Episode 7x18 - 'Flight Risk' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

Discussion in 'CSI: Miami' started by Finch, Mar 13, 2009.

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    I kind of found the episode somewhat boring. It had its moments, but overall... I dunno... I think I'd give it a C- if not a D+. What the heck was up with Ryan's jacket? That was weird looking. That hairstyle doesn't suit Natalia. Love Natalia going "la la la". :lol:

    Air Marshall: I don't go through airport metal detectors. Why should I anywhere else?
    Horatio: How about because I said so? :lol:

    Air Marshall: I was just doing my job.
    Horatio: Now watch me do mine. :guffaw:

    Yay! Valera's back... and her hair is brown again... and a little longer. :thumbsup:

    Good to see new guy Dave again too. :)

    That cheating pilot reminds me a little of Christian Bale. :lol:

    Eric to pilot: You're free to go... go lie to your wife.

    Loved Frank calling the air marshall "sky cop".

    What the heck was up with that end scene with the flashbacks of the vic? I got confused for a minute and wondered if I'd been watching an episode of "Cold Case". hahaha.
  2. addictedtoSpeed

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    Yea, that was weird, it was sort of freaky.

    I second ya on Natalia's hair. Don't like it like that, looks like she hasn't washed it in awhile. I like it wavy and lighter color.
  3. delkolover

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    Yeah Natalia's hair was too straight and I didn't like the bangs they gave her.

    Yeah that end scene with the vic I was like "wtf?" It was sooo out of place for Miami....obviously they are trying new things but, like you said that was way too much like the end of an ep of Cold Case. And why was she like frolicking throughout the plane? :lol: so weird.
  4. starzsgirl

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    I thought this was a slightly entertaining episode, it was going well till the Air Marshall got cocky and I figured out he had something to do with it. And then Eric's comment about the country with no extraditing laws was another hint. The predictability is killing me when it comes to some eps.
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    I had so much fun recapping 2 CSI: NY episodes over in the CSI: NY section. I thought I'd try a CSI: Miami episode.

    Pretty pics of Miami.
    Busy airport, sexy women.
    Kid that stuff on your hand is blood. I can tell just by looking.
    Dead body on the conveyor belt.
    Name tag with the name Suzanne on it.
    Tara. Still got that bottle of oxycodone from last week?
    [Theme song]


    Pretty view of Miami.
    Ryan...again. :drool:
    First flashback of the episode.
    Those conveyor belts move at 20 mph???
    Kyle. Cute as ever.
    Kyle found the cigarette burn.
    LOL Calleigh. "Welcome to the smoking lounge."
    Evidence analysis montage. Cool music but it needs words.
    Frank!!! and Horatio!!! Guy's in trouble now.
    Good one Horatio: "Old habits die hard...I guess."
    Ryan...such a gentleman...holding the ladder for Natalia.
    Yeah, because Horatio said so.
    Air Marshall guy is dumb if he's not intimidated by Horatio saying "Now watch me do mine." and that glare Horatio shot him.

    (Commercials)-commentary: WAY TOO MANY COMMERCIALS!!!

    More pretty views of Miami.
    I like the inside of that plane.
    Eric's daydreaming.
    Show yourself...now.
    :guffaw:Ha. Ha.:guffaw:My name is Carolyn.
    LOL Horatio. "Time to bring Mr. Lawson down to Earth."
    Pause conversation while noisy jet flies over.
    Good line Eric: "Go lie to your wife."
    There's the romper room.
    Yes, way, Natalia.
    Carolyn. Everytime I hear that name, I laugh cause my name is Carolyn.
    Luggage tags. Of course.
    Now I see what Eric's doing...scanning the handwriting on the luggage tags.
    Is Eric daydreaming again??? Guess not.
    Marvin Duffy's writing looks like a match to me.
    Isn't he the smoking guy from earlier??? Yep, it's him.
    Give up the camera, dude.
    Great line Horatio: "Mission accomplished."

