lol: Both of them are so adorable! :drool::drool:
Aww that would be cute Vave, I love how Gary and Melina are so comfortable around eachother, it's going to make a relationship for Mac and Stella, whenever it happens so much better, because they have such great chemistry together, I love it when you can see the chemistry between actors, it makes whatever they are doing more believable, and Gary and Melina would definitely suceed in making a relationship believable. :adore:

I agree with you Lori and Asprine, I love to see Stella with a gun, she looks awesome, I love it when she goes all Rambo Stella, and Mac with a gun, well that is just hot, so if you add them both together... Well I think they should come with a warning, "Caution, Scenes between these 2 will be hot!" :lol:

Well I'm off to bed. Goodnight all. *Hugs*
OMG! Steph.. I love love love it!!! I love it!!! What you said is so true! They are going to make their relationship believable and everlasting! :drool::drool: Their chemistry is too much that i can't manage to find all.. I just getting excited.. These discussions draws me nearer and nearer to SMACKED! :drool:
I don't know how we could send it. But I'm sure there is an e-mail adress somewhere. In fact, I'm sure that by the time the next issue comes out, there will be something about NY's 100th episode. If it isn't, then I can yell at them about it.:lol: If I can somehow post a link in an e-mail and send Someone like Matt Roush or a producer for TV Guide, and convince them to do another TV countdown, I'll definitely give it a try.:) And if you don't get TV Guide in your country, no dreads. I'll take a picture and post it! (if I ever get around to actually do this.) I feel like I'm on a mission to deliver a secret package or something. Oooo! Secret!:guffaw:

Okay, yes seriously. About Stella and Mac ever actually making it real? Yeah. The whole D/L thing. yeah, didn't work for me.:rolleyes: Danny and Lindsay used to be my seconds to top couple (after GSR of course) and this was all before I got into Mac and Stella. All I wanted was D and L to get together. Like my rain scene! Why didn't they use that?!?!?!?! It is the sweetest scene I have ever created in my head! Ya know! Just taking a stroll chatting with the other and it starts to rain and they both start running and laughing and the guy would catch the girl both laughing uncontrollably before they would stop, stare into eachother's eyes, and...kiss.:adore:

But no. They had to get Danny and Lindsay drunk! and have them do each other on a billiard's table! It, just wasn't real anymore.:( I haven't been real into them ever since. But then Mac and Stella took over my life and I've gotten over it.:) mac has too much integrity to ever drink too much and if he was suring a drink w/ Stella, they would watch each other to make the other didn't go over the limit.:lol: If they ever get tother, it better be my rain scene.:lol:
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