H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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Ohhhhh....soooo loverly, Em!!! Great, great pics, girl!!! :D

I don't take any of the promos seriously anymore...not after the CRAP that was the S5 finale... :p...YUCK!!! :mad:

DuCaine is Endgame people...isn't it obvious??? :rolleyes:

No matter where they might drift in between, the time apart only makes their coming time together that much sweeter, in my opinion... ;)

Here's are 2 of my favorite H/Cal promo pics from years past... I think their body language and obvious chemistry in front of the lens just says it all...
...Too sexy... If I was Cal, I'd so just tackle him and pounce...:D:devil::lol:

...could they stand any closer together???...I don't think so... and where are his hands???... :eek:;):devil::D

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :D:devil:
Ooooh love that last one... where's that from? :D

I agree, the finale promo was absolute crap. I was expecting more DuCaine scenes and what did I get? CaKe!!! Argh!!! Bring on the DuCaine love!!! :(

Oh and happy birthday HoratiosAngel. Hope it's filled with tons of Horatio happiness (and sexiness... :devil: :lol:)
Awww...you guys sure make it hard to jump ship, as it should be ;)

Thanks for knockin' me back to my senses - I was bordering on H/Y for awhile there.

horatiosangel — Nice quote from Dido - I love that song! Maybe that's our new anthem - "White Flag". Think we could start a new postcard campaign w/it - or maybe just start sending white flags - with the lyrics and DuCaine written on it. ;) And yea, we really need to just quote the books like crazy to the writers - at least H seems to care about and appreciate Cal in the novels! Thanks for cheering me up:)

mjszud — I can only hope w/you that the previews are being misleading again. Just one word, though. Antigua. :::gag::: However, your post was a DuCaine-saver for me ::catches life preserver:: LOL. My only issue is I'm not really happy w/"End Game" - that could be years from now, and they'll both be ... well...older. Not that that's a bad thing, but I feel like time is running out for these two ....

CathStokes — I promise I'm not goin' anywhere, OK? Please untie me now ;) I guess I just started to feel like shipping DuCaine is setting yourself up for disappointment - so I started "floating" (maybe not jumping, but tempted...) Once I wandered, I realized I wasn't really into any other ship except DuCaine. You're right - they just fit. Just wish TPTB would see that...

EmeraldEyes— Thanks for throwing me a rope - Think I was just kinda bummed out about all the other ships that are getting at least some scenes while ours is being left stranded by TPTB. Glad to see you still have hope - it's contagious! Just looking at those pics got me starting to believe already. I totally forgot about that Season 4 scene - nice job! Oh, and can't wait for the "Rockin' Robin"-esque fic - loved John Kelly, and the way he loved Janice Licalsi - especially at the end of Season 1 and beginning of Season 2. The scene between them at the end of "Guns 'N Rosaries" is a good example. I could just see a scene like that between H and Cal. Can you imagine Horatio gettin' all choked up over Cal goin to jail? (although that would NEVER happen)

Well, you guys are a lot more optimistic than me, and you're right - we can't give up DuCaine. Call it temporary insanity. But thanks for cheering me up, guys :) Here's to hoping we have some good news to report for Season 6 - if anybody hears of anything DuCaine-related (even if it's just them working together), please share!

You know, it really can be a "lonely road" for DuCaine fans right now, so thanks for walkin' it w/me guys! ;)
Hey Miamirocks, :D

Lookout!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: (Runs and tackels you to the floor and we all jump on you to hold you here!!! ) :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am gald all the DuCainers made it hard for you to leave! :devil: :lol:

Yeah, all us DuCainers walk that lonely road together, so we are never lonely!!!! Hey H and Cal are always with us anyway! :rolleyes: ;)

Hey Everyone, keep the DuCaine love alive! :D :D :D

Love all the pics and Em, i love your fluff scenes! :D

Later ladies,

HCrazy out! :cool:
miamirocks said:
Thanks for knockin' me back to my senses - I was bordering on H/Y for awhile there.

You can straddle H/Y and DuCaine like I am :D My heart is firmly implanted in both.

