DVD (Tv Shows) Announcement - Discussion Thread

'angel' was released as an entire series box set for north america on october 31st. got mine off amazon.ca and it will keep me going through this writers strike :D
If anyone would like to know, Season 1 of Blood Ties was released yesterday, but only in the UK for now. Not sure if there are any fans, just putting that out there. It's a great show, kinda like Buffy but in my opinion; it's better. No offense to anyone. ;)

And if all y'all could do me a favour, could you sign the petition in my sig? Blood Ties just finished up it's 2nd season and this petition is pushing for more. :) Thanks, i appreciate it.
just to let anyone know who likes the show "My Boys": season one was originally supposed to be released tomorrow (3-11-08) but the release date is now June 24th.

(per tvshowsondvd.com)
In case anyones interested I received an email that Jake & the Fatman's 1st half of the 1st season is being released in June.
"Birds of Prey" starring Ashley Scott will be released on dvd July 29th.

soo psyched for this show i was obsessed with it when it aired on The WB.
On Sunday, I got an email that my latest order of season 4 of Mission Impossible was to be shipped today. I probably haven't seen some of these episodes since the 80's.

This posting will self destruct in 10 seconds. :)
Yeah I heard about MI S4 coming out. Along with The Mod Squad which I ordered. I also got Perry Mason & am planning on getting The Big Valley. Hmm shows my age doesn't it? I can at least say I was only about 9 or less when BV started. LOL
I was almost 14 when Big Valley started and had a crush on Linda Evans. She turned 23 about that time.