Grissom & Sara #24: Since Norman Fell

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I really, really, really don't think that Sara's pregnant.

I know that beyond the stomach thing, even her holding the jacket...

I just don't think so.

And I especially don't think that she would let him leave town without telling him. I think she's just sad, and I think she'll miss him, and I like that they left it with a little bit of angst, but still that it erred on the side of shippiness.

Well after stripping, I'm kind of glad that Nick (who was the one to defend her) is giving Catherine the heave-ho. I'd rather it be him than Sara, so that when Grissom returns, it won't be a conflict of interest to tell Catherine off.

ETA ...Yeah, this is SARAHVMA again... lol.
Well, I have to admit - I'm anti-baby. I don't care if it happens offscreen after WP leaves - say, someone mentions it in passing or something - but to have it happen onscreen? Too much like other shows and other couples. GSR is unique, and I want it to stay that way.

I thought it was a pretty good show. I was interested in the case, and Novak is one of the few characters that can go head-to-head with Catherine and look as though he can keep up. I didn't mind Catherine's impromptu strip-tease for the prisoner. I got the feeling that she sized him up pretty hard before making that offer - and she was in a hurry; someone she believed to be a killer had walked free and she needed to know if this guy were really innocent or not. He was obviously a man who'd lived a hard life and probably wouldn't give up the info out of the goodness of his heart. Professional or not, it was all Cath - and it worked. The woman will get her results, one way or another, and while I'm not sure that's always an admirable trait it's part of what makes Catherine such an interesting character.

Told y'all what was going down in the GSR scene. :D Glad to see I was right, though; part of me was on pins-and-needles thinking that TPTB would try to Grey's it up a little.


Okay, got that out of my system. Carry on.
Does anyone know what episode Grissom will be returning on? They have the names for like the next 4 or 5, I was just curious. I'm with the rest of the "NO BABIES" people. They both work way too much to have a kid. I want them to stay together because they want to be together, not for the sake of a kid.

I swear if Grissom re-gifts his sweatshirt that Hodges gave him I will be so pissed off. I can just see Sara opening the box all excited and getting a big purple sweatshirt that says WILLIAMS across it and Hodges walking in and saying "Hey that's a cool shirt, I gave one just like it to Grissom before he left" OOOHHH that would be so bad, and tacky. I don't think that will happen really.
I am still in love with the idea that Grissom leaves right after work and took a day off the previous week. Possible sucking up to Sara? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Im still bouncing back and forth on why Sara was so cold to him when he left. I mean yeah she is sad, but when I'm sad I'm not really that cold to someone. I only do that when Im mad, so I am interested in knowing if Grissom pissed her off because he told her so late.

The world may never know.
I liked the fade effect they did with Sara. I showed my Mom that scene and did little caption. When Sara was fading into Grissom's office, my Mom looked at me and said 'She's holding back her tears'. I just kinda looked at my Mom, then looked at the TV and remembered that the Miniature Killer was back, great I get to explain 3 episodes in 5 seconds. I actually did it too, lol. Anyway, then I told her that we won't know what's in that box for at least four weeks and she laughed at me.

Ahaha - Catherine and Nick, I'd love to see the look on their face when they find out that SARA is the girlfriend they are talking about.

Hmm - let's see...

Doc Robbins will probably smile and say 'He knew it'. Cause, well, he's Doc Robbins, he knows everything. Catherine will first be awe-struck, then say something like 'it's good that you finally took your chance'. Because after all, Catherine is the one who told him to send her the plant. Warrick will pat Grissom on the back and say 'Way to go - man'. And Greg might be a little sad because he had a crush on Sara, but I think he's moved on from that. I think he might actually laugh and go 'I thought I just heard you say ...' Then Grissom looks at him 'I did say that'. Hehe. And Nick would say something to Grissom, but he's too scared since the 'Hugging Incident'.


So, there's a re-run playing next week? Okay, so what are we going to do for 5 weeks, at least.
I'm not saying she IS pregnant, but the fact can be argued. Preferably, I'd like a no-baby scenario, and I really REALLY wasn't looking at that scene to see anything that would support a baby scenario. Just, after watching it a thousand times, a few things stuck out to me. :) I jus twanted to point out that if one wants to make the argument, there is some evidence to support it.

Though, Sara, I totally get the hugging oneself thing. It's a defensive stance. It was just the added jacket thingee that made me think of something beyond self-preservation. That, and the way Grissom looks at her. He looks like he's nervous and going to say something when he steps in, but something catches his eye and stops him. I mean, if she were showing, which I seriously don't think she'd still be wearing clothes that tight if she were, seeing it might toss him off-guard a bit.

That said, it could just have been taking her in, seeing her, and realizing that he won't see her beautiful face for another four weeks, and this encounter, brief and sad as it was, would be the last chance he said to tell her how he felt... and he chickened out. He got scared, and she let him be Grissom.

Also, wait.... wait... Can't say that...

Also, watching the clips from whatever episode on, her profile shot is obvious in the street scene, and there's no sign of her stomach protruding from her body in any way. So, that'll be a nix in terms of the pregnancy theory. I mean, I'm not sure Sara would be so foolhardy as to wear tight clothing while showing if she were trying to hide a pregnancy... ya know?

