Grissom & Sara #24: Since Norman Fell

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Just to premeditate the gift, is it too dirty to say "She loved his package"? :p


**mad cuz re-runs suck on Thursdays**

Does anyone else but me think that Sara being pregnant would be pushing it a little too far?? ((Even though we would think it's awesome??))
Like, her being pregnant would pretty much destroy the show??
Cuz, look at all the complaints there are now, and think of how many more complaints there will be if she is.

I don't think it's likely she's pregnant. For that reason.
The writers aren't that dumb.

Personally, I'd love it if she was pregnant, but it's probably best kept in fanfictions, for the show's sake.
I think that Sara being pregnant would probably derail any hope of subtlety that the GSR fans had. Sara being pregnant really would make the show about GSR.

I do want babies for them, but honestly that window is closing pretty fast, and judging by their emotions in the goodbye scene, I don't think they've been together long enough to fully trust that they're in this commitment for life.

Besides - if the pregnant rumors were coming out of something that was said or implied on the show, that would be one thing. But it seems more like we're all focusing on Jorja's tummy again. The girl fully admits that she likes beer.

The closest I think we came to a potential pregnant hint was in Double-Cross, in which Sara mentioned that Charlotte was pregnant and Grissom gave her a look that could've been subtexty.

Having said that, if Grissom knew, I think it would make him a total asshole for leaving.

And beyond that, I really really doubt that of the two of them, Grissom who had seen a loving marriage until he was nine, would be the one to do something stupid in regards to a pregnancy.

At his heart, I think he'd be very old-fashioned about it.
I thought his parents got divorced and his Dad died when he was nine. If you go to and read the character bios on the show, Grissom's and Sara's are a little off on how their characters really are on the show IMO. The bios make it sound like Sara was raised in a stable happy home, but we all know she wasn't. But I guess they put those bios up when the show first started so they couldn't give away to much info. I guess for the new thread I'll go with "She Loved His Package". Although I still like "GEEK PHONESEX".
Okay, i’m gonna try to stay on topic, but this was an episode in which it’s hard to. It’s really hard to judge about this eppie. I got a lot of things to say, so it’s gonna be a long post. Point one: it was a brilliant episode. I loved the tension between the characters. It was Catherine in who I was most disappointed. She didn’t say goodbye to him the way I wanted. I’ve only saw clips from, so it could be possible that I missed something, but I was very disappointed in her. The scene in which gris says: you’ll be in charge, she seems like… too frustrated. I would have liked it more if she said: well gris, I’ll try to be just as good as you were’. That would be more… Catherine like…
Next thing: Nick. That was sooo great! That scene was perfect! Nicky was like: hey man, I learned a lot off you man!’, and he just HUGGED HIM!! Grissom’s look was also very funny, he was like: DAMN NICKY, STOP IT!! It was the greatest scene ever!
Next: the car scene. Nick and Catherine talking about grissom having a girlfriend. I was laughing sooo loud, I think the neighbours were awake after that. I mean, catherine’s line was great! Anyway, I think they are right about the grissom shaving thing. Maybe he did shave because of Sara.. maybe she said to him: shave your beard hun, it’s getting annoying..’ that would be so not sara-like, but it’s possible..
Next scene: Sara’s scene. It was a very emotional scene, I was almost crying when I saw it. It made me think about their relationship again. I don’t know if you guys saw it, but in the scene, he looks to the left, before entering the room to say to her ‘I’ll miss you’. My idea is, that he looks to the left, to see if there is anybody listening there, anybody else in that same room. It made me think; grissom is really careful when it comes to ‘the team discovering’. Which means he looked to the left, to see if there was NOBODY that could hear he said that to Sara… Anyway, that was MY idea. Did you guys see how he did this thing with his hands, a gesture like: ‘I don’t really know how to say this’. I thought it was cool to see Grissom in a vulnerable situation like that. Sara was less great in this scene. First, my heart was pounding because she said: ‘so you’re going?’. It suggests she IS gonna miss him terribly. But, when she turned away, just going on with what she was doing (changing her clothes probably) I was like: noooo, girl, turn around and say something! But she didn’t, and that was disappointing. I do think it was good to see grissom being to one taking the lead, saying something first. The ball was in his court, he was the one who had to take the next step into their relationship, and he finally did. But when sara just smiled, looking a bit.. surprised, I was again disappointed. She should have said ‘I’ll miss you too’, and just give him a hug or something like that. It was a great scene, very good to see grissom admit he does cares about her, but though still disappointing sara didn’t do the same thing. Well, hopefully when he gets back (as soon as possible) they will have a surprise for us diehard GSR fans, like a reaaaally big welcome hug. It was a big step for Grissom to do this, and I think it’s great he took it.

