Episode #524 'Born To Kill' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

I thought the episode was really sad. That guy was thought of as a murderer just when he was a child and he was blamed when he didn't do anything. After that his life was ruined. :(
I can highly recommend TiVo--I recorded this damn thing a fast forwarded thru it in 60 seconds. Doesn't make any sense to miss out making money when a TiVo can take care of things for you while you are away.

Oh, this episode sucked big time!!!

Maybe CSI: Miami is not going to be renewed. Maybe this was the finale of the show!!
people people!! are we sure that this is the season finale i mean season 4 had up to 25 is there no word at all cuz this is just sad.

Yeah, it's the season finale. CBS kept advertising it all day and on their website.

It was pretty BAD for a season finale.

Oh well looking forward to CSI:NY(that one looks awesome) finale and CSI:LV(i'm dying to find out about this creepy miniature killer.)

Maybe CSI: Miami is not going to be renewed. Maybe this was the finale of the show!!

If it was the end of the show they would have said "Series Finale" like they said for "King of Queens" instead they said "Season finale".

I don't really know what to think. I don't think it was a good finale, because it really didn't make that much of an impact on me. I mean, it was a good episode, but it's hard to like it if you don't like Jake. I really really want to like him, but I think her and Eric are cuter. I think the kiss was uncalled for, especially right in the middle of the crime lab. Because honestly, who kisses in the middle of a crime lab?

I'm wondering if Calleigh's gonna regret it. The two have been floating around a relationship for a long time, and although Calleigh makes it clear that she doesn't want to overstep any boundaries, the heart wants what it wants, and eventually, she's going to have to give in, but it's going to be subltle like it was in CSI with Sara and Grissom.

I think the Natalia/Ryan thing is cute. Eva told us that there was a little relationship thing floating around, and now that the triangle has ended, it seems that Natalia and Ryan might be the two to start floating around a relationship. Although I don't think anything big will happen, I think there will be cute little moments, which we all love.

Not a lot of Horatio in this episode, which made me happy. He can't always be the savior, though when Eric came up to him and told him that the kid wouldn't talk to anyone, I found it highly unlikely that the kid would open up as soon as Horatio asked him what happene. H didn't beat around the bush either, he blurted it out, and as if there was a sign over Horatio's head, the kid started talking.

HOW cute was that last scene with Eric and the little girl?!?! I loved that scene, it made me awwwwwwww more than any scene in the whole episode. Eric played a good part in this episode, especially when he was right there to watch Cal kiss Jake. It really made you feel for the character, especially if you like the pair. I really hope they get rid of Jake, because I have a bad feeling about him, but I don't know what to think just yet, I guess we'll just have to wait for the next season to see what happens!

The season overall? B+
The finale? B-

I didn't read any spoilers, so going in with no expectations made it better for me. I'm glad I don't read the spoilers anymore, you are less dissapointed that way. But even without spoilers, it still wasn't the best finale they could have had.
delkolover said:
The ep was great....a good solid season finale on all fronts.

Eric with the kid was adorable...they need to do more scenes with him and children.

Someone definately needs to kick Stetler's ass b/c he enjoys his job wayyyyy tooo much. Do you think he practices being that big of an ass or does it come naturally? :lol:

It comes naturally.....I got the feeling that he doesn't like any of the CSIs (except Yelena of course).

I thought tonight's episode was a good one.
The episode was a letdown, definitely, but it did have a few positive points. I'm probably in the minority when I say I actually like Calleigh/Jake, so that was good when they had scenes together and the kiss at the end I absolutely loved. The part with Eric and the kid was adorable, I love it! :D And I liked seeing Natalia being nice to Ryan, it was sweet of her, and I may actually start liking her after these last couple of episodes.

The case was BORING. The most intense part was when the van crashed and flipped - and I already knew the driver would die and Jake would live, so it was nothing. But of course, Super H to the rescue, not five minutes behind... :rolleyes: Does he always have to be the hero?

