H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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Hi!! :) *skips in humming* I've finished my homework for today, and I'm ready for some H/C!! :)

*looks around thread* Hellooo??? *echo, echo* Where is everyone?? Must be busy, oh well...

First off, miamirocks that was such an intense dream!! If I dreamt anything remotely like that, I'd wake up screaming and crying!! And don't worry, we all have Speed on the brain. I got really emotional when I saw those new promo pics on the Modern Day Gallery. Oh, Speedle... *sniff* :( And to think, he was the reason why we have 'The Hug' between H and Cal!! He was really great... can't wait for that eppie!!
Anyway, back on track... Sounds like a worst case scenario with H's son going down that bad road. Let's hope that will never happen, for his and Horatio's sake, and ultimately Calleigh's too. *shudder* Let's not go there. If there ever happened to be a scene with Calleigh, Horatio and Kyle, I think it would be filled with so much tension and it would be so exciting! Horatio telling the woman he cares about that this is is son, and saying to Kyle, "Meet your new mother..." In my dreams!!! :lol:

Hi, DuCaineluvr93!!! Nice to have another DuCainer about the place!! :) Have a ncie time in here, and just a little warning: we're a bit obsessed. Wait, let me rephrase that... we're COMPLETELY obsessed!! :lol: And thank you for that little spoiler tidbit. Ooohh, sounds like a H/C storyline to me!! Hmm, the plot thickens!!! :D

Here's a quickie question for everyone: how do you think Calleigh is going to react when Horatio tells her about Kyle? I think she would be pleasantly shocked and surprised that he would keep such a thing a secret. Maybe he demmed it unimportant, and since didn't come up in conversation before, he let it be. I suppose he's hardly going to be so casual about it, for example,

H: "I like long walks on the beach, and oh yeah, I have a son..."
Cal: :eek:

Unlikely... Perhaps it was a divorce when he was working in New York, well before he met Calleigh. But if he trusted her, why wouldn't he tell her? There is a lot of grey area concerning this, but maybe he didn't want to burden her with sadness from his past, or get her involved in this complicated situation. He can be so considerate almost to the point of frustration sometimes... Only time will tell if Calleigh and the others find out about Kyle. That should make for an interesting convo between Horatio and Calleigh, picking up from 'Under Suspicion' when he was about to tell her everything.

After a long hiatus, I've written another CSI: DuCaine scene!! This is the 'Amelie' scene inspired by the French film, which I hope you'll enjoy!! Here's the link, please review!!

CSI: DuCaine!!

See ya!!
By the way I'll join the obsession I've been shipping H/C sinse the very beginning but everyone i know who watches the show doesn't sail on this shipp and i yell at them!!!!

That could possibly work to our advantage, no harm to Calleigh, but damnit we have a possible scene in that, We know she's going to tell him and ask for his help and him tell her she's got it and blah blah. I demand a scene!

*waves* Hiya gang!
Hey All!!! :D

***waves hello to DuCaineluvr93*** Welcome!!! :)
***waves back to CathStokes*** Long time no talk... :lol:

I've heard other spoilers about epi #9 that are similar to what you said above DuCaineluvr93, so I'm hoping that it will actually happen this time... (you never know with TPTB... :mad: ... like the S5 finale crap... :mad:)


Em they way I was understanding the storyline, H had apparently been working on some kind of an undercover op thing when this affair happened... I just can't see H cheating on his wife for any reason, no matter how unhappy he was, so I'm thinking his son didn't come from his marriage... (although maybe he's not even been married anymore, since TPTB haven't brought it up in a really long time and they want us to just pretend like it never happened... we are talking about CSIM reality zone here... :lol: ;)) But then again, I could be completely off the mark here too... :rolleyes:

As far as Calleigh's reaction to the news of H's son, if it's handled right by the writers, I think it could bring us some great DuCaine moments... it could actually open the doors for an entire discussion between them about why they haven't been as close as they were in the past and how much they both miss that closeness and how much they want to get that back... ***sighs***... such great DuCaine thoughts floating through my head now... :) :eek: :) :eek: :)

Your new fanfic,'Amelie', is just wonderful, Em sis ... I just love the way you write... sooooooo great!!! :D

