Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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GSR_Sara_Gil said:
I was the pessimist yesturday. Today i was trying to have a little hope. I have sent in many letters already telling them Jorja Fox cannot leave.
I know it is all probably set that she is and Billy is probably leaving at the end of Seasn 8 to follow Sara
but a girl can try and hope cant she.
CSI is just so strong right now I really want them both to stay until the end of Season 8, but that is probably not the case
and this is most likely the last year for Sara and Grissom.
It sucks for us it just got so good too. Plus i hate that they never fully explored Sara's past. Well, when she is gone so am I.

so i will in no way be going what when she leaves i will just leave with her
Just trying to be hopeful for a couple of hours

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend at all--I haven't been coming here for a long time, just came to see if people were thinking of contributing, and didn't read the previous posts. It's just that I was worried that people thought this was just publicity and it would be too late when we realized it wasn't the case, so I was trying to give sort of a wake-up call :). I apologize if I came across as harsh. It wasn't what I intended. And thanks for contributing!
grissly, I feel a breath of fresh air to see you there! It's been forever!! *HUGS* Sweety!

I just keep rewatching that final scene of the season opener over and over again, and I just adore the way he looks at her, and the way she grips his hand. However, people say she smiles at him... all I can see is MASK. Does anyone else see this smile I appear to be missing? And what's the best point to look for it if it's there?
Yeah, I saw it. It was kind of unrealistic, because she's got a mask on her face. Yet there she is, smiling away. My sisters were making fun of that scene. They both got a good punch in the nose. (Or, a mental punch anyway...:lol:) You can sort of see a little bit of her teeth, and the corners of her mouth are turned up.

Apparently I missed something too... I never saw their hands after the first bit where he grabbed hers and it was all limp.

We are all going to look like such idiots if this whole thing turns out to be all about publicity. Oh well, better tsafe than sorry:D. It's really cool that someone's actually putting up a banner. I wish I lived in LA so I could skip school to go see it. Stupid Vancouver, it's only good for rain:(. Actually I love Vancouver, but right now I'd rather live in LA.
yeah i saw the smile i bought the episode off itunes. She does and I just love that there is no dialogue in that scene.
i actually live in LA when i am on break from graduate school
i was there until a month ago i am so mad i am not there now.
Alyssa said:
grissly, I feel a breath of fresh air to see you there! It's been forever!! *HUGS* Sweety!

Hug you back, Alyssa my dear! Thanks for the kind words! I'm around, just in permanent lurk-mode. :D

WP's acting was great in that last scene. I am glad the scene wasn't over-the-top at all.
Hey grissly long time no posty, glad to see you back too
and this will make you all happy.. and they better show this on CSI soon

Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

seattlegsrfan said:
Hey guys, I've just been going through my address book adding everyone I know to the Petition to Save Jorja's job .
There is no GSR without Sara. Come on guys, get on board. Also the

I also came accross another great GSR fanfic writer. Kristen Elizabeth. Not much smut, but boy can she write. And the characters are really spot on.

Edited to remove link.

Linking to solicitation sites are against the board rules.

To everybody

The Jorja talk needs to stop now. This is the GSR thread. Discussion should be limited to your ship, not the actors who play them. I suggest if you want to talk about Jorja and her leaving CSI, then you need to take it to the Jorja threads in the Vegas forum or somewhere else. I will keep reminding you guys until it stops.

Also, discussion and posting links needs to stop on that Save Jorja Campaign because that doesn't relate to your ship.

Let's get back to the GSR discussion now.

Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

Hmm, not to be all high-and-mighty or rebellious or any other negative thing, but we were discussing Jorja's leaving and that would impact our ship. Not to stir the water, just pointing that out. Please don't eat me. On the other hand, the solicitation links are against board rules, so that will most likely have to stop lest the mods' heads explode in a shower of fireworks.
On that depressing (yet morbidly amusing) note, we return to our normal programming.
The end scene was definitely my favorite part. Every time I see that smile, I feel like my heart is going to explode, so I can only imagine how Sara feels. He loves her so much, it's plain as day. I bet the moment she gets out of the hospital, Gris takes a day off and they have a twelve-hour cuddle session.
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

