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Wow, wow

An hour of skimpy-dressed Stella and mumbo-jumbo about antiquities?

I'm seriously underwhelmed :(

I hope the not-so-subtle Mac/Stella moments are just for this episode. I wouldn't mind these two together but not now, while the show it's still running strong.

That could ruin everything, IMO

Gee, I can hardly wait to watch it. :rolleyes: It sounds like Melina was trying her hand at fanfiction instead of an actual TV script. Please tell me Danny and Lindsay have at least named the spawnling.

The episode had a bunch of WTF-ish moments and even if I don't like D/L at all, I think that Stella's part was worse. There were moments where I thought I was watching a soap opera
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For those who have wearied of my lengthy screeds on why CSI:NY sucks, I offer you an abridged review of last night's episode: I couldn't have asked for a bigger, more insufferable pile of shit if I'd fed an elephant some Ex-Lax alfalfa and asked it to build me the Leaning Tower of Pisa in my living room. "What a bunch of shit," I opined when the episode was over, and my Roomie, who's quite accustomed to my one-sided conversations with the TV, just started laughing.

What a pile of shit. Thus ends my abbreviated review. Those of you who can't stand my negative witterings but are too lazy to put me on your Ignore list may now proceed to the next post.

A sheer embarrassment to the franchise. F-

I couldn't agree more. It was embarrassingly bad. F as well.

What the HE!! is a baby doing in the lab? And proud parents, leaving her in the car seat on top of a table for all and sundry to walk by and paw the poor *newborn* child. And neither one of you in the room? Couldn't find a babysitter??? Appalling.

The Stella storyline was a million different kinds of bad. Why is it that every time we get more Stella backstory it's a total load of crap? Tonight better make up for this shinola.

In case I didn't mention it before, F!!
That was this episode was, Melina's wish-fulfillment fanfic put to film and presented as canon. Super!Tragic but plucky heroine who defies her crusty boss and flouts numerous rules of the office she's sworn to uphold in the name of a revenge quest, and who eventually softens his tight-assed heart with her determination. Oh, and those rules she broke--the lying, kidnapping, and disobedience of a direct order--? There won't be any consequences for those. In fact, the crust old boss, who once yelled at another subordinate because a victim had his phone number in her pocket, will just smile warmly and return her badge, because she's just that damn awesome and feisty.

And ooh, bonus angst: she discovers her father only to have him die tragically in her arms in the former family peach orchard. Woe! Woe! And the super!Tragic plucky heroine who has heretofore kept her head under pressure will suddenly throw a fanbrat angsta-tantrum about her father holding out on her during a firefight. If I wrote that and presented it as fanfiction, the fandom would roll its eyes and declare it soppy Suefic, but because it's canon, I'm supposed to find it awesome and compelling?

Agreed, thanks to Melina's script, Stella was precariously balancing between Mary Sue and your typical Hollywood action movie heroine. I think that she didn't understand that she was writing for crime procedural TV Show. Besides, CSI:Miami does the over-the-top action episodes way better (probably because of the ironic self-deprecating nature of the show).

And also, maybe it was the tone of the episode, but I found Melina's crying too fake and too soapy and I usually love her acting. It doesn't help that I was rolling my eyes during the last half of the episode.
I agree that the baby in the lab was totally stupid. But I'm pretty sure Melina didn't write that in. The other writers probably did.

I thought Melina penned this one by herself? Or did I just make that up now? :p

I just watched the opening again and Melina did write this on her own. That actually makes the episode even worse because she's the sole person to blame for everything that sucked about this episode, which IMO was pretty much everything.
She's the only one with her name on it, but I'm pretty sure there are people involved with the process who can make changes without putting their name on the script. (I would cite my source, but I can't remember where I read that...)
She's the only one with her name on it, but I'm pretty sure there are people involved with the process who can make changes without putting their name on the script. (I would cite my source, but I can't remember where I read that...)

Yeah, that's true. I didn't think about that.
OMG what a load of CRAP i nearly didnt make it to the end of watching it. :lol:
i mean seriously? is this the episode thats been all hyped up and supposed to be great and amazing.!!
first of all the baby in the lab ffs you DONT bring your baby to work with you, especially not to a lab filled with dangerous chemicals and then go leave her in a room with a bunch of strangers, and I KNOW I KNOW lindsay was supposed to be there for only another 40 minutes but then she was analysing evidence when mac was in greece! do u really expect me to believe it was less than 40 minutes later. and WTF DANNY y run evidence WITH your baby. and the D/L seen :brickwall: im not even going to comment:guffaw:.
Also the lost tomb of alexander the great!? your kidding right y dont you just say they found flying mermaids as well i mean come on at least be
realistic (then again they expect us to believe D/L are soooo in love:lol: )

the ending with the professor was cheesy it was so obviously coming and it was obvious to me the first time i saw him he was related to her. the part with mac was quite cheesy as well although melina's acting saved it a bit. i think i would die if anna belknap had to be stella in that episode :lol::scream:

