Grade 'All in the Family'

^^Actually, the spoiler source this season had her listed at "Detective Jessica Angell" but everybody has always just called her Angell or Detective Angell. So, either somebody this season forgot that they named her Jennifer to begin with or they just decided to change it. :rolleyes:

For your fic, I guess it's just a matter of what you think is best. ;) Personally, I'd just leave it as Jennifer and ignore the fact that it's now been changed to Jessica or just do like TPTB and switch to Jessica with no explanation. :p

Although Danny isn't my fave (he is my least fave male character, but I love them all), i do like his character storylines. One of the reasons i don't like Danny, i don't think he is that intelligent. I think he is smart, but not the book smarts you would need for forensics. He just isn't a believable scientist, but more of an arrogant cop. Yes, arrogant, but not in a bad way, i think you need some arrogance to be a good cop, just like Flack. At least they have kept Danny's flaws consistent over the years. But with this storyline, i wouldn't fault Danny...he didn't give her the gun, and although he didn't report it, he did bring her in at the end. Flack allowed some compassion since she had just lost her son, and people do crazy things after an event like that.

The actual case was pretty interesting, but their evidence was a little unbelievable. That seems to be a trend with new york, odd and unusual. Also, where did all this shaky camera work come from?? I really don't like the shaky cam! I think its been introduced slowly, and i just started to notice it.

As for Lindsay, i think she did a pretty good job this eppy, no complaints. I have never seen her as selfish, so i don't think she was inconsistent. She is still my least favorite NY character, but i have no issues with her.

Now can we get some Hawkes storylines??...its sad to see a great character go to waste, just because he is the 'token' black guy. Raising Shane is the highlight of the series IMO, and it would be good to see more of that.
Hey 1CSIMfan:

I think you're right. Because the name hasn't been mentioned before (as far as I can tell---like you have to go through scripts or eppys to see if it has or not) they might have forgotten that her name was Jennifer, not Jess. Can't you see that conversation---ah---is it Jenn or Jess---I know it starts with J. <g> Either way, I'm moving on and using it as a middle name - got a great comeback from the character when he says her middle name. : )

Thanks for your response. : )
I gave it an A-

Personally I would have given it a B+ if there hadn't ben the Danny/Flack/Rikki part :D They for me made the ep ;) I just wanted Danny to start the engine on that bike and take me with him! However when Danny said, 'I'll take her home!' She obviously got to rid with him :devil:

It still makes me laugh how they changed Angell's name and I still keep asking myself... Where was Danny's pool table!?!?

EDIT (because I forgot the case):
I wouldn't say it was the best case I've seen but it wasn't the worst. I think the shotgun idea kept the whole case open and was the main thing that kept me from fast forwarding to the next Danny/Flack seen!

The reason I didn't give it an A was because of Adam!!!
Another quick comment - I'm not really a Lindsay fan, but I was ok with her actions on this episode. She was worried about Danny, so she went to the one person she knew would find him and who obviously cares about him. And staying at work was probably the right thing for her to do since it's the one thing that could ensure that Danny wouldn't get called out by Mac later. And no, she's not a very good liar, but she probably doesn't lie to Mac very often, if at all, so him believing her is believable to me.

I can't stop thinking about the Danny/Flack friendship - maybe Flack, being a cop's son, knows something about Danny's family's past and feels the need to take care of Danny because he knows what Danny could fall into if he's not careful. Ah, crazy Danny/Flack friendship theories - I've got a million of 'em!
I thought the scene with Mac, Sheldon, and Flack running and jumping across rooftops was a little too over-the-top that I was so glad Det. Angell commented on it. Luckily that was only the beginning of the episode and it got better once the plot got rolling. In fact I found the Danny and Flack plotline was more interesting than the main case.
Ok, since your sweet and precious Fay ( :p ) will be sans computer for a while (again), I'm going to quickly post my comments for this episode. I won't be back for a while, though, so I'm probably going to end up trying to resuscitate this thread after everybody else has lost interest. :lol:

Anyway, here's what I wrote in my notebook before I got back to my computer. It's all out of order, but bear with me ;) (I'm positive that some of it has been mentioned before, as usual):

~ I couldn't hear the first half very well because people were around making noise, but then it cleared out and I was able to watch the second half in peace.