    (Commercials)-commentary: How many commercials are there in a one-hour show??? TOO MANY.

    Nice view of Miami in the distance.
    There's my name-Carolyn-again.
    You mean help her get drunk, don't you, CAROLYN???
    In other words, don't leave town, CAROLYN.
    Horatio in the white lab coat...I love it.
    The Air Marshall could get it through.
    Horatio has plenty of good lines tonight: "Right here at ground zero."

    (Commercial)-commentary: I HATE COMMERCIALS.
    I gotta see "The Mentalist" tomorrow night.

    I love these views of Miami.
    Natalia and Eric.
    Blood on the overhead compartment.
    That'd be my bet. That's the killer's blood.
    Something, but what??? How you gonna stop her???
    Ryan's got it all.
    Time for the luminol.
    Father and son crime solving. I love it.
    They were right, the blood on the overhead compartment was the killer's.
    End of episode music montage. I hate this music. It's making me sleepy and I wanna see scenes from next week's episode.
    Horatio in his sunglasses. Perfect ending.

    (Commercials)-commentary: Blasted commercials.

    Next week's episode.
    Someone is hunting CSIs. It's a story so big...it's a 2-parter.

    I loved this episode.
    My luck. CSI: Miami gets its act together after I dumped it. Makes me think I should've dumped it sooner.
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  6. KylesAngel

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    Loved the episode, keep me guessing until the end. Loved that Eric was daydreaming about him and Calleigh going on vacation. Loved the gossip between Ryan and Natalia. I enjoyed the scene with Kyle and Horatio (Crime fighting). Overall good eppy.
  7. restless-mess

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    I really enjoyed the episode too. Normally I'm not the hugest fan of Horatio, but he was great this ep! Made me laugh. And we didn't get a one liner before the credits! Guess Eric stumped him haha :lol:.

    One of my more liked episodes this season for sure...

    My favourite thing about the ep, was the teamwork too. Loved the dynamic between Ryan and Natalia... Even Frank and Horatio! :):lol:
  8. anamarya

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    T T T T E E E....TEAMWORK???? In Miami? i guess i died and went to haven:rolleyes::rolleyes:

    sounds to be a pretty good episode all in all...i really hope to get the chance to see it during the day today and not wait until tonight.

    Carolyn3843 your review was ....:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw: i have no words,and believe me, that's a first.

    seems that people are getting stranger by the day in miami.... the "go lie to your wife" line seems i "to watch"one...as does the work in the lab, the "ssshhhh" discussion,and the lab techs... waw, Valera's back.. i know that we had info about thatbut is differentwhen it is really happening.

    i'll be back after i actually getto see the episode
  9. Ginnna

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    My thoughts (mostly about characters, not the case):

    Ryan was quite the stud, swaggering towards the crime scene. Good lord, is he cute or what?

    Seeing Tara made me mad. Not because of anything she was doing in this particular episode, but because I’m still upset about the whole stolen drugs thing. Then again, I think that’s what the writers want me to feel. They’re setting her up to be hated by the fans so that later on, when there’s an explanation for the drugs, we’ll all feel a little guilty for despising her so much and we’ll make up for it by liking her a little extra. Way to go, you crafty writers!

    Eric made a comment about treating the flight attendant like baggage... and Horatio just STOOD THERE! Hellooooo, perfect set-up for a classic H one-liner...... and then nothing! What a freaking let down! The writers had better make up for this by giving him a doozy of a line next time. Something that'll top even his corniest of lines: “It’s as cold... as ice”.

    (after the intro and commercial break) SQUEE! Another, albeit shorter, Ryan-approaches-with-a-slo-mo-swagger shot! I love iiiiiiiiiiiit. OK, I’m done with my girly moment. Moving on.