***Big, Huge Hugs***

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :devil::D
Ok, well in reply to the question....first off, I don't think he was ever aware that he actually had a son out there. Theres no way someone like him would of kept Kyle in & out of foster homes his whole life, so I think Calleigh would be understanding considering he never knew about Kyle to begin with. & I think it will be one of those times when the whole team will just out of nowhere that Kyle is his son...like if Horatio already told them after 'dangerous son', but the viewers don't get to see it. They'll pop up in tomorrow's epi & just automatically be like "wow can you beleive Kyle is his son" all non chalant like. But as for Ducaine, I would really hope they would share a nice moment over this, although I don't really trust TPTB to write it in that way....but DEFINATELY epi 9!!! There is just no way they can carry out that scenario w/out some DUCAINE!!!!
Hey Everyone,

Thanks MiamiRocks and it's funny you said that because I just made a few banners for my fics I will be adding to my site. :D

If anyone read Heaven and Hell they will realize what the roses mean and the Pool and The rose pedals on the bed. H took Cal away for the weekend to a very luxurious Hotel and ummm, the rest is NC 17. :eek: :devil: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Damn Miamirocks that was some dream. OMG! :eek: Please don't kill our Calleigh and by Kyle hand, OMG! It would be Horatio's undoing. :( :( :(

Emerald, awesome fic and thanks for the link, Woo Hoo!
Very, very nice. :eek: :devil: ;)

Hey Hangel Sis, keep making those vids! I will make another one, sometime... :lol: :lol: :lol:

LMH, very nice poems about Horatio's Angel's. :p :p :pOohhhhhh!

Welcome DuCaineluv93, You are guarantee to have a good time here with all of us DuCainers! :D

Hey Mjszud, Id the writers know what's good for them, they had better get their shit together! :mad: OR ELSE! :mad:

Here's the banner, i thought you gals would love anything right now H and C. I promise more to come too. ;)


Okay I am editing this now- Go to the Manip thread for the shock of your life! I just posted our H and C... :eek: :eek: :eek: And oh My Gosh! :devil:

HCrazy :cool:
Hey all,

Well, another episode and still no scene between the two leads - Ryan had two scenes with Calleigh and he doesn't even work at the lab anymore for cyin' out loud! :(

Anyway, trying not to get too negative. On the plus side, I did perk up a bit when Cal told Nat she was going to call Horatio about the color of the car - the first indication that they're still on speaking terms. So I guess that's good news :rolleyes:

Did anyone else notice (and love) how concerned Cal was at the beginning of the ep. - and I don't just think it was for Frank. I think she, like everybody else at the lab, knows that Kyle is H's son - Frank knows and Eric definitely knows, so I think she knew at that point.

I really liked the episode, and I like Kyle. I just don't like how Cal is completely outside all this - she should be right there w/Horatio, like she was w/Frank, asking how he's doing, going to bat for him like the old days, etc.

EmeraldEyes and HCrazy - Yea, that was a pretty terrible dream, but maybe I could tweak it into a fanfic. (Hcrazy - love the manips, btw. EmeraldEyes, you def. make some good arguments - I think we should both meet with TPTB and make our case!) Thanks for keeping the DuCaine love alive, guys!

Well, here's to hoping that the next ep. is more prommising - Speed's back! And we all know what happpened in the last episode he was in
;) Hopefully we'll get at least one great scene betweeen Cal and H on all this - please?
On the plus side, I did perk up a bit when Cal told Nat she was going to call Horatio about the color of the car - the first indication that they're still on speaking terms. So I guess that's good news

Yeah, me too miamirocks... made me sit right up in bed in anticipation of our first H/Cal moment in forever, then... nothing ... :rolleyes:... I mean, us DuCainers ALWAYS knew that our H/Cal were "communicating" with each other behind the scenes (right, HCrazy sis??? ;))... I guess TPTB wanted to share that with the rest of the world too now... whatever... :rolleyes:

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for the epi 9 storyline and praying that TPTB throw us a bone here pretty soon... :mad: Trust me, they don't wanna P*ss Off Horatio's Angels... now do ya, TPTB??? :devil::lol::devil::lol:

***skips off to watch some great S1 H/Cal on A&E and dream of better days***

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :devil::D
Right HAngel sis, Damn Straight! :D were ready to fight for our ship and they had better be prepared! :mad: :mad:

