Grissom & Sara #25: Running up the Phone Bill

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Troi shaved Riker's beard in the... I think it was third TNG movie, "Insurrection." If I remember correctly, they were in a tub, and she shaved it off him. I don't really care because the last good TNG movie (and only one, really) was "First Contact." But, yeah, that's the reference. Although, if we want to argue that Grissom and Sara are imzadi, I'm all for that, too! Although, I can't see them having the naked wedding ceremony...
sarahvma said:
If their getting back together was more important, they'd leave it to the finale, because it would imply happy GSR next season.

That's what I'm talking about. They have to show us more of Grissom and Sara's relationship than they have so far. I know all of us notice every tiny thing (including some things that may not even legitimatley be intended by TPTB), but a lot people are still wondering if there even IS a relationship between the two. So they have to show more for anyone to care about whatever else they have planned for Sara or their relationship.

I disagree with you about the end of the series. If we were having this discussion at the end of last season, I'd be right there with you, but I have truly enjoyed this season so much more than the past two combined. If they stay consistant the rest of this year, no way do I want to give up the show. Especially not if my two favorite actors end up re-signing (waiting on you, Jorja!).

I don't want a dramatic, sad ending! Sara has had way too much drama and seriousness in her life. If anyone on the show needs a happy ending, it's her. Honestly, I want all of the CSIs still alive and well at the end of the series. I've always wanted to see Grissom season 1 proved wrong with his retirement party and everyone he has touched or taught along the way there to send him off in fine fashion. And then see the lab continue on as the credits roll. Kind of like the end of 4x4 after Nick's chat with Grissom, when Judy answered the phone with "Crime Lab, how can we help you" (paraphrased) only with a less bleak feeling, since Nick had such a rough time that episode.
Hey everyone. I've been around, just too preoccupied to post before now.

that not two weeks ago, MissDee was suggesting that it would be great (and OH SO sexy) to see Sara shaving Grissom's beard, and lo and behold a spoiler saying just that comes out. I'm a little freaked. Hey, powers that be, wouldn't it be cool for the camera to pan across Sara's new apartment, coming to rest on two writhing figures in bed, namely our geeks, Sara and the Bugman? I'm just sayin'... ;) *crosses fingers that this is the next spoiler...*

I'm a little freaked by this latest spoiler. It just seems ... so unlikely. But then, so did the bedroom scene in Way To Go. I never believed it was going to happen until it actually aired. But I don't know, seems like we'll get something, even if this scene is heavily modified. Personally, I'd prefer them to be curled up together on the couch, but I'll take whatever I get...

For the unspoiled I have nothing (sorry) except to say EVERYONE GET YOUR BUTTS OVER TO THE GUTTERFLIED MESSAGE FORUM AND NOMINATE FOR THE GoScaRs ;)

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*blows kisses*
forensicsgirl said:
For the unspoiled I have nothing (sorry) except to say EVERYONE GET YOUR BUTTS OVER TO THE GUTTERFLIED MESSAGE FORUM AND NOMINATE FOR THE GoScaRs ;)

*opens another tab really fast.* This will be my first year nominating. How exciting.

I was worried about the shaving scene getting cut out. And that would suck. But I'm taking the YTDAW theory here. If Sara's really gonna get it at the end of this season (I mean get it from the MCSK), The powers that be have to show her apartment sometime within the season, so that when the lab gets a miniature sent in, the audience knows that the mini scene is really Sara's apartment. I mean, I dont want Sara to die at all, but if something does end up threatening her, atleast we know that Grissom and Sara have made up, right. Oh yeah, and I'm taking back my flashback theory. If this particular scene is at the end of an episode, it will most likely be in real time. which is good. :)

I'm gonna go nominate now.
thanks for encouragement guys. i'm staying strong.

*sigh* okay my guesses about this spoiler. sumthin' weird, huh?

1) Lady Heather is suspected to killing her boyfriend Hank. Our COMPLETELY uncompromised CSI's Sara and Grissom are on this case. LH is ... surprise, not guilty. In the end Sara and LH hug.

2) Grissom has a 30 year old child, who he didn't know about earlier. This child is ... Hank.


3. Ken Fuller marries Nicole Daley. While in a chapel they get attacked by a swarm of vegetarian bees and they both die. "I think it was a murder" says Grissom.

ETA: 4. Sara and Grissom practice kung-fu together, Sara kicks him on the crotch, and Grissom, omg, he takes a day off. Sara is his nanny. She even treats him with massages *cough* (sorry for that, but i couldn't resist. i will fully accept a modslap). End of ETA

did i guess it right? did i? did i?
we will! oh and btw, happy b-day choc. i would make you something but i'm sick and i barely move. if i have time i'll make you something tommorow though.