Regarding your comments on 'NYPD Blue' episode "Rockin' Robin"...I'm not sure if you're referring to the scene with the seat belt or the scene later in the episode :D Either one fits nicely anyway.
OH Thank you MIAMIROCKS, Im so glad to see you breathing Ducaine air once again! I somehow feel like Dr. Grey now, I think I shall throw on my magic suit & fly off to save my other ship now!!

Antigua? Just keep thinking that H is lurking around thinking "ooh, Calleigh in Antigua!"
"ooh, Calleigh, Miss Nakey"
"mmm Calleigh Calleigh Calleigh".... "MUST HAVE CALLEIGH"...."MUST MAKE JAKE DISAPPEAR"
My point: its only fuel for the fire!!!!
Hey miamirocks, I'm always up for some cheering up... :D...especially when DuCaine is involved... ;)

And mjszud have you fallen into the smutty pool again... :rolleyes: ... here, let me help you out... :)
Or better yet, let me join you... :lol: :lol: :lol: Can't you just see the 2 of them on some Carribean island together... hmmmm...sounds like a fanfic opportunity all you fanfic writers out there...HINT... :D:lol:

And thanks for the birthday wishes, SpeedsDaughter!!! :) The last pic is a CSI:Miami promo pic... not sure exactly which season though, thinkin' maybe 2, since her hair kinda looks a little wavy like it did in The Best Defense. (OK, now I know I watch this show WAY too much :lol:)
Hey Hangel... :D Ohh Happy Happy Birthday my angel sister! :D :D :D

Sorry I didn't wish you soon my friend! :(

But I hope you had a great Horatio and Calleigh Birthday. :devil:

You deserve it as they told me to wish you a very Happy Bday from the CSI:Miami team :rolleyes: and it's leaders... :eek: H and Cal- :D Um, that would be DuCaine Calleigh said! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hugs my friend and Happy, Happy Bday again!!!! ;)

HCrazy :cool:
:lol: :lol: When I get kinda bummed about my ships then yes,HANGEL, I always end up in the smutty pool! Laughter & shippy smut is like medicine for me. & anyone can join me at any time, always!!!

P.S. Happy late Birthday!! *hands HANGEL midori cocktail...& a towel for the smutty pool..*
Hey guys! I've been MIA for God knows how ling! :D

I can never stay away from DuCaine! We're too beautiful of a ship. :D

Happy Birthday, HoratiosAngel! ;) I hope you have a great day!

:D I CAN'T WAIT for the season premiere for so more DuCaine-loving!
Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!!! Y'all are sooo great!!! :D ***Big Hugs All Around*** :D

And yes, I had a great DuCaine birthday, thanks of my Angel sis Em and luvin'... very sweet!!! :)

Thanks for the towel, mjszud... believe me, I've fallen into that smutty pool more times than I can count... :rolleyes: ... everytime I see one of my Angel sis HCrazy's manips for one... :devil: ... or venture over into luvin's fan poetry thread for another... :devil: ...some great DuCaine stuff goin' on over there y'all, if you've not checked it out yet... :D

Alas, I will be out of town tomorrow (Friday) thru Sunday, so I will leave y'all with a happy DuCaine memory to dwell on while I'm gone...
...I beg to differ... ;):devil:


H: You look good enough to eat...
Cal: Hmmm, I was just thinkin' the same thing about you...


H: You know, if I lean just a little closer, I could kiss you right now...
Cal: Hmmmm.....(leans forward to meet H)... :eek: :devil: :eek:

See y'all Sunday!!! :) :) :)

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :D:devil:
I don't know if its ever been said or pointed out, but isn't it odd that Calleigh is almost always in black ever since the "I beg to differ" comment!!! Like she knows he thinks she looks good in all black so she wears it all the time just to impress him. heehee i think so!
mjszud - Yea, I've been noticing that "all black" thing - I really think it started in Season 4 - she's always wearing all black now - check out "Man Down" "Under Suspicion," etc. I always thought that was a possible "inside" hint that DuCaine was really canon ;) In reality, I bet the wardrobe people don't even remember that line, but a girl can dream, right?

