In Between the Scene: Going Under

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The following morning, Emer awoke to the sounds of her brother. "Ou's wake Oreo...I et daddy". "Daddy...daddy, Oreo wake", she yelled through the house. Waking out of a sound sleep, Horatio climbed out of bed, threw on his housecoat, and headed down the hall. "What is it Emer"? "Oreo wake up, e's ungry daddy". Looking at his daughter, Horatio said...."are you sure, you are not the one, that is hungry"? "Aybe a ittle daddy, I's ave some oast"? "Sure sweetheart, let's grab Horatio, and have some breafast".

Helping her daddy change Horatio, by passing him the diaper, she asked...."I owder im daddy"? "You want to powder your brother"? "Ease daddy, I elp"? "Of course you can, sprinkle it on his tummy". As Emer sprinkled it, Horatio laughed. "E's aughing daddy, e ikes it". "He does love, but you know what"? "What daddy"? "Your brother loves you a whole bunch". "I's ove im too daddy", said Emer, as she kissed her brother's cheek.

When Horatio had the kids eating breakfast, he put out Ernie and Bert for a run. "Daddy, we go to the each later, and wim"? "We shall see, okay love, I think mommy has plans with you and Horatio, for the Library". "Ohhhh... I's ove the Ibrary daddy", she said, as she clapped. Clapping her hands together, caused Horatio to giggle.

"Ook daddy, Oreo ikes me capping". "I can see that love". "Morning ya'll", said mommy. "Mommy...we go ou the Ibrary oday"? "Yup...right after breakfast, they are having a puppet show today". "Yay.....I ove uppets mommy". "I know you do EmerAngel, good morning handsom". "Morning sweetheart, coffee"? "Please, and one of those blueberry muffins". "Here you go love". "Thanks".

Over at the Delko's, Eric was changing little Laura, when the phone rang. "Delko". "Hey Eric, it's Ryan, we got a call out, along the Miami strip, double homicide". "Did you call "H"? "I did, he's on his way". "Okay, I'll be there in five". Hanging up the phone, Eric headed downstairs. "Cher...I need to run sweetheart, I got a call out". "Okay...I'll see you later". "But sweetheart, I need you to grab Laura". "Oh right....sorry, come on love, daddy has to work". Kissing her husband on the lips, he left.

When they got to the Library, the puppet show was about to begin. "Oh mommy..ook..ere is Ara from school". "I see Sara love, you go ahead and sit with her". Once Emer was seated, Calleigh walked over and talked with Sara's mom. "Hi Donna, how was your christmas"? "It was wonderful, and yours"? "Great, we had the whole team over for dinner". "Oh, you must have had your hands full". "I did, Frank and Ryan, are a handful alone, never mind together", she laughed.

Arriving at the crime scene, Horatio asked..."Eric, what have we got"? "Two male vicitm's, both shot through the head, execution style". "Has the coroner arrived yet"? "An hour ago, they took the bodies, and headed back to the Lab". "Did you find anything Ryan"? asked "H". "Nothing yet "H", looks like they were dumped here, as there is blood drops leading up to this area".

"Okay...gather what you can, and head back to the Lab, make sure the tech know's this is top priority, until we figure out, what went down here". "You got it "H". Leaving the scene, Horatio headed over to the Library. "Hi sweetheart, how's Emer enjoying the show"? "She's loving it". "Why don't you give me Stephan, I'll hold him for a while".

Taking Stephan in his arms, Horatio walked with him, around the floors, of the Library. "Shut the hell up man, you want to get caught, just keep your mouth shut, I've already got two arrests, one more and I go for good". "Then give me the drugs, so I can get the hell out". Passing over the drugs, the dealer turned, and came face to face with Horatio.

As the dealer looked to the left and right, Horatio said... don't even think about it son, Security is already on their way up". "Damn man, thanks alot, now I'm gone for fifteen, said the dealer. "Well son, maybe this time you will learn". "Whatever, just get me the hell out of here". Placing the boy's in cuff's, Frank escorted them from the building.

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After the puppet show, Horatio took his family home. "I'm telling you handsom, trouble seems to find you everywhere", Calleigh giggled. "I know love, I know". "Daddy...we go to "Urger Ing"? "You'd like to go too "Burger King"? "Ease daddy, I's ant ench ies". "I have a better idea EmerAngel, how about we go home and make animal pancakes". "Oooh...k mama, we ake iansour ones gain"? "Mhmm...with happy faces". "Yay...ank ou mama". "You are welcome EmerAngel".

When they got home, Calleigh put Horatio down for his nap, and headed to the kitchen with Emer. "Daddy...ou elp too"? "Sure love, daddy will mix the batter, mommy can cook them, and you can put on the happy faces". "Yay...aapy aces, mommy I ave da icing"? "You can, here you go, don't squeeze it till the pancakes are ready". "I on't mama".

Sitting down to lunch, Emer decorated her daddy's pancakes. "Ook daddy...I made ig appy ace or ou". "Thank you Emer, it looks very sweet love, how about daddy have a plain one, and save this one for later". "K daddy, ou no ike appy aces"? "I love them Emer, but not as much, as I love you". "I ove ou too daddy".