Thanks Adz. and I hope you feel better. But did you know that about a year ago some people did research and sayed that today is the most depressing day of the year.WTF?Out of 365 days.My b-day.

what do you say choc? is she forgiven?

But ofcourse. I am a forging person.except in 6th grade this girl slamed my head in a locker.Im still mad.

2) Grissom has a 30 year old child, who he didn't know about earlier. This child is ... Hank.
Ha thats like the graduate, now that would make good fan-fic.LOL

Ahhh I am so dang tempted to clink those little blue boxes.
Thanks for the clarification, Alyssa!

That's kind of how I feel. I think that it's very obvious from the subtle moments early in the season that what mystery and Gibby said about TPTB just wanting to make it fluffy and sweet was true, and that originally he was supposed to go to UNLV rather than across the country. So now that we have way more angst, the balance needs to be that we have really, really sweet scenes as well. If Grissom really does Fed Ex a ring, and Sara sends it back to him (this is speculation, not spoilers, for anyone confused) then they would need to balance a move THAT huge by having something like this. Especially if we are to believe that they're happy together again. The problem with the finale was that it was SO neutral and the scenes of Season 7 were SO neutral that this sudden angst almost seems... *thinks* too deep, I guess. It doesn't make sense, if they're all veggie burgers and smiles, to then have her be really, really upset that he's leaving, at least from a viewer perspective, I guess.

Well, we've known for yonks that Miss Dee is God. lol. Good point about Way to Go, though. Even after it aired, a part of me didn't really believe the relationship was real. And weirdly? Until I see some kissin', it's like it isn't, somehow. Does anyone else feel that way?

*sigh* okay my guesses about this spoiler. sumthin' weird, huh?

Not so much weird as...

I think we're all trying to say it's impossible so that when it doesn't happen (see?) we won't be disappointed.

But it's still kind of... out there.

ETA: 4. Sara and Grissom practice kung-fu together, Sara kicks him on the crotch, and Grissom, omg, he takes a day off. Sara is his nanny. She even treats him with massages *cough* (sorry for that, but i couldn't resist. i will fully accept a modslap). End of ETA

She's good, guys.
2) Grissom has a 30 year old child, who he didn't know about earlier. This child is ... Hank.
Are you positive you haven't been reading the spoiler boxes? lol. That definitely made my day. And so did #4. lol.

I went to the GoScaRs site and nominated a few things. When it said "the most debated GSR scene," I'm sorry, but I had to say WTG, because everyone was just like, "Where the hell were they?" I think I read a fanfic that said they were in a hotel. I couldnt read anymore. lol.

Happy Bday Chocolate!
rszski67 said:
THIS might blow up the board fallen idols 7X17 Last scene?

Edited to remove spoiler

Let me make this perfectly clear. I do not want to see another spoiler posted this way. You can only summarize spoilers. You cannot post parts of the script. It is against board rules and could get everyone in trouble.

Now, I'm off to edit the rest of the posts where this spoiler was quoted. From now on, summarize only.

ETA: Please do not reveal spoiler sources. You could lose them if you're not careful.
:lol: :lol: :lol: Adzix what a wild imgination.. I love them..good ones!!! this is them in their "home"


to chocolate_bunnys have a great day ;)
Oh my gosh. I can't come to this board anymore, the temptation to read spoilers is too tempting >.<
Adzix, I feel your pain. I accidentally found a little something about the requisite episode, so I know the general gist, but I'm trying not to find out the details....

That said, it seems as though the spoiled are agonizing about whether or not this is a good thing. So maybe I'm saving myself a lot of anguish?
I realy don't want anything to happen to any of the CSIs. What I love about the show is it realism and its not realistic that Sara would die in that way. :mad: The LV are not police offciers like the the other CSI teams are so they are not expose to the same dangers. If they want to end the show then end it with the lab being the lab. I think I will quit watching the show if this happen because it would have jump shark way to much :( :mad:
I'm thinking of going spoiler free because I am hearing way too much stuff about future episodes and it is all getting very confusing. I can't keep any of it straight. Plus we all know how much stuff gets cut out, so the heck with it. I'll just go back to having my head in the clouds and be clueless until the shows premiere for the first time.

I was watching Assume Nothing and All For Our Country and at the beginning of AFOC Catherine and Sara are talking about all of them pulling their money together and buying a nice place to live. She says "you, me, Nick, Warrick, Grissom.." and Sara says " not Grissom". That is hilarious, because that wouldn't have been too long after he regected her in Play With Fire. It's funny how you pick up on insignificant things after you watch the shows about a dozen times. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but as he says "But you're my little nut". ;)
God, I just read the newest spoiler and I kind of got freaked out. Is it true? did CBS release any of the details oficcilay or was it from a fansite?
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