Episode #524 'Born To Kill' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

It's after 10 pm here in CDT and the ep just finished. So, if you haven't seen it and don't want to know, read no further.

No cliffhanger?! No Elena?! No one killed or at least hurt?! Lame is the name of this game. And I really like CSI:M, too. Where's the excitement for the new season?
i thought that this episode was one of best season finale i have seen in a long time. I love the scene between boa vista and ryan that was sweet of her helping him. the calligh and eric scene was cuite i think that they both have some fellings for one another eric you can really tell but calligh i think that she tries to hide it. There was some scene that i didn't like but other than that if i was to grade this episode i would give it a A-
Worst episode...EVER. What a waste of my evening...I could have been at work making money instead of watching this shit of an episode. I asked for this evening off just to watch this episode.
This is supposed to be one of the better episodes of the season, seeing as it's a season finale and all. I should have watched the 'Heroes' finale instead. Ann Donahue, you have provided somewhat of a false advertisement in saying that Horatio was almost going to die in this episode, yet he walks away with Super H attitude intact.
At least the 'CSI: NY' finale looks promising.
I give this episode an F. Let's just hope the S6 premiere will be somewhat more of an improvement.
Was I the only one who felt this episode felt more like a "normal" episode and not a season finale? It's sort of a let down, espeically since they built it up. And that lady in the preview wasn't a CSI, like they made you think. And dangit, no plane crash! *is disappointed so goes back to looking at how pitiful Wolfe looked*
damn the promo's....they are soooo misleading i mean come on...the killer never even saw calleigh...this sucked big time...
Yeah well, my mouth is still hanging opened over here waiting for something shocking to happen :eek: and it did just now. The episode ended!!! :lol:

I am glad it was a happy ending :D but arggggggggg, :mad: :mad: :mad: I am mad at all TPTB for lying to us!!!

I was looking forward to action packed awesome, spine tingling and all that which Man down was!!! :rolleyes:

What the heck happened here, this is the season finale :confused: :confused: :confused:

I am still in shock! :eek: :eek: :eek:
dam man whats with the lies!!! im so disappionted! horatio was suppose to freagin bleed i didnt see one drop not one drop of blood. horatio is gonna have a near death experience my ass. oh no did he almost forget to wear his sunglasses?! that was by far the crapiest season finale of csi miami. man they better step it up next season or csi miami is about to go down. dam man there was no need to get me all excited on horatio's near death experience and then just shoot my hopes down like that. im really pissed!
When Eric picked up that little girl and started playing with her my uterus grew a penis and ejaculated into its pants.

So much for Ho being in danger. And what was the point of finding the nearest peek just to stand there and put his sunglasses on? How the hell does that work? And how did he get down? And what was... and why... and how come... God, I hate you, Horatio.

So basically Calleigh does have feelings for Eric, but she won't make her move because they work together. So instead, she's just gonna date a jerk Joaquin Phoenix wannabe who broke her heart years ago and is gonna do it again. Someone oughta check Calleigh's chromosomes, cause there's something not right there.

Where was Valera?

So much of this show is wasted with those musical montages of boredom. Also, this episode should've been two hours long. The first 30 minutes I was bored out of my mind and then it ended too quickly. What?

I really like the Natalia/Ryan friendship. She scored one or two points in this episode for being the better man, after all those times Ryan treated her like shit.

Best part of the episode: Eric with the little girl. Worst part: Jake's still alive. I'm starting a petition that'll mandate Eric gets scenes with kids in every single episode and whoever doesn't sign it is a dirty communist.
It just took me 60 seconds, yes 60 seconds to TiVo thru this episode and nowhere, absolutely nowhere during this episode was Horatio in danger of losing his life. Nowhere folks. Sorry to spoil it for those of you from other countries who have not seen this yet. Whatever previews you saw were nothintg but a bunch of hooey!!
Can someone kick Stetlers ass? please? Pretty please? No? fine.. :(

This episode was....awesome, and yet a let down at the same time. It had its resolutions, most definitely. But, yeah. :( No plane crash, even though they were building to a travel episode; no Horatio near death experience.

Delko with a kid was so adorable. ADORABLE.

However, they did give homeage to my granddad when they mentioned the Greenriver case; he was a detective on that case. :D
Does anyone know the name of the song at the very end?

I thought it was an okay season finale...I'm kinda happy it wasn't very dramatic...Las Vegas and New York are gonna have PLENTY of drama. *cries*
When I read about this episode in last week's TV Guide (May 7-May 13)...I was so excited. I couldn't wait to see it. Now I'm so let down, disappointed and pissed I could cry. And cuss...but I won't...except for the word pissed.
The ep was great....a good solid season finale on all fronts.

Eric with the kid was adorable...they need to do more scenes with him and children.

Someone definately needs to kick Stetler's ass b/c he enjoys his job wayyyyy tooo much. Do you think he practices being that big of an ass or does it come naturally? :lol:
people people!! are we sure that this is the season finale i mean season 4 had up to 25 is there no word at all cuz this is just sad. man u people got no idea how pissed i am right now. i told all my freinds to watch cuz it was gonna be soooo intense. writers of csi miami are a bunch of lieing backstabbers on their fans.

ouch my back. why would you do that? why?!?!!?