Mac/Stella #12 'Cause his desk is reserved for her.

What should the new thread title be?

  • 'Cause his desk is reserved for her.

    Votes: 15 34.9%
  • Office sex just waiting to happen.

    Votes: 8 18.6%
  • 'Cause she looks good on his desk.

    Votes: 3 7.0%
  • 'Cause they're always there for each other.

    Votes: 3 7.0%
  • 'Cause she's his one and only.

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • 'Cause he loves when she's on his desk.

    Votes: 3 7.0%
  • 'Cause she's worried sick.

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • Partners at work and in bed.

    Votes: 7 16.3%
  • Don't give up on me.

    Votes: 2 4.7%

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OMG! I can NOT get tired of staring at that picture. Melina looks like a little girl! She looks so happy!:) That is probably the most darling thing have EVER seen (next to puppies of course:p)

As for Mac calling Stella his wife...

Mac: *on phone with Stella* Okay. Yeah. Alright I'll talk to you later.
Officer: *nonchalantly* Wife?
Mac: *pauses* I supposed you could say that. *pauses again*She makes me coffee every morning, is sure I get sleep every night, reminds me not to yell my head off at my step-son... yeah, you could call her my wife.
Officer: Can't live without her, huh?
Mac: *thinks for second* Definitely not.

Oh, yeah. I can see that.:lol:

I am Snow, Spanish, and a Walts of the Flower demi-soloist! (You don't have to know what those are. Just know that I am satisfied.)
:rommie:First the first :D

Karu-->Thank you for claryfing dear!:thumbsup: But i thought he was at ease with Mac already :wtf: (after that scene fron Things about heroes);)

Anj-->uhhhh! get better soon! {{{{{{{Anj}}}}}}}}}} LOVE YOU AVVIE AND YOUR BANNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

CSImiamiagirl---> to use the spoiler box you only need to put these tags

[/SPOILER="Season 5"] [/SPOILER]

But you must delete the slash from the first tag (i wrote it in bold) and then your comment in between both of them

Gals -----> The thing is I'm not saying
Mac will do it on purpose. Maybe he can't avoid someone else like Sinclair does that. But he will fight for her :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: and we know that according to new Spoilers Stella will be working with the team as far we understand (5.09)
I thought Julia Ormond could be a replacement for Stella as long the storyline requieres that awful possibility. Besides if this new detective is not Senior as Stella is, she won't be as expensive to the budget:rolleyes:

Again i say something strange will happen because recent spoilers about 5.09 say " A guy who will tell Flack who will tell Stella" (well not exactly) Why don't they communicate inmediately Stella? Again pay attention to that! BTW Julia Ormond could replace Lindsay. For the spoilers i'm reading Lindsay is pregnant and she won't be able to work in a lab during pregnancy

I had a couple of crazy days and i feel in need of Smacked affection :thumbsup::rommie:

Lilou--->LOVE THE PICS1 Thanks for posting dear!!!!!!!!!

Debbie :D
Debbie: you stoled my thunder in your spoiler!!! I read the same thing about Lindsey and you can SEE IT in the 100th party pictures. Which brings me to my new speculation:
[SPOILER="Season"5] Julia will replace Lindsey and I also read a title of an eppie called "Dead inside" which I hope does not mean what it says, Lindsey loses the baby and Julia goes away Although the Julia goes away part will be good!! Its just that she is closer to Mac and Stellas age and could be a "Prospect"; Also Scott Wolf is confirmed to be another Mac Taylor not a love interest for anyone I dont think?[/SPOILER]

-----> The thing is I'm not saying

Please fill me in!

Which I might add with the biggest THANK YOU in the whole wide wide world to Lilou you are the pix queen!! And you know which one I am talking about the "snuggle pic" of Melina and Gary see her arm around him?
Oh my word, just a quick post before I go to bed. Thanks sooo much for those pics Lilou, the first one is beyond cute... I see icons coming on. :lol: They really do look like a couple. :adore: We definitely need more scenes like that on the show. Thanks for the links to the 100th ep pary aswell, I love the ones with Melina and Gary cutting the cake, sent me into a day dream about Mac and Stella getting married. :adore: Plus they have AJ in them. Steph + Pics of AJ = :drool: Very happy. :adore:

Spoilers, well I'm too in shock to reply to them as of yet... I'm literally like this :eek:...

Must dash off to bed now, school in the morning, but I promise, tommorow I'll be able to post properly. *Hugs all around* :adore:
Hee.. I'm in love with that first picture..! I don't know how long have i been staring at that picture. It really makes me happy. I keep smiling whenever i look at that picture. :drool::drool:

Okay, I'll be staying on the positive side~ Stella will not be replaced! Detective First Grade Mac Taylor will fight for her!!! :lol:

AnJ I love your avvie and banner too!! :drool::drool:
That's so true! I do love all the secret glances and the secret touches. I wonder what would happen if Mac accidentally said "honey" to Stella?

If Stella let it slip by saying "see you at home." Wouldn't that be something? Something that we have known all along, that they are meant for each other and that they are living together.