Hey Miamirocks thanks, I love maniping our favorite couple. ;)

Have hope we have a whole season ahead of us and I am sure they will give us some DuCaine. :rolleyes: Hey at least she is calling him now and I am sure they have to talk next week with the Speed episode... I think. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hang in there DuCainers! :D

HCrazy :cool:
Hey all - I was just thinking about how awesome it is that we're still hangin tough after nearly a year of no scenes. It really shows how DuCaine is true love

I happened to be looking at the episodes from last season, and I noticed that "Dark Room" aired on November 13 - that was the last episode that we had H/C working on a case together and actually interacting. In terms of DuCaine scenes, I hate counting "Man Down" back in February b/c that was like a 2-second scene and they said five words to each other.

So, this Saturday will be one year since we had any real interaction between our duo. I'm wondering if we could somehow get this into TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly or some other mag - maybe then TPTB would notice. I know we did the postcards, but maybe if we all bombarded them and were like, "Hey, did you know Emily Procter and David Caruso - the two leads of CSI:Miami - haven't had a substancial scene together for a whole year?" - maybe they'd listen.

I think it's definitely a good point, anyway. In the other CSIs, the teams are always interacting w/each other, there's more comaraderie - like there was in Seasons 1-3 of Miami. I just don't understand the writers' mentality. They can blame "scheduling" all they want, but this is a new season. Besides, they never had scheduling problems before (just check out Seasons 1-3, where the entire team was in the same scene A LOT), and don't they all basically work the same work week? I mean, they have to be on-set at the same time sometimes, don't they?

Also, where's the Season 6 promo pic? I've been looking forward to it b/c at least I'll see H/C in the same room together.

I'm really trying to stay positive, but it's frustrating. What can we do? (aside from fanfic and photo manips ;) )
That is awfull, surely they've noticed this. I have thought of the TVGuide thing, too, not only for DUCAINE but other welldeserved couples that should be sharing screen time!
Hmmm, miamirocks, I think you might be on to something there... maybe we should "leak" out that tidbit of info and see what happens??? :devil:

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :devil::D
hoping for the episode 9 storyline they better give us something!!!! O im going to LA next week im going to try and sneak on to the CSI Miami shooting location down there if i do what do u want me 2 say?

SAY DUCAINE!!! :eek: SAY DUCAINE!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey really I hope you get to see them, that is so cool. I wish you a lot of luck and bring your camera too! ;)

HCrazy :cool:

DuCainers hang tough!!! :D DuCainers never say die and the TV guide idea is great! :devil: :devil: :devil:

If anyone is interested I just hooked up the new promo over on you tube. Bang Bang your debt. Just type in HCrazy1228
or click the link. :D

Yea, if you're going to LA and run into anyone from CSI:Miami, please put in a good word for DuCaine! (Of course, they'll think you're just talking about Calleigh, so you may want to clarify ;) )

Oh, I just re-watched Season 3's "After the Fall" - INCREDIBLE DuCaine episode. I noticed something I never did before - in that scene where Cal asks H if she can look at the evidence concerning that guy that was hitting him with the police brutality charge. After Calleigh asks "How ya doing?", Horatio turns and gives her the cutest smile - just made me go "Awwww." Check it out - I really wish I could find that smile screencapped.

I love that scene all around - You could tell Calleigh had mapped out her arguments ahead of time, and I love it when she closes her right before she uses her last argument. She's near tears the whole time, and it's just really touching. Also, did everyone notice how Horatio's voice went up an octave after she asked,"Got a minute?" That was adorable! ;)

OH, BTW - I noticed a slight miscalculation in my previous post - we still have a whole month to go before the one year mark, which actually means we still have time to contact TV Guide or other entertainment outlets. I know there was a petition circulating this summer, but what if we had one "formal" letter, stating our concerns/case, and sent it to TV Guide and TPTB?

There's got to be a way to keep this ship alive! Here's to hoping they do get some scenes together in "Bang Bang, Your Debt," but I'm losin' a bit of hope here. Hopefully Speed, whose death brought DuCaine to a whole new level, can revive the DuCaine love we're missing. C'mon TPTB - just one touching scene, please?

Well, with all this talk about the writer's strike, maybe they'll shoot some of our fanfics as episodes instead! :eek:

Here's to hopin' .... ;)
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