Episode #524 'Born To Kill' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***


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5th Season Finale!

Information courtesy of The Futon Critic

Air Date: Monday, May 14, 2007
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on CBS
Episode Title: (#524) "Born to Kill"


Includes Scenes Shot on Location in Miami

"Born to Kill" -- When a serial killer suspected of killing young women and branding them with a 'Y' is caught and also identified as having the extra Y chromosome, the 'criminal gene,' the team feels that they have closed their case until the killings begin again. On the fifth season finale of CSI: MIAMI, Monday, May 14 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

SERIES REGULARS: Horatio Caine: David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne: Emily Procter
Eric Delko: Adam Rodriguez
Alexx Woods: Khandi Alexander
Ryan Wolfe: Jonathan Togo
Det. Frank Tripp: Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista: Eva La Rue


Valera: Boti Bliss

Written by: Ann Donahue, one of the executive producers & Sunil Nayar, one of the co-executive producers

Directed by: Karen Gaviola
I get to be the first one to post.

I've been waiting for this to episode topic to be started.

So yeah, I totally think Calleigh gets attacked and truly learns who would save her - Jake or Delko. I think it's Delko. But that's just me.

I'm so freakin' excited about this episode. I haven't been this excited about an episode in God knows how long. I hope Calleigh does get attacked, it's been a long time since we've seen Calleigh drama.

Megan <3
This whole Calleigh stuff came so out of the deep blue I'm starting to think it's the promo guys being misleading. Cause if Calleigh's a target then that means Jake gets hurt, Horatio gets hurt, and Calleigh gets hurt? Little too much to fit into 44 minutes.

Or maybe the Horatio stuff is red herring, seeing as we haven't heard anything concrete about it. Then again, this is Miami. Who knows.
There definately seems to me like there's a red herring or two amoungst the spoilers and promos. Like Caro said, way too much is going on to fit into that timeframe. The episode will feel like a car crash if they try to cram that all in.

Doesn't the killer having his eye on Calleigh remind everyone of the Season 1 finale? I haven't watched it in a while, but there seem to be a good few similarities between the two.
I can't wait for this, be kinda sad tho end of the season. If Calleigh is the one who does get attacked, then i hoep it's Eric who saves her or whatever and not jake. Ryan, what else can i say, i will be so depressed if a) he don't get his job back b)we have to wait till next season to see what happens to him, so hopefully he gets rehird monday, and it's the end of his mistakes.
Been trying to see who is in the crash, but haven't as yet.
It seems to be implying, though, that 'XYY' means the outcome is inevitable, but it doesn't. Around 1 in 1000 males are born with this genetic abnormality and, yes there sre some physical indications but it can only be determined by genetic testing. Not all of them turn to crime, any more than all people with blue eyes will turn to crime.
At first I really thought it was Calliegh who was gonna get attacked, but after watching the promo again a couple of times, I'm starting to lean towards Natalia now instead as the one who gets attacked. It doesn't show a face at the end of the promo, but the clothes are the same as the ones Natalia has on earlier in the promo. I think if she is the one attacked, then it might open the door for the "romantic moment" ELR was talking about in her interview (I think with Ryan, but that's just me) :)
I think the whole thing about H getting seriously hurt is just to throw us off track. ;)
question! umm in the previews who was it talkin at the end sayin "i need medical assisstance ive got an officer down" ? was it horatio? cuz isnt he suppose to be the officer down lmao
I think the whole thing about H getting seriously hurt is just to throw us off track.

I'll actually throw a fit if it is! I'm really looking forward to seeing an extremly bloody Horatio.

I don't think I'm alone? :(
yay Valera is going to be in this episode!
well i dunno from what i saw in the preview it looks like Jake is in the van with the killer and then they go off the road
but i didnt see anything about H
I really do think that the promo is misleading. While I would love to see the episode pan out as MegantheMonster said...with Calleigh the one attacked and seeing whether it's Eric or Jake that rescues her (please Eric!), I seriously doubt thats what will happen.

For one, in the scene where Jake seems to forcefully kiss Calleigh, he has a bandage above his left eye...so the van crash or whatever calamity that will befall one or more of the characters has already happened. Hence...Calleigh isn't attacked.

Now, it could very well be her that the killer intends to go after, but never gets the chance to...or maybe it isn't Calleigh. Perhaps the "blonde" the killer refers to is the woman in the 'beige' (although it looks like a coral color to me) shirt, or perhaps the woman laying on the slab in Alex's morgue (towards the beginning of the promo). Whoever it is, it's not Boa Vista...the shirt she was wearing in the TV Guide show was a mix of beige & a light green color, not completely beige. And besides, that woman's boobs weren't as big as Boa Vistas ;)

And another thing...the kiss between Calleigh & Jake happens in the lab, but the discussion between Eric & Calleigh happens outside...and there's the scene at the end of the promo where she's in the elevator, looking for all the world depressed, or like she knows she's broken someone's heart (please don't let it be Erics!). I'm wondering if the elevator scene happens after Jake kisses her, perhaps she and Eric have words or she senses his attitude about it and thus the look on her face in the elevator. Or, as I hope against hope, that it's the last scene regarding the issue and it's JAKE who's heart she's broken.
Jennifer said:
... And besides, that woman's boobs weren't as big as Boa Vistas ;)

Yeah, I didn't take that in account... :D

And I hope you're right too about it being Jake that gets dumped by Calleigh. :cool:
:lol: Caro You crack me up so much.

So we get to see valera in this episode, is it going to be like the last episode and we only see a blink?

I am still unsure what to think about the preview. I know that it's just hyped up for us to get excited enough to want to see, but I don't know what think about the triangle, who gets hurt, who dies, etc.

I guess we'll just wait and see. :D