Grissom & Sara #32: With Every Beat of My Heart

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I didn't really know where to post this, but as this is the GSR thread... :)

I went to study in the library today, and got lost suddenly. So as I was looking for directions I saw this: GSR!
I just had to share :D

And yes, I'll admit. I'm a sucker for GSR :D
Welcome Hush, You certainly found the right place for GSR suckers. Oh dear, maybe suckers for GSR sounds better.
I really hope we get a phone call or email in Bull. Even if we only see Grissom's side of the conversation. David Rambo wrote it, so I think there is hope. Lets all keep our fingers crossed.
Hush that's so funny! :lol:

I agree with you seattlegsrfan, I think we have hope since it's a David Rambo episode. In my opinion he's the best CSI and GSR writer. :)
Welcome Hush
and that was a cute GSR thingy ;).
And here's Gris calling Sara, he's at Lake Mead.. see their in touch!

Haha Hush, "this way to GSR *arrow*" :lol:

I think they should at least give us an email, you don't even need Jorja for that. Just something like "Hey honey, how's it going with your mom? I love and miss you." and then her reply, whatever that might be. A phone call would be better of course, but it might be wierd to only hear Griss's side of the conversation, I want Sara's side too.
Hey guys, just a quick post to tell you about a new projest to support the writers strike. Daphne at YTDaW has a aproject outlined at post #1101 Read all about it.

I was quite pleased to see the actors are planning to not appear at the Golden Globes next week. I think TPTB need to get thier pants scared off so we can get some new episodes.

We need the writers back so they can write us some GSR.
The pic. of Billy on the phone is from his movie "THE BEAST" from 1996.. had to do it :D and now his beard is back so why not, and thank's seattle for the news bulletins on the strike, and yes they need to end this fiasco, it's ridiculous :mad:but it was so great to see Jay Leno on again.. he's so funny :lol:

I was reading on another forum that there is going to be a "Tiny Twist" when Sara returns. wonder What that could be ?
I just remembered. It's Not really a spoiler more speculation I think .
Maybe the "Tiny Twist" is that Sara will come back as supervisor of the swing shift. That would be a good twist and one I would love to see. I don't think Ecklie would hire her as a supervisor though and how ever much I would love to see a geek baby I don't think we are going to get least not until the very end of CSI, thats why we have fanfiction lol.
there are already spoilers for sara's return? i'm a little skeptical about it tbh. i mean, the writers are on a strike; nobody doesn't even know anything about 8x12, and there is suppossed to be something known for such far future? i doubt it. on the other hand, idk. a tiny twist will happen for sure cuz there is always a twist. so to me it's more of a vague prediction based on tea leaves, than anything valuable. it's like a horoscope in which you learn you hate cold weather. i mean, everybody does.
Since there's no spoilers. Everything is up in the air until they get back.

My husband and I were talking about Sara coming back. He thought that she should get a job with "The Innocence Project." They review cases to see if there is evidence to help people. I thought that was an interesting suggestion. I wonder if there will be any Sara mention during Thursday's last new episode???

The hardest part is not knowing when the tv shows will come back and storylines resolved.
Well, on the writers strike, they're all out of work right now, so it would be perfect, when it's over [and I hope soon] she will return in full vigor, into his arms..till then.. just keep our fingers crossed, and hope for the best!

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