    Scruffy new lab guy, I like him. He seems stable, low maintenance, and a good possibility for a laid-back buddy for nearly everyone in the lab. Also a possible new love interest for Natalia. He’s the tough-looking type, and she seems to like that, but doesn’t seem like he’d want to break her arm, which as we know is an improvement over the tendencies of her ex.

    I don’t think I can properly express the magnitude of my DISLIKE for this new Kyle storyline. Are you kidding me? This kid with absolutely ZERO experience in the medical field is now working as a direct assistant to MDPD’s M.E.? Really?!? In the past, CSI:M has asked me to suspend my disbelief and I have, usually quite willingly, but this borders on the tragically absurd. Correction – it doesn’t simply border on the tragically absurd, it leaps right into it and then rolls around for a while. I refuse to buy into it. Basically my feeling on this is "WTF?!?!?" Alright, I’m done with my rant. Moving on.

    At least Kyle’s past of “youthful indiscretions” gave him insight enough to make the call on the burn – a cigarette – for which he received an oooooh-good-for-you-kiddo smile from Tara.

    Boy oh boy, another bad-ass “WE’RE PROCESSING EVIDENCE, WE’RE FREAKING ROCKSTARS!!!” montage set to big, loud and intense music. These scenes never get old, do they? ;)

    Thank the heavens that Ryan and Natalia are actually out and about, doing some serious investigating. Even though I’m an E/C fan and don’t mind seeing my couple work together, I’ve been getting pretty annoyed at Ryan and Natalia’s lack of field work, especially with each other. This scene was a good thing. More, please!

    “How about because I said so?” Ah, THERE’S our proper Horatio. *cut to commercials*

    *chuckling* Wow, Eric maintained his game face pretty well after his little daydream. By the way, nice necklace on Calleigh. The daydream itself was pretty pointless, probably nothing more than pandering to the E/C fans... but hey, it worked on me!

    Awww, Valera is such a sweety, apologizing for CODIS. It’s not her fault that there weren’t any hits, but ain’t she a doll for caring so much!

    I really liked the scene with Eric and the cheating pilot. It was a significant insight into his character development. In the past, he may not have scoffed and sneered so much at a married man playing the field. Eric obviously had LOTS of fun back in the day, that’s just who he was. I doubt he stopped to ask many of his one night stands if they were married. Now things are different. He recognizes the importance of fidelity. He loathes the idea of playing the field when you’re supposed to be dedicated to someone. This is a great way to tell the audience early on – “don’t worry, he’ll never step out on Calleigh”.

    I have to say, the scene with Ryan and Natalia gossiping about Eric and Calleigh? Funniest. Scene. EVER. Ryan’s “oh, you KNOW who I’m talking about” expression. Natalia’s “oh my gawd!” widened eyes. The little head tilt and the gaping mouth. Ryan’s self-satisfied smirk. Natalia’s flabbergasted questioning and her sing-song "ah la la la!" to block out any more rumor-spreading. I had to watch it about 4 times before I could get on with the rest of the episode. :guffaw:

    We ARE solving a crime here, right? It seems to be a little slow going. Let’s pick up the pace, guys.

    Oh *expletive*, I recognize the girl being questioned by Calleigh and Tripp. She’s Jessi from Kyle XY. *sigh* Well, now I know who the killer is.

    Alright, I’m getting long winded. I’ll try to summarize my thoughts in a more concise fashion.

    • Calleigh bringing coffee to Eric, after which they make eyes at each other = WIN!
    • Ryan and Horatio in lab coats, working on evidence together = WIN!
    • Horatio flashing his “we’ve got you now, sucker” smile to the snarky air marshal = WIN!
    • Natalia processing DNA evidence and receiving results within 3 seconds = FAIL! (but, as always, convenient)
    • Calleigh, Eric and Ryan working out the details of the blood spatter together = WIN!
    • Horatio putting on the metaphorical kid gloves and supplying simplistic explanations for his procedures to his clueless “M.E. assistant” son = FAIL!
    • Being right about Jessi/Jenna = WIN!
    • Horatio’s last dramatic sunglasses shot = MEGA WIN!
    • A considerable improvement in over-all teamwork = ULTRA WIN!
    This episode made me happy. Very happy.
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    I was going to post last night but this stupid cold got in my way.
    I agree with what Ginnna said. I laughed so hard when Ryan and Natalia were gossipping about Eric & Calleigh.
    I loved Calleigh bringing Eric coffee, but I'll post in the shipper thread.
    I loved everyone working together, now that's what I am talking about.
  11. Hollyyo