another but that annoyed me .i know it only maybe small but do the writers think we got short term memory loss? stella went in smashed the painting. and then mac went in found the painting frame analysed it and we get the flashback to stella smashing it . I know stella smashed it we just saw that!!! :p

i think that is it lol i have gone on quite a lot all in all not a very good epi :guffaw: to say the least.
How can Mac walk around Greece with his gun? How on earth did he get it through customs? He may be there officially but they don't just let you keep your gun so you can go around doing your own investigation and shooting people.
What's his face that Mac was talking to when Stella came by with the stolen picture gave him a gun - he okayed it with whoever.
*I can see bringing baby to the lab for a visit. But for work? Hmmm...if one wasn't working with chemicals....okay. But it was cute. Danny is a bit jealous of other men making over his Lucy. It was cute! Can't wait to see what happens when Flack gets a shot!!!
The impression I got was Lindsay had originally brought the baby to the lab and didn't really plan on staying that long and then was sidetracked with the case, hence why Mac was wondering what she was still doing at the lab and not at home.
WHY IN THE HELL would you strap your kid to the front of you and process fingerprints and actually run evidence in a lab!!!
They showed him actually in the lab doing it and the baby was nowhere in sight.
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this is the worst episode ive ever seen.

i didnt get the idea on why on earth danny need to bring his baby at the lab while running some test?

i can understand that baby lucy and lindsay were there to visit, so lindsay is not yet officially back to work that time...and seeing her analyzing the hair brush at the lab while mac is in greece, i would assume that she get back to work the next day after after Mac left ny (ny to greece is approx. 13 hrs) and baby lucy left at home with the nanny. please i dont want to see her again at the rather see her at home or at the playground...but she's really cute eh?

i actually did gave this epi a C last night...but now i wanted to give F!
i actually really liked this ep a lot i thought it was one of the best of the season.

Melina imo did a great job with the wirtting. the case was predictable i knew right off the bat when the professor was introduced that he had something to do with the whole sumggling operation... good twist though if i never saw it coming.

i'm a bad art history major for some odd reason i always thought Stella's picture on her wall was a Chagall. it had some qualities that looked like the artist's paintings but i was wrong. i had a feeling the meaning of the painting would come up eventually, it seemed to me that when Stella was on her office there would be a bit of focus on the pic at times.

i felt bad for Stella when the professor told her about her mother. that was a sad story. does anyone else have a feeling that the professor was her father? he kept saying "i loved your mother" and he visited her in the orphanage when she was younger.... makes me think. it's cool that Stella's mother was an art restorer, that's an interesting job that requires A LOT of paitence.

the ending with Mac and Stella was nice to see. i like their friendship they're always there for each other even if they fight and have different views about things.

ok as a D/L fan i am going to side with a lot of people.... what the hell was the baby doing in the lab?! really guys come on! i could have settled for Lindsay hanging out in the breakroom or Mac's office with the baby but really out in the lab on a table and then Danny walking around with her. get a babysitter next time Danny and Lindsay, you work in a place that has chemicals and gross stuff going on lets not expose your poor kid to that.

the way this season has been going with the boring cases i found this ep to be one of the better ones of the season. excellent job to Melina for writting the ep.
I think my first issue was simply that I've never been particularly taken with the whole Greek coin storyline. So, I was probably never going to love this episode! :lol:

Stella got away with far too much, Mac definitely went easy on her. And why didn't he look a bit more shocked at the fact the Stella and Angell put Kolovos in a container and sent him to Cyprus? I'm still appalled that they did that. :lol:

The baby in the lab thing? I think I took it as Lindsay visiting and staying longer than expected. Personally, I think Mac should have sent her home, she wasn't supposed to be there anyway, even if she is working part time. Clearly the females in the lab can get away with anything as far as Mac is concerned. ;) As for Danny processing evidence with the baby, I figured that the baby wasn't actually with him when he did it. But who knows? I guess we should have known the baby would appear at the lab at some point.

Most surprising thing for me in this episode? Stella's age. Hey, she's most definitely a hot woman, but she's not a hot 34 year old woman.

I didn't hate this episode, but I'm not sure I loved it either. I did find it quite amusing though. :lol:

I am wondering if it's possible to get DNA from coffee grounds? But then again, I am also wondering how likely it is that you'd get a fingerprint from plaster? So many questions.

I'd give this episode a C.

eta: The picture of Stella's mother = :lol:
I think my first issue was simply that I've never been particularly taken with the whole Greek coin storyline. So, I was probably never going to love this episode! :lol:

Agreed...the storyline was never very interesting to me, so either way this episode wasn't going to get more than a C or in very generous cases a B.

And why didn't he look a bit more shocked at the fact the Stella and Angell put Kolovos in a container and sent him to Cyprus? I'm still appalled that they did that. :lol:

I think it would have been a great twist if Kolovos had been killed during that little container stunt...Stella has to admit what she's done and what she got Angell to do with her, face the wrath of Mac (and Flack, I suppose, since she got Angell in on it) and there would be at least a more realistic response from Mac. But, alas....

eta: The picture of Stella's mother = :lol:

I think I was somewhere between :brickwall: and :lol: on that one....:p