~ It seemed like the episode kinda dragged ass, especially in the beginning. Maybe it's been like that for a while and I don't normally notice as much because I'm usually chatting at the same time. *shrug*

~ I enjoyed the little B-story with Danny and Rikki and with Don trying to keep up with the little shit (aka Danny :p). Eddie and Carmine are so good, and seeing that mixture of conflict and friendship was really nice. Danny's a lucky bastard to have Don as a friend, and he'd better know that.

~ It amazes me that the same writers who did those scenes also wrote that lame line about Lindsay not 'catching' whatever Danny supposedly had. *cringe* Then again, maybe D/L just has to be corny as all hell.

~ Ah, Lindsay is upset because she has to test fire a shotgun like the one that killed her, wait, she's confused because it misfired (did she take the round out of the gun before she walked away? If not, should she have done so? [/random tangent])...oh no, wait, that expression is because Danny didn't show up for work...Oh f*ck it, I give up trying to interpret her facial expression.

~ Draaaaaaagged aaaaass...Maybe I was just impatient for more with Danny and Rikki...

~ WTF was up with Mac playing Horatio the whole time? It's like he just walked around a lot and told his underlings what to do. :rolleyes:

~ *loves her some Angell* I prefer Jennifer to Jessica, but it's their call.

~ Speaking of Angell, I liked the little scene with her and Don where he suggested that they get coffee. Go Donnie. :p And I couldn't hear very well, but I liked their little moment at the beginning where she asked why he was there and he said something about it being a busy neighborhood (or something like that--as I said, noisy people around), and they shared a little look--Hai, that iz subtlety. Once again with the 'are these really the same writers?' thing. Flack and Angell can be subtle, but Danny and Lindsay have to be smothered with cheese?

~ WTF was with Mac, Flack and Hawkes running across the roof? It was just silly. Why in the hell were they running? The body wasn't going to get up and walk away--Angell was handlin' thangs. ;)

~ Sheldon was nummy as usual though--and was he wearing jeans at one point in the episode? I thought he might have been, but I couldn't tell. I wish I had more to say than that he's pretty, though. You'd think they could throw the man a bone one of these days. :(

~ I'll only say it once--boo, no Adam! :p They shouldn't list him with the series regulars in the press releases if he's not going to be in every episode--I'd rather they list him with Sid (who should totally be listed with the regulars, but I digress) and only put his name in when he's actually, you know, there. I didn't pay attention to see if they still stuck his name at the beginning of the episode like they did in that other episode, but anyway--boo, I says. :p

~ Dude, WTF was Flack doing in the dumpster at the beginning? I can't see him being cool about climbing in there in his suit while Hawkes just chilled nearby. :p

~ I liked Danny's gentle treatment of Rikki and the way he tried to protect her. I also had to cheer him on when he tried to beat the s*it out of Ollie after he was talking trash about Rikki. I wonder how many strings Don had to pull to get Rikki walked through the way he said? He acted like it was nothing, but you can bet it wasn't easy. Once again, Danny's a lucky bastard to have a friend like Don. He worried about Rikki and Don took care of everything else--no hesitation. *hugs them both and then smacks them both upside the head* Men. ;)

~ Overall, it was an okay episode, but the case wasn't the reason--it just didn't hold my interest. It might be because I knew what would happen (the downside of reading all of the spoilers, I suppose), but anyway...The stuff with Danny, Rikki and Don was good, and I'd love to see them continue to bring Rikki back--that's so much more interesting than some of the other 'character development' they wrote for Danny the past few seasons.

Anyway, I'm rambling. These last few episodes are going to make or break whether a lot of people continue to watch the show. The Danny/Rikki/Flack stuff was a good choice, but case-wise I think it could have been a bit more exciting.


