Grissom & Sara #30: Pin Me Down...But Not With a Mustang

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LMAO, that's so cool!! Even got the little letter sticking out of the book. That's sweet!

I like to think about it this way. When a loved one is badly injured, which Sara more than likely is, you don't tackle them and kiss them to death. With that in mind I'd actually prefer a simple hand hold and the words of a man who loves his Sara. For me at least, it would be a more true-to-life scenario. Save the smooching for the hospital lol. And even then I can really only see Gris holding her hand for dear life, peering at her intently, watching over her, swearing to never let her go again.

As for coocoo? I'll take it in a flashback. As long as they just don't drop it completely. Or hey, being a member of Team SO... WHEN Sara comes home from the hospital, Gris shows her what her coocoo...that sounds funny...has become, and maybe confirms his love and adoration for her in a not-so-round-about way. God, I love our geeks! There are so many possibilities!!

Alyssa[/b] Promo]I can't believe I didn't remember that. AH! Anyway, couple things. I'm not seeing Sara's reflection on his forehead, I am seeing some photo in the backgroud though. Sara? I dunno, then when it fades out from Gris, in a dark room, rain pouring down the window, it goes to a similar scene with Natalie, only there's light behind her and no rain. I'm thinking it's showing the parallels, here's Grissom, a broken man after the only person he's ever loved, and here's Natalie, a broken psychotic missing the only person she ever loved. It almost leads me to think all of her pain HAS transferred to Gris. Hey, maybe she does give them a clue hehe. Second, After watching the promo again and again, I finally saw the brick wall the truck crashes through, I totally missed that the first 500 times! It looks like there are flood lights in the background to the right. But it's at night still. And it's not raining. Hmm, that's a thinker, how could that fit in anywhere? The ambulance crashing through the emergency room parking lot thats under construction?? Eh? Eh? >:)

GSR rocks my phyllite!
Go Team SO!!
on the new #30 YIPEE, soo the Mustang won ;)
here's a video, and it's from S/7 "LIVING DOLL" just to keep us occupied till the big premiere, it's Grissom begging Natalie to tell him where Sara is! such riveting acting!


There's a CSI marathon on Spike right now. And it's season seven! That's how I'm keeping myself occupied until the premiere, watching re runs.
At the end of Burnout, there should have been a scene where Sara comes into Grissom's office and she gives him his migraine pills and stuff. I know they are fanfics about it, but it should be on the show! I know this seems random, but I'm watching Burnout right now.
Yay, we made it to 30 threads!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy. It has been a long weekend, I missed you guys.

The scene Alyssa was talking about was from season 7 where Grissom is looking for the 2 missing boys and it is raining. I am pretty sure that is the scene. You can find out more about the promo from CSIFILES.

I can't wait until the 27th.
Regarding the promo
I think when the truck crashes throught the whatever it is it's the next night & they had to use an infrared camera to find Sara & Grissom is driving like a bat out of hell to get to Sara 'cause his been worring for a whole day or more.
Maybe Grissom thinks he knows where Sara is and he thought it would be easier to go through the wall. Someone mentioned that it looks like Sara is saying Goodbye Grissom and I think I agree with them. That looks like Sara is definately saying something.
Holy Cow.

Ya'll are some busy bees.

Hurray for the new thread title! :D Number 30...seems like a milestone. And I SOOOO voted for the title. :) I wonder what number we would be at if our ship never became cannon...

I would of been on here sooner, but I've been moving for the past couple days and I'm surrounded by boxes. I had to check to see how ya'll were doin' though. I have my desk up and my little old laptop and sitting on a box so I can check out our beloved GSR. How pathetic. :lol: And the first things to go up were my autographed pictures of Jorja and Jorja and Billy. :)

As for the whole "Kiss or no kiss thing" I chose neither. I want an alive Sara and a kiss...NOW! Why? Because I'm a greedy little b**** and I want it now. Kind of like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka. :lol: But, I'll take what I can get as long as we have an alive and breathing Sara. That's really all I care about at this moment. Oh...and Grissom rushing to her rescue and showing her SOME kind of love.

As for the wedding idea, I am ALL for a geek wedding. Even if it's a small one. Like, Brass as the best man and Catherine as the Maid Of Honor, and that's it. I would like that. :)

Herz[/b]]I really think it's just the shadow from the rain outside...what a beautiful image that is. Him standing there looking out the window, evidence of pain on his face. And you can see he hasn't slept from the bags under his eyes. ::sigh:: GO GET YOUR WOMAN GRISSOM!

Alright, I think I covered all the bases, pretty much. I have a TON of boxes to unpack so I should really get started...

I'll see ya'll in a few days!

Oh...I forgot to add...Choc That is the CUTEST friggin' picture I have EVER seen!
GSR rock my messy room full of boxes!
So I texted all my friends tonight about how I just can NOT wait for the premiere, and they were all like, well at least now you have something to look forward to and I just stared blankly (well, as much as I could seeing as how we were texting) and told them that they were missing the point entirely seeing as Sara could die (not that she will)

24 days, 21 minutes
Wow, I haven't been here in forever. Nice thread title, btw. :lol: I laughed.

Seriously though, I cannot wait for the premiere. I saw the commercials, and I cried. I'm really scared. Not that she's gonna die or anything, right?! RIGHT?! They're finally together, after all this time. She can't die!

Okay, so I guess I'm more than scared.
She's not going to die, she's in other episodes, one where she works with Doc, Cath and the new girl, so it's going to be intense, but she lives!

Hey desertwind , NICE avatar, very nice.
Just popped in to check things out & say go GSR.
Back to reading smutty GSR fanfic now.
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