Episode #524 'Born To Kill' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

New York, CSI:Miami countdown: :eek: :eek: :eek:
5 hours 10 mins to go. :eek: :eek: :eek:

Can you say OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Hey summer re-runs are not that bad and at least we have Fanfic right! :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :devil:
Reminder guys...this is a thread for discussion of the episode, not a countdown thread until time for it to air.

Thanks. :)
Sorry ThumpyG! I was just to excited! :lol:

Next we are going to need a countdown Thread! :D :lol:

I still can't believe we don't know what's going to happen! :eek:

I for one say that Horatio is going to get hurt, but not in a plane crash. :devil:

I think Serial killer number two is going to surprise him somehow. :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
No worries. :)

As excited as we've all been about this episode, I'm just hoping it really delivers and we're all not disappointed by it.
lol same here!! if horatio doesnt get hurt they better start season 6 early with some horatio ass woopin! im really looking forward to him bleeding... no offense to him but he aint perfect and hes gotta get hurt one wayor another!
what is it with people hoping certain characters die..??? too many have died already on this show...lol...cant wait for this epi!

Keep us fan out of US inform, I am so excited and am not even watching.

What happen to Horatio????

So nervous.....
Pardon the expression, what a lame ass season finale!! More proof, that the only reason that I watch this show is for David Caruso. It sure would not be for the writing.
:mad: Corey Miller was telling the truth about there being "no plane crash".
:mad: Ann Donahue lied on page 36 in the May 7-May 13 issue when she said "Horatio almost dies!"
:mad: I'm getting madder by minute. :mad:
:mad: :mad: I'm passed mad. I'm pissed. :mad: :mad:
:rolleyes: Well, one thing did happen. There at the end where Horatio was standing on that building. Some of those shots were reminiscent of "Rio" when he was standing at the foot of that Christ statue at the beginning of "Rio".
Thumbs down, it wasn't what anyone expected. It sucked.

The only good part was Calleigh is still with Jake, which means "H" may get her yet :)
What the crap was that!!!!!
I mean come on that was like the worst thing ever.
Eric and Calleigh are going to get together, she looked so disappointed with herself after Jake tricked her into kissing him... not like she pushed him away like she should of.
God, that was just....lame.
The episode was okay. I mean BAD for a season finale but okay as an episode. The ending was surprising. The first half hour was quite boring.

I totally called the sister being the other killer. I knew she was fucked up. She was an evil little child. It was just too weird the way she came to bail out her brother even though he didn't even call her for that.

Oooh, Loved the Eric/Caleigh/Jake love triangle. I can't believe she did that right in front of him. She knew he was watching because she was looking right at him when she was in the elevator. Loved the tension. I'm hoping to see more of that next season. Oooh, and I'd like Jake to come back next year. Eric looked heartbroken. *poor baby, pets him*
Eric sure was jealous tonight, where did that come from? Last week, he was all smile when he found out she was talking on the phone with Jake. And now that Jake is in the hospital, he gets possessive.
Caleigh's reasoning is crap. She worked with Hagen, yet she still went out with him. She worked with Jake before and tonight as well and she still hook up with him. She has feelings for Eric but she's scared. What I don't get is what is she afraid of?

There was no plane or plane crash. No hurt Horatio. No hurt Caleigh. Someone did died but we didn't even know him.

What's going on with Nathalia/Ryan? It looks like she might have an eye on him now.

What was the whole point of Horatio standing on that roof like at the beginning of the season? I thought it was pointless.