Next thing I wanted to say: Keppler. I think he doesn’t fits in CSI. He did The Omen, and I don’t know, but it just feels wrong. They should have asked Mac Taylor to get back from new york, and lead the Vegas team for a while. The thing that bothers me, is that grissom says to Catherine when he leaves, she is gonna be the leader for a while. But, they do hire a new detective! WHY??? Okay, there is one important team member gone, but that doesn’t mean they just need a new detective! They could have asked Sofia Curtis to go with them, just for the simple things. And I saw the videos. It’s so not good that Catherine is just.. so impressed by him! I mean, they are supposed to work as a team, and not one that can’t even trust their own members! Nicky is suspicious about this guy, and the influence he has on Catherine. It was great to see the four of them, deciding they would just not trust Cath OR Keppler. But still, I think the producers are making a big mistake with involving Keppler in the show. I hope grissom gets back soon, cause I already miss him! A friend of mine noticed, that Greg was very quiet in the promo videos of ‘Sweet Jane’. When nick asks the team to get involved with the ‘WE don’t trust them’ gang, he just has that look on his face that says: ‘okay, whatever’. And you know what? That is sooo not greg! The greg I know, would have an answer to everything, always speak up for the team. I think he’s missing Grissom, the obvious leader of the group. Now grissom is gone, Nick is gonna take the lead for the four of them. But greg misses that bossy thing of grissom, the ONE AND ONLY LEADER. You guys will probably know what I mean. So, that’s even a better reason to make grissom come back really soon: they miss him awfully!!
Okay I'm probably really going to admit my age here, but oh well. I am listening to geeky 80's music on TV and they just played that song "She Blinded Me with Science". Oh my gosh, that song was soooooo cool when I was like in the 4th grade. We listened to it over and over. Anyhow, I think it would be hilarious if we saw Grissom wrapping a gift for Sara while jamming to this song. That would be priceless.
Okay, I'm finished having freaky 80's flashbacks of me dancing to this song.
I loved this episode. Catherine will never get over her stripper days even though I thought it somewhat unprofessional that she would do that for i guy who slapped his girlfriend around. And then I wanted to eat Nick up and then marry him. Too cute! In case the whole quote on Grissom in the car wasn't enough, he hugs the man. lol

I hated the Grissom and Sara goodbye, but hell, it's Grissom and Sara. Awkward. I didnt expect anything too dramatic (was that Sara crying??), or the anti-GSR would start some sort of riot. And since there's no huge GSR drama (like I said, the tptb are always trying to please the anti-GSR) , they'll be pullin the drama from somewhere else.

I thought his parents got divorced and his Dad died when he was nine. If you go to and read the character bios on the show, Grissom's and Sara's are a little off on how their characters really are on the show IMO. The bios make it sound like Sara was raised in a stable happy home, but we all know she wasn't. But I guess they put those bios up when the show first started so they couldn't give away to much info. I guess for the new thread I'll go with "She Loved His Package". Although I still like "GEEK PHONESEX".

BTW - I hate conflicting canon facts. They suck. So I am officially going to believe that character profiles on the official cbs website are bull. The new canon is CSI: The Ultimate Guide. Its a book *ahem 50% off at Barnes and Noble*, and it has way better canon facts that actually make since and go along with the show. Grissom's dad was a botanist for crying out loud, he didnt work in communist China (though neither of my sources claim the man died, BUT HE DID, cause Grissom said so. And you can't go back on death.) And the book also mentions the death of Sara's father and all the domestic crap she had to put up with. And here's the bonus - It goes all the way up to Season 6 Way to Go. So the ship is canon in the book, sort of. They dont just throw it out there, but they say that "...Sara and Grissom have become much more than friends and coworkers." Beside that quote is Sara getting that "chalk" off of Grissom's cheek. ;)

oh and I'm all about some geek phonesex. Let the phone smut begin.

Edited cause Sara Sidle is not pregnant. Stop the madness, I say.
Seriously, when I talk about the pregnancy possibilities it has NOTHING to do with Ms. Fox's belly. I have a bit of a belly, m'self. I really am talking about body language, which is totally different. :)

I know this sounds goofy, but if I had to pick one scene TPTB would never do for our geeks, I'd want to see them sleeping in each other's arms. I know a lot of people want full-out sex and all that, but I'd just love to see that comfort and intimacy... I was thinking about it last night, and that would just be delicious.