After lunch, Horatio and Emer took Ernie and Bert for their walk, while Calleigh had nap, for their new baby was kicking up a storm. "Sweetheart, are you going to be okay"? "I'll be fine handsom, he's just restless today", she smiled. Kissing her tummy, Horatio left with Emer.

"Daddy...en ill mama ave da baby"? "In two month's sweetheart". "Ow ong is ow monts"? " should be one day, before Valentine's Day". "I's ant ait daddy, I ope mama as a irl, I's ant a ister". "You do...what is wrong with another brother"? "I's as one aleady, now's I's ant a ister". "Okay love, I'll see what I can do". Laughing Horatio took Emer by the hand, and continued to walk the dogs.

Arriving back at home, Emer ran in the den, and woke up her mommy. "Mommmy...we's ome, ake up". Slowly waking Calleigh looked at her daughter and smiled. "Hi EmerAngel, how was your walk"? "It was ood mama, daddy took me for ice ceam, and I dops it, and Ernie ate it, so daddy bought me nother one". "Wow...lucky girl, and where is mommy's ice cream". Shrugging her shoulder's...."I not know mama, daddy...ere is mama's ice ceam"?

Walking into the den, Horatio handed Calleigh a small tub, of triple chocolate ice cream. "Mmmm...thanks handsom", she purred, as she took her first spoonful. "Good love"? "Mhmm...very". "I's ave some mommy"? "Sure you can love". Taking some from the spoon, Emer imitated her mommy...."Mhmm...very". Laughing from the innocence of it all, Calleigh kissed her daughter.

Heading upstairs, Horatio woke Horatio Jr, and changed his bum. "There you go son, is that better"? Eyeing his daddy with trusting love, Horatio kicked his little feet. "Let's go downstairs son, daddy has some ice cream for you". Sitting li'l H in his highchair, he filled the small bowl, with two small scoops of ice cream. "There you go son, just for you". Picking up the spoon, Horatio tried scooping up the ice cream, but with little success, he put it down, and used his hands.

"Oh my....laughed Calleigh ,as she walked in ,and seen her son covered in chocolate. Looking at his mommy, he giggled excitedly, showing his two little front teeth. "Mama...mama,mama, mama...", he said. "Yes sweetheart, I'm mommy, and how about we get you cleaned up". Lifting him from his chair, Calleigh carried him to the sink, grabbed a cloth, with warm water, and cleaned his face. "There we go handsom Jr, all clean".

"Mama...Ernie peepeed on the foor, ome see, urry mama, ome see". Looking over at Horatio, he could tell, this was the one time, to keep quiet, about how wonderful those pups were.

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"Handsome get in here now", yelled Calleigh. "What is it love"? "Look...look where those dogs peed". As Horatio looked at the bear skin rug, near the fireplace, he sighed. "Come on Ernie, and Bert, back outside you go". "But daddy, at not air, I ant Ernie seep wit me night". "He will Emer, but for now, he can go outside with Bert".

While Calleigh was finishing the laundry, and "H" was bathing Horatio Jr, Emer went to the back, opened the door, and let ernie and Bert back in. "Shh!! no tell, daddy, et mad". Turning their heads, to the side, Emer said..."ay down now, be ood". "Emer...bath time". "Oming daddy".

Running upstairs, for her bath, Emer forgot about Ernie and Bert, who decided they'd help themselves to the left over ice cream, Horatio Jr, had spilled on the floor. Licking every lost drop, Bert seen some on Calleigh's slipper, heading over to investigate, he began licking it, as Ernie ran over and tried to steal it.

"Grrrrwl...grrrrwl....could be heard, as Ernie and faught over the slipper, pulling, tugging, until they tore it apart. Coming upstairs, with the clean laundry, Calleigh heard the noise, opening the door, she seen her slipper torn apart. "Horatiooooooooooo....get down here now".

"Hold on love, I'm just drying off Emer". "Daddy...mommy ounds mad". "I know love, did you let Ernie and Bert in"? "No daddy, Oreo did". "Sweetheart, how could Horatio let them in, when he was up here with me"? "I not know daddy, maybe he ent when ou ern't ooking". Trying desperately not to laugh, Horatio headed downstairs.

"What is it sweetheart"? "See this, this is one of my slipper's the pup ate, what do you think of that"? "I'm sorry love, I don't know how they got in". "Listen....starting tonight, we are going to put the pups in their pen, understand"? "Yes love". Heading upstairs, Calleigh tucked Emer in and kissed her daughter.

"Mommy...I's orry, I et Ernie and Ert in, I not mean to, I's ust ove em, and I no ike em out ide". "I know that Emer, but they will never learn to behave, if you keep letting them back in". "I's oory mommy, night, ove ou". "I love you to Emer, now sleep sweet love".

After Calleigh left, Emer headed back downstairs, and seen Ernie and Bert in their pen. Opening the door, Emer told the pups, to come. "Ome on ...ome on". Following her upstairs, Bert headed into Horatio's room, while Bert followed Emer, and flopped down on her bed. "Eep now, and be ood".

Heading up to bed, Horatio and Calleigh noticed the pups were gone. "Not again", sighed Calleigh. When they got upstairs, Calleigh seen Bert sound asleep on Emer's bed. "Well..I'll say one thing good about them, they really protect the children. Kissing his wife, they headed into bed.