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    Hahaha the end part with the chick frolicking in the plane was pretty weird. I was wondering if they were trying to show like...her version of heaven or something? Idk....weirdness.
  12. hiphugger17

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    This episode was a pleasant surprise for me. Way better than last week's IMO.

    I have to start with Ryan, Eric, and Calleigh discussing the case together at the end. Loved that! You see writers, not so difficult to have more than two people together... Lots of good screentime for everybody.

    There were a quite a few lines and moments that made me laugh. I guess Ryan and Natalia talking about EC was the funniest for me. Ginna described it perfectly:

    Way funny :guffaw:!!!!!

    Frank calling the air marshall "sky cop" made me laugh as did Eric when he told the stewardess something along the lines of don't go packing your atlas just yet :lol:.

    I really liked this scene also. It showed how much Eric has matured. Player Eric from season one definitely should not be the same at 30 something and seven seasons later. "Go lie to your wife"... intense line, loved it :)!

    Liked the juvie reference from Kyle and totally loved the coffee scene with Eric and Calleigh :).

    :lol: that was indeed really weird and :wtf:.

    I give this one a B+.
  13. anamarya

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    well...after Ginna's post....what can i say..... you nailed it....i totally (really totally,like 150% - and that is strange for me) agree with you....

    Ryan and Natalia - gossip in between evidence - too funny

    Frank and his strange jokes ...."sky cop":guffaw::guffaw:

    H is H....but still.... is the second episode that starts without a one-liner :confused::confused: what's happening with him?i almost believed that he lost his touch.... but i got my confidence back after the "because i said so" line.... it was just the perfect line for that guys attitude.... and the "now look at me doing mine":guffaw:

    the coffee, another stuffs are for another thread.... so the only thing that i want to say.... nice to see Valera and the new guy (he's growing on me even if i didn't liked him on Charmed)
  14. Delynn

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    Overall, I enjoyed this episode.

    I'm really starting to see some changes with Horatio and I'm liking it. I'm not sure what Kyle was doing with Horatio while he was processing the clothing (isn't Kyle supposed to be in the morgue?), but maybe daddy Horatio is just trying to give his baby boy a well-rounded look at the whole picture. He's the head of the Crime Lab, so I guess it's his decision. I like the Horatio/Kyle dynamic, so I'm not complaining.

    I really enjoyed Ryan, Natalia, Horatio and Frank. Although I could always do with more Frank! ;)

    I'm really looking forward to the next two episodes!
  15. Wasabi Power

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    I give this eppy an 8.7 out of 10.

    -Ryan being the first responder to the scene.
    -Music, dynamics at the beginning with the photo clicking and what not.
    -Ryan's interaction with the woman and her son.
    -Frank calling the air marshall a sky cop.
    -Natalia and Ryan in the romp room, talking about Calleigh and Eric's relationship.
    -The puzzling case, dead ends. I never knew that much about an airplane before!
    -Eric daydreaming about sipping champagne with Calleigh on a plane.
    -Horatio and Kyle interaction.
    -Kyle handling a body by himself.
    -Kyle's reference to cigarette burns and Juvenille hall. Makes him that guy with a rap sheet, the last person you would expect to be working at a crime lab!

    Didn't care for:
    -Natalia's hair/eyebrow cut or colors.
    -Ryan's jacket would have been cooler with sneaks and jeans.
    -Valera needed mascara, what's with everyone's bangs being all straight?

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