DVD (Tv Shows) Announcement - Discussion Thread

Okay, maybe for some of you this question may sound weird to completely insane, but I'd die to have the show 'Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place' on DVD - does anybody knows here if there might be a chance that this show exists on DVD? Or at least: does anybody even know the show??

Without a Trace Season 2 release date March 13, 2007. Of course this would be for DVD.

Hui, and I thought Germany is far behind - could it be that we already have the 3rd season available here? :eek:
Just checked out TVShowsondvd and did not see any upcoming date for a release of "Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place". It had a great cast. Ryan Reynolds went on to a few big movies and Traylor Howard is now a regular on Monk.
Damn,I KNEW I saw that girl somewhere before! That was it! Thanks for that Dynamo1. Another of my muddling questions solved :D
Jep, thank you for the info, Dynamo! :)
Too sad, perhaps one day it will be available - the show is sooo funny and R. Reynolds is so cute in it *sighs*

(Drumchik, I had the same problem the first time I saw T. Howard on Monk, and I spent several sleepless nights thinking about it - I hate not to remember such things, it's weird :lol: )
i did a google search of 'two guys a girl and a pizza place' and came up with dvds of all episodes at sites called tv addicts and the media depot. these were the only places i found them for sale, but i think they are real and legit because they were selling other tv shows that i know are on dvds. but i wont post the links just in case ;) if you google the show name it will be the first thing that comes up :)
i don't know if anyone else watched this short-lived tv show, but the magnificent seven season 2 (the final season) comes to dvd may 22, i believe.
Really, I can't wait to get the Magnificent seven second season, I love that show. I was mad they cancelled it.
Have some Khandi with your DVDs.

From TV Guide online:
NewsRadio: The Complete Fifth Season arrives on DVD March 20.
I am still waiting for S2 of The Young Riders, a short lived (to short in my opinion) show based on a group of riders who rode for the Pony Express out of Sweetwater and then they later moved to Rock Creek.

I'm still waiting for Scarecrow and Mrs. King to hit DVD. I loved that show.

I'm also waiting for G.I. Joe S2 pt 2. I've been waiting for that one for a couple of years now. *sigh*

I'm thrilled that SNL is releasing box sets. Mama Family is out on DVD as well. You've got to love Mama Harper! LOL
WKRP in Cincinnati, season 1, is due out April 24. Unfortunately, many of the songs have been replaced with generic music due to not being able to secure the rights. Here is part of a review on Amazon.com:

Here is a list of the music replacements and a few alterations posted by advance reviewer Jamie Weinman (see tvshowsondvd.com for the complete article). These changes are pretty painful, but it's still a great show. Hence, the 3 stars.

>Pilot - "Queen of the Forest" by Ted Nugent replaced with generic music.
>Pilot Part 2 - "That Old Time Rock n' Roll" by Bob Seger replaced with generic music.
>Les on a Ledge - Song at the beginning replaced.
>Hoodlum Rock - The songs are intact, but the episode is a cut 22-minute syndication version.
>Hold-Up - All songs replaced.
>Bailey's Show - Two songs replaced. Some footage cut from one scene.
>Turkeys Away - "Dogs" by Pink Floyd replaced. Much of the scene has been cut out entirely.
>Love Returns - Rock songs replaced. Part of a scene has been cut.
I use to love watching that show, I'd laugh so hard I had tears streaming down my face!

I'm totally a happy camper "The Fall Guy" is coming to DVD!! I use to love this show!

I'd love to see "In the Heat of the Night" come to dvd I love that show and the CW is now airing it at noon during the week. But still the box set would be totally sweet!