I did laugh though when Ryan called Stetler "Sargeant Stetler" (I think that's what he called him anyway). :lol"

Anyway, overall it was a letdown. Not a good finale.
Geez - this was pretty lame. The murder was more compelling and interesting, but it was like they were trying to copy Season 2 and failed miserably.

I mean, you had H w/the kid, but that scene was way too short - the kid wouldn't talk to anyone, but in 2 secs he's talkin' to H? C'mon, guys.

Then you've got the whole kidnapped kid thing - that's been done very well in Seasons 1 & 2 - but this was kind of a last minute adreneline rush type thing. Eh.

The whole Calleigh/Eric/Jake thing is getting real old real fast. Jake kissing Calleigh, Calleigh looking all weird at the end at Eric - yuck! Bring back the strong, assertive bullet girl I know - who would've told Jake off if this were Season 2.

Wow, and our man H - more "superhuman" than ever. That last shot typifies what this show has become - disjointed. H is so far aloof from his team, it's sickening. And the fact that he didn't come close to getting even paper cut - can we be a bit more creative? I for one thought it was gonna harken back to "Rio" where he stabbed Riaz, but instead, this time H would get stabbed - now there's coming full-circle. See, even I can do better (IMHO). Think CSI:Miami would be looking for a young, inexperienced upstart writer for Season 6? ;)

I'm really disappointed H didn't get hurt. I love H, but c'mon, he's not even human anymore, he's a charicature of his old self. And don't get me started on the fact that he hasn't had a scene with Calleigh since December for god's sake! (yep, still not countin' "Man Down" - that scene was like 2 secs long).

But on the bright side, H & C not workin' together could be an omen — Calleigh said to Eric that she couldn't see him b/c they work together "day and night," but Cal hardly ever works with Horatio, so... ;)

Seriously, on a positive note, I saw some promising stuff for Cal, family-wise, for next year, if the writer's picked up on the brilliant way Emily Procter played those last scenes. I seriously think she had something happen in her family - involving a brother or brothers (I think at some point her bio mentioned she had brothers, but it's not on the CBS site anymore).

So - are we willing to hang in there for Season 6? Do you think TPTB will actually listen to our clamouring over the summer hiatus?

I for one will watch the premiere - but I've given this show way too much of my time and attention already. If the premiere isn't stellar, I'm done. So, see you in September ;)
Folks. Here's Corey Miller's email address: CSICorey@aol.com
Let's all email him what we think about being lied to about what's gonna happen. Like Ann Donahue saying on page 36 of the May 7-May 13 TV Guide "Horatio almost dies!" And TV Guide channel's Finale Fever telling us Horatio's plane was gonna crash.
:lol: More I think about this emailing Corey Miller idea, the more I like it. LET'S DO IT!!!
Who played Lindsay Wade?
She looks realllllly familiar, but I can't find her on IMDB.??

The ep was ok. I mean I never really hate any episodes..,but I just wish that it would focus more on the characters/scenes and less on the photo montages....
I just realised the absence of Valera too...and Cooper got all of two minutes.
We should petition for a true action-packed S6 premiere, or I'm going to abandon Miami and focus more on NY.
Ann Donahue needs to go back and repeat Creative Writing 101 and/or be fired. This was the worst excuse for a season finale EVER!

Bring back Alana de la Garza next season and spice things up! Or get some new writers!
Ok, so that was extremely disappointing. That didn't even rank up there with most of the normal weekly episodes. Just blah...

Last weeks ep was much better IMO. Then again I'm biased - I only look forward to Ryan, which we saw very little of in this ep.

What we did see of him was sad, and annoying at times. Did Stetler say $64,000? And did Ryan say he honestly couldn't remember where it came from? How do you not remember where $64,000 came from? *Wags finger* Like the boy who cried wolfe, after a while, nobody will believe you. :p
he said "sixty four hundred" which translates to 6,400. I thought maybe it was a parent's gift or something. :( We will see next season.