horatiosangel - Happy (much belated) birthday! And thanks for those pics - I really love "Under Suspicion" - I thought we were gonna get "DuCaine" to go canon after that ep. I remember somebody referring to that scene as "hand sex" lol. I wasn't as big of a follower of the show as I am now, but even back then I read stuff like, "Did you see that scene in the holding cell?" People were pretty excited about it, and then they just dropped it and stopped giving them scenes together :(

Oh well, I'm still crossing my fingers for Season 6 - Horatio's gotta open up to somebody sooner or later - and it better be Cal. DuCaine just makes sense! :)
Oh god...TOTAL hand sex. They played that scene so 'intimately', how could viewers NOT look at it as more than just a 'friendly' thing. I mean HELLO, would they have played it like that if it were Eric or Ryan holding his freaking hand? I don't think so!!!
Good evening!! :) :) School's been hard work, but I've got loads to tell!! :)

If any of you have read William Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", you'll know that dreams can be very powerful. Well, the last 3 days, I've been having some dreams with Horatio and Calleigh appearing!! :D :D I've been thinking about them a lot with the premiere coming up and all, so it's only reasonable that I dream about them!! Here's the first which I had on Friday night:

I'm standing on the steps of the courthouse in Miami, looking out over the water in the center. Suddenly, I see a reflection of a man walking past the far side. I instantly spot red hair. I look again, and I see a flash of blonde hair beside him. I look up, and I see Horatio and Calleigh walking towards me, arm in arm, dressed for a wedding!!!! :D :D I see a crowd behind them, probably from the lab, and as they walk past me, I see Horatio cover Calleigh's hand, and they smile at each other. There is much excitement and laughter, as everyone files past me into the courthouse, I just stand there, and my dream fades to black.

:) :)
How cool is that?? And here's my SECOND dream, this time on Saturday night:

There's a huge crowd around me and Horatio. (I'm standing right behind him at this point.) People are walking up to him and saying 'Happy birthday'. I walk forward with him, and I see Calleigh. She has her back turned to Horatio, and she's talking to Eric and Ryan. I begin to panic, thinking Horatio is going to walk right past her. I start thinking, literally begging internally, 'Turn around, Calleigh. Please turn around'. And she does. She gives Horatio a tender smile, and walks over to him. Now I'm standing beside him, and I see Calleigh take his hands. She squeezes him lightly, before hugging him tight. I say 'Aww' despite myself. They break apart, Calleigh takes his hand and leads him across the room. I watch as the crowd of friends all sing him 'Happy birthday', and I join in. It ends there.

Wow... see how I was so desperate for Calleigh to notice him? It's like if they passed each other in the lab, and I said 'Please talk to each other.' Very vivid, and I'm surprised I remembered it in such detail!! :) *thinks about writing a story about these dreams* Hmmm... :)

Anyway, enough about dreamers and dreams, here is something that I spotted in 'Throwing Heat' that made me stop the DVD, rewind it and pause so I could read it properly in case I was wrong, in case I was hallucinating!! :p Here are the caps of the moment I saw:

Look at the names... ooohh, hello!!
Calleigh remembering...

How about that for stunning evidence, DuCainers? :) They worked together well before the show started, ever before 'Cross Juristictions'!! We already knew their partnership was strog, but that case proves their history as a team!! I was shrieking when I saw their names together, almost like I was when I found the Intercontinental hotel in Miami!! :D :lol:

And another thing... why would they put the names of the CSIs on the case on the screen in this case? Was it deliberate, or did they mean to put their names there? One can only wonder, but here are my own reasons why this is so significant, and its possible meanings:

A. It is a case similar to 'Kill Zone', involving a sniper in the Downtown area.
B. It could be a reminder of Calleigh and Horatio's history.
C. It could be a subliminal message to DuCaine shippers, telling them not to give up.
D. It could be a sign that Horatio and Calleigh will be endgame.

That's just my theory, but I was amazed that they would subtly add their names together on a case that neither of them had consulted on in the episode, and then Calleigh mentioned his name, so I believe that there is still hope, that they haven't forgotten us. This is evidence of just that.

See, being optimistic has its advantage!! :) How I spotted that I'll never know!!! :lol:

Keep the faith everyone! Hang in there. Back again next week!!
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