"Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2

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CSI Level Two
"Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2

Due to cleanup and moving Part 1 link no longer available.

This thread is dedicated to a smart, gorgeous man, dedicated actor, awesome character, where we can have a great discussion and see some great pictures.

In thumbnail form no bigger then either
2 Medium pics around 130x130, or
3 Small pics around 115x115.

Anything bigger (or over the amounts listed) should be put into no more than "6 URL Links" per post. Remember you can always show the Thumbnails with a clickable link to a bigger version.
As well remember to give URL links a name (not just re-put in the addy) a good descript of the pic will be helpful. Also please only "Showing" pictures from your own site (ie Photobucket, etc.) hotlinking is not allowed Pictures can not carry Adult Content, Swearing, Baiting, Trolling or Flaming in them.
If you are new please note that you have to have 100 posts before you can post a picture, until you reach that mark you can use the "URL" link to the picture.
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woohoo! thread 2!!
hmm, i really wanna see what happens to warrick in season 7. *sits impatiently*
*joins afrikana* I kinda hope there's a divorce scenerio of some kind, he's clearly unhappy. *pets him*
YAY!!! A new Warrick thead! :D *cheers*

I'm with you there Mel23 and afrikana. I hope a divorce is in his furture. He deserves to be happy. He's better off without her. *pets Warrick too*
Stop petting Warrick! He's mine! He's all mine!

Ok, he's not really mine. Sorry guys... I'm not good at sharing. :p Will you all forgive me?

Here's a nice little art a special someone made me to celebrate our man's new thread :D


WOW! I can share! :lol:
That picture is... wow... *cough* Yeah, I have nothing valuable to say, except.. wow...!

Warrick's such a cool char.. I need to go re-watch past seasons, to see what else I can pick up about him. I'm starting to like him more and more every day!
Ship or no ship, I have to love A Little Murder because he was so protective and nurturing in that. Just as he was also protective of Nicky in Grave Danger. -Warrick isnt just sexy but he's got such a big heart. Gotta love him around kids too, he really shines around them.
Oo a Gary thread, why have I never spotted this before :lol: Lurrrrve that wubly pic up there ;)
It's all right RC! :) I can see why it would be hard to share him.

:eek: Wow! That's beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing that with us RC!

I don't mind seeing dreads...too much so bring it on! :D It can further wean me off my dislike of them, so that's a good thing.
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