By the way, how do you think this episode stood up to the ones that had writer participation in the production aspect of them? Personally, I felt like something was a little bit off, but I'm not sure what...
Faylinn said:
~ Ah, Lindsay is upset because she has to test fire a shotgun like the one that killed her, wait, she's confused because it misfired

I noticed that too. Didn't you think it was great continuity there? After all, she also had no problem with the "perfectly good shotgun" she found in the dumpster a season or two ago. ;)

Faylinn said:
By the way, how do you think this episode stood up to the ones that had writer participation in the production aspect of them? Personally, I felt like something was a little bit off, but I'm not sure what...

Actually I thought this episode suffered less than the previous one. The last one felt more "off" to me, especially when it ended with Hawkes and Lindsay returning the dog - it felt like there should have been one more scene, or at least one more line. This one, I didn't really notice anything too glaring - no wonder you can't put your finger on what you sensed was off.
Faylinn... you make many great points (I really resent you by the way, because you type long assed posts that make sense, are informative and stick to the point, while I type long assed ones that make no sense at all... don't suppose you'd give me some lessons would you?? :D)

As a final comment on the 'what a mother would do to protect her family' I have great respect to your mum Faylinn and the second you become a parent, you'll be just like her. Even the calmest of people can turn into Rambo when it comes to their children. Like I said, I never had much time for children's rights before I became a mum (and for that, believe me, I hold my head in shame) but the second our daughter came into the world, I knew I'd kill to protect her (wow, I'm freaking me out now!) and any other child I ever saw in danger.

I agree with you guys, Riki should have been going for Loopy Lucy but I'm unsure if she found out all the facts before going gunho! Lets face it, given Danny's current behaviour, he could have quite easily told her about the case and she picked up what she wanted to hear.

As for DAnny's behaviour in this episode, I just saw a couple of minutes of it on YouTube (the bit where Don tells him to stop blaming himself) and I wanted to bitch slap the wee sod right on the back of the head. I have a lot of time for Danny. I think he's passionate about his work and yes, while that sometimes falls into damn right unproffesionalism (I WANT a spell checker on here) he does a good job a lot of the time. But this time *BOOM* smack the boy... and not just for disrespecting Don, I think I would have been just as pissed if he'd done that to Mac or Hawks. Mind you, let's be honest people... we are slightly more protective of our mighty Flack than the rest are we not?

Right, now I'll shut it until I actually get to see the whole thing... by which point you'll all have moved on. Story of my life (hey look,I'm playing the world's smallest violin guys :D)
mandy9578 said:

Without the F/D interaction this episode wouldn't have stood out.

Totally agree with you on that. The rest of the episode was alright, but once the Danny and Flack storyline started playing out, I was done. Their interactions in this episode made it one of my favorites I've seen so far, and in terms of character relationships and friendships, the best I will ever see on this show. I hope when this writers strike is over that the writers incorporate more of the D/F friendship into the show, it obviously makes a big difference, and is by far the strongest relationship on the CSI shows.
Hello all!
I just signed up, so I aplogize in advance if I posted in the wrong spot or something. Just seeing if this works, and If I did this right!
anyway, great episode, I gave it an A+
HoratioFan4ever said:
Hello all!
I just signed up, so I aplogize in advance if I posted in the wrong spot or something. Just seeing if this works, and If I did this right!
anyway, great episode, I gave it an A+

Hiya HoratioFan4ever. Yep, you posted in the right place. Look forward to seeing you around :)
i gave this episode an A+. coz i just love the danny storyline, and the case was alright.
I feel for danny.
If i had to be Lindsay and danny was my bf. i wouldnt be able to consetrait on work. ill be on the search and rescue team::)
I agree, however, as silly as I am, I loved the Flack/Angell interaction. So much chemistry! As you can tell, Angell is my favourite!
yeah angell is hot hot hot, hehe and flack an angell togheter is hot. but we never know whats going to happen.