H/Cal #4: Handsome and his Bullet Girl!

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Em!!! ***tackles with Great Big Hug***

So glad you're back and it sounds like you had a great time too... :D

Awesome DuCaine pics girl... :devil:;)

Let me know if you find that promo vid, HCrazy...I'd love to see it. :)

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :D:devil:
Hiya Emer...Giant hugs...missed you too. :D

Happy to hear you had fun, and returned to us safe. :)

And now....3 new DuCaine poems, in the Poetry thread...Enjoy :D :D

"Ohhhh!! and Horatio's Angels, has been updated :D :D

DuCaine forever ;)
Hey Gals,

I just put up the new promo for season 6 over at you tube! :eek:

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy CSI:Miami Yayyyyyyyyy it's up! :D :D

As you can see I am excited and hey, have hope, that may not be J & C kissing, take a really close look! :confused: :devil: :lol:

Ok go and enjoy and I just wanted to let you all know. hey Emerald, welcome back, hey LMH and Hangel and Everyone. :D

Just a few weeks left now before we combust!!!! ;)

HCrazy out! :lol:

Oh, my you Tube name is HCrazy 1228. I thought that might help. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Big freaking ups to you for uploading that vid...you totally made my day!!! You are quite popular in the Facebook 'Miami' group right now.

Aww...no love for me? :(

Emerald glad to see you back and it sounds like you had a great time. Miami sure is a beautiful place, I usually never want to leave when I go there.

Thanks again for uploading the video HCrazy
Hey EyeheartH, Glad you enjoyed it and i am happy I made your day. Okay, so how do I get to the face group??? Hook me up with the link pleaseeeee. :D :lol: :lol:

Hey Suzie, awwwwww, thank you so much again and thanks for all the feedback you are the bomb!!!! :D :D

Hangel, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hahahahaha Gotta love my Hangel sister right! :D :D

Oh and BTW, I made another video with my own music, check it out and Enjoy. The music is a bit heavy though. You can find it on my site and you tube. :p

HCrazy out! ;)
Love ya back, HCrazy!!! That promo rocked, girl!!! :D

...Here's a little H/Cal love from "Under Suspicion" for us all to enjoy... :eek:
***skips off to checkout HCrazy's new vid***

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :D:devil:
Awww, thanks sis HAngel, :D

I am working on another video now for a very good friend and this one will be the one to ROCK!!!! :eek: Look out! :lol:

Anyway I am happy you all liked it. :D I must have watched it over a 100 times!!!! That is so not Jake and Cal kissing.... :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :lol: NO! NO! NO! Hehehehe :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

HCrazy out
Hey guys...23 more days and counting.

@ HCrazy...You're right...that is not J&C kissing. It's H&C, yes it is :lol: :lol: :lol:. He's in disguise, they are working undercover, this is how DuCaine sneaks away for alone time. :D :devil:

@HCrazy, HAngel, EmerAngel. Your story will be updated again tonight after work.

Also.....More DuCaine hotness, in the Poetry thread. :D :D

DuCaine Forever, and never to part, because they live, forever in our heatrs :D :D

Seeya, Luving :)
Your new icon is just ... :eek: ... luvin!!! :D
And the new DuCaine poems are sooooo good!!! :) :) :)

Can't wait for the new vid, HCrazy!!! :)

And a new story update??? ***passes out from sheer happiness*** :D
Hello ladies.... :D The new Video is up! Get ready for a huge adreline rush and I hope you gals like my choice of music! LOL It's a bit heavy but hey, so is our Horatio and team! LOL

Thanks for all the great feedback on the Promo's too. ;) Keep the DuCaine Love alive. :devil: Season 6 is going to be great!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

HCrazy :cool:

Oh, here's the link,
Good evening!! *dances in singing 'Cornflake Girl' by Tori Amos* :) :) *does massive piano solo* :D :D

hangel, you know how to make me smile with that great 'Under Suspicion' pic!! They both seem to be drawing strength from each other, and keep on going through that ordea with Resden and IAB putting H under suspicion. You know, his hands are so close, he could just grab a hold for dear life and never let her go. Could you imagine this scene if he did take her hand, and this line comes from one of my 'missing scenes' for CSI: DuCaine:

Horatio: I'm not letting go... of your hand, or of you.
Calleigh: Then I'll hang on for my life.