I agree, GSR would be difficult without an S...
But on to more PC things,
I was hoping the scene from the promo where our geeks are in the car was a flashback to "9 years" ago, but someone burst my bubble by pointing out the scrapes on Sara's face. So we must at least start out in the near vicinity, timewise, as Dead Doll. I hope we get a bit of a timeline, it seemed like we might from the promo. Do I need to put promo stuff in spoiler boxes? I'd hate to get in more trouble.
And why does my cursor start pulsing whenever I continue to the next page & edit my post.
I can hardly wait 'till tomorrow to find out what the media has to say about the "Keep Jorja..." banner flyover.
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then you need to take it to the Jorja threads in the Vegas forum
Err. Can't do that either, that topic comes up and a whole lot of antis bash us. Perhaps we open a new thread? I don't mean to be rude, but it's just the way it is around here at the moment, this thread is the only place where we can talk openly without having our views trodden all over. Suggestions?
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

Yeah, sorry to disagree with a mod, but with out Jorja, GSR is just...GR. Can we open a new thread to talk about it? I don't want to break the rules, but it does directly relate to our ship in a major way. Please let us know, Thanks :)

As to the end scene, all I have to say to that smile is...Sigh. *gets all misty eyed* I could, quite literally, watch that scene over and over again until I die. If I was going to be stranded on an island and could only take one TV scene with me, that would be the one I took. Hands down. It is soooo my favorite scene now. And I can't wait until Thursday to see some more. I hope that every week I can get a NEW favorite scene, wouldn't that be so cool? If they just gave us like one scene, one REALLY good GSR scene, every week? *sighs dreamily and stares off into space* Sigh.
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

Yeah, unfortunatly this our only safe haven around here. Sad.
Hey guys, YouTube has a bunch of new videos supporting the "cause that shall remain nameless", lots of Sara, lots of GSR, lots of the helicopter scene. Hopefully in a few hours we'll get to see video of the banner.
I hope we can pull this off because, GSR without S is like sex without love, pointless.
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

I have tried discussing Jorja's future on the "proper" threads and I end up defending her against people that had GSR and believe what is written about her and she is greedy and should go... If we do discuss it on the Jorja threads we get into trouble for mentioning GSR too or not being vegetatian.
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

Hey, just wondering. Do you think our efforts will be taken the wrong way if the reason she's leaving is strictly personal? Like if she just wants to pursue other interests and we're begging TPTB to keep her on the show when it's her who wants to leave? I don't know, I just don't want anyone to freak out or anything. ahhh I'm so confused!!
Re: Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustan

over all the fiasco with the will she wont she live, i am not inclined to believe the rumors going around - i mean Jorja says herself she had to lie to her family and friends over whether her character was going to survive PROVING that when it was said "neither Jorja nor the writers know how this will conclude" to be a load of red herrings! (which i never believed either)

as i said before, with WP being a co-EP, I'd imagine he has a lot of say in what happens and I think he'd fight tooth and nail to keep Sara on CSI. I don't think they'd keep us in suspense about Sara's fate just to then tell us she's getting kicked off the show a few episodes later, and from the interview Jorja gave, it certainly didn't give me the impression she is leaving, I mean didn't she say they're 5 episodes in and it's all going so amazing and she can't wait to see what's going to happen next, and yet most of the rumors are saying she only signed up for 5 eps, so why would she be talking like that about the future of the show if she was no longer a part of it?

I love GSR, and I would hate for it to conclude in any way shape or form, but eventually, it will - because, although we don't want to think about it, CSI will eventually come to an end, so I guess one way or another it will happen. whether it's because Sara gets moved to Days (can't you just see her and Ecklie working together?! lol get the EMTs on standby!) or quits being a CSI or the show simply ending or whatever... but do I see GSR ending any time soon, in any form? personally, no, not the way i'm reading things. but that's just MHO.

I totally support Jorja, if she WANTS to leave the show to pursue other things, all the best to her, OK i'd be sad to see Sara leave, but i'd rather Jorja leave and be happy doing something else, than stay and be miserable... not that I'm getting that impression at all though!

but i tell ya what, if she does leave, we better well get a on screen kiss or i am NOT going to be a happy bunny!!

oh i thought i'd ask... am i the only one who NEEDS a good dose of GSR every day? seriously I can't go to bed at night if i've not watched a episode at some point during the day containing some form of GSR (i accept looks, hand holds, flirty words.. anything!) - or am I really just THAT sad?! :lol:
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