Episode #524 'Born To Kill' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

that was the worst season finale in the history of CSI: Miami season finales ever!!!!!! there was no "Horatio almost dies" like Donahue promised!! there was no holding hands scene between Ryan and Natalia, although i'm not really mad about that (I'm a CaRWasher) Ryan didn't get rehired!!! the story was crap!! the segular episodes are more exciting than that!!! and H's one liner was total crap!!! They seriously need a new writer!!!!! i could have written a better season finale!!! Donahue needs to get her head on strait or she needs to be fired!!!!

but about the whole plane crash...did you guys notice where the episode left H? a helipad....so connect the dots. it makes me think that his chopper or something is going to crash in the S6 opener. but that's just me.
There was one funny thing about this episode. The continuity goof I'm gonna go post in the Blooper Thread.
You'll have to go to the BLOOPER THREAD to find out what it is. :p
I will tell you this: It has something to do with Alexx. :)
Happilyhappy said:
he said "sixty four hundred" which translates to 6,400. I thought maybe it was a parent's gift or something. :( We will see next season.

Ah, 6,400 is more reasonable. They just keep giving us more and more questions about him. Like, just how long has he been doing this? Where did he get that money from? Will he magically have his job back in the opening of next season? :lol: You know how it is - we came back this season and Natalia was a CSI all of the sudden. :p

I really won't be surprised if is back to being a CSI the first ep of next season. :)
I kept thinking that in the last few seconds a helicopter would crash on Horatio. It would serve him right for being so sanctimonious he needs to stand on top of the tallest building to profess his greatness to the world. Alas, I wasn't so lucky :(
You know what Needfor speed. Corey did say to me and I quote. "Horatio's plane would not crash in that episode." So I also took that as maybe a clue to s6 opener too! :devil: :devil:

Anyway, its something to look forward to now that depression is setting in the season is over once again! :(

I also loved that ending scene and song with the whole team. :D I just watched it again and it feels better the second time around. :lol:

Especially the end with the music and showing the whole team! :D :D :D :D :cool:
thats not likely to happen coz h has his sunglasses of justice and his signature pose so nothing can hurt/harm him damn...although it would be nice to see if he really is human
midnight_tiptoes said:
I'm starting a petition that'll mandate Eric gets scenes with kids in every single episode and whoever doesn't sign it is a dirty communist.

Just tell me where to sign, I loved that scene! And...Eric said my name again, lol. Woo-hoo! :D

*coughs* Ok...seriously now, I do agree that as a season finale the episode was pretty much a letdown. As a 'regular' episode, I thought it was good. I learned long ago not to put much stock in the promos for the episodes, so I don't think I had too many huge expectations.

I like the fact that they're not making it easy for Ryan to get his job back...it lends a bit of reality to the show, and that's not usually a strong suit of this particular series. I also enjoyed the fact that we got to see quite a bit of Stetler, he gets far too much enjoyment of making things hard on the CSI's and I think David Lee Smith is fantastic in those scenes. I was afraid we'd see him for about 5 seconds and that'd be it.

Where was Valera?

I'm also glad we got to see a bit of Cooper, I've missed him the last couple of episodes.

The whole Eric/Calleigh/Jake thing...I'll state up front that I'm not a shipper and that I'd really prefer not to see any on screen romances between main characters, but I will say that thus far this whole thing has been handled pretty well...or at least I don't find myself gritting my teeth or rolling my eyes during those scenes like I do during another CSI series.

The ending shot of Horatio high atop...whatever it was that he was high atop...was pretty silly, but then I also thought the similar shots from 'Rio' were silly as well.

I know this is all disjointed and probably doesn't make any sense, these are just my initial thoughts.
Did anyone else notice the heels Caleigh was wearing when she was interviewing the girl with Jake? They were freakin' thin and high. No wonder she was sinking in the sand when they went to the beach. Who the hell wears heels like that on the beach? Or at work for that matter. I loved her outfit, though.
I'm so pissed, I want to know what happens to Ryan, i almost cried!!!!!!! Love what he was wearing, he seemed so sad, putting the blame on himself...too sad to write
No bleeding Horatio, no bleeding Calleigh, no nothing!!!!
I don't get it CSI LV has so many things happen to their characters and NOTHING ever happens on CSI:M.
I know lame, but I like a little violence. :mad:
HAHA!! that's cool with the whole name thing. Ryan said mine in Kill Switch like three times!! i had the same name as the reporter on the news, it's Heather. and like i said before, i think H standing on that helipad was a clue to the season 6 opener, see my previous post for my full theory.
i am not happy. not even a little bit. jake totally pisses me off. i don't even know why he's there. honestly, there is no damn point except to make eric jealous. lame-o.
the song while alexx was washing off the body- way creepy. just thought i'd throw that in there.
the XYY thing was totally not as exciting as i expected it to be. there was nothing involving an attack on calleigh even though i thought that would be stupid anyway since that already used that before.
and finally...not a damn thing happened to horatio. tptb so played us. i hate them for that. i kept waiting...and waiting...and then i waited some more for SOMETHING to happen to him and nothing did. what a let down. and the whole standing on top of a building, what the hell was that? that made absolutely no sense. maybe next season they'll tie it in or something, idk. its not like they are great at continuity.

i'll hop off my dark cloud and list things i did like about the episode. note: its a very small list.
H and the little boy. that was great. 'he'll talk to me' of course he will, kids love him. although when he went over there i was hoping for a little bonding and insight into his own past b/c of his mothers murder. but no. see above about continuity.
eric and the little girl, soo cute. i loved it
and ryan and natalia, that was great too. she's growing on me. i can't believe i'm beginning to like her, but i am. and that seriously helped.

*takes deep breath* i'm done.
Here's what I think:
First Ryan gets a nail shot in his eye with a nail gun. Then Eric gets shot in the head with a bullet. I figure someone will have to slit Calleigh's throat or seriously injure her before they'll ever seriously injure Horatio.
Oh no. I just had a thought. WHAT IF David Caruso was responsible for there being no "Horatio almost dies!" scene because he didn't wanna have to deal with wearing all the fake blood???? I hope that's not the case. I hope it was the writers and producers made a sudden last minute change or they filmed 2 versions of the episode so anything that leaked out might or might not be true. If I find out David Caruso was responsilbe, I'm gonna find a way to write him...email, snail mail, sky writing, smoke signals or whatever.
That was the LAMEST season finale I have ever witnessed! I feel like I just wasted an entire night being excited for nothing. As a case it was just meh, and it certainly wasn't anything like any CSI season finale I've known before (ie Grave Danger) I mean come on! CSI Miami has the same caliber as Vegas, why not use it to it's full potential?

I kept waiting and waiting for something to happen and nothing ever did. I was expecting something big like we had in 'One of Our Own' or even something a little out of the ordinary. I had the girl pinned as the killer from the first time I saw her.

On the plus side, I think that the actors did give their all to this lousy script. I actually felt like we got a bit of the old H back in the way that he behaved and even his one liner wasn't super pathetic tonight. I thought that the only spark in the episode was when Jake kissed Calleigh. I do agree that Eric's little scene with the girl was sweet.

However, in a season finale I'm not looking for sweet; I'm looking for action, something that will wow me and have me talking about it for days. This episode I'm going to sweep under a rug and pretend that it never happened. Come on writers! Give us that old Miami magic! They are certainly going to have to work VERY hard on the season premiere next season to win back the unwavering devotion of this fan. TPTB are definitely going to hear from me this summer.

Final conclusion: Two thumbs down!