Grissom & Sara #32: With Every Beat of My Heart

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Hey you guys, I'm back. Congrats on the new thread. I know I haven't been on in about 2 months. It's just, I am still mourning over Sara leaving. How has the episodes been. I think maybe the strike was a good thing, because now they are going to have to get some viewers back and maybe Jorja will come back too. I don't think she has done anything acting wise yet. Unless she has been in a play. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed desertwind.
nice to see you back, don't stay away for so long.. and KEEP THE FAITH we never know what's around the corner, in show-biz, and Jorja is directing a play in Feb. about Dusty Springfield the British singer ;) after that who knows :(, maybe she'll be back for the May sweeps :eek: I watched 'BUTTERFLIED" last night with commentaries from Zuiker, CM, Rambo and other's so interesting, and how they said this was one of the most popular episodes ever.. and the one line 'I've got silk" was Billy's idea ;) and they discussed how Grissom realized his deep feelings for Sara, and was spooked by the resemblance of the dead girl to Sara.. and the riveting speech at the end, so precise and his timing perfect, with Sara watching and listening from the other side.. brilliant!



Welcome back sidlewannabe, and I've sort of been in mourning for Sara too, even though I come here every few days. I feel your pain. :(

The Butterflied commentary is really interesting, I watched it a couple of months ago. I think it's pretty funny that when he was looking at the pictures and there was that mirror bit -the one in the seond pic desertwind posted, it was originally that he opened a drawer and was feeling the underwear inside. So he was thinking about Sara's underwear... ;) They changed it because it got a little too "racy" ;) I think it was David Rambo who said that. It's interesting to watch some of the commentaries and learn about what they were thinking when they wrote *this*, or which lines Billy came up with.
I know, I just love watching commentaries for t.v. shows, especially CSI GSR scenes! :)

It's cool to see how the scene idea came about, different ways they tried the scene, or how the actors interpreted the scene.
mmm... Grissom can feel my under wear ANY TIME HE WANTS! :lol:

OK, the fan fiction was helping to cheer me up through the holidays. Now, I'm just in a funk. I miss Sara. I miss GSR. I might have to resort to whiskey if she doesn't come back to him soon. Whiskey, people! So if you notice my typing becomes sloppy... it's the whiskey typing! :(

Trying to keep the faith, but my heart feels like it was ripped from chest and trampled by a herd of angry huffalumps. :(
dirtylabrat funny, and did you know that's Billy's choice of alcohol? Jack Daniels...
I read that on his bio. and think about what all the cast member are going through :( an un-wanted sucks big time, so we not only don't get to see Sara/we don't get to see any of new episodes I mean! I sure hope they mention her in this last ep. "BULL" :confused: but look at it this way, re-runs have Sara in them ;) so that's a good thing!

Thanks for the welcome back you guys. I know, i haven't been the same lately. I am going through withdraw. i miss Sara, i miss GSR, I miss CSI. I love the Title too. I hope they mention Sara as well. I love the commentaries with the actors the most. i don't neccessarily have the attention span to watch the commentaries with the directors and the writers, but I think I am going to start watching them.
sidlewannabee you don't have to watch them, it's part of the ep. they talk while it's on, you don't even see them, they discuss the scene as it's happening, very intriguing. things you never knew, what I enjoyed is how mellow and soft-spoken and in tune they were with one another, thus this great show ;)

Their both so gorgeous :p
desertwind I LOVE your Blowing Kisses banner! It rocks! :)

As for the director and writer commentaries for CSI, I just skip to the GSR scenes to see what they have to say. :)
hey, does anyone know where i can get cast promotional pictures? i am looking for a good one to put as my wallpaper...

I really hope that there is a good suprise in 'Bull' on thursday, since DR in involved.
Hey guys, I was just talking with my newly converted to CSI co-worker about Butterflied yesterday. She's watching all the episodes for the first time in order and had just watched Butterflied. She said it was really heartwrenching to watch Grissom talking to Lurie and then see them pull back to show Sara watching. It is an amazing scene.

dirtylabrat check out my new fic, Risk, I think you'll like it.
I know you don't watch them, but sometimes i don't like to listen to them. i like to focus on the episode and you can't really watch it and listen. My tv doesn't have subtitles upstarirs and iif I had those , I would listen to the commentaries more often. i like your icon too desertwind It's cute.

I love that scene with Grissom making his little speech to Lurie. Lurie has no idea that Grissom is talking about Grissom. I had that scene memorized and I think i have it somewhere in my head.

Butteflied is one of my favorite episodes.
kinda like that DesertWind... but i mean pictures that they take at the beginning of every season, but newer ones. I keep running into older photos
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