"Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2

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MacsGirlMel said:
Someone on LJ said one of Gary's kids was in Loco Motives...anyone got any info on that?

Also I was watching Spike's Who Are You rerun...was that a tattoo on Gary's arm in that ep? I don't know if I've seen it before or not. Anyway the sleeveless scenes were hot.

HMMM, interesting.. I've never heard that one of his kids was featured on CSI.. mabye it would be in the credits.. was it his boy or girl? here'a pic. of him with his little boy and girl ;)the little one has his smile :D

yeah this pics with the kids so nice i love this so much. Gary is so loveley men and so lucky to see this :) thanks for this pic
Just saw the preview for "Perfect Stranger," and I didn't see Gary in any of it. Anybody know how big of a role he has in the movie or if it'll be worth seeing??
So we learn in "Empty Eyes" that warricks grandmother passed away, guess that means unless they come up with other family the only one they really mentioned won't be showing up as some had hoped for.
Apparently she died not along time ago, not a short time ago, but unless the writers come up with another family member then thats what it means, unless anyone is willing to count Tina as family. :lol: *Runs and hides*

By the way it was a sort of passing comment. Which is sad considering that is a good revelation on his life.
Though we do not encourage discussion on an actors personal life I thought I would point out the news Item about Gary Dourdan. *runs from the ladies throwing tomatoes at the new woman* :p
I love Gary Dourdan, well.. Not as much as I do Warrick, hehe. But congrats to him, he deserves to do what makes him happy!
is it just me ??? or have we not seen much of warrick this season??
i mean... what's going on with the wife thing....last season ended with him being in the dog house....are we ever going to know what is going on????
We haven't.. We get a total of what.. Five, ten minutes of him? :confused:

I hope he has something to work with in these next couple of episodes.
I think part of the reason is that Gary is juggling more than just CSI. I think he opted to be in every episode for a little bit as opposed to missing episodes completely while filming other projects. I know he's supposed to be in A Perfect Stranger with Bruce Willis and Halle Berry.

I'm not sure what else he has going on, but that's the only explanation I can offer up. I'm not so sure it's all the writers just not having enough material for him. With the whole Tina/marriage thing up in the air, you would think they would have plenty!

We have to remember last episode, I think most of the CSIs (minus Grissom) had about five to ten minutes total screen time. It was the nature of the episode, so it wasn't just Warrick this time. ;)
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