So, I was just watching and saw things I didn't expect to see. I didn't go in looking for signs of pregnancy, TRUST ME. I mean, look what pregnancy did to "Lois and Clark" and "X-Files." That said, if Sara were only 4-6 weeks in at this point, and we pretend that March doesn't exist for the CSIs because of March Madness, she'd only be 4 months by the end of the season... So, we wouldn't have to see a Geek Baby birth or any of that... or even a freakin' shower. LOL.

Then again, she probably isn't pregnant. And that's freakin fine. I guess I'm just not against a pregnancy as long as we don't have to do the ooey gooey baby stuff. I mean, after the first trimester, Sara would probably be confined to the lab, meaning she'd spend maybe three or four episodes at the end of the season not in the field... I'm just not completely against it. Though, I'm not rooting for it. If TPTB go that route, I'm sorta "meh" on it. Wouldn't mind as long as it's played right.

Ok, I'll stop talking about pregnancy since I know a LOT of you are anti-baby. I'm just not anti or pro GeekBaby. No strong opinion.
Okay here are my thoughts on what I saw on
I can't imagine that Nick, Warrick, Greg, and Sara are suspicious of Catherine and Keppler and they don't contact Grissom about it. :eek: They know he needs a break, but I KNOW Sara has to know how to get ahold of him if they really needed to. If they really think something is up with them, I just think they would call up Grissom and ask his advice about it. I mean even though Cath is taking his place as supervisor they look up to Grissom...bottom line! Grissom's the man and always will be. Wonder if they will work that into that particular show or not?
Okay, thread title possibilities:

1) I'll Miss You... but NO BABIES!

(Sporter will tell you all how awful that is, but I won't post her ideas so she can do so)

2) Phonesex Is Underrated

3) Grissom Prefers the SF Bay Girls

Well... I'm not all that concerned now. I think that's the best possible scene we could've reasonably hoped for.

Plus? They SO have to kiss when he comes back.
It's about time you posted under your own account, Sarah.

That's right, thread title noms:


I inspired Sarah's use of it in the above post, and turtle inspired me. Oh yes. NO BABIES.

- He misses her

I swear to God, if any title containing the phrase "He'll miss her" or "I'll miss you" (putting the whole 'miss' thing in a future tense rather than present) wins? I will not post in that entire thread. I promise you. Think of that when you vote, lol ( :( @ it winning in a landslide now I've said that. :p ) He is GONE, people. He will continue to be GONE for the duration of the thread. Then he will return. There is no going-to-miss about it. He is away, so he does miss her. RIGHT NOW. Present tense, not future. It's more important than sticking to exact quotes if you think about the implications.

Just to premeditate the gift, is it too dirty to say "She loved his package"? :p
Pregnant? Huh? I am lost.

So anyways. I liked this epie. Cath unbuttoning her shirt so the suspect would answer cracked me up. I also liked grissom giving advice to greg was sweet.

But... there was barley any Sara or greg *crosses arms and pouts* Awkward grissoms 'Ill miss you' was sweet but i was practically yelling at the tv: 'Kiss her dang-it! Kiss her, Pin her down against the lockers and kiss her!' But alas we didn’t even get a hug,Nick got to hug gil, but not sara.Not fair.

Also loved Cath-Nick joking about Grissom having a girl friend.Makes it sound like the TPTB are setting it up for someone to find out.Hmmmm. :rolleyes:
I'm bouncing back and forth on the babies...I wouldn't mind it really and I love the baby fics I've seen but I do know how it can ruin a show if it's done wrong. And agreed on them working way too much. Most people'd just say it's diverging way too much from the science to focusing on the relationships.

Anyway, I'd like it like "They Miss Each Other" and the phonesex one is great *giggle*
Happy Birthday Sidlreiana
and on the "no hug" they were at work.. and we all know how he is, I think they said their goodbyes in an intmate way at home, and this was perfect, not gushy, and he'd "never" hug, nor kiss her in the workplace.. it was just right!!!
desertwind said:
on the "no hug" they were at work.. and we all know how he is, I think they said their goodbyes in an intmate way at home, and this was perfect, not gushy, and he'd "never" hug, nor kiss her in the workplace.. it was just right!!!

I know, But i can dream.*sigh*
Been rewatching the Cath/Nick scene where they talk about Grissom going on break, and it's just so amusing. I love that him leaving has made them think about his behaviour. I mean, yeah, it seemed a bit strange, but in the context of him leaving, it all suddenly means something. I mean, no one made comments when he first grew the beard, which makes it completely reasonable for no one to comment when he shaves it off.

Sorry, I got off track. Anyway, I love that Grissom changed his behaviour as a result of being with Sara, so much so that others noticed. I mean, it's comforting to know that he leaves when shift is over, that he's willing to take a day off... It's just really touching. We spend so much time wondering about Grissom and Sara outside of work, and we actually got quite a bit of insight from two people who don't even know Gris and Sara are together! I love it.
exactly, I mean, you could see that he really really badly wanted to do more than just tell her that he'll miss her. But he coupldn't. They were at work, probably he even felt he wouldn't be able to leave if he'd hold her in that moment, probably he was scared she'd start to cry and that then he wouldn't be able to leave....

For me it's not the arms crossing thing that makes me think she's pregnant, it's more the how her gaze falls down when he leaves and how she then seems to hug herself...
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