All hell would break loose if that were to happen on the show! I'm pretty sure we'd all go zany and speculate what's going on behind closed doors with the rest of the lab... and of course there would probably be a SMACK holiday. By the way, when should SMACK appreciation day be?
Lori---> even if it's not
Danny's the idea of losing a baby in the show is too horrid. But i don't think i's plausible because Danny sees Lindsay leaving the clinic at 5.09. Regarding Smacked I wonder what kind of position Stella will have to stay with the team. Remember spoilers talked about Mac "finding a way to keep her" I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!:drool::drool::drool::drool:

Kikii---> Thank you dear for posting the links . I'll try to follow the story (I have already started). As long as i can study English i will be pleased to read any fic you have posted :D (my examns will be on Wednesday and Saturday of next week ;)

I can't help but my legs melt when i see that picture with Melina holding Gary from behind:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
PLEASE writers! use that incredible chemistry on screen!:drool::drool::drool::drool:
I re think about my previous opinion. It won't be akward to kiss each other (when the Smacked times come) it will be a Sea of Fun for them! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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I can't help but my legs melt when i see that picture with Melina holding Gary from behind:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::d rool::drool::drool::drool:
PLEASE writers! use that incredible chemistry on screen!:drool::drool::drool::drool:
I re think about my previous opinion. It won't be akward to kiss each other (when the Smacked times come) it will be a Sea of Fun for them! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
Debbie.. :D My legs already melted till cannot melt LOL! Now the whole of me melting because of that picture.. I've been staring at that picture since yesterday.. I even saved it inside my mp4 and i stare at it even when i sleep. It's like OH~OH~ OH~ :drool::drool::drool:

Ah.. I cannot help it! Hope the writers don't be so evil to us.. Give us something that can impress us!~ Can't wait anymore~~~!! 5 more days! AH!!! I bet there will be one hug for me to watch in 5.01! :lol::lol::drool::drool:
I'll try to follow the story

Dear Debbie, thank you for your support. English is not my native language too, so my English is not good enough. Hope I will not set a bad example for you. :p I think your exam is more important than everYthing. GOOD LUCK! :) :) :)

Asprine, you're so quick! :thumbsup: I love the picture too. :drool: Gary and Melina's acted so natural. I hope we can see such moment on Mac and Stella very soon.:adore:
Asprine, you're so quick! :thumbsup: I love the picture too. :drool: Gary and Melina's acted so natural. I hope we can see such moment on Mac and Stella very soon.:adore:
Thank you, kikii. Yeah.. They acted so natural in public. :D I'm happy for their Best of friend relationship. I also hope that we will see that kind of moment for Mac and Stella soon. :drool::drool: Kikii.. Your english is considered :thumbsup: . I guess mine is worst. :lol:
ahhhhhhhhh the first pic is just incredible!!:drool: they are sooooooooo cute!!!!
there`s another one which is quite cute. very similar to the other one but nice!

by the way thanks for all your nice welcome. I´m glad that you like the screencaps. i´m going to post one or two more, when i´m back home.
OMGGITZZZ! I love that picture!!! Thank you Jimenez and you're welcome. :) I can't wait for more pictures from you... That was :drool::drool: AhhHHHHHH~~~~ Thumbs up with Gary~~~ :thumbsup::thumbsup: :D
Thanks for the nice comments on my icon and banner. And I'm feeling much better right now.:)
I think I already told you how much I love those pics! Yeah I did. But you could think that that's a scene during the show as Stella and Mac where they cut their OWN wedding cake :lol:. Just had to say that, plus I totally love the pic Asprine is using as avvie. Had to print and put it on my " wall of fame."
:confused:Got a question to you Is Lindsay, the character on the show supposed to be pregnant or Anna as actress? I know I'm totally behind. :D
When I read that Mac'll get Stella to stay somehow the first thing that came into my mind was that if Sinclair wants to replace Stel,her and Mac will show him in his office that they're a couple.:censored: I know Sinclair kinda sucks but he won't resist that view. :lol:
I'm seriously in love with that picture, AnJ~! :lol: Their own wedding cake.. OH GOSH! I can picture that now.. :drool::drool:

Lindsay is wearing the soon-to-be-mom clothes at the 100th Anniversary Celebration.. I'm not sure about that too.. :) And i agree with you that Sinclair sucks! :lol:
I've just been reading the spoilers now, and it's just specualtion as of now, that Anna could be pregnant, not Lindsay... Only speculation, nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Hope this helps AnJ.
Oh all of these pics of Gary and Melina are so cute, like you guys, they have been making my imagination go crazy, making me think of Mac and Stella cutting a wedding cake... Gah... That would be awesome!! :adore: Although I said before I didn't think it would be awkward if Gary and Melina had a kissing scene as Mac and Stella, I think after seeing these cute pics of them, that they would be comfortable around eachother to do it. They just look so natural together, they actually look like a real couple... Awww... The cuteness. :adore: I was so excited to see AJ in those pics too, he looks adorable in them too. :luvlove:
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