Of course, happy Geek moment would have to be interupted by the lab being taken over by terrorists ala "Alias" or something... but, ah well. :)

The next few weeks are going to be interesting, with our boy gone. If we estimate he doesn't come back until after "Law of Gravity," that's episode 16, and about halfway through February, so we could still have a few sweeps episodes with Gil, and that could be intriguing. I'm still wondering if we'll get a "Welcome Back" scene. I mean, they were trying to hold it together in the goodbye scene, I can only imagine what would happen if they were in the lab when he came back. Sure, they'd try to hold it in, but the joy of seeing each other after all that time? It'd be overwhelming! That's why I think it's going to be interesting to see which direction TPTB go with the homecoming... I wanna see SOMETHING. I've been a good little GSR shipper!
I picked #5.. plain and simple "he misses her" and what's up with the "pregnant senerio" I think not!!! Jorja' has a little pot,big deal.. it's part of her figure,, and it's fine with me,, she's still bone thin, and the writers would not, at this time go down this path!!! ludicrous :( here's a pic of her face in "LLV" ;)

alright, just popping in to tell y'all that i'm alive and i've watched LLV today. twice. i'm preparing for my flight to the US tommorow morning now, so i have completely no time to write anything. i will, when i get back to the country of hamburgers, Elvis and cowboys. that'll be probably not before sunday, maybe monday.

geez another 4 months and a half of speaking english, english and only english. though i met ONE POLISH GUY before i left for christmas! YAY

anyway, i'll just say that i loved the ep and watched the GSR scene 100 times. i'm gonna elaborate on what i think about the whole thing later.

see ya! hopefully ;)
greggooo_fan I almost totally agree with all your theories and thoughts..amazing brillant ep. and the one with Cath, I LOL as well, on the "girlfriend" :lol:to Nick, and it was touching on the "goodbyes" Grissom can be so cold, but so emotional in his own way :eek: how many of you could see Sara un-buttoning her blouse for a low-life scum bag prison jerk? she's way to classy, right, I'm used to Cath's shenaigans, so not suprised really, and the "hug" with Nick hilarious, "I'm only going to be gone for 4 week's..stop hugging me" :lol:, they also have a deep history, but back to our couple,,, I think they had a special moment alone, before the "cab" thing and had it planned out the way it came down ;) this pic I'm posting , ~~studied it along time~~~ look's like he's dying to run over and hug her, look at his "fingers" do something with those dude!!!!& his body language.. seems to be in pain :( and she's acting nonchalant.. lord she's pretty, those thin arms..

"I'll miss you".. kiss her you fool :mad:

pic courtesy of wurlocke ;)
for me Grissom wanted say i love you. He tried say more but couldn't. I just love everything he did...nervous and sad
i don't know, but i wanted Sara say something more...well, she stay strong, but move her head when he said i'll miss you like saying "i know baby"
She knew about the break!!!
i loveddddddd, wonderful Billy and Jorja work!!!

my sugestions
sorry, i'm without inspiration

The distance never separates two souls
You look in their eyes and see their hearts

someone post this they miss each other
Well, sure we loved the scene we got, because it was sad and a cat had Grissom's tongue then made him say I Miss You instead of I Love You Dearly.

I'd like to see a deleted scene that goes something like this:

SARA: Hey.
GRISSOM: Well, my cab is here.
SARA: So, you're going?
GRISSOM: Yeah...
SARA: (nods) (turns back to locker)
GRISSOM: (fiddles) (takes a step into the locker room after looking to see if anyone is watching)
SARA: (is being watched by GRISSOM while she puts her badge on) (then, turns to him)
GRISSOM: I love you.
SARA: I love you too, honey.
GRISSOM: (pokes his head out of the locker room) (goes back in)
SARA: Is anyone watching?
GRISSOM: No... (devilish smile)
SARA: Can your cab wait?
GRISSOM: Probably.
SARA: Storage closet?
GRISSOM: Let's go!

Oh yes, you know it happened. The editors just didn't let us see it.
Hey guys..just thought I'd pop in and let you know that I'm checking to see if the title "She loved his package" is appropriate to use as a thread title (IMO, it's not appropriate). According to the thread title rules (which I hope everybody has read), suggestive titles can't be used.

I believe there are other words you can use besides "package".

But I'll let you know.
It's a nice thought. I wonder if we will get any physical contact (besides a handhold) from these two? If we don't get something when he gets back, then I give up. I wonder if maybe they haven't gotten to the stage in their relationship yet to say "I Love You". And even though you may feel it, you always DO NOT want to be the first to say it. His mouth said "I'll miss you" but his eyes meant "I Love You"!
i can wait for a kiss, but i need a real hug, maybe in the rain haaaaaaaa
i need a scene in the rain LOL
ha we deserve Grissom's back scene ...and no not in the work!
They alone in some place
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