*sigh* :) I can never stop talking about 'Under Suspicion', which was the light of S4.
I did see that their relationship had undergone some changes since S3, the chemistry and electricity was still there, everytime they looked at each other or said each other's names. It was there, and that can never be erased. :)
Have you ever noticed that Horatio's voice seems to become huskier when he speaks to Calleigh? It's like she awakens something in him that affects his voice, but it's also more intimate for him to speak lowly, so he can lean in closer to her... :D :D
Anyway, abck on track after that brief diversion, :p I especially noticed in this eppie that he was trying to keep control of his emotions, both pertaining to the nature of the case, and the fact that Calleigh was personally overseeing it, that she was concerned for him. He could hardly believe that he had the support of Cal, even when the evidence pointed the finger right at him. He must have felt a bit overwhelmed by the depth of Calleigh's caring and love for him.

Here is an important scene that truely highlights the range of emotions experienced by H and Cal in this episode, the likes of which we'll hopefully see again in the future:

A look of longing...
A look of quiet determination...

I am always struck by the look in Horatio's eyes just before he walks away. You can see he wants to open up to Calleigh, that he didn't want to leave. He wanted nothing more than to lose himself in Calleigh's presence and deep caring, to tell her everything. Yet he wanted to protect her in some way, and maybe he needed more time to understand his growing feelings for the only woman who would ever truely know him. There was so much more he wanted to say, but he decided against it. I think Calleigh understood, but she seems slightly hurt that Horatio backed off like that, yet she seems reasonably calm and composed, almost as if she's set on getting to the bottom of this, of uncovering Horatio's feelings. She had come with him this far, and I'm sure she wasn't about to give up. She will never give up on him, and that's real love.

*wipes sweat off brow* That was a long post!! :lol: I'm the girl for long posts!!! :p I always try to stick to the 3 lines of good posting rule so I don't end up spamming the thread, and it ends up liek this!!! :lol:

Since we're on page 22, do you think it's time we discussed potential thread titles for #5?? :D

I was thinking, going with Horaito's quote from 'Wet Foot, Dry Foot':

H/Cal #5: Two Hearts Beat As One

If it's too early, we can put that in the 'maybe pile'... :)

I'm back at school on Wednesday, but I hope to be on again on Friday night. :)

And here's a quick reminder of that infamous quote that has sprung many fantasies... :devil:

I don't know... leather chaps, nothing else...
That was a joke... *No it wasn't, hint hint!!*
I know... *I get the hint, sweetheart, tonight, tonight...*

;) :devil:

See you all soon!!
Wow, Em... your post was long, but soooooo good!!! You just about made me pass out from all the naughty thoughts I had thinking about his husky voice and him leaning into her when they talk... ***hot flashes again, fans self wildly*** :eek: :eek: :eek:

I won't even go into the whole leather chaps thing... ;):devil:;):devil:
***heart starts racing again*** :eek: :eek: :eek:

I like your title idea too... :) How many posts do we need before we start a new thread? 1000? :confused:

Loveya!!! :D

DuCaine Forever Baby...Yeah!!! :D:devil:
Awww EmerAngel, always love yer posts.

As for thread name, I think you named it without realizing it.

H/Cal....I'm not letting go... of your hand, or of you.

This is a perfect thread name, Gotta love it :lol: ;)

But whatever you decide, it will be awesome, just like our couple..

DuCaine Forever :D
:eek: :eek:
After seeing Season 6 promos, hope is again fading fast.

BTW, I finally saw "Death Pool 100". While I hated the final scene (way too contrived & stretched beyond credibility) I couldn't help but notice H/C seem to be having their own little communication thing going on.

:p :p Just me?
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