Grissom & Sara #32: With Every Beat of My Heart

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I thought that last nights ep (which I didn't watch until this morning because I was reading Castles in the Air and prefered to stick with the GSR) was okay. Better than some of this seasons offerings. I don't know if I'm swayed by the absence of Jorja, or my knowledge that the actors had to cross the picket lines for this ep and work without any changes to the script, but I thought the dialogue was a bit stiff and staid at times. A couple of times it made me think of this video spoof of a show made without writers.
I didn't get the impression that Sara is aready home, just that Grissom will be waiting for her when she decides to come back.
I think we all want her home, maybe those of us who think she may already be there are just wishing too hard.
Ya know what I mean?
dirtylabrat said:
Was the poem about the bull or Sara?

Well is was from Cody to his "BULL" weird, to each his own dude! but our intrepretation was the way Grissom read it, was paralleled to the letter he wrote while he was on his sabbatical, th pauses, the tone, so when he was reading it, to me and too probably the rest of us, it was about Sara ;) It's clear he misses her, he was so off his game, dis-connected and sad, his facial expressions, tell it all, he was so estatic in "CARP" and now he's not :(

Nick: "Sounds like Cody was trying to make sense of his girl leaving."
Grissom: "Yeah, well poetry can help you with that too."

Poor Grissom. Sara has to come back, or Grissom has to go to her. He's too sad alone.
Hello everybody,

After lurking around for a couple of months I finally decided to register :)

Reading this board - and especially this thread - has helped me a lot in distracting me from a dull university course I'm stuck in until February. At first I only watched CSI for light entertainment...until Sara and Grissom first shared screentime.
I love the subtle yet steady way the relationship was built up by the writers (who I hope soon will reach a deal with the industry bosses).

You must be envying me, because I haven't seen all episodes yet (started on S4 today), so I got plenty of time until I'll see (or rather not see) the effects of the strike.

I registered to join discussions and to show that the strike didn't change anything...still loads of GSR shippers out there.
Hi seahawk and a big welcome
glad you decided to come on here, it's a fun thread, and we're all in love with GSR, and their in love with each other, and we all hope with "every beat of our hearts" that she returns soon.. he's a sour, unhappy dude since she's been gone.. :(

Welcome seahawk. I assume I can offer you condolences on today’s game in Green Bay. Man the start of the game looked so promising.
This is a great place to hang out. Lots of GSR love. Pretty optimistic most of the time too.
I, personally, have been having a great time reading fanfic’s lately. Writing too, for that matter.
Anyone looking for a good source of fiction should check out YTDaW My top 10 page. It's full of links to all kinds of fics. Mostly GSR, too :)
You might want to pm our moderator, and ask her, I've been on here for over two years, and it was way in force before that ;)probably since the onset of this site!
Aleyna4233 said:
i was just wondering... when did this thread start? what season? and does anyone have a possible link?
The earliest thread I could find was #10, which was started in October 2005.

Here's the link

The threads that existed before that one have probably been removed during thread pruning. I also checked in the CSI Forum, as Shipper Central was created in May 2005, and before that time, the ship threads were in the main show forums. Unfortunately, I think threads 1-9 can no longer be accessed.

A moderator can 'save' a thread from deletion upon request. :)
Welcome seahawk - glad you decided to join the GSR thread.

And, hi to everyone else. I know I've been away.. I've missed you all, and talking about GSR all the time. But I'm back in action, and missing CSI already due to that darn strike. We need our Grissom and Sara back!!! However, my season 7 DVD keeps me occupied with last years awesome moments. My heart still beats 10,000 times when I hear Grissom call Sara "DEAR"
I've been reading some articles here and there saying that Jorja fears that she made a mistake by leaving CSI but I also think that the departure (temporarily I hope) is due to the then-impending writer's strike that brought this show's eighth season to an early end.

Maybe Season 9 will be the cast pressing 'reset' and starting over.
Of course you can offer me condolences, but being from Germany, I haven't got a clue on what.
Must be some American sports thing (baseball? football? hockey?), but actually my username has nothing to do with that. It's from my old days of shipping JAG, and I just kept it.

Back to GSR, I read fanfics, too. I'm not registered on YTDaW, so I only read those on
As I've got about 4 more seasons of "real stuff" to watch, I mostly do that (working my way up to Butterflied...10 more eps to go *sigh*), and only read FFs when I'm alone (my SO wants to watch the episodes too, so I can't watch them alone)
He's not really a shipper, he watches mostly for entertainment (and for the fun of seeing me going SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at the slightest innuendo), but I won't spoil the fun for him *g*

Writing this has gotten me into GSR-daydream-state again, so I'll quickly get my chores done and be back to GSR-watching-the-waggle-dance-continue
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