"Gary/Warrick Total Appreciation!!" Part 2

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^^Well believe it or not, a lot of people share your opinion. :)

So... we got some Warrick in the latest ep. I think for the last few eps he and Nick had been working together, or at least bantering with each other a bit. Just recently they were talking about dating someone with the same profession. Warrick said it could be better because at least the other person would understand the hours of their job, but Nick disagreed. It was just nice seeing them be friends again. And remember they worked together in helping Greg in the Fannysmackin case earlier in the season.

I just got to bring this up... when Warrick told Doc Robbins about staying up all night, and how he wouldn't be doing it because of some dog (or something, can't remember the exact quote).. anyways, my brain just went to hyperdrive imagining what he'd be doing all night. lol. Gorgeous guy plus suggestive dialogue is hot. :D
GrissomFREAK said:
Like here :cool:
*dies with you*
He looks gorgeous there :D I agree there's been a lack of Warrick this season and I bet that we haven't seen or heard the last of Tina.
NikkyJamez said:
They should, Warrick and Catherine need to get together :D. I'm just saying, I see Tina laying on a metal table soon.

Ya' never know maybe.. I love him too, he's so mysterious, and secretive, but so good hearted. always, and loves his cast mates!

*laugh laugh* I am watching the ACM awards and Gary was one of the announcers (With two wemon) lol his comment was hillarious... I loved seeing him on there... He's just so drop dead gorgeous
I thought it was actually CMA...but either way I guess. Mom was the one watching, not me, but I was quick to spot him. Loved how they did the annoucement "CSI style" <g> He looked yummy, as always. Who made the joke about the cuffs? Him or one of the others? LOL I could hear all the fangirls saying they'd be willing to join him backstage with the cuffs <giggle>
It is the CMA (Country Music Association/Awards) I think the person just got the letters mixed. ;)
I checked out the details in the photos and the event is called the Academy of Country Music Awards (so should it be ACMA ? lol. jk. )

Here's a bigger pic of Gary at the ACM Awards.

looking good as always

i really hope we get to see more of him in the new season...he was neglected this season i think
Thanks so much desertwind Im so happy to be posting in this thread. Warrick has always bin my favorite CSI. So sexy, love the fro and the eyes. Delish. This is my favorite pic every. Figure I would post it as bait to get more people on this thread.
Click me for a bit of sexy.
Your welcome, he's pretty damn HOTT, so handsome.. those blue/green eyes, and so mysterious, and good-hearted as well, I think every fan loves him! here's one with his little children, enjoy!

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