Grissom & Sara #32: With Every Beat of My Heart

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Happy New Year...2008 is going to be great!

I got the complete 7 seasons from Santa. As for 6 vs 7, its a tough call. In 7 on the extras they talk about GSR, but it isn't mentioned in season 6. For season 6, I found the commentary for "Gumdrops" was interesting b/c it was originally written with a GSR scene (I didn't know that) then was rewritten to a Nick episode when WP had to leave due to a family emergency (if anyone know more, please PM me).

Before buying the tapes, I checked them out from the library here.

As for Grissom and Sara, they aren't broken up (why did TV Guide list as best break-up)??? I'm hoping for a phone call or something. I just wish that we knew what would happen...of course with the strike now no one knows when it will be back.

He waited 7 years to make a move...I think he can handle a couple of months. Besides, the way the writers write, they've probably been together "doing the nasty" off-screen on weekend visits. Grissom will tell Brass "Yeah, Sara's back, but now she's working for the foster care system as an advocate. Yeah we've been married for 6 months now."

I've been reading a lot of fan fiction. Instead of having a "geek baby" I really like the idea of them adopting a foster kid. For some reason, that makes more sense to me.

Enough rambling...too much champagne this morning.
I'm still sticking with my "they aren't broken up" and "she isn't his 'ex'". It's partly self-preservation really, I know it's sad, but if I let myself believe they're broken up, I will get even more depressed. Also I just really don't think they're 'broken up'. I've already made my veiws pretty clear though, so I don't think I need to add anything on that subject.

You know, I could actually really see them adopting. I agree that it makes sense. I can't really see them planning to have a biological kid.
Hi everyone and Happy 2008!!!!!
Griss and Sara DID NOT BREAK UP! David Rambo says he thinks that they got married in private. They are most likely married and Sara just had to get away for a while, after all, she is seemingly having a nervous breakdown. She will be back, healthy and happier (probably preggers!).
Keep the faith, my friends. GSR lives on!

Again I just love the positive comments being made here! :) They brighten my day!

I'm in the S.O. boat, meaning I think they're married and expecting! I know it's a lot to ask, but hey, I have fanfiction to get me by.

I LOVE season 7 on DVD, especially the commentaries during some of the GSR scenes. Haha, it was funny because the one writer was like, "Yeah, the fan's have come up with the nickname GSR which means Grissom Sara Relationship." I laughed because it's ROMANCE not relationship, DUH!! :lol:

As anyone can see, I'm hyper right now. I better go and eat some more chocolate. :lol:
YESSSS, positive is the "KEY" I know whe'll be back and they didn't breakup.. no way.. she's just leaving for a while to see her mom.. and I'll keep saying that till the cows come home :D or she returns to his loving arms



Hey guys. Go pro GSR. I read an older cincoflex fic the other day called To the Bone. It was so much fun. Part casefile part romantic comedy about Gilbert and Sara getting together with a little help from an old aquantance of Gils. I'd highly recomend it to anyone who hasn't read it.
I read that fanfic before, it's pretty good. I also read this other one that's amazing, it's called Remember Lake Tahoe, by LSI. I loved it.

Cool pics guys, I loved that scene in Crate & Burial where he touches her face.
Tonight is "Happenstance" with the funny crossword puzzle scene at the end...I love it! I'm so spoiled with the seasons on tape. Now my poor Tivo is lonely since I'm not taping CSI on SpikeTV every day.

As for fan fiction...I love "Castles in the Air." It's alternative universe, but the characters are written so well. I'm also enjoying "Restart." I think it's amazing how some of the writers can capture Grissom and Sara characters so well. Finally "The Sessions" is more like a soap-opera, but it's worth a good laugh. She captures Lady Heather and Brass so well.

Finally, anything by Kristen Elizabeth...
I agree with all of your recomendations, idahomom!!! I love Sessions. I am so hooked. I think one night I stayed up til the very wee hours reading the first 60 chapters. I just could not stop. Kristen Elizabeth is a genius with GSR fics. Without a doubt.
I, however, have just started writing, so I am not very good-but I hope to be. Please read my fics and I love advice!
Thank's idahomom that is a cute scene, with him doing the crossword puzzle, and her pointing out MISANTHROPE meaning 'people hater', I won't wait up for you oh wait up for him Sara, it'll be worth your while

Speaking of GSR fanfic, I read an older one by Mossley called Too Late over the last couple of days. Really good novel length fic.

I was also thinking about the Letter discusion of a couple of days ago. I think it's probably a good idea to remember that Jorja wrote the letter, probably while she was struggling with filming her last few episodes. I would think that all that emotion would have quite an effect on what she wrote.
I love reading fan fiction. Kristen Elizabeth is a really talented writer.

My absolute favourite fan fic was written by ParadoxicalOne on and was called "Geek Love Clues." It's a hilarious piece that has the CSI team collect hints and evidence of GSR in very funny situations. :)
congrats for the new thread, i hope that sara coming back soon ;) i am pretty sure that sara call griss for xmas.
long life for la GSR.
tbh i think they do talk on the phone. maybe not everyday but i believe they do call each other from time to time.

after Grissom's departure to Williams, he learned a lot. he learned not only how to love her, but also how to respect her in an emotional level. they didn't communicate a year ago when they were apart, and he admitted he found it hard to express his feelings. in S6 and 7 they were together physically and were building what was left for their emotional bond to function ideally. in the beginning of this season, it seemed they somewhat achieved it. at least on Grissom's part.

Sara's kidnapping led to both: her emotional downfall and Grissom's full realization that he wants to be with her forever. it gave him the courage to ask her to marry him, and showed him that it's not so hard to just *say it* and pour his feelings to her. it would be much harder if she was in a coma or if she died. she was very close but she didn't.

he stopped taking her for granted; he knows he can't. i'm not even sure if he knows if they are together or not at this point. but he calls her cuz he was/is so close to loosing her and cuz he learned from his mistakes.
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